Friday, October 28, 2016

Lack of Sleep....

In the last several days ever since the night before the Autism Celebration which I slept at night last, hoping I will go lie down soon to fall asleep for even a few hours, but ever since the event I haven't slept at night much, was asleep maybe 2 - 3 nights before the event 2 - 3 hours that's it but since then I have been awake at night and not able to sleep and tonight I am feeling like I am ready to sleep at least a few hours but this sleep deprive is gotta stop because I am tired and my moods are really bad at times where I am snapping at my own parents and I think they know it is the lack of sleep. There is nothing Dr's can do for me at this point, I gotta just deal with it and try and make the best of it. 

Now, usually after a few days I end up going to bed and sleeping through the night and usually up at 4 or 430 am EST... LMAO, yes it is a very early morning but I get a lot. Now if I could get a a routine like 430 or 5 am wake ups and in bed by 930 pm that would be amazing to keep the routine going I would probably be in a happier place right now.  So what is my plan you may ask? Well I am planning on going to bed soon as this blog is posted and sleeping till at least 5 or 6 am EST then getting up getting my day started. Then hopefully I will be in bed at 930 pm later on and hopefully it fixes this screwed up sleep. Yes I am frustrated by this, yes I want this to all change and get my life back on track hopefully soon and I am going to start making changes in my life starting Monday with a 4 day treadmill and exercise routine and going to bed earlier and so on. I will do weekly updates on the blog like on Fridays how it is going.

Have a Great Night and/or Day!


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