Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016 & Podcast Update!

I will start with my Halloween 2016, it was good, I slept till 11 am this morning and was up since then and do not feel sleepy for some reason but I slept a majority of the night which is good now I am back to my old ways of being up past 1 am, almost 130 am EST! LOL. Anyways I am in good spirits and my spirits been up lately which I will get into a little into this post. I was thrilled that it is Halloween as because I usually hand out the candy and sometimes I dress up for Halloween but this year I didn't plus it was a bit nippy out. I spent sometime down in my office here and I nearly recorded the last of the podcasts that I am behind on but that's in the morning I will be spending an hour on that and posting it on up so I am ready for Thursday night on posting on time for once. But back to the Halloween evening I had, I had dinner, Chicken Cesar Salad which was really good! I spent a tad bit more time down here in my office then was upstairs and out on the front layered up as it was a tad nippy out at the start. Had 34 kids which isn't great amount this year compare to last year but every year it is different year by year! I did some writing in my book was on Facebook chatting with my friends and on Twitter of course seeing the craziness of the followers growing by the moment, got to interact with the kids and some of the parents. Had a few new ideas for the house for Halloween next year as well.  Took a picture which turned out so amazing: 

Afterwards I had a bit of candy left over, mainly M & M's Chocolate and Peanuts with Chocolate watched some YouTube video laid down hoping I'd sleep as I was feeling tired yet I am up writing this blog post for you guys right now. So from there I came back to my Studio to fiddle around and I decided it would be fun to do a chart and Graph of the podcast views! and as I went through each week with all 3 shows that I listed: Survivor: Millennials Vs GenX, Hell's Kitchen 16 & soon to be added to the list Masterchef Junior Season 5, I found out these Stats on the podcast: 

My Surprise was Hell's Kitchen has the edge by 6% but both of the Recaps within that podcast is doing extremely well  and I am eager to be adding in the 3rd Reality TV Show soon! What I am questioning is when Amazing Race 29 is coming out but we will wait and see when that comes out!

Have a great Night or Day!


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