Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stampeders Concert, Friday, November 4th, 2016

I totally forgot to post yesterday as my mind was set on being with my niece and nephew and before that sleeping till 1 pm in the afternoon, my sleep is really messed up. However Friday night I got to go to The Stampeders Concert right here in town and you are wondering who the heck are the Stampeders I will save you the trouble by saying Google it... Ha Ha! Little blog humor there as you have noticed. They started in 1966 and they originally have 6 members, now down to 3 members and still the original 3, Ronnie, Rich and Kim. When they first started the concert, I had to try and grasp the music but I'd say after 2 - 3 songs I got right into it. Ronnie, Kim and Rich's humor was very comical and the way they made smartass remarks with each other kept me on laughing. Their was one moment I was literally in tears and rubbing my eyes from laughing so hard. I also was familar with a few songs such as Sweet City Woman, Carry Me and their rendition of Hit The Road Jack featuring Wolfman Jack (but he wasn't there, Ronnie fit the role for that part of the song) The two top favorite versions of Hit The Road Jack as follow

The Stampeders: 
Ray Charles:

Trust me I was laughing at the lyrics as their are ridiculous lyrics but one of the funniest oldies song out there. We had a 15 minute break in between the 2 sets. At he very end the second or 3rd last song was Sweet City Woman which I think was the best idea putting one of their most popular songs out there for the end, like the saying goes, save the best for last! Kim had one amazing drumming solo at the end of the and it amazed me how he could be able to do that in his 70's and he went on with his solo about 3 - 4 minutes and it wasn't light strokes, it was hard core drumming and I was so amazed by it too! Ronnie saying this which was funny: "Were too old to go off then come back on" and of course they did their On Core for 2 more songs.

On our way out we didn't realize that we were in the line for autographs and of course my mom said, "Chris would like to get an autograph" I didn't say say no, I said yes of course! Once in a lifetime opportunity. so we waited in line for the singing trio to come out and the lineup went fast as we were near the top of the seats to begin with. When it came to my turn I quickly bought a The Stampeders CD and got Rich, Kim and Ronnie to sign it both and was really neat to talk to Rock Stars from back in the good ole day! Ronnie of course made me laugh calling Kim an old guy... Haha. 

In conclusion to this rather lengthy blog post but you guys seem to enjoy the longer posts from time to time but anyways I told my mom and dad I'd like to see more older bands in person, I will not be young forever and I should enjoy these moments and seeing some familiar bands from the 80's and 90's. Also I am very familiar with these bands as I GREW up with these bands living with my parents all my life and listening to the music in the car traveling on vacations or to places locally or to the big smoke Toronto!

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