Thursday, January 31, 2019

Me Cussing At My Crew At The 50th Episode, Was It Real? (Throwback Thursday Story)

                I know I mentioned a while ago I would do a throwback Thursday story for you guys and I am sure I never really talked about this in the past but the day I recorded The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 50th Episode on June 23rd, 2009 and it wasn't the easiest day of any of the taping's of an episode to be honest. This also includes the rehearsal of the event. I know I tried to pick a fight with an ex crew member of mine but he did drop the camera which is honestly expensive equipment to be honest, especially a digital camera so I went into insulting him and it wasn't fake like most of you would say, it was true stress going on as I wanted this event to run smoothly with 0 hiccups which there was some issues here and there but I will get into that shortly. There was a lot of things wrong with the event but other then that the rehearsal for the 50th episode and the season finale went fine.

                Now the season finale which happened to have a lot of drama and it was real drama which not only was stressful for me but stressful for the team. We forgot to get ice as we needed the extra ice to keep the drinks cold for the reception after so I was the one elected to walk all the way down the hill and back up the bloody hill which took at least 20 - 30 minutes including picking up ice and nobody went with me to help me carry it back which pissed me right off.  Also I went off at my staff and that scene which I now regret posting up on YouTube is now out there and exposed to the world what went on and easy to find and I will not mention the title of that video as eventually that old channel will be con put gone from the internet.  Again another blog post for another day.

                One other problem I had was with one of my team members taking over the event but I understand why they did as I needed to focus on the producing/directing and host so I cannot do everything but another event which is for another day on a different post but I mean I honestly had everything under control during the 50th and I was listening to everyone's ideas. I think in the end we were all stressed as we were pressed for time as guests couldn't be there till 3 so it was tough to keep it on schedule and get the taping done but there was one that stayed longer whom is a long time friend of mine for almost 20 years now. Either way the episode came out very well and appreciated the time and effort my team put into it despite the stress I was going through but they know I wanted everything to succeed. 


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Update

                 I know I haven't had much in the updates in the way of podcasts, just the scheduling side of things but I am going to make an update today. First the numbers are crazy as ever and getting quite a good number recently. I don't like to talk numbers but the podcast is doing well in the viewership so it has made a difference. Getting some new listeners over on the platforms, such as ITunes, Castbox especially but I am sure all platforms are getting listens. For crying out loud even Stitcher feed is starting to get some views as it was struggling but that was my fault walking out on Stitcher first of all due to some technical issues. Anyways before Tune-In took their following or favorite count out I think I had about 4 or 5 people and I can imagine the number on there as you all know I joined back in 2016 as part of the expanding the podcast on different platforms. Now let's talk impressions and people who see my posts on Twitter and Instagram it has gotten a lot more views which is surprising. 

                But enough of that, all I know and proud of is the fact "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast is now on 12 different platforms which is crazy! I really never told you guys this but it is crazy now going into the 2nd full year on Audio ONLY, it took a very long time to get ourselves on all of these platforms but patience is a virtue and in the end it is well deserving of being on this point and from here on out it is about growth. I can officially can say, that NooB status is officially gone at this point and I am joining the ranks of other great podcasters out there. I admit, I know how stressful it can be and I am on a steadier schedule and more on time now as I prepare very early in the day, record, edit then ready to post up later. Either way, I have to say, I am proud of myself and the Podcast and this is why I stopped The CBOTW Show Podcast is to focus on this podcast and like I said Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is not dead, it's just on a lengthy Hiatus right now but another post for another day.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Favorite Moments With C3-PO In The Star Wars Trilogy...

              I noticed something in Star Wars Movies, quite often C3-PO the lovable protocol droid in the movies gets blown to pieces and I will talk about it. Don't get me wrong every time this happens, I just shake my head and laugh as I got use to C3-PO's craziness. I will even highlight some of the moment's in the movie I enjoyed:

1.  C3-PO meeting R2-D2 for the first time and R2 said he's naked, his part's are showing and R2's beeping sounds in a laugh.

2. Threepio head and bottom detached and his head re attached to a battle droid which we all know are not the strongest in the movies technically. Battle droid head was put on his body so you can imagine what it looks like if you have not seen the movies, but I am sure majority of you guys have. 

3. He was shooting at his own Allies as it re-programmed him to be evil and especially what he said and then saying what did I say? Ha ha, that never gets old. He has to realize the lower half of his body is a droid and his head, well it's himself. 

4. His body got hit in the line of fire and his head detached and R2-D2 used his magnet and dragged his head across the ground and of course his weird sense humor saying "This is such a drag." Technically it is as his head is being dragged across the dirt of the complex he was in during that battle. 

5. Finally, I don't think there was much that happened in A New Hope however in Empire Strikes Back, he goes into a room in Cloud City and gets blasted into pieces. Chewie repairs him but puts his head on backwards, ha-ha & his legs were repaired by R2-D2 minus the bottom half of the one leg as R2-D2 fixed the Hyper Drive and poor Threepio goes flying... lol

                 Seems like every movie or at least every second movie he gets himself into trouble but don't forget him and R2-D2 are a dynamic duo and the comedic relief in the movies. I do not think there was a moment in Ep 7 & 8 that was funny with those two. They were in several scenes that is it but maybe Ep # 9 will have em in it more, never know but I am now excited for Episode # 9 at the end of this year and it will be a great movie as I have heard rumors like I have spoken about before on this blog.


Monday, January 28, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Season 10 Schedule

               It gives me with great pleasure to announce "Everything About Reality TV" Season 10 Schedule for this Coming February 15th, 2019 with the cast preview of Survivor Edge of Extinction, season is starting February 20th, 2019. Then late February like a couple of days to a week later, the preview podcast then the Premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 7 on March 6th, 2019. What does this mean for Everything About Reality TV and all these days which I is overwhelming for you guys I know but here is the timetable for the podcasts:

First 2 Weeks (February 21st - March 7th, 2019):

Thursdays: Survivor: Edge of Extinction RECAP @ 8 pm EST

Start of March 8th, 2019 - To March 12th, 2019:

Thursdays: Survivor: Edge of Extinction RECAP @ 8 pm EST

Fridays:  Big Brother Canada 7 RECAP @ 8 pm EST

March 13th - Mid May 2019:

Thursdays: Survivor: Edge of Extinction RECAP @ 8 pm EST

Fridays: Big Brother Canada 7 RECAP @ 8 pm EST

                  That's right! 3 days a week guys and part of the plan this year as this is our 10th season within 2.5 years being on the air I told you guys its go big or go home and I meant it too! It was time to go big with the podcasts as this is the 10th season within a very, very short time now and its go big or go home and with this podcast growing in viewership I have been planning all of this schedule in my head for the past 5 or 6 months now and the secret is out. Finally Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into your homes through your computers, Tablets, IPads, Androids, IPhones, whatever devices your are listening to the podcast, it is because YOU guys this podcast is a huge success and there are many years to come with this podcast, more milestones to come and I am forever grateful we have reached this far in 2.5 years almost. 😃


I Am Proud I Lasted 7.5 Years On YouTube...

               Now that I am not far off of being 3 years since leaving YouTube for good, I decided to bring this up.  Am I proud of lasting 7.5 years on YouTube? Well yes! I am surprised I lasted as long as I did on the platform. I know I was grinding at Videos for 7.5 years and started to get some viewers up to the point of my original channel being detached and still is up there by going to YouTube and finding TheDirector015 which I could just link on my website here technically but all my old videos are there for now until YouTube decides to start taking my videos down for the excessive swearing in the channel... lmao!  Anyways I am still proud how long I lasted on the platform and it was fun, but tiring at the same point, planning out a brand new season on top of vlogging my daily life as well which mind you lasted just beyond 700 days of vlogging which are no longer on the old channel as my second channel is now gone. I mean I worked everyday of the week without breaks, late nights in the studio or office planning, planning and more planning. Now it is not as much planning as you know I am a podcaster which is easier as I take notes watching Reality TV and it is easy to do. 

                 I know when The Entertainment Man Talk Show came out that is when the channel started to hit strides in viewers with 38 to 40 or 50 views an episode which was good, especially the 32nd episode of the series in Season 2 when Eric and I were cursing on and off towards the middle to the end of the episode which mind you now it wouldn't be family friendly content at this point... lol, more then likely it would of been demonetized or removed from the platform at this point. However I am hiding a side project I am regarding that channel which is I am downloading the videos and planning to try and talk to YouTube about it as the account is un-accessible right now and I wanna try and get that channel down at some point. In the end, I am very proud of myself to last as long and it was really a disappointment to see my crew quit one after another and to a point of me making that crucial decision to quit but I am glad to be a part of the platform for those many years I was active as a YouTuber. 


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Figured Out The Keys For The Video Game, The Messenger

               I have finally started figuring out how to maneuver and move on The Messenger but it is still very awkward with the game so it doesn't make it easy. I am trying my hardest and I am starting to figure out how to beat the guys who breaths out fire so that is one concern but I am getting better at it as I am able to either duck or jump but coming up on a wall to a breathing dragon that has been my greatest issue right now and I promise I will try and play it on my next Twitch stream and try and get past that level as you guys have been so helpful with me giving me tips but not sure how many tips you can give me. I admit this isn't an easy game and it is quite challenging, however I am able to beat the levels easily and pretty much I find this game a learning curve still, just like The Binding of Isaac which is a complete different story and blog post for another day. I will definitely do a progress update with it down the road once I start getting more achievements down the road as of right now I am on struggle street right now with the game. Anyways. One thing I do find with this game is it has that Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac kind of look but more Spelunky then Isaac technically. There is definitely a small resemblance in the game to Spelunkus as Dan would call it. 

                  The Messenger is a fun game but from time to time, it can be really frustrating from time to time but I am definitely enjoying the game right now and it will take me some time to get use to the game and I know I will get use to it. It is completely different from other games as all games have different keys to move your character or person but these ones seem very easy to remember, the jump and attack buttons. I have honestly gotten use to the keys but you should of seen me at the start of it all, I was very, very awkward with the keys but one good trait about me is that I am a very fast learner with the keys or anything in general which does help me out in my regular everyday life no matter what it is, fun, working on Chris B On The Web or just general everyday activities I know I can figure things out quite quickly.


Saturday, January 26, 2019 Is Back Up and Running!

                   Finally after 5 months of waiting for the domain to be open to putting it on this domain, it is officially back up and running now and I am so happy as you all know it was quite stressful to deal with over the last 5 months hence the reason I have grey hair now... LOL. I am excited as it opens the doors to more opportunities for me and plus it sure does make it look like professional website.  I actually like the way the website looks like now compare to when it was with that other provider which I will not name. From here on out the links will be different then it was before just a fair warning, some posts on Twitter will not work for you guys so all you have to do is go to and look at the posts and if you click on a specific post, it should work perfect.

                     You are going to ask what about the branding of the podcast, specifically Everything About Reality TV for example? Well, you guys will be hearing the branding I had last year, it will be back to that intro as I do not have to go and re-record the intro now, it is all good and ready to go. Now the collaboration podcasts I do like with Larry for example I need to re-record that and the collab intros have to be re-worked in which I will not need Larry in order to re do it as the intro can be worked in without me having to re introduce him. I am pretty good at the audio editing these days! It will definitely work out in the end but haven't gotten to that yet and I am glad I waited till the website returned to the .com first before having to re do it again so it sure does make the job a lot easier, that is for sure!

                    Finally I told you guys I would be getting the .com website back up and running, it just took a bit of time with the domain to expire and I am now on the permanent website from here on out which is great. I am looking forward to what the future brings with this website and I am imagine it will continue on with greater growth down the road too. I appreciate your patience throughout the rough roads we have gone through but were back and that is the main thing as that is one less stressful thing off my list. Please give me a couple of days to update graphics all around the social media as I need to update it all. 


Friday, January 25, 2019

The CBOTW Show is No More??

               To clarify the posts I made in the last 48 hours plus now, it is very much true, The CBOTW Show is no more. I have decided to pull it from Chris B On The Web, due to the lack of content and the views well were up and down, not as steady as Everything About Reality TV Podcast has and mind you that EAR TV has been around longer and I have been promoting the heck out of it so it makes a difference. I think the ideas were there, however as you remember The CBOTW Show was on a sporadic schedule and really that didn't help whatsoever. I think it would of helped to be on a regular schedule so it sure makes more sense. Now as you know both Power Rangers Podcasts and Music City CMT Recaps took a big part of The CBOTW Show. Well Power Rangers Podcasts I will touch on at a later date as their is work to be done. Music City CMT is now merged with Everything About Reality TV Podcast. What is the lineup for the podcast since the merger of Music City? It looks like this:

  • Survivor
  • Big Brother US
  • Celebrity Big Brother US
  • Big Brother Canada
  • Music City CMT
  • Amazing Race 
  • Amazing Race Canada

             There is the list and the list is just getting bigger but it is nothing I cannot handle. This is indeed a great lineup and I think Everything About Reality TV is going anywhere anytime soon. Just to make things clear currently the podcast is covering Celebrity Big Brother & Music City on CMT. This podcast is here to stay and like I have said as long as their is Reality TV Shows, I will be continuing this podcast and I am sure it will be around for many years to come I'm sure. 


Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Know I Went Silent On Here....

              I know it has been 2 days since a post up and lately I have been bad with posting up blog posts but I do have an explanation and by tomorrow's post, you guys will know the truth behind it. If you follow me on social media, you kind of know the truth what has transpired in the last 24 - 48 hours. All I can say I was busy with maintenance with the Everything About Reality TV Podcast feed and that is all I can really say. However I can say with me going radio silent on here it was in all good intentions as I am thinking big picture with my podcasts and Larry and my Alumni know the plan as him and I had quite the discussion last night about things and including the Power Rangers Podcast which right now is on a bit of a "Hiatus" from recording and it is going nowhere even with the current news I have made on social media and like I said tomorrow, I will be exposing the entire truth and what the future is going to look like. 

                I wish I had the time last night to do regular posts but I am sure with the craziness of my posts on social, mainly Twitter as I went AWAL on Instagram for several days so I am busy as heck. Today I got to catch up with you guys what is going on and I admit today I was feeling depressed a bit but it seemed to be lifted an hour after I got home from being out. It's nothing just me dealing with personal things, friendships right now up and down and it started to bother me a bit more today. However I am going to be fine.  There has been a lot happening behind the scenes and hence the reason I posted up the first Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 up this afternoon compare to it supposedly being up at 8 pm EST last night.  However I am in a transition period right now with the podcast and making the necessary changes with Chris B On The Web. There is always room for improvement and I have started to make those changes now. 

              The one thing I can say officially is I am close to getting the domain back up and running, it is in deletion mode which means it is getting very close to it being available for me to purchase. No it will not be with HostGator or 000webhost which I rather not mention. It will be with blogger obviously and I will let you know when the change has been made and what links you will have to go to from here on out but I am sure it will redirect you to the main page once the domain is set and it will be a .com website, I know it will be the same domain as I had before.  I am sorry I haven't been active lately but I am back to a normal schedule now and promise to post more often. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Games I Would Like To Play This Year!

            To be quite honest, I have been delaying and delaying this post as I had other ideas I wanted to get out there first and finally posting this up and I wish I posted this up the second day of January but I didn't. Anyways into this post I am going to talk about games I would like to play this year. I got one of the games, Farming Simulator 19 and every time I bought a piece of equipment, my guy lost so much money and I looked it up and really found nothing honestly or answers to the fix. The game was nothing like Farming Simulator 17 and I was not impressed whatsoever. Here is a list of the games I want to play or have started:

1.   The Messenger, I watched Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 10 which he won that season & Big Brother 14 which he was the runner up for the season. I first did not really understand it but I gave it another shot and instantly loved the game and currently playing it on my spare time when I have spare time.

2.  Call of Duty 2, I have played Call of Duty ages ago and played it over many, many times and recently completed playing it through once and I want to play the second game and yes there is another Call of Duty on my List as well. I do want to continue on with these especially now that I have mastered the first one. The second game I did start to play, however got so stuck I just gave up on it... Yeah... I raged quit... smh....

3.  Call of Duty Black Ops III, Heard so much about this game and it does have a campaign which I rather play a campaign then multiplayer but from time to time you guys see me in the online world but I am more about that campaign life honestly.

4. The 4th game on my list is Life is Strange the first one as you all know I have played Before The Storm live on Twitch which mind you the channel is now down and been planning on returning to the site to do gaming streams from time to time. 

5. Life is Strange 2, why not finish off the franchise and get caught up on this franchise and i have heard a lot about the game too.

6. Punch Club, a game that I got a few years ago, the game glitched and I would like to finish it actually as it glitched on me apparently. 

                  There is my list and its an amazing list and every year I plan on updating the list as there will always be new games to play and I plan on playing these games this year and hopefully I will get threw this list this year but right now my primary focus is on The Messenger. It is going good and by the end of The Messenger, I will definitely do a video game review for you guys and what I thought of it. Which game is next? Probably will be getting Life is Strange that is on the list both 1 and 2 I would like to get and play first before the other 2 and I actually would play it in between podcasts but there is tons of games but these are definitely on my list and I should really finish the games I have first before purchasing it but I am pretty good at gaming as it is and finish games quite quickly. 


Monday, January 21, 2019

Broke A Bunch of Records With My Fit Bit Last Week!

             A Week ago today when I was in Toronto as you know by now as I have spoken in the last couple of days things that has gone on in the last week now. I broke a ton of records. I finally hit my 9 times of 250 steps which I rarely get all of em on a daily basis. I also broken over 12000 steps which is from time to time I can get to that number but last week I walked and I walked! Which I normally don't do. Average is normally between 4000 and 6000, sometimes more depending on my day if I am in the studio or out and about or gone to an appointment that is when the steps are really active but I try each and everyday to actually get steps in each and every day regardless if I am out or not. I even got my 250 steps per hour which is 9 times in a day so technically 9 hours of the day and I have reached that strive many times in the last while. I also burned a ton of calories but still made no different I ended up gaining a pound or two so that didn't really help at all. However it was a good feeling to be very active, especially adventuring in Toronto with my dad as we were all over the place throughout the day and honestly it was different from any other trip that was have been on in Toronto. Being in T.O gives me great opportunity to exercise and be out and about which is really good.

               Regardless a week ago, I am proud of myself with the achievements and when I say achievements, I mean I unlocked a bunch of achievements and I noticed my phone going off when back on WIFI I was getting emails, I believe about 2 or 3 emails to be exact that I actually got so I got a few of them to notify me of my achievements and trust me it feels good, it is a good feeling to have, knowing I have accomplished a lot in one day on my last day off before going back to Chris B On The Web. Do I think I will ever beat 18k in steps down the road? I really doubt it as it is a tough number now to beat to this day as it is a very big number but anything is possible and I would once again have to do a good long non stop walking in order to break 18,000 steps at this point. I really do not think I will break that anytime soon like I said the number is way to big for me to surpass. No I am not being negative just feel like it will be a tough goal to do right now but I do have some trips to T.O coming up with Dave in March and in April so I am sure I will be breaking 10k easily again!


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weight Loss Update....

         Well, my weight went up again as I was at 222.8 pounds and now I am at 224.4 pounds, I may of over my calories count but yet I should of not gained 2 pounds if I went just over but never know what happened but moving forward I am going to be watching my calorie count which is the main focus on my diet is to have 1800 calories or less each and everyday. I mean it could be water weight from yesterday but we do not really know what caused me to go up. I could of gained a pound and the other pound is just water weight. I really gotta start trying harder with the weight loss and getting below 220 pounds and I am going to start taking some action with this. Today is a new day so I am going to take action and work hard to getting the weight back down. The calories is the major factor with my weight loss journey. I think when I do watch my calorie count that is when I end up losing the weight so I am working my $#@! off. 

          I am updating my goal as I do not wanna over push myself too hard with losing weight so my first goal for 2019 is to get myself to 215 pounds which is like 9 pounds from now. I have said this before, I want to actually go with small goals at a time and I want to even go 10 pounds at a time which isn't overly a large number at all so I can work with that and it is easier and I am not pressuring myself to work so hard to a point of me not eating. I am eating but not as much, the portion size is not as much and I have noticed I do not eat as much at meals which is good. Also I have been watching the bread and have 2 pieces of bread a week then just 1 on other days of the week. Amount of sugar is now limited per day which is good too.

               Either way once I lose the weight I am sure my knees will be feeling much better as I am in pain with my knees and I am sure I have done some damage to the knees with my weight and I am unsure if it will get better or I will need to do even more physio or something else, I just do not sure what the status of my knees will be once I am eventually at 200 pounds or my entire weigh goal down the road which is still the same goal as before, around 175 - 180 pounds which I know is a lot but in time I will be there. I have no timeline to losing the weight, like I said I am taking my time. Finally I have decided to go on a weight loss every 2 weeks instead of weekly as I feel like it is just better to do an update every second week.


Friday, January 18, 2019

Had A Bad Experience With Pizza Pizza at Toronto, Union Station

                As I said on the blog post this morning, I had a bad experience with Pizza Pizza and usually I have a good experience with Pizza Pizza, nice fresh tasting Pizza but this time in Toronto not so much. This is my fault for wanting a Pizza slice but how the heck am I suppose to know they didn't warm up the slice properly. It was clearly cold as the pineapple and the toppings, the entire slice was cold! Trust me I was cursing the f word under my breath it was f***ing cold. Yes I pulled a Gordon Ramsay on this. Also the other thing that I was not happy with was the fact that it was burned to a crisp on the bottom and trust me I can taste the burnt dough. I thought this is so burnt a golfer can tee off with it. Yes I have learnt some dandy comments from Chef Ramsay, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, 24 Hours of Hell and Back. I mean it shouldn't be burnt even warmed up so they must of kept it in too long but I was not one bit impressed at all. 

                  I actually contacted Pizza, Pizza but yet to hear back from them which really I could care if they did as that was the last straw. After this experience, I kind of was turned off by the quality control of the food and already stated I would not be back there in the very near future.  I like Little Caesars Pizza or Domino's, however Dominoes we had a problem with it. There is a couple of places I or my parents or family can go and there is one place here locally that is good but expensive but worth a try. Anyways that is not what this post is about it is about the fact the experience, I just do not know if I would eat at a Pizza Pizza again and I realize this is only at Union that I had this issue and any other store would be different experience. Different store, different  experience!


New Food Court At Union Station, Toronto

             Back on Monday, I got the chance to go into Toronto for the day for my 3rd day off from Chris B On The Web as you know I took some time off from Chris B On The Web as I really did need it and I was pretty stressed out at the time. There is a lot going on here in the studio with keeping up with the podcasts, the website domain trying to get back which mind you nothing has happened yet. Anyways the day consisted of going over to St. Micheal's Cathedral for Noon mass. Also we originally were suppose to have lunch over at Eaton Center which was our original plan but I kind of came up with the idea to go back down to Union Station and eat. My dad had a bagel and for me as I already had bread I had to have Pizza Pizza which was not a great experience and I will be talking about this on the blog later on and trust me I have a lot to say about the experience overall. 

               Before we went to Mass though, we actually took a look at the food court and I wish I took a picture of it honestly but I just didn't think of it as it was out of site out of mind and I just did not really think about it honestly. I was overwhelmed with the way it was setup, I was quite impressed actually. Also the lady at the Chinese food gave us a sample which was Chicken with sweet and sour sauce and it was good. There was also McDonalds (meh), Perogies place as well. There was a Thai place as well, Timmie's (Tim Horton's). I am sure I am forgetting some but it was really nice and I never really knew that the downstairs existed but it could of not been there and dug out but I do not know as the Bay Concourse wasn't there originally from what my dad mentioned back on Monday.  But either way I really did enjoy the new food court and plan on eating there again down the road, well minus the experience I had which like I said I will end up up today at 1 pm EST.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Started To Own All The Harry Potter Movies!

          I have officially started to collect all the Harry Potter Movies. I have I believe 3 of the movies , maybe 4 movies. I have Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix and one other which is The Goblet of Fire and I hope that is the right movies I currently have and I need to get more of the movies down the road as I plan on owning all the movies and I know my niece and nephew love those movies and yes they are 7 year old currently.  I have read all the books and I still got the books and eventually yes I may just re-read em from start to finish as it has been a long time however another good reason to have the books I can loan them to my niece and nephew later to read the books. Anyways I am way off topic on here as I am talking about the movies and I need to get. I have to still a pile of them to get but in time I will end up owning them all down the road, it will take me some time to collect them all. Sometimes it is not easy to find the movies but I will be sure to own them all down the road I am sure. 

             Even to this day the Harry Potter movies are still popular and I am really glad my niece and nephew are into them as they are great movies. I can be honest, I kind of forget how the story line goes so I think I am definitely due to watch the movies again down the road but I need to have all the movies in order to watch them which I do not have as of yet but down the road I plan on it as right now I am saving up for the domain and the desk rebuild and other equipment I need in the studio currently so it is kind of on the back burner but there is birthday and Christmas again this year so you never know I can have em sooner then usual. 

             Either way I really did enjoy the movies and slowly but surely I am getting the movies. Mind you I have Philosopher's Stone on VHS but even that I need to get on DVD or Blue Ray. I am keeping a list of the ones I need and maybe eventually I will end up saving up and getting 2 of em at a time depending the price but recently the prices at Now and Then here are quite reasonable and maybe in February when I get together with Larry and Justin I may look at them at the store so I may end up getting some of the movies when I am out and about. I am not surprised Harry Potter is still popular to this day and it will be still be popular for years to come as well. 


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I Am Looking Forward To Star Wars: Episode 9!

           I can officially say this, I am excited for Star Wars Episode 9. Yes it is the year Star Wars is coming out and I just cannot wait for it to come out. When will it will be out? Not sure when, probably out in December but either way it is going to be an exciting year. I know I have heard rumors about some things which I will kind of talk about it. I heard rumors Hayden Christensen is rumored to come back as Anakin Skywalker force ghost. There was rumors Ewan Mcgregor was to revise his role as Obi Wan. Not only that I think it is confirmed that Mark Hamill is confirmed to be a Force Ghost and I found this out from Larry but it is confirmed as you can Google it as it is there and there are plenty of articles out there but I looked it up before writing today's post.

              Why am I excited for Star Wars? Well besides the fact I am a big Star Wars fan, it feels like it's been a long time since a movie came out and honestly I am wondering where the story line will go after the death of Luke Skywalker as we saw in Episode # 8: The Last Jedi. The questions that I even asked after the movie, what is happening to Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber that fell when he passed in the movie. I mean his robe was on the rock and I am sure somewhere there is his lightsaber sits there. Maybe Rey would get it? Never know! I however found out from Larry that Rey has a new lightsaber and it's a different color and I will not spoil the color as I am not about that spoilerino kind of game. Anyways there is a lot of questions to ask and I with the Supreme leader of the First Order Snoke, I wonder what Kylo Ren will do without the leader. I wonder if he will become the next leader of the First Order? This is why I am very excited for the movie coming out to find out what is next for the movie.

             Finally I know I realize this is the last movie in the trilogy but I am sure they are planning on an Episode 10 but we never know what the Producers are thinking but I got that very odd feeling there will be more movies coming. I thought I heard a few years ago they were planning up to Episode # 12 but never know. All we know is Kylo Ren is still there and unless the character dies or gets turned back to the good side like Vader did in Episode 6. Don't forget there will be other villains in the movie there was not just Vader or Kylo Ren, there was Darth Maul, Count Dooku before all of that so there is plenty of villains that they could add if they indeed continue on into an Episode # 10 and on. I shouldn't get that far but either way I am excited for Episode 9 and to seeing the movie with Larry as we are planning to see the movie this year and excited to find out the name of the movie as well!


Monday, January 14, 2019

The Truth About Chris B On The Web... (Got Some Concerns...)

             I have been holding on to this since the 1st of January, maybe even longer. However as you all know, Chris B On The Web is struggling to get the domain back and it has really dragged me down, like literally I have been feeling down since the site went down to begin with back at the end of the summer last year and just been hiding how I am feeling and trying to get through things in a positive manner. I have the habit of holding my feelings in and it is not healthy whatsoever to do that. Unfortunately the domain isn't available still 2 plus months later has put CBOTW in turmoil. I just do not know what to do or where to turn at this point. I have a strange feeling that my website will not be back at anytime nor it will be available. It is still in the redemption stage and yet it is still unavailable for me to get again so I am stuck whether CBOTW is to continue or to just shut it down entirely once and for all despite the views, here on the website is really good, I just do not want to take it away from you guys which I have worked hard to get the views that I have truly earned on here so it is a very tough decision and I am not clearly sure which direction I am going to turn at this point. I know Chris B On The Web produces "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" and it takes a hit and I have thought of it being an independent podcast down the line and it could work but yet again it is the views on this site that is bothering me. I feel like I will let you guys down.

                I have a lot to think about for the future of Chris B On The Web and still got time to make the decision. However the choice to leave 000webhost was the best decision I ever made ever. I am much happier with this website to this day and proud how fast it has grown since I utilized this site more as you know the blog was embedded to the original .com website which I know is sloppy but 000webhost had no blog element I could use on the site which wasn't too impressive whatsoever. Whatever decision I make is my decision and my decision alone and I have to deal with it for whatever length I have the domain but hopefully I can the .com back into my hands soon if not I am not sure what the plan is but once I figure things out I will let you guys know for sure!


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother 2 Preview & Other Podcast Announcements!

                I admit, I have been waiting for this announcement for a very long time.  As you can tell by the sound of my voice, I am excited, very excited to say the least as you know Celebrity Big Brother 2 in the US is starting back up soon which means to start the 9th Season, that's right 9th season, a preview podcast is coming. What is a preview podcast you may ask? Well it is where I sit down and discuss the cast for this 3 week season of Celebrity Big Brother. I assess the cast and I also pick who I think will win this Celebrity Big Brother US 2. Now if you do not remember I actually did not cover it last year but this is the very first year I will be covering it for the first time and yes I am a bit on the nervous side of things covering it but in time I will feel that comfort level of actually doing it and remember it is only 3 short weeks long and nothing I cannot handle. I got 2 podcasts a week minus finale week which has the one podcast to wrap up the season. Within a day, I will be recording my Survivor: Edge of Extinction Preview Podcast the following day the Podcast goes up.  So what is the timeline for the Podcast here it is:

Thurs. January 17th, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 Preview Podcast

Wed. January 23rd, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 RECAP Podcast Starts

Thurs. February 14th, 2019: Celebrity Big Brother US 2 RECAPS finish

Fri. February 15th, 2019: Survivor: Edge of Extinction Preview Podcast

              This is the start of the scheduling, however I am hiding something that you guys don't know and if the plan falls through with the support of my Alumni but I am not ready yet to tell you my big plan for the podcast but if it falls through, then I am going to make that announcement down the road and yes it will have to go to a few ppl to talk about this idea down the road but aiming for a Season 10 launch on this idea down the road. I am looking forward to sitting down and discussing the cast with you and it will be another fun season to cover Everything About Reality TV Podcast.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Weight Loss Update (Sat. Jan 12th, 2019)

            After being sick with the Flu around Christmas, I lost 4 pounds within the couple of days that I was sick so it wasn't the way I wanted to lose the weight but since there I have maintained around 223 to 222 pounds and this morning I weighed exactly 223 pounds at this point of time which is amazing I am able to maintain. Mind you just 2 days ago I weighed 223.8 pounds but have since lost those ounces in my weight so I am officially down 0.8 ounces at this point. Like I said before, I was up a bit from the amount of weight. Now day or so after I was feeling better I was down to 221 pounds which I haven't been down there for a very long time and I mean a long time I haven't been down there for the longest time in months and I kind of stopped at 221 pounds and ended up gaining a tad bit back which isn't a good thing. 

            Moving forward, I am planning to definitely on working had to losing more weight getting below 220 pounds. My first goal is to get myself down to 210 pounds as is my next weight goal then I move on to the next goal, then the next goal but one step at a time and I plan on not rushing losing the weight fast whatsoever. I need to take it one step at a time but I like the fact that my pants now fit me but some shirts do not fit me right now but soon enough I will be able to fit into shirts that never fit me before which will definitely be nice. 

              How the heck do I lose the weight? I lower the amount of sugar I have everyday, I also am eating much healthier and lowering down the calorie count to 1800 calories per day and not everyday I have bread I usually have bread every second day as of right now. I just don't even think about having even a slice of bread a day which I allow myself 2 slices once a week but I just do not think about it for some bizarre reason.  Either way I am going to work extremely hard to lose the weight and get at a healthy weight not being obese anymore and I mean every word of it, I will lose this weight. I am not going to give up whatsoever on this weight loss journey. 


Friday, January 11, 2019

My Sleep Is Really Weird Right Now!

              My sleep right now is beyond nuts.... I am right now getting 3 - 4 hours a night and up at either 1230 am, 1 or 130 am or 2 am EST which means I am up half the night and I really need to get this insanity under control as I need to get my regular sleep back. What do I mean about this. Recently since I got some sleep back during the night due to when I had the flu bug which as you know I was in bed non stop and sleeping tons during the day time. Think that is one of the reasons why my sleep is really out of sync right now is my body is trying to tell me to sleep at night.... But I have only either had 3 - 5 hours of sleep every night so it isn't good at all. If you wonder what I do is this... I catch up on CBOTW work, prep for podcasts, write the daily blog posts that you have seen for the past 11 days straight as I am on a 31 day blog challenge at the moment. The fact I end up napping in the morning for 3 - 4 hours hurts my sleep at night. As I was at at 1130 pm last night and up majority of the night, I need to force myself to stay up all day with no sleep in order to correct this sleep issue and that is my plan for today as I have been up most of the day so far and I am planning to stay up as you know today is Music City RECAP day and I need to edit the podcast and ready to release to you guy guys. I can say at night I seem to be a night hawk and it is actually the time I am most productive here in the studio but still I need to still have a regular sleep schedule.

              Hopefully if I can stay awake the rest of the day, I will be sleeping well tonight and hopefully this corrects things where I can finally sleep right through the night and maybe I will be up at 4 or 430 in the morning which mind you is a lot better then what I mentioned above as it is ridiculous, beyond ridiculous  being up this early in the morning but I guess it is part of being a podcaster and blogger, it comes with the territory of being a content creator. Gotta always be on my feet at all time, not literally! lol. I know for someone that has been up all night, I still get the work done and I try and make the best of my time if worse comes to worse and if I do not have any work to do which isn't usually the case with me but if I don't have any work to do I usually will play some video games on my spare time from time to time.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Final Thoughts on Life Is Strange Video Games

                It has been quite some time since I finished Life Is Strange like a month or 2 now and it is time to do a blog review of the game.  I can admit I have never once played a Life Is Strange video game, this is the first one and I got into this game from another podcaster and Twitch streamer after watching them I got the game on Steam and played it right through and majority of the game I streamed over on my Twitch channel which I have not streamed for a very long time as my schedule has been extremely busy but that is for another day on another blog post. I made the wrong choices on the game and that was my intentions from the start of the game I was going to make the wrong decisions and no matter what I did I did I ended up getting Chloe's character expelled from school either way or. When I got into this game, I had no idea what I was about to get into nor I knew how long the game would be but only 3 episodes plus the bonus. What do I mean by bonus. I got the DLC for the game which was only a little bit more of money. I do admit I got stuck in one of the chapters of the story but I did not give up at all. There is a learning curve but the fact I watched someone else play the game did help me a bit which I never did with the Walking Dead video game but even YouTube or Twitch helps with playing through a game as long as I understand how to beat level after level that is what matters. 

                 This game was very interesting story line throughout the game. I actually really like the game and plan on playing older versions of the game, the earlier versions. It is not a very long game but the story line lasts long enough per chapter so even with 3 chapters it is still a lengthy video game and I do not mind the length of the episodes. Some of the streams last hour to 2 hours with just one chapter which is good it fills up the time I am live on the air on Twitch. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy games with a story and where you have to make a choice. Yes choices may be tough but this game sure as heck make you think and I like the fact I had to think I really enjoyed it.

                   What is next since I finished this game? Well down the road, I do plan on actually planning to play the previous Life Is Strange video games and you know never know I may end up streaming it on my spare time or the other option for me is play it on my spare time but either way I do plan on playing the video game down the road along with other video games on my list which in a couple of days, I do plan on doing an updated list of what games I would like to play but the other Life is Strange video games is most definitely on my list as I really enjoyed Life Is Strange: Before The Storm and I think I am going to get it either this month or next month at the most and do stay tuned as I am planning to do more video game reviews down the road.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Chris B On The Web Podcasts Timeline (Updated)

              Today's blog post, I am going to cover the entire 9th, 10th Season. Yes I realize on here, the website I have a partial schedule for Season 11 of the Podcast but I am not going to cover that season as of yet as the schedule is very much open but I've developed a timetable for that. Also please note I have put into the schedule for Music City up to April as I do not know when the finale is and it is very much early in the season for it to end. Without further ado here is the timetable looks like:

January - February 2019:

The CBOTW Show- Music City, Season 2: Friday's @ 6 pm EST

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2: Schedule varies please go to  for the entire schedule as the days do change. Podcasts will be out 1 - 2 times a week.

Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Edge of Extinction: Thursdays @ 8 pm EST (Starting Feb 15th with Preview Podcast)

March - Mid May 2019:

The CBOTW Show- Music City, Season 2: Friday's @ 6 pm EST (Currently Scheduled into end of March)

Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Edge of Extinction: Thursdays @ 8 pm EST 

Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada Season 7: Fridays @ 8 pm EST

                    This is a solid schedule this season and looks good. In my head I can be really honest it seemed so complicated at this time last year but this year I actually made things work out this year and I was worried it wouldn't work out with an actual Live schedule but this year was about growing the podcast and exactly that is what I am doing as I pulled away from the Live show idea as I wasn't sure on it.  I am excited to start more podcasts but right now I am currently on a weekly schedule but soon to be changing as I am getting geared up for more podcasts.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Got A Feeling Degrassi: The Next Class Will Not Be Back

         I know I did a post about this a while ago, but it has been a while since an update or me bringing this topic up but I just do not know if Degrassi: The Next Class or any kind of Degrassi will be back. It has been almost 2 years since a season aired on Netflix and Family Channel. Right now it is currently still on hiatus and it is not sure if the show will continue on or not. I know executive producers said they have already been brainstorming ideas for Seasons 5 and 6 so they are working on it but the brainstorming and planning could of been wrapped up by now and they are waiting on renewal. If you're wondering where I get this source, you can Google search it for yourself but it has been on hiatus for almost nearly 2 years as of this July so I am starting to wonder if it will continue now or not. Now the actors and actresses have grown up and wondering how they can use them in the series down the road. A lot of the cast has grown up now so it may be difficult but I am sure production does know what their doing and they sure can somehow work it into the story line as well.

            I know Degrassi has been around since the late 70's with the Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi: The Next Generation and of course Degrassi The Next Class. It has been on air for a long time and I think it will not be going anywhere anytime soon as there are other networks and services the show can be aired on and I am sure Linda and Stephen will find another network to air it on as the show has been a huge success  for many years now and even the older editions of the show are still popular to this day. My question is why it has taken Netflix this long to decide to renew the series or not and why it has been on this hiatus this long. I am happy the fact they have been in the brainstorming stages to planning the future of the show and they are one step ahead getting ready for the future seasons to come. 

               However, I got a gut feeling that the show is not in the plans to return as right now it's all on Netflix to renew the series. Yes you have the company that produces and films the show but you have to remember for people to see the show it has to be on a network, for example when The Next Generation was out, CTV was the original network it was on up to the later seasons 12 or 13 and on and there is plenty of Canadian Networks up here it can definitely air on. I hope it does continue but if it doesn't it has been a great run it's had since it returned in 2001 and yes I am trying to stay positive and optimistic while the hiatus is on going. You have to remember it's been on air since 2001 so it would be going on 18 years in the fall.


Monday, January 7, 2019

What Do I Think About General Motors Closing Down End of This Year....

              As a resident in a city that has a General Motors Plant here and know that there is like 2,522 people out of work at the end of this year which is not good as people are going to be losing their jobs which really going to hurt. I know I have gone off on here about the job searching has not been an easy task for me. GM has been around for a long time, since 1918 which was founded by McLaughlin. Anyways I was just looking up and apparently not all the plants are closing just happens to be the one here in my city here which still it really stinks this is happening as there will be and I'm sure there is unhappy people right now. It is really ridiculous honestly. Good news the other 2 plants we have are remaining open. However 4 plants in the US are closing down as well so we are not the only ones affected by this. Yes there are plants down there too, I feel bad but this hasn't been strong as years ago we lost our truck plant here and now the entire plant is shutting down. I sure as heck wonder what will go there or if they will just tear down the buildings or someone else will occupy it. Also note there is a railway that goes into the building property which mind you the tracks will end up rusting away when the plants shut down at the end of this year. there is a Save GM campaign going on and I am not sure how that is going to save it but I know first thing the city council did as soon as the new Councillors and Mayor were sworn in, they talked about GM closing down and what they can do. I know Durham College is going to help them find new work or training which is good the college is willing to help out.

                 What is my opinion on this? I think it is ridiculous. I mean it's not easy enough for those who are looking for work to find work but to have their jobs taken away whom have worked for 10 - 30 years or more and will have to look elsewhere for work or an early retirement depending how long they have been working. Like I said above what about the buildings? They will sit there empty unless someone buys the property to build something or another car company that could take over like Toyota or Honda or even Ford could be another option but we do not know yet and we will find out in time. I do feel bad for those who are going to be affected and there is nothing we can do but I didn't think it would happen like this, it is ridiculous the job world is struggling like this but not only the car industry but the retail world too. Another post for another day but it is really sad to see something that has been part of my local community is slowly disappearing that has been around for 100 years. 


Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Has Been Great So Far!

                This year has so far been great as this year as things have been progressing very well. Last week, I recorded 3 podcasts within 24 hours to go up Friday night, tonight and Wednesday as well. Just another amazing start to podcasting in 2019. My moods have been a lot better then 2018 with dealing with the negativity and drama from certain people. This year is the year of change for me and I have already taking everything into effect minus the diet part hasn't fully started yet but will be in the coming days for me where I will be back on the diet officially. I am taking one step at a time with making changes in my life as I do not want to rush into things too fast and get myself overwhelmed.  As for changes with Chris B On The Web, I have given up the fact of trying to do my podcasts live as it time and time again failed. I haven't given up on the domain which I can say as of right now I am waiting for the domain to be released as that is why I went entirely "Radio Silent" on the domain side of things but I will ensure you it will be connected to this blogging website which I have grown the last 4 - 5 months now which is incredible. I am currently sitting 16.5K in views on the site alone and it's insane people actually read and listen to my content. This year The CBOTW Show will be seeing a bit more action as you know I am currently covering Music City, Season 2 on top of Power Rangers Podcasts & eventually if Hell's Kitchen returns next fall that is on the list already.  I plan on expanding on that podcast and growing that one as well. I am thinking about this and not sure if you guys would like to see it but I was thinking about covering Master Chef Canada. My ultimate goal this year is to cover TV Show's that are current and active on TV. An announcement on the changes to Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show is coming this week at some point.

                 This year is the year of changes for me. Friendships changing a bit since I lost a few friends last year, growing my podcasts further, get the domain back, Try to grow my followers on Twitter & Instagram. There is still a lot to do from here on out but it's a challenge I won't give up on as I work hard on it each and everyday. I know I can handle the pressure a lot more then I use to and I am getting my scheduling woes better and that is one other thing I am aiming to do this year is mend the scheduling woes but watching the show on the day it comes out and recording early in the morning even if I only get 4 - 5 hours a sleep I will make sure I am always on track with the podcast. This year has been off to a good start for me and I hope to keep things going this way from here on out.


Saturday, January 5, 2019

YouTube Vs. Instagram TV, Which One Do I Prefer?

               I haven't really talked about this but it came up talking to a friend about this idea and as you all know I have been very active on Instagram TV and people seem to really enjoy my posts on there from time to time. Mind you I am not overly active on there but try to post when I have ideas for videos but I try to be active as much as I can. You all know I was a YouTuber for many, many years from 2008  - 2016 up to my retirement from YouTube and haven't looked at going back anytime soon. This brings me into today's blog post YouTube Vs. Instagram, which one do I prefer? There is a lot of answers to that as you know I did many years on YouTube and I honestly failed as a YouTuber in my opinion as my channel in the end completely went dead. The Entertainment Man Talk Show ended, all I was really doing after the series was Podcasts called "Everything About Reality TV" which you can find on Audio ONLY to this day and also I was vlogging my life which wasn't very interesting honestly to you guys but you seem to tune in to my vlogs either way. I do admit The Entertainment Man Talk Show series was struggling. But now I am back making videos on Instagram TV to what I'm up to, studio tours when things are updated. 

              The difference with having viewers are different between the two, YouTube it is a hard grind to get the subscribers as with Instagram the followers you have, they will be notified when a video is up and I currently got 98 followers and closing in to finally breaking 100, more then I actually saw on YouTube, the most subs I ever got was around 38 subscribers and I actually did break that number ages ago as I became more and more active and I am near 800 photos on the main part of Instagram which is crazy to actually think. I really like Instagram TV as it has more of a chance of followers seeing my videos. YouTube algorithm isn't overly great since YouTube adpocolypse and family friendly. You know I really did consider going back to YouTube for Everything About Reality TV Podcast but I kept on reminding myself with the stuff going on. Also the fact I retired from YouTube that decision to not return is easy for me. 

               The million dollar question you are wondering which one do I prefer? YouTube or Instagram? Well Instagram as I seem to get quite a bit more interaction then I did with my time on YouTube. I really like Instagram and the fact it is connected with my Instagram account I had way before Instagram TV came out, I really like it is intertwined with my account that has photos on it. Now I know Instagram TV, you only have 10 minutes per video but that's enough for me to say what I would like then post it up. I have to say after saying what I had to say, Instagram TV is my preference over YouTube at this point and my Instagram is growing pretty quickly even though it's on a stand still of 98 followers but it is more then I had months ago around the 70 mark so it is work in progress! I can say this, Instagram all the way for me!


Friday, January 4, 2019

I Also Want To Cook Different Dishes This Year!

             In the New Year I plan on cooking up a start a storm and I got a pile of different of dishes on the list and in today's blog post I will definitely point out which ones I plan on cooking. I can say some of these dishes are different from what I have done in the past which is good to learn some new dishes and some of these I am listed are from the TV Show Hell's Kitchen. Actually 2 of them were from the TV Show and where the idea came from but without further ado, here is my list:

1) Risotto- Which is a Hell's Kitchen staple in the TV Show itself this is why I wanted to try and make it and see how I do with it but it is kind of scary to live up to the expectations on the show but I do need to find a recipe online first to which Risotto I want to do. I do got a bit of an idea which one I want to do which is-- Mushroom Risotto.

2) Carbonara- This also was or use to be on the Hell' Kitchen list on the show but I haven't seen it recently. But it is a dish I always wanted to try out and see if I can make a mean Carbonara dish like on the show.

3) Beer Battered Fish- I wanted to try my own beer battered fish from scratch and see how it turns out and hopefully i do not over do it where i screw things up but I gotta stay positive though.

                    I do not remember all on list, but there is more but this is just a bit on the list for cooking and I cannot do it all at once but even once a month I would like to cook something for my parents and always nice to try and cook something new then what we normally have on a regular or even a weekly basis! Either way I want to start cooking a ton more in this year and it will happen even if it is on a weekly basis with dishes I do know and have made in the past too!


Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Stood Up For Myself At The End of Last Year! (Throwback Thursday Story)

               To be honest, I will not be putting down this store or saying bad things. It was mainly a bad experience not once but twice. It was where I got my laminating and photocopying done and I rather not mention the store as again, I have no hard feelings as I was a regular customer of theirs for many, many years and I was loyal to them for a very long time but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and that is what I did. What do I mean by this? I asked for some laminating to be cut as I ask them nicely to do prior and it wasn't cut which really got me mad. Unfortunately it ended with me not returning to the store and haven't been back since November of last year but went to another store of theirs in Whitby which is quite the trek from here where the studios are. I'm sure they miss my smiling face and with this being a new year I am putting me walking out behind me and I am willing to go back and forgive the mistake. I really like the staff there as they have been nothing but helpful to me over the course of many years I was a loyal customer. Plus it is a very good primary location for me and easy to access. I just do not know what the staff will say when they actually see me as I walked out on them. Kind of wished I didn't say I wouldn't be back. I guess I am not one of the # 1 customers now as I have been away this long. I just do not know if I would be welcomed back after walking out that is my only concern right now.

               But the way I dealt with it, I am proud of myself for not raising my voice and dealing with things appropriately which probably back then I would of not done that and make an idiot of myself but I am glad at the end of trying to deal with things, I decided to walk away before I say something I regret and get myself 1 kicked out or 2 get banned from the store which would really stink. Walking away was the best thing I could do but I am not sure why I am feeling guilty for walking away? I know in the back on my mind I was doing the right thing by walking away but to try the store again I am not sure if I am ready to take that next step. I want to give the store another shot but I am not ready for this next leap, not yet. I am going to listen to my heart to when it's ready and I better decide soon as I have to get flyers done once the .com back up and running on here. Either way I am proud of myself for standing up for myself.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Events I Will Be Attending This Year...

              Today's Post I will outline what events I am planning to attend this year and ones that could be on the list but it is up in the year. At this time I do got a couple of events on the possibility list which is still up in the air but hoping it can happen. This year is going to be a year of change as there are events I just wasn't happy with and questioning if to do it again this year and change is good. Here is the list of events I am going to that I am confirming for 2019 and can change down the road:

- May 4th, 2019: Bowmanville Maple Fest 2019

- June 14th, 2019: Bowmanville Food Truck Friday

- July 1st, 2019: Canada Day Celebrations

- August 2019: Oshawa Rib Fest (New This Year)

- September 14th, 2019:  Toronto Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2019

- October 12th, 2019: Bowmanville Apple Fest 2019

- November 2019 (Date TBA): The 97th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

- December 4th, 2019: Tyrone Parade of Lights 2019

- December 2019 (Date TBA): Port Perry Santa Claus Parade

                      You will notice I did not list Autism Celebration for this year but I haven't decided if I will attend this year or not due to not overly a good turn out and I just do not know right now if I am wanting to attend this year but if I do decide, you guys are the first to know of me attending the event obviously. Also on the list is one of the 2 Italian Festivals but the date both my dad and I gotta look up and find out so I will let you know if this list will be updated but there is so much I can do in a year but we hope to attend the Italian Festival. Don't forget this is just the start of 2019 and I can add anything to the list at anytime.