Sunday, January 27, 2019

Figured Out The Keys For The Video Game, The Messenger

               I have finally started figuring out how to maneuver and move on The Messenger but it is still very awkward with the game so it doesn't make it easy. I am trying my hardest and I am starting to figure out how to beat the guys who breaths out fire so that is one concern but I am getting better at it as I am able to either duck or jump but coming up on a wall to a breathing dragon that has been my greatest issue right now and I promise I will try and play it on my next Twitch stream and try and get past that level as you guys have been so helpful with me giving me tips but not sure how many tips you can give me. I admit this isn't an easy game and it is quite challenging, however I am able to beat the levels easily and pretty much I find this game a learning curve still, just like The Binding of Isaac which is a complete different story and blog post for another day. I will definitely do a progress update with it down the road once I start getting more achievements down the road as of right now I am on struggle street right now with the game. Anyways. One thing I do find with this game is it has that Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac kind of look but more Spelunky then Isaac technically. There is definitely a small resemblance in the game to Spelunkus as Dan would call it. 

                  The Messenger is a fun game but from time to time, it can be really frustrating from time to time but I am definitely enjoying the game right now and it will take me some time to get use to the game and I know I will get use to it. It is completely different from other games as all games have different keys to move your character or person but these ones seem very easy to remember, the jump and attack buttons. I have honestly gotten use to the keys but you should of seen me at the start of it all, I was very, very awkward with the keys but one good trait about me is that I am a very fast learner with the keys or anything in general which does help me out in my regular everyday life no matter what it is, fun, working on Chris B On The Web or just general everyday activities I know I can figure things out quite quickly.


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