Monday, January 28, 2019

I Am Proud I Lasted 7.5 Years On YouTube...

               Now that I am not far off of being 3 years since leaving YouTube for good, I decided to bring this up.  Am I proud of lasting 7.5 years on YouTube? Well yes! I am surprised I lasted as long as I did on the platform. I know I was grinding at Videos for 7.5 years and started to get some viewers up to the point of my original channel being detached and still is up there by going to YouTube and finding TheDirector015 which I could just link on my website here technically but all my old videos are there for now until YouTube decides to start taking my videos down for the excessive swearing in the channel... lmao!  Anyways I am still proud how long I lasted on the platform and it was fun, but tiring at the same point, planning out a brand new season on top of vlogging my daily life as well which mind you lasted just beyond 700 days of vlogging which are no longer on the old channel as my second channel is now gone. I mean I worked everyday of the week without breaks, late nights in the studio or office planning, planning and more planning. Now it is not as much planning as you know I am a podcaster which is easier as I take notes watching Reality TV and it is easy to do. 

                 I know when The Entertainment Man Talk Show came out that is when the channel started to hit strides in viewers with 38 to 40 or 50 views an episode which was good, especially the 32nd episode of the series in Season 2 when Eric and I were cursing on and off towards the middle to the end of the episode which mind you now it wouldn't be family friendly content at this point... lol, more then likely it would of been demonetized or removed from the platform at this point. However I am hiding a side project I am regarding that channel which is I am downloading the videos and planning to try and talk to YouTube about it as the account is un-accessible right now and I wanna try and get that channel down at some point. In the end, I am very proud of myself to last as long and it was really a disappointment to see my crew quit one after another and to a point of me making that crucial decision to quit but I am glad to be a part of the platform for those many years I was active as a YouTuber. 


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