Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Market 2018

          Thursday evening I went to the Christmas Market with my dad and mind you, getting there wasn't easy as we got stuck at Rouge Hill Station for over 20 minutes, so it was putting stress on me especially and I was really trying to be patient which is unusual I am the complete opposite where I am not patient but this time around I was really trying my hardest which was why I was in one of my moods. I wasn't having any of it or putting up with people whom were shoving me around without an "excuse me" whatsoever. I tell you people are either in a rush or just plain rude. I had second thoughts about doing this again next year but I remember that Dave who is earning his Staff tag back so I cannot disappoint him at all with that promise to actually come to the event. I think I was in the heat of the moment with this entire train dilemma.  I am proud of myself trying to stay positive and being patient through this, not usually the case I really lose my patience but I am starting to turn over a new leaf. We had to take the bus from Rouge Hill which lengthened our trip by a mile and a half like literally! We got there on fumes meaning we were starving by the time we got there and was our number 1 priority to eat first before anything else. 

               So after we ate which we both had poutine with chicken on top which I know sounds odd but it was good actually. I ate the chicken fast enough and I didn't know this till my dad mentioned it but there was curry in the spice which made it even better and plan on trying that myself down the road with future Chicken Fingers when my parents go away again as I do not mind a little heat to the Chicken at all and I have had curry powder before in Tai food at my late aunts before she passed. We then looked around and we got a picture taken in a sleigh all we needed was hats and white beards. We looked around as well and listened to a song or two and saw the merry go round and ferris wheel and brings back memories as a kid. We had a good time despite my mood and I wasn't having it that night as I was miserable and this entire train trip in as I was worried we were going to have to turn around and just go home. I wanted to get a refund as I wasn't happy but it wasn't go transit it was the signal that busted over in Scarborough Go Station. I tried to make the best of the Market and there is nothing we can really do about the situation and had to make the best out of this event, maybe next year will be a better trip in. 


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