Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year In Review!

               As this is the last blog of 2018, it is time to do an year in review blog post as I normally do at the end of each year and I think, this is the second one I have done, maybe the 3rd one but it is hard to remember as I am now almost at my 500th blog post already which is crazy to think within the last 4 years of this blog being around for the last 4 amazing years. All I can say in the last month or so this blog has blown the heck up! I am overwhelmed with the amount of views it gets. Now it gets between 15  and higher in the way of views and sometimes it reaches near 30 a post! Like WTF! So incredible! Ever since Big Brother Canada 6 this year, Everything About Reality TV has blown the heck up, same with The CBOTW Show as it is home to Music City CMT Recaps now and also Power Rangers Podcasts have blown up now too! I guess it was just time when this would blow the heck up. I can say this year has been an explosive year for me growing as a podcaster and blogger and I am proud of myself.  What do I mean by this? I kept my head held high especially when shit hit the fence with the web builder provider and the recent problems with the domain which you all know about now, I stood up for CBOTW and not let people run me over and I persevered over all the problems that has arose over the past year. Yes there is still a bunch of stuff to fix, like lining up guests for Big Brother Canada 7 especially this upcoming year, fixing the .com which I will update you guys when I have an update to give you guys. Also the enormous amount of followers I lost towards the end of this year but I think that has to do with the Twitter purge that went on so that wasn't my fault. Also the fact I had plans to go live now I am planning to do something else about that which you will know by Sunday. Also Trying to get more interviews for my website is one of my biggest goals but again there is still work to do, but in time I will get things all worked out and by Sunday I will do a formal announcement what the plan is.

              This year has been hard for me in the way of friendships going on me but I have gained a bunch of new friends this year and I have gotten myself more open to even volunteering and getting involved in the community which I plan on continuing that in 2019 as well. I will make sure to get involved again and YES Justin aka JUSTINA! LOL, I will be back at the Theater in the fall to help out with the building of Sets! Like I said in one of my posts last months, friendships come, friendships go but the ones that are in your life are your friend no matter what happens. So there was ups and downs but a lot of up's of 2018 especially with the growth of my content and I am sure this is only the beginning as 2019 promises to be another amazing year for me!

Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Frustrated With Getting The .com Back Up and Running!

              I went to my former provider where I bought originally back in 2015 when I got it and I am appalled that I am not allowed to take the domain else where for example here on Hello! They don't own the domain anymore, the domain expired at the start of November! So they shouldn't have anything to do with it and they said it will expire within 40 days but it hasn't been available yet which is really starting to piss me the heck off as I want to move away from HostGator entirely and as you know this was my plan from the get go that I wanted to get myself away from them and away from 000webhost and it seems like I do not have that freedom at this point. It's like I signed my life away or a damn contract but when I didn't sign a damn thing. My domain was for 3 years! Those three years is up! Means I should have the ability of going elsewhere if I darn well please and it feels like I am stuck with the same provider and no freedom whatsoever to explore other options and now I have no other damn options or freedom. I got mad at em and I am glad I did because they do not own me! 

             What do I mean by that? Well because as you all know I got a Chris B On The Web shirt which now renders useless as I cannot now not re-register the domain elsewhere. The second point I would like to make I spent $51 dollars Canadian on the damn shirt which means I have now lost money from all of this. I am very, very pissed at this point. I did this to help promote CBOTW and that is now not going to happen at this point as I lost money from this and they seem to not care right now as they ignored my DM on Twitter and right now I plan on not answering their DM right now. I kind of feel like taking legal action against em but I feel like that is not the road to go, not as of yet. Yes the contract with the domain was 3 years and it was up and I should have or be able to go wherever I feel like I want to go since the agreement is no longer active as I have not renewed with them whatsoever. 

                 What is the plan now? I just do not know, I do not have a damn clue what is next for CBOTW or if IT will continue within the New Year at this point. I know this puts Everything About Reality TV and The CBOTW Show in jeopardy at the moment and it will have no affiliate or company that produces the podcast.  Hate to say this it may end up as an independent podcast down the road and Chris B On The Web may end up disappearing all together. Which means even these blogs will disappear too? I do not know but if I cannot be allowed to re use the domain under a different provider then this plan will move forward and Chris B On The Web will be dismantled all together and like I said before, the podcast goes independent. What about my social media handles? I plan on still using Twitter and Instagram with the same name just the site itself will no longer be in existence anymore which is fine and all great things must come to end and I just hope all of this will work out eventually. I got a timeline to when to make that decision down the road too.


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Planning To Do Some Homemade Baking In The New Year!

           As you guys know I am planning to being on a diet again in the New Year which isn't far from now actually and I actually started maintaining 222 pounds for right now and plan on it. I know the the Banana Nut, I will need flour, brown sugar and of course walnuts but the recipe we do is a low fat recipe which is good for me as you know I am currently trying to lose the weight and what a better recipe to do at this current time even though the 4 or 5 pounds within a 3 to 4 day span wasn't my doing. But anything low fat will be good during this diet with once and a while having a fattier meal which is a different blog post on Sunday morning I will be talking about it. Also I want to make Oatmeal cookies as it is  a bit on the healthier side of things and I haven't made those in years but it is on my list of baking. I wanna take up more cooking and baking honestly and I find it as a de-stresser especially. Not only that it is very relaxing to do too. I have a few recipes I want to actually bake such as Coconut macaroons which shouldn't be too hard to make but without the cherry on top though. 

            It is also an excuse to spend some time with my mom too, some mother and son bonding time even though I have promised her to finished Celebrity Family Feud up which I haven't yet. A lot of the recipes I have learned was from her recipe book which will be here when my parents aren't around which won't be for a long time. But I learn her recipes as they are good when you follow the exact recipe to a tee. I am looking forward to being at the counter and baking up a storm of some goodies. I also want to make Chocolate Cookies with my niece and nephew if we manage to have em on a weekend but can be a PA Day on a Friday where we can do it as I know they will have some PA Days coming up in the New Year I am pretty sure of it. Why the heck not share the experience of baking with them. I am sure they will be great little helpers but I said about mid month of this exact month so that is my plan come January is to start baking and not only that but start learning to cook different dishes as well.


Friday, December 28, 2018

I've Made a Crucial Decision With My Podcasts.....

                Tonight was a barn burning decision I hate to make but let me go through what happened tonight. I went on Twitch to do a Brandt Steele which is a website with a simulator of seasons of Reality TV and I wanted to do one Live and people seem to enjoyed it even though some of my regulars were not there but it doesn't matter the fact someone followed me then unfollowed the channel that really ticked me the heck off and that did not sit well with me as I was one pretty upset individual person. I was on a rampage I was slamming doors and I think I fell asleep for an hour and a half so I cooled off. After all this power outage we had here in the house and this includes the studio too in the basement I made the decision to stay Audio ONLY. Why you may ask. Twitch I feel hasn't changed since I left in 2016 and the fact I said I am retired from broadcasting kind of has affected me in some way as I made a promise to myself that I would never broadcast again after the entire fiasco I went back right into total dejavu and I feel totally stupid to have done this move without thinking of the consequences or what happened before. There was no other option as YouTube we all know is dying. 

                I should know both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts are doing just fine on Audio Only Platforms. In fact they are now on 8 - 10 different platforms now and growing rapidly each and every week and actually the views been up a bit more then usual but I really do not care about the views too much but it totally shocks the heck out of me it's a growing podcast and it will just keep on getting bigger from here on out. So I definitely am on the right track right now and I should continue to be on that right track if I want to continue to be a big success in the podcasts I record for both respective podcasts. You probably are all confused what the heck I even mean but you will see in a moment and I think I should play things safe then trying new things out and I am not afraid to take risks but I think I might of over stepped my boundaries in this going to Twitch. I really feel that Everything About Reality TV did not belong on the platform. 

               So what is the plan from here on out? Well I am planning to stick with Audio ONLY from here on out and continue to grow the podcast and the podcasts on other platforms down the road. Also I plan on growing the subscribers as they are slowly growing each and every week and as you know I have gotten emails that people have listened from certain platforms which is awesome to hear people are able to discover the podcast. I guess it wasn't meant to be on video platforms. If it wasn't for YouTube slowly dying, the adpocolypse and the family friendly content, I would of either stayed on the platform or moved the podcast to it's own channel and did Audio ONLY too but I am not going to take a risk with YouTube at this point as you guys would not get notified or YouTube would take it down. I am happy with my decision and it is the best move for me at this point. 


Thursday, December 27, 2018

When Did I First Broadcast With A Microphone and Mixer?

            Wow this brings me back 6 years ago when I first inquired this mixer and microphones by a donation which since then that mixer has been retired and thrown away as it was an old mixer and it lasted me about 3 years which is not bad but that is when I had to dig into my pocket for a new mic as the other one pretty much bit the dust so it was falling apart of the sound not picking up. So that is when you guys know I picked up my Audio Technica PRO 31 which is still used in this very studio to this very day!  The mic was the first thing to go so I remember using the new microphone on the first mixer I ever had before the Samson MDR624 made it's way into this studio. The of course the mixer I had here in the studio which was an Radio Shack Mixer which was good and I prefer the faders over the knobs which I currently have knobs at this moment but down the road when I need a new one, it will have faders instead. I believe the old mics were also radio shack, one worked the other was dead not working no matter what setting I had it on.

              It was my first ever mixer and I will not forget it and boy it was a heavy mixer compare to the board I have now and I got plans for this mixer I got now and only reason the Radio Shack went was because it shorted out on channels on me and plus it was an really old microphone and mixer I'm talking like 20 something odd years old and it was thanks to one of Kerry's Place staff for donating it to The Video Projects Team back in the good old days. Was it worth getting a little more professional as a broadcaster with the microphone and mixer? Yes of course it was! I still to this day active with broadcasting, I just needed the XLR output as I now have a condenser microphone as you guys know and in a little more in a professional setting at this point too. 


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Do I Think Their Will Be A Big Brother US 21?

           Well, Do I Think There Will Be A Big Brother US 21? It is hard to say as I have heard from sources and as you know I want to have remember there is liable sources to the answers and I know a few things that I read up: Julie's contract would still have to be renewed or is good with the controversy with her what happened in the summer, I am just not sure. I heard it has been renewed quietly by the source I-ClickTV but I know it can be a reliable source as they actually follow me on Social Media! We will not know until they publicly announce that they are either cancelling the series or they will end up renewing so it is really up in the  air to what will happen and all we really have to do right now is just wait and see but I got some very odd gut feelings and no it's not my flu acting up again and you will see further into today's post. You have to make sure it is a liable source that in fact if the show is cancelled or not. 

               I have a funny feeling we will know further as we are head into the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother US comes and if we do not hear anything throughout the season then I am starting to figure out they will mention it at the 3 week season of Celebrity Big Brother? That could a be a very possible chance of happening! That is what I am kind of thinking as a super fan of the show but never know. Worse comes to worse I am thinking it will definitely will out by the end of the season before Survivor: Edge of Extinction and Big Brother Canada 7 start up so that is what my thoughts are that it will happen hopefully by end of the season.

               After analyzing things in this blog, I do think it has a very strong feeling they will be back with the ratings being OK and I thought season 20 was a good season but you are allowed to have your opinion but please keep it civil in the comments. However the concern I am having is Julie the host of Big Brother with the controversy with her husband it is quesitonable but she wants to continue on with Big Brother which is good tho so I know she will be back but if CBS decides to let her go there has been other names brought up, Marissa Jaret Winokur  or Ross Matthew from Celebrity Big Brother could take over. Or the other option is our Arisa Cox from up here north of the border which would be really cool as well. Actually I wouldn't mind any of the 3 on the list to do it but let's not go that far as of yet as we do not know the fate of our favorite Summer time, Reality TV show. Just be patient, when they are ready to announce it they will announce it down the road. 


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas & Updates!

            This is not going to be a overlong blog post as most of you know by my Tweets and Instagram photo I have been indeed been sick in bed with the flu for the past 3 days and today was a better day honestly despite still being ill and in bed part of the day but rest was  indeed good for me and I did see my grandma, just worried she will get what I had and what my mom and dad now has which is not a good thing right now. Overall Christmas was very quiet, but good and I tried spending time with my parents yesterday but was just completely out of it slept the entire evening right into the morning today so my sleep is getting better and yes I realize its getting late and I should be in bed soon and soon as I am done tonight's post that is where I'm headed and soon as I wake up tomorrow, I am back in here writing the next post and trying to get back on the right track of things with these blog posts and getting the next The CBOTW Show Podcast up. 

               Finally in this shorten blog post as I do not want to take up a lot of your time today from spending but I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoyed spending your dad with your loved ones and you had a very blessed holiday. I know you weren't expecting much of a post but this is what you are going to get a very small post but they will get better in the days coming when I am not as tired and exhausted from being sick for days. I really missed you guys and I feel entirely bad leaving you guys a message sooner when I was sick but the only thing I could think of was an Instagram post at the time as it  was the only thing that really came to my mind. I really looking forward to catching up with you guys in the coming days and I have to re-evaluate the timetable for the coming days but you will see what I have planned down the road. Finally i got a DVD of one of my favorite TV Show, CSI NY, a pair of pants and a nice blanket for on top of my bed as well! 

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Twitch Suspended Me????

                Well Twitch has really done it this time. I went to the Everything Page and the chat said "Channel Has Been Suspended." For what reason? I never broke any of the terms of service on their website whatsoever. So it really has ticked me off. I feel like they have had it out for me since my Chris B On The Web account on Twitch or even when they still had Justin TV opened and I got banned over and over again over little spam which isn't right honestly.  I admit when I made the mistake to get banned under Chris B On The Web and I have learned from it but now having my channel banned for no apparent reason? When I am bringing a podcast to their amazing platform?! I could of easily kept it on Audio ONLY and pre-record the episodes and not bothered with Everything About Reality TV and not record em live on the air. Twitch has really made me upset and happy with they conduct their website and I am having regrets even to start gaming on there back in 2016 full time. I am definitely having regrets ever streaming on Twitch. I had the right idea to retire from broadcasting all together and should of done it in 2015 after being banned from another platform for something stupid I did.  Anyways, I just do not know what's next for my podcast especially nor where my head is at at this point, I just cannot give a straight answer right now and I wish I can figure this out and fast. 

              What do I mean by this? I am planning, I mean I was planning on doing twitch now in the new year but them suspending me. Maybe they realized someone was getting into my account and did this in case. Last night I was not mentally all there due to the fact I was cursing like a sailor in my own studio and I wasn't happy and it is all normal to be upset to setup a channel that you worked on putting together and this all goes down on you and it is very frustrating. I really did feel frustrated last night and tonight I am kind of changed my tone with the whole situation. I emailed them back calmly and not use of profanity or trash talk them, I dealt with it as an adult and also in a professional matter. There is still plenty of time to decide whether I am going to utilize the platform or I will end up staying where I am at with the Audio ONLY Platforms that Everything About Reality TV is currently on at this moment which mind you is many platforms as the podcast and it is an overwhelming response of this podcast's success.


Friday, December 21, 2018

I Am Always One Step Ahead As A Podcaster!

             It is always true that I am always one step ahead as a podcaster and what do I mean by that? I am either pre-recording ahead of time to have content ready to be released for you guys. Also I sometimes I pre-write notes for podcast ahead of time so I am ready to record it at a later date or even could be sooner to when I record a podcast in the studio. However if I do not record, I will store the notes away for when I really am ready to record the podcast, especially if it is early to record certain ones then it is when I will put the notes away for a later date. When I am not recording, that is what I am pretty much up to is preparing notes for future podcasts and getting hyped up for the next podcast. In the way of ideas, I am always coming up with new and innovative ideas for podcasts especially when it comes to the off season podcasts or even on The CBOTW Show I am always ahead of myself with the Power Rangers Podcasts months in advance of recording with Larry so I am definitely a go getter kind of person when it comes to me preparing. I, as a person likes to be prepared ahead of myself but I need to work on not waiting till the last second like I was with the last podcasts before we recorded em on the 9th of this month so there is still some tweaking to do at this point but I start 2 or 3 months in advance to preparing for those.

               There is nothing wrong with preparing ahead of time, I find it easier to have it done ahead of time then waiting to the last second so it is indeed easier to plan ahead then not. Especially now that the fact Power Rangers Podcasts I was doing with Larry is now on hold at this point due to my soon to be very, very busy schedule so I have to be one step further and ready when I need to schedule it, then record it it but right now that is not an option at this point to recording it anytime soon. However, I have to be one step ahead of myself so when it comes to me recording I am prepared and ready to go when it is time to actually ready to post up the episode and on time too as I am now getting better with posting up episodes at least this season I am!


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thoughts on Finishing Another Podcast Season & Season 10 is Getting Close!

               This season has been one amazing but crazy season for me as a podcaster with the recent additions of platforms such as Listen Notes, OverCast, Castbox,  Podparadise & Podtail. Also saw the return of the podcast to the Stitcher platform after a year and a half hiatus from their wonderful platform as I made the executive decision to make the return to the platform after a long time. They were quite surprised when I emailed then after my partner account went silent for quite sometime after I requested the feed to be taken down as I decided to walk. This year all the platforms have had  good share of views,, TuneIn, Castbox, ITunes & Player FM been some of the big platforms but I think all the platforms have equally done well on it's own. Also I have had a website reach out to me as they also were listening from ITunes and I didn't know I had listeners from there too so it really did surprise me to know there was listeners from ITunes as well. I even got an DM on Instagram for an Interview which I know they have reached out to many people so I am somewhere on the list and they will get back to me soon down the road but will let you guys know when it is up as this will be my first ever interview I have been part of on another podcast. So this season has been really amazing despite the website malfunction with that provider whom I will not even mention their names as they are emailing me up the wall but another blog post if I wish to do that. This podcast has really done well and with the re-brand of The CBOTW Show it's picked up in views as well and its been formatted so well, I am proud of it regardless. 

                     Now with season 10 of Everything About Reality TV Podcast getting closer and closer, what are the plans for it? I do plan on having guests on the podcast from time to time if I can get some guests on the show I will. Also it is not fully scheduled here on the website yet but I am doubling up on Big Brother Canada 7 Recaps, twice a week and it was suppose to be a part of the Season 9 lineup but I did not plan it out properly and it needs tweaking so I have decided to make it a part of the Season 10 lineup on top of Survivor Edge of Extinction so 3 Everything About Reality TV Podcasts a week! I have already been speaking to a few people about Big Brother Canada 7 Finale plans already and I know the season has not yet started and I am already talking about finale plans? Well better to be well prepared for this season then ever. I am planning to not just have 1 but two guests in the studio for the finale. Also there is  friend of mine, he would like to have a guest spot during the season so I plan on having them out to the studio during the season at some point which will be indeed nice to have em here. So there is plans to start having a few guests here and there and open to reading DM's or emails from you guys if you wish to be on a future podcast down the road, the opportunities are there and that is why I have Discord for technically. 


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Snow Has Already Started!

           The snow is already here in Ontario, Mother Nature did not wanna wait till the New Year or around Christmas this year and that's OK as long as it is not a lot of snow that is what matters to me and it wasn't much and it didn't stay down too long so that was fine too as well. I love to see snow but when it keeps on snowing and snowing then I start to dislike it as I am tired of the thickness of snow and walking in the snow especially but that is the Canadian weather for ya. It does get pretty insane from time to time in the way of the weather here but as Canadians we are very use to it. I wasn't expecting it to be till around now but we sure got some snow here in Ontario. Mother nature has sure been unbelievable this year with heat, rain and now snow I cannot know what to expect from mother nature this year. 

            As you guys know I do not like going out in the rain especially or the snow but I have to deal with this weather and I have already brought out the winter jacket and boots for this very odd weather. We seem to get snow here when we are not suppose to have the weather it just shows up from time to time. I dunno how to explain mother nature's logic behind having snow when they tell you it's only 50% chance of it actually happening yet we got snow on Monday. Guess she wanted to give us snow after all no matter what percentage it is 20%, 50% or 90% they gave us snow this week on a day we weren't suppose to get it honestly but ended up getting it no matter what.

             It sure doesn't help the fact I kept on saying I wanted the snow and only I would open my big yap to wanting snow after all. Maybe for once Mother Nature, she listened to me? Maybe I just decided to jinx the weather? I know someone that Larry and I both know will not be happy whatsoever with the recent snow fall and will give him and I both the look for wanting this snow here in Ontario. I am ready for the weather change and I know with this cold and snow my knees will be a troublesome with pain and aches and pains but nothing I am not use to or cannot handle, I am more then able to handle this weather but extreme weather, I cannot handle so much like freezing rain or snow storms and so on.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Weight Loss Update....

             As of today, I officially went back on my diet between now and Christmas as there is no way in heck I will be keeping up with it over the holidays and that is fine but I plan on eating in portion size and not over eat this year like I normally do at this time of the year so I do on planning on eating less at holidays but again it is the holidays and really I should be waiting but I am trying to lose a few pounds before the holidays do hit but if not definitely working on it in the new year when 2019 hits I plan on it. Right now I have maintained 226.4 pounds right now which is good. Another goal I could hit is 224 then stay put which is only 2 more pounds technically and then I could remain there till January then lose the rest slowly but surely. I know I said on twitter today that I want to lose the weight and it will be a slow process honestly as it is not healthy to lose the weight too fast and definitely want to slowly bring it down to my weight goal which is 170 pounds is my ultimate goal but 175 at the most in my weight goal which was my original weight when I went through all the surgeries on my stomach back in 2003 and 2006. 

                I think with the Christmas holidays coming up, I am going to go with the 224 pounds mark and try and stay there from here on out between now and the new years and then make the strive to start losing more weight after all the holidays are done and we are officially in 2019. I kind of know it is pointless with my dad's birthday, Christmas and New Years there is tons of celebrating to happen so I just do not know if I can get to 224 before Christmas. However I have to remain positive on things and try the best I can do from now till then and take one step at a time during this and I know I can do it. If there is a way, there is a will. I have been down to 222, at 221 at one point and I know I can get back down there but it will be a slow process and it will happen in time.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

I'm Excited for Christmas and New Years!

           I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping all together but I still gotta get my grandma something and that is pretty much it for Christmas shopping but I dread it every year but it's part of the holiday season. I know my Grandma told me to not get her anything but I am as shes family and I have always gotten her something each and every year. I usually procrastinate with not shopping till the final week before Christmas but this year I wanted to get it entirely done ahead of time. I do not like shopping for a long period time, especially if I do not know where or what I am getting family members so it does make it tough to know where but if you know where you have to go then it sure as heck makes it a lot easier. I need to get the one present then I am done. 

           Now am I excited for Christmas? Of course I am. It is time for me to spend a lot of time with the family and not so much in the studio hence why I have shutdown days where I will not even be in the studio to work on things. That announcement is coming tomorrow's post on here. I know my niece and nephew, brother and sister and law are up north but still got my parents here, my grandma and I know we will definitely do something at least on Christmas Day this year in the afternoon. I cannot believe it's Christmas time already and also this year is almost over and a new year is upon us which means big plans for CBOTW is coming! The domain is coming back, desk is being rebuilt mid 2019, second boom arm is being added so a lot to be excited for. 

           The biggest part like I said is spending time with family and we hope to have the neighbors over on New Years eve to celebrate and ring in 2019 with them as my neighbor actually mentioned it when I saw her last so that will be nice as we haven't do that in years so it will be nice to be in company of the neighbors as well. Also when my niece, nephew, brother and sister in law gets back we will be having a late Christmas celebration so that will be nice and not sure if were hosting yet or they will but either way that is our tradition when they are north for Christmas Day, we get together after they get back on the 26th or 27th. 


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Market 2018

          Thursday evening I went to the Christmas Market with my dad and mind you, getting there wasn't easy as we got stuck at Rouge Hill Station for over 20 minutes, so it was putting stress on me especially and I was really trying to be patient which is unusual I am the complete opposite where I am not patient but this time around I was really trying my hardest which was why I was in one of my moods. I wasn't having any of it or putting up with people whom were shoving me around without an "excuse me" whatsoever. I tell you people are either in a rush or just plain rude. I had second thoughts about doing this again next year but I remember that Dave who is earning his Staff tag back so I cannot disappoint him at all with that promise to actually come to the event. I think I was in the heat of the moment with this entire train dilemma.  I am proud of myself trying to stay positive and being patient through this, not usually the case I really lose my patience but I am starting to turn over a new leaf. We had to take the bus from Rouge Hill which lengthened our trip by a mile and a half like literally! We got there on fumes meaning we were starving by the time we got there and was our number 1 priority to eat first before anything else. 

               So after we ate which we both had poutine with chicken on top which I know sounds odd but it was good actually. I ate the chicken fast enough and I didn't know this till my dad mentioned it but there was curry in the spice which made it even better and plan on trying that myself down the road with future Chicken Fingers when my parents go away again as I do not mind a little heat to the Chicken at all and I have had curry powder before in Tai food at my late aunts before she passed. We then looked around and we got a picture taken in a sleigh all we needed was hats and white beards. We looked around as well and listened to a song or two and saw the merry go round and ferris wheel and brings back memories as a kid. We had a good time despite my mood and I wasn't having it that night as I was miserable and this entire train trip in as I was worried we were going to have to turn around and just go home. I wanted to get a refund as I wasn't happy but it wasn't go transit it was the signal that busted over in Scarborough Go Station. I tried to make the best of the Market and there is nothing we can really do about the situation and had to make the best out of this event, maybe next year will be a better trip in. 


Friday, December 14, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Podcast Schedule Revised! (With Twitch Live Schedule)

    I had to re do the schedule due to confusion of the schedule not just for you guys for me and I really messed up the scheduling as I had to add in not just the Live Broadcast schedule but also the Audio ONLY platforms and I spent a good few hours on the scheduling dilemma and why this weeks podcast wasn't out on time like I mentioned but anyways here is the NEW and IMPROVED schedule for Both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show:

Everything About Reality TV-  Saturday, December 15th, 2018: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 13 @ 9 pm EST

Everything About Reality TV- Wednesday, December 19th, 2018: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 14 @ 11 pm EST- LIVE ON TWITCH!

Everything About Reality TV- Thursday, December 20th, 2018: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 14 @ 9 pm EST- Posted up on Audio ONLY Platforms

The CBOTW Show- Wednesday, December 26th, 2018: Power Rangers Zeo Talk Podcast, 9 pm EST- PRE Recorded

The CBOTW Show- Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019: Power Rangers Turbo Talk Podcast, 9 pm EST- PRE Recorded

The CBOTW Show- Fridays (January 4th, 2019): @ 6 pm EST: Music City (Season 2) RECAPS (START)- Pre-Recorded

Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast:  Saturday, January 5th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- Live On Twitch 

Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast:  Saturday, January 5th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- Posted Up On Audio ONLY Platforms 

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US PREVIEW Podcast:  Saturday,  January 11th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US PREVIEW Podcast:  Sunday,  January 12th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- Post Up On Audio ONLY Platforms

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 1:  Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 1:  Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms!
Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 2: Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday, Wednesday & Saturday) LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 2: Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday, Wednesday & Saturday) Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms!

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 3: Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday, Thursday & Friday) LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 3: Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday, Thursday & Friday) Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms! 

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 4: Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 4: Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms! 

                There is the brand new schedule for between now and December 11th, 2018 and February 14th, 2019 for now and I know Music City will be going past that but this gives you the idea on the full on schedule what will be posted up when and I have a full schedule written down next to me also so I know what is being released when over the next 2 months from now.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Chris B On The Web Staff, Global Moderators & Moderators

            I have started to be more trusting in having people help me for example but first The Staff are the ones who work on the content and bring the content out to you guys. Now Global Moderators like Billy will be making sure the the rules of any channels or the blog comments are being followed and report if a blog comment needs to be removed from the website. He also has the ability to suggest ideas and features for Chris B On The Web so they have a lot say in ideas and features for the website or for the podcasts.  Regular Moderator is the moderator of any of the chatrooms that Chris B On The Web has. The following is a list currently of the Staff, Global Moderators and Moderators for Chris B On The Web:

CBOTW Staff:


Global Moderators:





              I gotta start small group of people helping me which is fine and eventually I will be probably, hopefully making staff again down the road but right now that is not happening right now as I am very much happy on my own with minimal help but still need help with around the website with moderating comments and being the ambassadors for the Twitch channel representing Chris B On The Web and I appreciate the help that is given to me when I need it especially.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Canada Post Back Log is Frustrating!

              The end of this year has indeed has been frustrating with the Canada Post and it hasn't been easy with us getting mail as it is currently in a backlog at the moment which isn't good. I was worried end of the last month and the end of October if I remember correctly but the reason I was worried was because of the end of the month is cheque day and I was worried I wasn't going to get it due to the rotating strike going on around the province of Ontario so it was stress that was getting to me and I was quite frustrated and angry by this damn strike. Sorry I used the word damn but it is really frustrating and it's not the money portion part of the cheque it's the paper work that comes in the mail that helps me get my bus pass for each and every month of the year and gets me around the city and the region which does help quite a lot! Not only that as you all know it was my birthday this month and I was expecting a birthday card which I got several days later on the Saturday as we got a bulk of mail here at the house.

                We also suddenly started to not get mail whatsoever but I am glad my dad complained because they started deliver it again and it's not the same person who delivered the mail either which is not the same honestly but we gotta deal with this backlog of a mess and wish they would of made a deal sooner or we wouldn't be in this mess from the get go. Like seriously it was annoying enough to not get mail or things I had coming to me. Why the heck do you think I never put the order in for the second boom arm as I do not trust the mail service right now due to all of this backlog. I do not know when I will put the order in for the second boom arm, or maybe I will end up waiting till end of April or when the desk is fully rebuilt but at this point I do not know because I would of gotten it sooner if it wasn't for this blasted Mail strike. However in the end of the day of me bitching and complaining, I am glad I didn't get it or I wouldn't have seen it for weeks maybe months with this backlog so I did things right and I am proud to have wait things out while this backlog is fixed but soon I plan on making the order down the road when the time is right to do it.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Podcast Schedule... (UPDATED!)

                 As I was saying on Twitter, the Everything About Reality TV Season is coming to an end as The CBOTW Show is gearing up for new episodes. In This post it will have the entire schedule for the podcast for December, January and February 2019 so without further ado here is the timetable the updated version of the schedule from before so some is old and some is new, anyways here it is:

Everything About Reality TV-  Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 13 @ 9 pm EST

Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 14 @ 9 pm EST

The CBOTW Show- Wednesday, December 26th, 2018: Power Rangers Zeo Talk Podcast, 9 pm EST

The CBOTW Show- Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019: Power Rangers Turbo Talk Podcast, 9 pm EST

The CBOTW Show- Fridays (January 4th, 2019): @ 6 pm EST: Music City (Season 2) RECAPS (START)

Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast:  Sunday, January 6th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!

Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast:  Sunday, January 13th, 2019 @ 4 pm EST!

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US PREVIEW Podcast:  Sunday, January 13th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 1:  Wednesday, Jan 23rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday) &  Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Wednesday & Friday)

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 2: Wednesday, Jan 30th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday) & Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Wednesday & Saturday)

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 3: Wednesday, Feb 6th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday) & Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Thursday & Friday)

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 4: Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST

                There is the brand new schedule for between now and December 11th, 2018 and February 14th, 2019 for now and I know Music City will be going past that but this gives you the idea on the full on schedule what will be posted up when and I have a full schedule written down next to me also so I know what is being released when over the next 2 months from now.


Monday, December 10, 2018

What Are My Favorite Big Brother US Season

            What are my favorite seasons of Big Brother US? There are a bunch on my list that I have seen that are indeed my favorite seasons and this is the reason behind today' blog post is what are they and why do they make my list? Well here is my list of my favorite seasons by no particular order:

  • Big Brother 10- Dan's first season, as you all know by now, I am a huge Dan Gheesling fan and loved his first season, plus he won the season and the next point on my list is another season he was in.
  • Big Brother 14- This is Dan's second season he was on, came in 2nd and hosted his own funeral. Not just Dan but to have Janelle, Boogie and Brittany back as coaches for the first half, was an amazing twist to the season.
  • Big Brother 13- The fact they had a duos twist in this season, I never thought this would actually work as a season but hey it worked right to the end of the season and I wasn't expecting Rachel to win actually.
  • Big Brother 16- The season that Derek won, it was an interesting season indeed. He definitely was compared to Dan that season.
  • Big Brother 19- Was an amazing and such a wild and crazy season with the temptations and full of drama the entire season as well, it was indeed a wild season for Big Brother and I was shocked Paul lost twice within a year.
  • Big Brother 20- Was another great season and I honestly thought from Day 1 that Tyler would of won this season. I like the theme where it had to do with technology. I haven't seen a close final vote in a very long time on Big Brother.
  • Big Brother 8- The season with Evel Dick, tormenting the houseguests throughout the season and won the season in the end, it was an amazing season and probably one of my favorite earlier seasons on top of the ones I mentioned above. 

                  There is my list, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my list today as I enjoyed writing this post today. I am indeed a Big Brother Super Fan as you can tell and I just cannot wait for another season which we do not know what is the status of the regular summer time show as of it but I am looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother and then of course Big Brother Canada. I just hope Big Brother US isn't ending as we just had BB UK just end it's run so I am not ready for the US to end. Yes mind you I haven't watched BBUK but would like to watch one of Nikki's season down the road but back to topic at hand, I did enjoy writing today's post.


    Sunday, December 9, 2018

    What Is The Plan Now That I Am Done Events For The Year?

             So what is the plan now that I am done with events for the year by the end of this week? Well I have already been working on Power Rangers Podcast and today I got to record 2 episodes with Larry here in the studio and boy it was a fun time indeed and we went longer then the original 3 episodes had in time length per episode. I also now have to start the editing process of the two episodes this week and next week in order to release episodes on December 26th, 2018 (Yes, Boxing Day!!!!) and also on January 2nd, 2019 which is 2 days before Music City is Released on The CBOTW Show Page. Also I will be releasing on January 2nd, 2019 and the January 9th, 2019 some off season podcasts so over the holiday break, I will be mass recording some off season Podcasts. Also on the 14th I will have to prep for Celebrity Big Brother US before but will be releasing on the 14th the preview podcast and my draft who will win the season so do sty tune for that.

                 Other then that I will be working on blog posts and try and continue to post up daily if I can and I know I have been missing a couple of days here and there but will try my best to continue on with my daily blogs and I have tons of ideas up my sleeve for posts and tons of stuff written down to talk about. Also in the New Year I will be preparing the next Power Rangers Podcast which I cannot really give a date for it yet but I will slip it between my busy schedule somewhere when i have the time to record it but if the notes stay in my inbox here in the studio for a while till I am able to squeeze time in so be it I will just do that but I plan on prepping between January and March with Power Rangers In Space and getting it done before Big Brother Canada 7 starts as you know that is my busiest schedule is during that season which busy is good. Also in the New Year I gotta plan what events I will be going to locally and in Toronto as well so that is also currently on my list for 2019 but will have plenty of time to work on that from January till end of April but it is on my list. As you know winter there are no events really to go to till May when the Maple Festival happens in Bowmanville and so on so I gotta make the best time with my open time and use it to it's full potential.


    Friday, December 7, 2018

    First Impressions of XCom: Enemy Unknown Video Game

                 Mind you I haven't played a ton of hours of XCom: Enemy Unknown at this point but enough to give my first impressions on today's blog post. First thought when I went through the starting stages of the game and I haven't played it lately but I will get to it eventually as I got so many different games right now. The first initial impressions that I had with this game is this is so similar to Starcraft and it has that kind of format but minus one thing which is the building aspect of the game which XCom does not have, it is more fighting then usual but that's OK, honestly.  I sort of got stuck to where to go as I need to figure out where my guys go next and hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to actually play a little XCom: Enemy Unknown and get back right into the game. Right now my work load is very hectic and hope tonight to be finishing things up to at least have a day off tomorrow for the first time in a long time and this is more then likely going to be the game I play for the next while and get this game done too. Like I said my list is endless at this point and I will need to get some of them done before buying new games.

                  Now do I actually enjoy this game? Yes I sure do. I like the way things work and I have watched someone play through this game and I am partial to shooter games actually. I like the format and like I mentioned above it sure reminds me of Starcraft which is created by the company Blizzard. I am actually very good at the shooter games, especially the sniper shots I am a bulls-eye shot so to speak. It is a learning curve with this game but I am sure as heck am learning as I go on in this game and it is the same with any game I play I have to learn as I go throughout the game so I am definitely up to learning new things in the game and figuring things out. One good thing about me is I am indeed a fast learner and able to learn on the go which is a very good trait to indeed have. I really am enjoying this game and I plan on doing a final thoughts on this game in the very nearby future.


    Thursday, December 6, 2018

    What Did I Get and What Did I Do For My Birthday?

                First I will talk about what did I do on my birthday, I got up at a decent time around 830 yesterday morning, got ready for the day and got the 926 am Bus to the mall to meet up with Larry. Met up went to get our lunch at Subway and it was good, mind you. We got back and of course I opened up my gift from Larry which was DVD's, Power Ranger Turbo, Volume 1 and Power Rangers The Movie the most recent of the movies. Also he bought me a drink which I have not yet drank yet as it is still sitting on the floor next to my tower.... smh. I need to crack that bad boy open today or tomorrow at some point. Also I opened my mom and dad's gift which was a fitbit which is great as I am always out and about walking or just out and about in my regular everyday life as it is so it works out great! Also from my brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew I got Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, some Married With Children seasons. All in all, it was  a great day.

               I was however disappointed a friend let me down but it is what it is and I just moved forward with my day and enjoyed myself with the time I had with Larry and that is what matters to me. The whole day wasn't ruined. I made it the best I can. Next year, now I know who I can rely on to come and who not to rely on. This year was a test. Why the heck do you think I have but things are fine between the two of us and that is what matters and next year we can do some kind of extravaganza of some sort I am sure. I am sure he will be in the studio as a guest in one of my podcasts as he was interested in coming on as Twitch is now up in the air at this point which I will talk about more when I have more information to give to you guys which I don't at this point of time. 

                   As for dinner my parents and I had homemade Mac and Cheese and boy it was very, very tasty. Yes we had cupcakes before dinner with my brother, niece and nephew and also I had one with Larry which he took 2 home for his mom and himself so that was nice. I was tired after all of that, I tried to lie down and sleep but no dice whatsoever, I ended up down in my studio for another hour, hour and a half at the most and hope I do sleep tonight as I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.


    Tuesday, December 4, 2018

    Got To Go To A Local Parade!

              I got the chance back on the weekend to go to a parade locally and only reason we went was because my brother was in it with his work and he brought his daughter (My Niece) on the float. Also my nephew was in was in the parade earlier with his Beavers which is part of the Boy Scouts for ages 6 - 7. I was somewhat disappointed in the parade as they had the politicians there but non of them there or present at the time and I understand if their still in Ottawa or Toronto but the Mayor and Councillors could of been there in the parade. Now our mayor, MP (Member of Parliament), MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) was there and attended our parade right here in my own hometown here as this parade and I am talking about a couple of years ago technically. That was the only disappointed in this parade but the rest I really did enjoy and seeing my niece and nephew in the parade. We were at the end of the parade where the parade ended and we managed to see my nephew at least but I added in the picture on here of my nephew and I and yes hes got part of his uniform on.

                  Would I do this again? Of course, we would do this again if any of them are in the parade I will be there to support no matter what. Family means the world to me! They are my number 1 priority from this and I love spending time with the kids each and every week and to have a bonus visit with this is a bonus itself. Like my Twitter says I am a "Proud Uncle" and darn right I am a proud uncle. I probably get to see the kids twice this week, tomorrow for my birthday and Friday if we are to get them this week as normally but we will see how things go. Either way I get to see them regardless this week. I had a good time and it was time outside of the studio to be with my family which I haven't done much of lately due to my very hectic schedule around the studio and going to events but with events now done for the year for me, I got more time for family members even more. 


    Monday, December 3, 2018

    Maybe I Should Listen To What I Said Months Ago... (Frustrated With A Video Platform)

                 Two blog posts in 1 day?! Are you guys lucky or special to be getting a second post of the day as something is on my mind. As you all know I had plans to do something huge for Everything About Reality TV Podcast's 10th season. As you know the podcast is coming up on it's 10th season within 2.5 years and boy it's been a ride since the start. The cat is now out of the bag so to speak, both myself, Dave, Larry and CorvetteFan90 have been talking about the podcast going back into video for it's 10th season in such a short time but recently I have had my accounts tampered and deleted numerous times and honestly I am tired of it. I am so frustrated with this platform as I was planning on bringing in my loyal fans to their platform and yet I cannot do that now. I am flabbergasted what the heck is going on with my 2 account for both the podcast the bot that helps me out in the chat to make sure the chat is going with the flow, nobody being rude or spamming the chat.

                  I am giving Twitch a week to get this all figured out then I will be done with video broadcasting and broadcasting all together. I am not going to wait around forever for them to get things sorted out with two accounts and I am not playing around as I take my podcasts very seriously and still have fun doing the podcasts at the same time. I wanna grow my podcasts not have em fail whatsoever and honestly when I said I was done with YouTube I meant every single word of it. I had no plans to ever return to the platform at all. Honestly a lot of people left YouTube moved to Twitch that is why I am doing exactly the same but right now I got that minor inconvenience and lets hope it is fixed soon or I am staying on the Audio ONLY platforms which mind you have done extremely well on all the platforms and I see no reason to add video at this point but I want to do this as part of the celebration of it's 10th successful season and that is where I am now making the strive to get things ready, to get a second camera for the studio and also the boom arm which I am holding off due to the stupid Canada Post strike backlog now that the strike is over and I will be talking about that in a different post next week at some point. But yet again, I am giving all of this  a week then I will be making the decision to stay where I am currently. I don't think it will change and I will let you know the outcome from today's blog post. 


    Favorite Survivor Seasons!

                     I do not think I ever did a post about Survivor talking about my favorite Survivor seasons I have watched on TV and I have a pile on my list of favorite seasons and I cannot list everyone of them but I will try my best to post as many as I can without making this post a text book to read and I promise you guys that too. Also there is no particular order in the episodes hence the reason I didn't list it 1, 2, 3 and so on but anyways here is the list 

    • Survivor Pearl Islands- Was one of the second seasons i ever saw and I loved the twist of having the outcasts twist in the game 
    • Survivor All-Stars- Only reason this season made the list this was the first season I watched and got right into the TV Show and haven't missed a season since. I have watched every season since!
    • Survivor Cook Island- Penner going at it with Jeff Probst when he was wasting the cannonballs in the challenge.
    •  Survivor Gabon- The fake idol on Randy and him saying all 3 of you kiss my --- Also the fact Bob was oldest winner on Survivor at the time and still is still the oldest winner to this day.
    • Survivor Palau- The first season a tribe is decimated to 1 member and moves to the other tribe, Koror tribe. First time there is no merge either and the first appearance of Exile Island.
    • Survivor Heroes Vs. Villians- Loved this, love the returnees in this season for this 20th season of Survivor on it's 10th year. I would love to see a Heroes Vs. Villians 2 down the road too! 
    • Survivor Blood Vs. Water Seasons- Both seasons of Blood Vs. Water from Colton suddenly quitting to the return of Rupert and his wife Laura it was such an interesting season to watch indeed.

                      There is some of my favorite seasons that I really enjoyed and mind you I have seen some of the seasons before Pearl Islands such as Amazon, Borneo and Australian Outback. I only had 3 seasons from the pre idol era and the rest is more the recent seasons of Survivor season but I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I enjoyed writing it for you guys. 


    Saturday, December 1, 2018

    Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Schedule for January 2019!

                 So I have finally found the full on timetable for Celebrity Big Brother US and I will be covering it on the podcast this year coming up for the first time ever so I am trying this out and it is only running 3 weeks from January 21st - February 13th, 2019 and below is be the Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Schedule below Starting January 4th, 2019:

    Everything About Reality TV Schedule:

    Week # 1:

    Wednesday, Jan 23rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday)

    Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Wednesday & Friday)

    Week # 2:

    Wednesday, Jan 30th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday)

    Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Wednesday & Saturday)

    Week # 3:

    Wednesday, Feb 6th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday)

    Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Thursday & Friday)

    Week # 4:

    Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST

    The CBOTW Show Schedule:

    Fridays (January 4th, 2019): @ 9 pm EST: Music City (Season 2) Recaps

                 There is the schedule and I know it looks very off with it fluctuating around from all 4 weeks but I am going according to the schedule of the the broadcast schedule which you can find @ which is a reliable schedule and I plan on doing something similar like I did for this on the Big Brother Canada 7 schedule, I plan on doing that twice a week as well, so i hope this test will be a big hit for you guys, double the Big Brother recap fun! I am so excited and hard to contain my excitement but all I can say hurry the heck up 2019! LOL!