Saturday, January 16, 2021

Chris Returns To Blogging Monday Finally and Updates

               Chris makes his return to blogging Monday after a week away and he needed it really as there was unnecessary drama with a former Co-Host of one of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast so he is feeling a lot of pressure right now with the Collab. Anyways back to him returning, he will be still in the same timeslot, 11 am EST everyday as usual. Nothing is really changing from that as he has a ton of decisions to make and this upcoming week he will start making those decisions and I respect any decision as long he lets the team know of this decision that's totally fine. I know you guys will welcome him back to the blog as of Monday and he's admitted to me that he misses talking to you guys and wishes that he didn't have to walk away from the blog but we understand the fact he needs to step away from time to time and with the change it is totally understandable. I wish I knew exactly what I can tell you guys but right now he's going through tough decisions and maybe with this weekend he will have time to think things through and figure things out. 

                With him returning to a more normal schedule moving forward means he may be addressing somethings that has happened in the last week and how he feels embarrassed and of course some more positive posts and hopefully we can move forward with this and continue to grow this community. I know I sound a little harsh at times but it is frustration with what has gone on and I am not really not sure what he has planned for this week at this point as I haven't seen what is on his board but this week we find out what he has set for this week moving forward. I will be back tomorrow for the Weekly Update then back to a weekly basis.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

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