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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Update on Chris and How He is Doing

            Chris, well he's hanging in there and has been dealing with the Mental Health and his sleep has been off and still is off he sleeps in the evenings and up during the nights however the positive thing is he is sleeping full 7 - 8 hours and up around 1 or 2 in the morning. The next step for him is to actually get to bed a little later then usual and he will have that opportunity soon as he has an interview Thursday to do with Larry so opportunity is knocking to fix his sleep. However he is in good spirits right now and working hard on content and working on that new feature as that has become the bigger project and from time to time he works on Dino Thunder as well. Management Team and Discord Moderators and you guys are keeping him in good spirits right now and he makes his occasional visit to the Discord.

           He is working hard even if he has to nap he will nap to get his energy back up. I believe he's picked up the workload quite quickly and very affectively and he is nowhere near stopping as he has done an amazing job on content and also the way the server has grown very quickly. Chris continues to grow the Discord server and we continue on this growth in the community. I will be talking about that on Saturday's post but for now, I ensure you Chris will be just fine and give him some time he will get to more a normal sleep pattern and he is working hard on the sleep issue and I know he will fix this and get back into a routine, it will just take sometime for him. Chris wanted me to add that he will be back blogging first thing Monday and cannot wait to update you guys on things.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Monday, July 20, 2020

This Pandemic Has Thrown Me Off Kilter Again!

                 I can be honest, I am not myself anymore. I've opened up my mouth too much and I just don't why I wanna run my mouth especially about CBOTW when I have put enormous amount of hours and work into the site and team since all these changes have been made. I need to learn to keep my comments to myself especially when it comes to this here website. I know the motivation is still there but I feel like I've dragged myself with the lack of sleep lately where I am tired non stop 24-7. Not sure how on earth I get through the work load anymore to be honest with you all. I haven't been myself since being put into isolation and only out for walks and trips to the corner store on a weekly basis. However to not be able to have friends over or go hangout with friends it bothers I cannot do any of that anymore. However I find the same repetitive thing with the workload is becoming a bit of a pain in the butt but what else can I really do minus work, play games, watch T.V. and Movies. Nothing really, it's really brought me down recently and I just do not know how much longer I can hold on.... 

                To be honest my depression hasn't gotten any better and you probably can tell by my lack of updates or posts as I normally do. However I try to keep you guys up to date as much as possible and I am going to try to post a bit more or even get my Community Manager to post updates if I am not up to it. For those who really know me, I have autism and there has been days I have not taken my meds which is not a good thing really and I need to stay on the meds and I'm sure it will help with my moods but I haven't been in the best of moods lately. Really there has been day's I just did not care enough to work on things but I try to do enough work for the day and then have fun. With the way I'm feeling right now I may have to lower my exceptions for the day and even take an hour break here and there to just get myself motivated again, so maybe I need to work a daily schedule and maybe I need to schedule some time off but I will be taking a bit of time to myself once Power Rangers Wild Force is done. I napped till 130 pm yesterday so spent the entire night working hard  on posts for the week so this way I can focus on finishing up Wild Force and typing up notes and get recording. We may just get one done next week and another one the week after if possible. I know I have to get moving on Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder for October but I promise I will take a weekend off before starting the next set of seasons!


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sleep Schedule Is Really Off!

           Originally it was a weight loss update but obviously it is now an update on my sleep now as you know my sleep is all over the darn place. I know one of the reasons why is because of me working on the Power Rangers Podcast and getting the notes typed up and really getting it done as I am now half way through the two sets of notes my sleep should be getting better but it hasn't been lately as I have been sleeping early and up during the night but the nights have been very productive. However I need to get sleep fixed and probably the only time I can really sleep early is the days I am on Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast which is usually every week but at least once a month at the most. maybe more off. However the other days I need to get to bed around 9 or 930 at night at the most on the other nights but I need to actually start training my body to actually go to bed at this time at that time to ensure I get better sleep and not sleep half the damn day so this way I can get work done for the website as that hasn't been the case but yet I have been able to get Everything About Reality TV Podcast on time which it hasn't been the last 2 weeks it has been on a very odd schedule and this is due to my sleep schedule but hey least it is back on time. Sleep and my mental health is still the upmost important to me and I need to take care about myself at the same time but been trying. 

            This upcoming week I promise to get myself back on track with sleep and you obviously can tell the days I am awake during the night with my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting stuff up but most of the time during the night I tweet the most of the time. However today I am getting my sleep back on the right track as I know I'll be back fairly late like 830 - 9 pm ish so this will be good I can relax for 30 minutes then go to bed and tomorrow's another day for me and I plan on working on the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast more tomorrow with the sleep being fixed and a lot better then it has been lately. You cannot imagine how tired and worn out I am from the lack of sleep during the night. I miss getting up at 330, maybe 4 or 430 am and getting my day started but again that hasn't been the case lately as you know my posts on social are pretty much all over the place and I am sure you guys are quite confused. Final things I would like to say is my posts lately are not as good as they normally have been as sometimes they aren't making sense or they have been misspells on there that is why. Either way this week will be a tough week to get things back on the right track for me and also the podcast but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it and that is what is going on with me on this little update blog post.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Mental Health Is No So Good Once Again...

              It's not like I didn't take my meds for my Persuasive Development Disorder (PDD) or also known as autism but today wasn't a great day and my friends ensured me none of this was my fault. But I feel responsible for my actions towards knocking the chair over and dropping my Contiago cup which is medal to the floor spilling the rest of my drink onto the floor making a mess, then grabbing my jacket and walking out the door with me kicking it further on the floor then knocking over the wet floor sign, out the door, then proceeding to kick the garbage can and spill the rest of my drink on the ground from the bottle then the rest of the day is history. 

               Now, I haven't had a mental breakdown this bad since April of last year and it is very concerning to me to when my moods gets this bad but I wonder if it is because of my lack of sleep in the last several days is what could be the culprit behind it as you all know I have been busy with the website recently, podcasts and the blog, I am not surprised I can hold in all this stress in for this long. Only a few people know what is going on with me with the lack of sleep problem but not everyone knew what was going on, only 2 friends if I remember knew about it. Now I ended up scratching my poor hand open and it's the first time since July of last year this has happened which is a good thing, I am not making it a habit of me doing that constantly to myself, so I am learning to not do harm to myself but I need to continue on with sticking to my strategies I have learned in the past year and a half almost now and keeping up with it. Now I walked away, however I could of gone without kicking my cup on the floor or knocking the wet floor sign or kicking the garbage can and things could of been better. But also I could of gone without hurting myself. However with me just deciding to go home, that was a smart move on my part and should of left sooner then sticking around, this could of been prevented but I of course listened to my friends advice and I always appreciate my friends sticking up for me or being supportive of me. 

                 There is a long road to my mental health getting better and I think without friends that turn on me on a dime or wants to cause problems ,I was in a much happier place till today happened. With my current circle of friends and my family supporting me, I know I can not self harm myself, I know I can control my anger and frustrations if people try to start trouble, I gotta just work harder and use my strategies and I know I will be a happier person and always smiling like I have in the past few weeks.

Have a great night!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Lack of Sleep....

In the last several days ever since the night before the Autism Celebration which I slept at night last, hoping I will go lie down soon to fall asleep for even a few hours, but ever since the event I haven't slept at night much, was asleep maybe 2 - 3 nights before the event 2 - 3 hours that's it but since then I have been awake at night and not able to sleep and tonight I am feeling like I am ready to sleep at least a few hours but this sleep deprive is gotta stop because I am tired and my moods are really bad at times where I am snapping at my own parents and I think they know it is the lack of sleep. There is nothing Dr's can do for me at this point, I gotta just deal with it and try and make the best of it. 

Now, usually after a few days I end up going to bed and sleeping through the night and usually up at 4 or 430 am EST... LMAO, yes it is a very early morning but I get a lot. Now if I could get a a routine like 430 or 5 am wake ups and in bed by 930 pm that would be amazing to keep the routine going I would probably be in a happier place right now.  So what is my plan you may ask? Well I am planning on going to bed soon as this blog is posted and sleeping till at least 5 or 6 am EST then getting up getting my day started. Then hopefully I will be in bed at 930 pm later on and hopefully it fixes this screwed up sleep. Yes I am frustrated by this, yes I want this to all change and get my life back on track hopefully soon and I am going to start making changes in my life starting Monday with a 4 day treadmill and exercise routine and going to bed earlier and so on. I will do weekly updates on the blog like on Fridays how it is going.

Have a Great Night and/or Day!