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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I Have Returned Early!

              I know this title of today's blog is a bit strange as we're dealing with a ton of stuff with losing The CBOTW Show and I am over it and I can say this, I am done with Reality TV Recaps for the very nearby future, nor have any interest in recapping Reality TV. Been doing it for 5 years on and off and I think at this point I am ready to move on to other non Reality TV Podcasts. As Matt said, Power Rangers Collaboration isn't going anywhere anytime soon at this point. It is still scheduled to return on top of Entertainment Man Podcast. The reason I came back the last couple of days been a bit hectic with changing and updating the website around. Just hope there is no animosity with the former podcast team for The CBOTW Show but think bringing it back was an honest mistake and I should of kept Entertainment Man Podcast afloat and running. There will be information coming in the next day or two. I think with me returning early it relieves poor Matt that is on verge of burn out as well and I think we all are. 

              This is why I will not be behind the mic much over the next several weeks at this moment minus redoing the Collaboration Podcast intro and re working intros as well. That will not take long but I need time to decompress at this moment. This is why the return of Entertainment Man Podcast is not quite yet but it is coming. However you will see Billy's Podcast pop up every week on Wednesdays at 6 pm EDT, not sure if it will be this week or next week which I have to coordinate and will announce on social media if it being held off for one more week. I haven't spoken to Billy since Saturday early afternoon, nor been active on social media as much and been dealing with some personal stuff at this moment. I'll get through it and I cannot wait to start Season 3 of Entertainment Man Podcast!


Friday, March 26, 2021

When Am I Returning As The Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb?

              I know it has been a few weeks, close to 3 weeks I have been off from ChrisBOnTheWeb, nearly 3 weeks as of next Wednesday it will be exactly and the question we have been getting is when am I returning. I already have had my Site Admin mention it and I am Officially returning on Monday, April 12th, 2021 and to be honest I am excited to be returning back into the saddle of running the day to day with her help here on the website. It has been and will be a very long time coming for me to return and you might of noticed my picture went from Gray to color like in the Big Brother Game and my name has been moved back to the top of the list on the Team Page and we were testing it out and I am sure you guys got excited saying: "Chris is back, Chris is back!" well hate to say it not quite yet but we are indeed getting closer to my triumphed return to the team after a little over a month of being off from running things.

              I know you guys are saying it's cause of my Facebook ban and that is not it, I have been stressed with all the technical side of things has been a bit of a problem with the YouTube Channel and also drama and trolls have been bothering me the last while and I just needed to take some time off from running the day to day and it is going to be awesome to come back and run things once again and it has been long enough, I wanted to return sooner like first thing this Monday but I think I need to wait till the 12th that way I will be back on all aspects of the social medias and my stress should be mostly gone and I should be back to my old self. I hate taking long breaks from running the day to day but I am thankful my Site Admin, she can step in and run things when things get out of hand. I want to thank my team both CBOTW and The CBOTW Show for managing things while I am unable to post and keeping in touch with one another and this is what makes this team very, very unique and such a wonderful team to work with on a day to day basis! Until Tuesday, have a great weekend and I will speak to you guys next week!


Monday, March 15, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update [03-15-2021]

Another week is here and time for yet another update. Well it has been an eventful week dealing with a depressed owner and maybe that is why he's taken a Sabbatical from running things is to deal with his Mental Health. I know he's openly spoken about it on Twitter and we're proud of him for being more open to the fact he has some mental health issues right now and being stuck at home most of the time don't help whatsoever. As you can notice on "The Team" he has the tag On A Sabbatical and we do not know how long he is going to be away and I cannot give an ETA on when he's returning to his normal post and with Entertainment Man Podcast now wrapping up Production after a year of it being a part of our network and I am sure he will need time to deal with losing a podcast as I know that was a thing especially when Everything About Reality TV wrapped last year nearly a year ago. 

               Now with Entertainment Man Podcast ending production, the Audio Feeds will be up for at least a month after but you can always find it under "Archives" under the Podcasts or by going to and you can listen to old episodes. It will take sometime to take down the other Audio ONLY Feeds from directories but you can always find it here on our website one way or another. The CBOTW Show is also gearing up to start Big Brother Australia Recaps with your host Chris S and the cast is slowly dropping so hopefully soon we will have an announcement to when Recaps will be up on our Audio ONLY Podcast Network. We also have noticed the amount of spam and disrespect has gone down and we have OFFICIALLY opened to the chat to everyone, guests are now welcome on our chatroom now but if you guys wanna earn mod, then you would have to have an account for that to happen. Also we have put a Terms of Service which you can find here: One last thing with the YouTube, Chris has told me it was a computer issue whether he needed to reboot or reboot for an update who knows. They are reconsidering YouTube but more news is coming! That is the updates for this week and I will be back next Monday with an update but expect the unexpected you may just hear from me again, depends if he needs me to post.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Chris Returns To Blogging Monday Finally and Updates

               Chris makes his return to blogging Monday after a week away and he needed it really as there was unnecessary drama with a former Co-Host of one of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast so he is feeling a lot of pressure right now with the Collab. Anyways back to him returning, he will be still in the same timeslot, 11 am EST everyday as usual. Nothing is really changing from that as he has a ton of decisions to make and this upcoming week he will start making those decisions and I respect any decision as long he lets the team know of this decision that's totally fine. I know you guys will welcome him back to the blog as of Monday and he's admitted to me that he misses talking to you guys and wishes that he didn't have to walk away from the blog but we understand the fact he needs to step away from time to time and with the change it is totally understandable. I wish I knew exactly what I can tell you guys but right now he's going through tough decisions and maybe with this weekend he will have time to think things through and figure things out. 

                With him returning to a more normal schedule moving forward means he may be addressing somethings that has happened in the last week and how he feels embarrassed and of course some more positive posts and hopefully we can move forward with this and continue to grow this community. I know I sound a little harsh at times but it is frustration with what has gone on and I am not really not sure what he has planned for this week at this point as I haven't seen what is on his board but this week we find out what he has set for this week moving forward. I will be back tomorrow for the Weekly Update then back to a weekly basis.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Update on Chris and How He is Doing

            Chris, well he's hanging in there and has been dealing with the Mental Health and his sleep has been off and still is off he sleeps in the evenings and up during the nights however the positive thing is he is sleeping full 7 - 8 hours and up around 1 or 2 in the morning. The next step for him is to actually get to bed a little later then usual and he will have that opportunity soon as he has an interview Thursday to do with Larry so opportunity is knocking to fix his sleep. However he is in good spirits right now and working hard on content and working on that new feature as that has become the bigger project and from time to time he works on Dino Thunder as well. Management Team and Discord Moderators and you guys are keeping him in good spirits right now and he makes his occasional visit to the Discord.

           He is working hard even if he has to nap he will nap to get his energy back up. I believe he's picked up the workload quite quickly and very affectively and he is nowhere near stopping as he has done an amazing job on content and also the way the server has grown very quickly. Chris continues to grow the Discord server and we continue on this growth in the community. I will be talking about that on Saturday's post but for now, I ensure you Chris will be just fine and give him some time he will get to more a normal sleep pattern and he is working hard on the sleep issue and I know he will fix this and get back into a routine, it will just take sometime for him. Chris wanted me to add that he will be back blogging first thing Monday and cannot wait to update you guys on things.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Saturday, October 3, 2020

New Blog Post Schedule Starting Monday!

           Alright since it was announced Chris is going to be returning to ChrisBOnTheWeb as of Monday for what I believe he's now readjusted his schedule with the his workload to Monday through Fridays with me looking into CBOTW on the weekends. Anyways, he is going to have 5 blog post days out of the 7 days a week so he is easing back on posts and letting me post twice a week now to ease his stress levels. Anyways here is the schedule:

Mondays:  Regular topic by Chris    

Tuesdays: Regular topic by Chris

Wednesdays: Regular topic by Chris

Thursdays: Regular topic by Chris

Fridays: Weight Loss Update from Chris

Saturdays: Regular Topic by Me, (Jim)

Sundays: CBOTW (ChrisBOnTheWeb) Weekly Updates


               There is both of our schedules and even if I do not post during the week, don't mean that I am going to be around social media, answering questions or find me along with the other staff on our Community Chatroom. You can always find me there and I will always be around and ready to help you guys out if you need the help. I look forward to this new schedule and the return of our Founder and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Jim, CBOTW Community Manager

Friday, October 2, 2020

Chris Returns To ChrisBOnTheWeb Monday!

            It is Official! Chris is returning to ChrisBOnTheWeb and he has his tags ready to go to put em back onto his lanyard around his neck if you look at his Instagram account he posted a pic up of it yesterday. However he is not going to be full time to start with. He will be easing himself back to 4 days a week and we tried splitting up the week and this seems very reasonable. Here is the schedule who is on what week with the day to day operations:

Chris- He will be on Monday through Thursdays doing the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb including yes, Blogging again! He misses doing the daily blogs. He will even do updates to the website if they need the updates he will update it. Also will be around to answer Social Media and E-Mails and what not.

Jim (Me)- I will be on the weekend shift for running the operations of the website, still answering emails even during the weekday but also during the weekends. This includes Social Media will be under my direction for the Friday through Sundays shifts. I will be on the blog Friday, Saturday & Sundays as usual for the blog. 


          So he will be still on social even on the weekends but more then likely not as active as usual as he probably be working on other projects or taking time off for himself depending how far he is with the collaboration podcasts. This will probably be in affect for about 2 weeks then he will be around CBOTW Monday through Fridays, during the week. This is to not overwhelm him as he is returning to a regular schedule but I think once he is back on during the week, he is going to be off on the weekends with me on the weekend shifts. That is what he told me. Either way I am excited he is finally coming back and I think him easing his way back is the way to go and we just do not know how long till he's fully back or he will be working 5 or 6 days a week and taking weekends off that is to be determined.

Jim, Admin/Community Manager

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Our Founder/Owner Is Getting Close To Returning!

            After the post that Chris did yesterday, I can truly tell that he is ready to come back  to his role as Founder/Owner. It has been a long coming for him to return as our Owner as he has been off for a week and a half. I think the trip up north definitely did him so good and he's finally realized it is time for him to come back and run the day to day operations with me helping him as well. He has to realize he's got the team behind him 150% I am not sure when he will be returning as he's not given any hints whatsoever but he is showing signs he wants to be more involved with ChrisBOnTheWeb as he's been off for sometime now but just cannot tell you guys when that is the question. However he's not being clear when he is coming back but he's starting to realize he needs ChrisBOnTheWeb in his life. It's become a big part of him and his life. Something must of clicked while he was away yesterday. 

            However I can say he is getting close to returning just I wish he would tell us when whether it is next week (Monday) or a week Monday he hasn't said anything to me as of when I wrote this post for the day so I couldn't tell you and probably an announcement will be made by Friday at the latest. We will see but I think he is going to make an announcement today to the staff that he is returning but we can only hope he is on his way back and we will be a full strength of a team again. I can be honest I saw him show some more interest. For those who didn't know he was feeling like he's lost all his interest in what he loves to do and I think it has to do with the fact that this virus and him not able to go to events this year and he's just having no interest in the blogs or podcasts but that all seems to change with him making that post yesterday which brought his spirits up again. We'll all know by Friday morning at the most what he has decided to do. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Sunday, September 27, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [09-27-2020]

                Another week is here and our very last update for the month of September as we head into a brand new month this week. It's been a very busy week as we finish up notes and Chris's lack of sleep during the entire night and Chris gone on leave a week ago which I will have an update on him as he's been staying in touch with me through messanger and Skype. Here are the updates:

Website: As I said on Twitter last night we are on pace for a 9k view for the month which is crazy with all the traffic that we have had this month and like I have said in the past this website is generating more and more traffic on a regular basis which is good and goes back to what I said this week on a post that we are getting viewership on here. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: As you know Chris has taken this week off and we have now re-scheduled the podcasts for the coming weeks all Facebook/Twitter has been updated to reflect the change and he will be back next week and he has spoken to me about recording tomorrow morning so he can get it done ahead of time. Probably he is going to base that he is going to actually start recording on Mondays. He also finished up podcast notes this morning for this podcast.

Chris: He has now been on leave for an entire week and he's still struggling and been acting up especially on Facebook where he's been banned from Facebook twice in a week so his behavior with Facebook and why he's not able to post on the page at this time well today he will be returning again. However he has started to feel better but as I said he was insulted and that hasn't helped him one bit to be honest. However he is starting to feel better and this morning he finished up notes on the one podcast and starting on Wild Force Notes so he can actually record with Larry within a week hopefully. 

             There are the updates for this week and there is no news when Chris is planning to return and he trusts me to keep on running things and I honestly do not find this too hard as most of the site work has been done before he went on leave. It is just the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb and we are hanging in there while he feels better. I gotta feeling he will be back in a week or 2 from now ready to go. As I told him, when he is ready to wear the Owner tags again as he is only wearing his blue Special Access badge right now around the studio. I will give you a good heads up when he returns but for right now is to continue the day to day operations and make him proud that we held up without his presence. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Monday, September 21, 2020

Chris Is On A Partial Leave of Absence...

           Well, you trolls won... You drove poor Chris to insanity and stress. He pours his time and effort into content, to continuing to grow this website, give him a darn break! He works countless hours without a break whatsoever, he works day in and day out and you tell him to get better content when he is working hard. It has been nothing but trolls and insults and rudeness towards him and the entire team. We lost one staff cause of ex staff being rude... It's driven him to a mental breakdown. I'm sorry but I have to vent because enough is enough with all of this. So the news I have is that Chris has decided with my help and suggestions to take a leave of absence from the administration side of things. However he will not be steering away from podcasts notes, Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and he will tweet updates from time to time when he's not busy to say hi or any updates on the podcast planning but I will also be tweeting and posting to social media as well. 

            Chris has been unhappy for nearly 2 months now and I saw this coming even before I took over the role of Community Manager and been around the ChrisBOnTheWeb Socials and the website. I may be taking on a bigger role within the team as Administrator but I will also be still pertaining the Community Manager role as normally. I am just taking on a second role while boss man is away getting better and dealing with his depression. Honestly I can say this, Chris has thought about giving me full Ownership and stepping down as Owner of the website and group but glad he has decided to do this and I've been trying to get him to take time away from the admin side of things to focus on the project aspect. Do not worry I was one of the 2 between myself and Mark who helped and built the menu bar and social media buttons on the website so I do have experience in coding and I previously helped him with the Original on that other provider that Chris doesn't really like... Finally you will be seeing more posts from me unless Chris decides to pop on to say hi and do a post. Do not worry, he is going to be back and when is the question as I cannot really tell you guys at this point when he is planning to start doing his normal everyday duties. Let's just hope he doesn't have to take another leave again cause of you trolls. Let me give you a warning, you once insult us or disrespect us, you will be banned and not allowed back. We have no room for trolls as wanna keep things flowing well and have been flowing well with new programming coming soon to the website. I will address that this week at some point. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Chris Is Returning To Blogging Monday and Announcement Notice!

              So I got some updates from the boss man and he feels great! He feels happy and good enough now to actually make his return to social media as of Monday morning you will see a lot more posts and updates from him. He is excited to returned and he tweeted a couple of posts after being off so it goes to show that he is indeed ready to come back and get back to making posts for you guys. He's starting to feel less stressed and feeling a lot calmer and maybe him taking a few days away here and there but again he's been active in creating and making content for you guys and including updating this website which I will be getting into tomorrow morning's post. There will be a ton to update for you guys to updates to hear on tomorrow's post and we can be honestly excited for it. 


                On tomorrow's blog post I will be outlining some of the changes that are being made and will recap what has gone on throughout this week which mind you it will be an long winded update for you guys tomorrow. We are remaining positive with the recent things that has gone in this week and we are just looking into the future. I think out of the updates website will be the most interesting out of all of the updates. You will see what we mean tomorrow and we are excited especially for the very near future. We are on the move but taking baby steps to what we wanna do for right now. We rather take our time then rush all these features especially on the website and when we have had issues. Yes tomorrow's post will have an announcement with the "Live" page as you know we haven't gone live nor release the page yet so answers will be given tomorrow's post. 

Jim, Community Manager


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Chris Is Taking Time Away from The Blog and Social Media...

                Chris is taking some time away from the website, blog and social media as I stated on here and social yesterday, there was stuff going on which again we will not get into detail but he is stressed right out to a point of a mental breakdown and I think he had one the other night and him being away from the the team and all of this. However he will still be working on his own pace and the podcast will remain as schedule but as for the live I will be addressing that tomorrow. Things will be reveal over the next week as that is what he is planning to not be around for the next week as he needs. I think this is what he needs and honestly things were going just smoothly up to what happened and I was surprised to see a message from him late last night to what was going on and that is why I offered to take it over. Right now he needs to get his mental health better. He is all wound up like he gets like this especially like the other night. Plus he has been under immense pressure getting Entertainment Man Podcast notes done and also Power Rangers Podcast which is currently on standby.

               There is stuff I like to explain Saturday as there is a ton of stuff going on and why he's put things on hold. I do not why he has to bring me into his dirty work, honestly... LOL! He probably see this post and just shake his head at me talking about him but it is positive things. We're a team and we stick together to the end. He will be back soon I hope and right now it's him getting work done and discussing with who's left on this team at this moment as the staff seems to be fluctuating at this moment.  This is why he needs a community manager and he has one, me. I use to be near him at one point, but moved away and I am still happy to help him out one way or another. I am here to answer questions you guys may have via Social Media or email, just send me a message and I or the staff will be sure to answer them as quickly as possible.

Jim, Community Manager

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Chris Is Off Today, I Am Filling In For Him... Again!

           Well, Chris is off again today and not cause of work either. It'd because he's not in a good mood over transit system cancelling buses to and from his area which is not good. Means Larry cannot come to the house to record in the studio and I just found this out minutes before coming on here to type up a post on his behalf or for him. The post he had, he will do at a later time and I am sure he's put it on the backlog of post ideas for right now and will covering it eventually. Not only that but he cannot go out to see friends for the day once CO-VID19 is over and he feels like he's in jail for the rest of his life and he has considered moving into his own place and he feels like he is ready to go but is kind of scared. It's natural that he is feeling scared or will be lonely but he is only a call away to his parents if he wants to talk to them. After all he is going to be 35 years old this year and he will need to move out on his own. I get the fact he wants to help them out as much as possible as he is the only one out of him and his brother that's living there but it's only a car ride away.

                Maybe it is time for him to find a place called home for himself, maybe he is ready to be on his own and is only a bus ride or drive away from the house. That is up to him but I totally understand why he is upset and he needed the day off from social media to work on stuff and get the podcast edited today so he can release it this weekend and he means it too. I can say this he is almost done the second part of that disaster of a podcast as he is calling it. He's not too impressed with the outcome but the next one I'm sure will be more of a smoother podcast. First thing he outlined to me is the tech issues Larry was having and 2) He had the wrong microphone setup but he will make sure it is the right one in September when the two of them record. So that is his primary focus right now is to get that done then work on Wild Force again. That is my post for today and I will speak to you all on Sunday's blog post update!

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Saturday, August 8, 2020

When Is Chris Set To Return To Blogging?

              So there has been questions to when the boss man aka Chris is to return to blogging and the online life. Well good news is he is set to return on Monday, yes this Monday he is coming back after weeks of being off from social media and being sequestered in the studio working on Power Rangers Podcast for the past week, week and a half to 2 weeks. So Monday, you will be seeing a different name on the blog for once and don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my time writing to you guys on a regular basis but it is time for the boss talk to you guys. I am going nowhere, will still be active in chat during the week, answering messages from you guys on Social so you will still see me around and whatever he needs, I will do for him. What is he going to be talking about well, I am guessing he will be updating what he's been up to over the past week or so and when we know and he will give you guys his insight on Big Brother 22 this season since Everything About Reality TV Podcast is ending and he is excited to be returning finally. Hopefully he will be back for good and he won't disappear. I do not know if he will be active on the chatroom and active that I couldn't tell you guys really.

              So you will be hearing from me on a weekly basis as Chris blogs 6 days a week and I am back to weekly posts again but I am always around to fill in. However I am sure you guys are sick of hearing from me but I am always a team player to help him and the team out. It is long coming for the return of the boss man, it has been very quiet without him on the website blog, chat and socials. However, Chris has been sneaky and went on to say hey to you guys from time to time but most posts are from me but you will be hearing a ton more from him and he has great topics to talk about and he has even has 2 on the list already plus whatever is on the board in his studio so he has things all set up for the next week already which is awesome he has content for you guy one way or another.

Sophie, CBOTW Community  Manager

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Chris Has Sequestered Himself In His Studio

                   Well, Chris has sequestered himself in his studio to get times of work done. So probably the next week or so, you will not be hearing from him for a while and he apologizes but he needs to get this done if there is to be podcasts. However you will be seeing him Live which yeah it is strange in a way he will be active on the platforms but yet he's not gonna be active on Social Media. He's already let me know but has not yet informed his Staff of the changes and maybe what I can do is get Billy to do posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but again we will have to see. We really do not know how long he is gonna be locked in his studio for and we will see how long this lasts. I kind of know why he's sequestering himself but you guys will tell as the week or weeks go on. He's definitely on a very tight schedule right now. I wouldn't know what he is up to as I am not in the same house as him, we're in our own studios or ends during this crazy time the pandemic. I am pretty sure you guys know a certain podcast was suppose to be done a month ago and he is behind schedule as it is right now. I'm sure it will be all self explanatory and I promised to not say anything and apparently he made me sign this NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so this means I cannot open my mouth on things.

                There will be information from Chris, himself this upcoming week as one of his posts are actually from him under his username however he wrote this days ago actually. So before you actually grill us hey Chris isn't off social media he already pre-wrote it and he's told me to re-schedule it. Anyways the boss is totally focused on the project at hand and I cannot wait to see what he is up to. So you will see the Staff fill him for him and I will discuss it with Chris and Billy to what days who wants to do what with the posts but for the most part, we're good up to Monday in the way of posts for this moment. Please do check the socials for updates and what not to who is doing what for Blog posts while Chris is away from Social Media while working on major projects. I will speak to you guys tomorrow!

- Mark, Site Admin