Sunday, December 31, 2023

End of The Year Review [2023]

           This year has been very dark and gloomy for us as we've been through so many team changes to the point of me just getting rid of the Community Manager or Community Director Role to have an assistant help us out. We may have a small company with 3 of us together as a team but we're mighty. I think we're most definitely on the right track with that. Also I took a lot of time off to deal with my Grandma and former Team member Sophie passing away which derailed a lot of things in this company and one of them being Power Rangers Podcast that is suppose to have been done by now and awaiting Cosmic Fury, season 30 in the New Year which is like T-13 hours from happening but NO. We have fallen off the tracks and now behind schedule even more. 

            Positive things was the positive feedback Entertainment Man Podcast got from you guys and you have really enjoyed the episodes and how motivating and inspiring I have been to you guys which I tend to continue on with that in the New Year when it returns on the 8th of January, 2024? I am just spitballing there on the date as I'm writing this on the 4th of December. Also The CBOTW Show has shown a lot of growth and now surpassed it's 20th episode both with Larry and I and on my own. Plus the accolades GoodPods have given us with being on the charts constantly shows we are very much in the right direction with the podcasts. So with that, this wraps up blogs for 2023 and I will speak to you on Jan 1st, 2024 for the first blog of the year.

Happy New Year!

Chris, Founder/CEO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Friday, December 29, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-29-2023]

              This is the last end of the week updates ChrisBOnTheWeb Media is doing for 2023. Who would of thought that I, Kelsie would be filling in for Chris this week as he's pretty busy working on things today and tomorrow before he's off for 2 days for the New Years. As you know Entertainment Man Podcast is off air now for the holidays and returning a week Sunday, who would of think it would be back on the air sooner then we expected? Chris has made it official that he has opened interviews requests for 2024 and you can email him @ if you would like to be a guest on his podcast. 

             The CBOTW Show is in full swing still even with his other podcast off the air, he has been recording non stop and the rumors spreading since I mentioned that Chris is planning a mid week podcast in the New Year on January 3rd, 2024 for his other podcast so sounds like a pop up podcast is coming your way even if it is just posted and not premiered. Not sure what angle he's coming from this idea but time will tell what he's thinking. He's still working on the upcoming Trains, Planes and Automobiles he's working on, plus working on the new Entertainment Man Podcast episode and the schedule table for 2024 before he heads over to the old computer to work on Power Rangers before but we will see how far he gets today as he does have to go out this morning. But that is what we have been up to for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and  big thank you to Chris for giving me this opportunity, I will talk to you all later and see you around the community!

Kelsie, Community Director of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer-- Funny or Just Cruel?

                The song Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer is a funny song but I've listened to the song a bunch and some of the LYRICS are funny but sometimes it feels cruel but I understand it is just suppose to be a silly song for Christmas time. But I do think some of the lyrics for the song are a little cruel but yet again it's a funny song. The hoofs on the forehead and incriminating marks on her back is a bit much. 

                  I know it's funny but the more I think of it is very much cruel of a song. at the start but the rest just goes along with the start of it so honestly I am half and half on whether it is funny or just cruel. It is just hard to dissect this as I spent a lot of time on looking at the lyrics but let me know what you guys think in the comments below and be sure to hit follow on the right hand side if you want to see more content like this. That is the short blog for today but will speak to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Old Christmas Specials

            Growing up, there was a lot of different Christmas Specials that I grew up with. I might not be able to mention all of them but here is a few on my list:

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean: It has been a yearly tradition for me to watch either closer to Christmas but normally is the last of the videos that I watch actually. I love the episode cause of the part where he puts the turkey on his head is hilarious! 

Charlie Brown Christmas: I know it's an old special and I remember it a a kid and watched it a few times during my childhood. Haven't seen it in years but a lot of great memories with it. I even have seen the one with Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin for Halloween and maybe I need to get back into those. 

Frosty The Snow Man: Another classic and actually near Christmas time they use to air these on Global TV or even CBC here in Canada. A classic indeed and also was a big part of my childhood.

The Grinch who Stole Christmas (Cartoon):This was a part of my Childhood also but also has become a part of my yearly tradition now as it is always on my list of movies and shows or episodes to watch during the Christmas Season.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer: A classic song as well as a show that I watched growing up. Again when they aired it on one of the Canadian channels it was literally back to back near Christmas time.

              Anyways that is the post for today, big thank you to Bob for the suggestions and I have another posts suggested for tomorrow's post to wrap up any blogs for 2023! I am already ahead for blogs for 2024 already and have ideas flowing! Anyways talk tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 26, 2023

We Need To Talk About YouTube!

            As you guys know Entertainment Man Podcast is on YouTube and I have made a channel for The CBOTW Show on Rumble to see the amount of views I get on there to compare the numbers between YouTube and Rumble. However that is not the post for today. After Entertainment Man Podcast, that will be the last channel ChrisBOnTheWeb Media will have on YouTube. I know we've been through that song and dance before and things could change between now where The CBOTW Show goes on but 100% sure that Rumble is the plan moving forward. 

           Reason why is I am tired of the ads, I am tired of the stupid trolls I seem to drag in the process. It is just time for me to stop creating content on that platform. Plus the views are way up on Rumble then YouTube and seems to be doing a bit better. Plus the ads on YouTube has become more troublesome for us and I just don't like the ads every couple of minutes. Also with Rumble, I have an opportunity to earn money actually so this is a big opportunity but keeping Entertainment Man Podcast on YouTube and building up The CBOTW Show on Rumble. Still trying to earn money off this website but failing royally with it. However Entertainment Man Podcast will be the last channel CBOTW Media will ever own and it is what it is. However if something ever happened to Rumble then we may end up having to go back to YouTube but we will cross that path if it ever happens but let's hope not. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for yet another blog post.


Friday, December 22, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-22-2023]

              Another week has come to an end... Time for updates and I have a bunch of updates for you guys:

The CBOTW Show: Just a heads up Power Rangers Podcast is going dark for a while till I finish up things. I've been trying to get things done but other things have gotten in the way. Hope by now I am starting to type things up at this moment just before the holidays hit. Kelsie has already announced about the next two series that is on the list, one being with Bob from Static Radio which will be an awesome one and coming out sometimes in 2024. The other is Ghostwriter that will be a project throughout the year on my spare time and will be

Entertainment Man Podcast: One final broadcast for 2023 is tonight at 730 pm EST. My 3rd annual Christmas Special. You guys asked for it and I am going to give it to you guys for the 3rd Christmas in a row. After that will be off the air till Jan 7th, 2024 when the podcast returns. 

Studio Closure: Reminder the CBOTW Media Studios is closed Dec 23rd starting at noon till Dec 26th then opening on the 27th to the 30th then closed for New Years Eve and New Years Day then we're back to our normal schedule. There will be NO blog Monday whatsoever. Kelsie will be around

             Anyways those are the updates, hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays on Sunday and Monday and I will be back for more blogs on Tuesday. 


Thursday, December 21, 2023

Minecraft Is Fixed! [Gaming Updates!]

              Minecraft is working again, I erased the file from the app data on my PC and it seemed to have fixed the issue whether that it was the problem with having too much launchers on there that confused the heck out of the game or the game was just buggered up like no tomorrow but I have finally gotten back on and started to work on things. The only final things I need to finish on the server well I got my nieces house rebuilt and it is a lot bigger then I actually expect it to be and also what I need to finish up is the north subway line and after that is relay the track down for the west line that is actually going to remain above ground as it was but still have to put a proper station in there and that tunnel way has to be re-added back on all of the floors. 

              After that, I think I will be done with Minecraft for good. I've done everything I possibly humanly could do with vanilla Minecraft and I do not plan on playing the game for a very long time, maybe ever again as there is other games I wanna play and try out in the future which are on my list of things that I'd like to do in the very nearby future especially NBA 2K23 I want to get back to it and play and improve my character on there. Anyways, that is for another post as that is a wrap on today's blog and I will speak to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Taking Podcasting To The Next Level 2024!

            2024 will be a year of massive growth for both of the podcasts and that is what I want to talk about today:

Entertainment Man Podcast: A regular staple on here on ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and 2024 you will be seeing interviews live on the podcasts YouTube Channel. I know what about the topics if there isn't an interview that will be posted and more then likely premiered as I have been doing over the last almost 2 years now unless I am not available to be there in person for it. Also the Wednesday bonus episodes was originally going to be going all video but changed my mind due to the fact you never know what day interviews can pop up. I know it sounds a bit confusing but I have to be flexible for guests and the fact you guys love that I go live for these interviews and something I have made the decision to actually go live for those. 

The CBOTW Show: Has started to become popular and never thought we'd already be at EP 22 at this moment even tho that many hasn't yet been released and working on some at the moment. Anyways 2024, hopefully we will be seeing some collaborations on The CBOTW Show both with me and as a solo guest. Kelsie has been working on a form for potential guests to put out their ideas for a show. This can really open up the doors for potentially even more permanent hosts down the road.

         So 2024 definitely does look promising for both podcasts and excited for this big plan. I have 2 offers in collaborations already waiting to be scheduled in 2024 plus Larry and I need to finish up Power Rangers but after that our world is our Oyster. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Willy Wonka Movie Review [No Spoilers]

            Back on the weekend, I got to go to see Willy Wonka which was a prequel to the one they did with Johnny Depp who is very well known with the movies Pirates of The Caribbean. Anyways Johnny Depp wasn't in this movie though. Was a different actor Timothee Chalamet was the one that  played Wonka. Also Rowan Atkinson was in this too as a Bishop which he never once disappointed us, especially one scene with him with a giraffe but no spoilers whatsoever. 

           This is a combination of comedy as there is funny parts but also it has a bit of a musical esk kind of movie and don't get me wrong their neat. I wasn't getting the vibe of the movie at the start till I got further into the movie. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and was a fantastic movie. Just was slower for me to get right into the movie but once I did, I enjoyed it. Anyways I would give this movie 2 thumbs up as I highly recommend it to you guys to see it if you haven't. Final thoughts, I want to see the Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp and is on my bucket list of movies that I'd wanna see. Anyways I will as always talk to you all tomorrow for another post!


Monday, December 18, 2023

Thank You For An Amazing Season!

            I know there is still the Christmas Special left for Entertainment Man Podcast but the 4th season of my podcast is pretty much a wrap for the year! I wanted to take this time to say thank you for an amazing season, all the wonderful guests for coming on the podcast this year. Especially the return of our good friend Shane which you may see him sooner then you think... Hint... hint double hint... LOL! Yeah I'm up to something clearly! 

           This year push a lot of limits for me, from being sick dealing with loss this year, I've managed through it all this year. I can say this, next year will be even BIGGER then this year and I started to type last year thinking it is 2024... Not yet! It is because of you guys Entertainment Man Podcast seen a lot of growth and I will talk about it on the podcast this week on Friday. However 2024, I will be taking things up a level and interviews will be LIVE which for right now you will have to wait till Wednesday for that post as that is the blog post for today. Have a great rest of your day and talk to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, December 15, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-15-2023]

             Another week has ended and time for another end of the week updates:

Christmas: Christmas Day there will be no blog whatsoever. We are planning to take the time off. Speaking of that we are planning to close the studio from Dec 23rd - 26th for a break so the emails will not be answered till Dec 27th so if it is an emergency but put it as part of your subject and myself or one of the team will be sure to answer it as soon as possible.

The CBOTW Show: Well, that has been a struggle as everything else seems to come up at the moment. This weekend I hope to be switching to the old PC to get working on that. Eyes was on me recording a bunch yesterday which I did in order to stay on schedule. 

Website: Big thanks to Kelsie, we now are recognizing some of the people who contributed to ChrisBOnTheWeb Media & over the years. Won't be recognizing people who I ended on bad terms obviously but got at least 4 people on there to start with. Will update it when we need to update it. Right now it is not a priority at this moment. I can say this feature has been very loved by the community and thank you for the positive feedback you guys have given us since this addition.

           Those are the updates for this week, have a fantastic weekend and as always I will talk to you guys on Monday for another week of blogging!


Thursday, December 14, 2023

Toronto Christmas Market Food Review

          So CBOTW Fam, two part review! I should of taken a picture of the cookie and the Hot chocolate but I didn't... DARN! Anyways I had a Grilled Cheese sandwich with bacon which was actually grilled on an actual grill this time around and it brought a lot of flavor to the sandwich actually. It was so chewy and really good. The bacon seemed like it was a thick pieces of bacon too which is a bonus. They really gave you quality sandwich for 11.25 which is expensive enough but worth every penny. So I'd give the sandwich a 15 out of 10 as it exceeds my expectations. 

                Now we had a dessert at a place called Sweetie Pie which is a normal shop in the Distillery Distinct and I plan on tagging them on our Facebook Fan Page and hopefully they see and read my amazing review. My dad and I ordered a few things, peanut butter cookies (2) for my mom and she said it was very soft and tender and she gave me a small chunk to try and it was really good. She was very impressed. My dad and I both got the Ginger cookies and again soft in ever bite that we took. I'd give em 15 out of 10 like the sandwich above. Now we also got some warm drinks, Belgium Hot Chocolate and was very chocolaty and they even added green and red food coloring to fit the Christmas holidays. We asked them to add in whip cream for an extra buck and it was amazing. I'd also give it a 15 out of 10 as it exceeds my expectations! We will be back there when we visit again in the future outside of the Christmas event. I will highly recommend them as well. So that wraps up the reviews and events for 2023. Thank you for supporting me with all these events, look forward to returning to these events next year but in the meantime it will be full pledge content which I will talk about that on tomorrow's end of the week updates but for now have a good rest of your Thursday.


Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Toronto Christmas Market 2023!

              Monday, I got to go to the Toronto Christmas Market. It has been 4 years since my dad and I have been to the event so it most definitely felt good to have gone back to the event. There was a lot of vendors, soaps, Christmas Decorations, tarts, little cool nick knacks especially that it is the Christmas season now too. Lights are absolutely stunning this year. They had a ton of different vendors to many to even mention and they also had a candle and soap shop which smelled absolutely amazing. 

It was cold out but wasn't that bad once we had something to eat which I will talk about and review tomorrow on the blog which is taking up a lot of my blog space for the week which is actually fantastic, more content the better. Anyways the lights were amazing as always I really enjoyed going back to the Toronto Christmas Market and will look forward to it again next year as this wraps up events for us for 2023. That's the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the food review.




Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Wendy's In Milton Ontario Food Review [12-09-2023]

           This is one food review that isn't 100% positive. Was a bunch of mixed feelings. We obviously were going out to eat after Halton Streetcar Museum and we had a hard time to finding a place and Tim's touch screen order system didn't work worth a hoot. Tim's is another story for another time.  Anyways I told the person who served me it was for eating in yet they put it for take out like hello I said I'm eating in, for crying out loud! The soda or pop as we call it up here in Canada was flat from the one machine, I poured out and tried the other.. Was a tad better cannot complain though as the carbonation wasn't there. 

          The Chicken fingers which was only 3, I mean it would be good if it was  4 or 5 and it didn't  I wasn't too hungry anyways to begin with anyways. The Chicken fingers were crispy and good. I had ranch dip and it was really really good actually. I will be doing that on my Chicken Fingers here at home. Only problem with the fries was, well cold so fast. They didn't even provide me with ketchup nothing. All I can rate is the chicken fingers 4.5 out of 5 all day long as for the others I just refuse to rate it. I'm sorry to say that I do not plan on returning to that location in Milton. That is the review, sorry if it sounds a little down. I  tried to make this positive review as I always do but I have to remember the experiences are all gonna be different each and every restaurant I go to. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow! 



Monday, December 11, 2023

Halton County-- Christmas Event

          Saturday afternoon, I took off to Halton for the Halton County Radial Museum Christmas on the Rails event and I don't think it is the proper name but was a Christmas event my dad attended this year. It was a fun experience. I know there was a problem with one of the streetcars derailing at the other loop but they resolved the issue and got the car back on the tracks and seems to have to do with the pin snapping so hopefully they repair it. 
       Now the cars that ran there was a whole pile of them. 8 car while they were fixing the car down at the loop, then 2894, 4039, 4600 and by the time we were about to leave W-30 which we didn't know that they were working on it but noticed it was powered in the barn so we knew something was truly up and it was on standby in case they needed more cars so well 4 running as they took 8 out of service as it was only temporary but nice to ride on most of them. Now they had nice hot drinks, apple cider, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, tarts, rice crispy squares and other baked good which was nice and soft and tender, practically melted in my mouth. Anyways we had a good time and big thank you to Halton for adding an additional hour to make up for the delay at the loop. They went above and beyond Saturday night. I look forward to returning in 2024. 



Friday, December 8, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-08-2023]

            Well another week has come to a close and I think this is my first end of the week updates in quite some time now. I do not remember the last time I did an end of the week last but anyways to the updates:

Blog mishap yesterday: Yeah, I somehow screwed up the blogs. The gaming one was suppose to be going out next Tuesday and the Tyrone Parade post was suppose to be yesterday not this morning. So had to put out the Tyrone blog this morning and this post at the same time.

The CBOTW Show: I have been trying for the longest time to get all the episodes edited and posted and this weekend will be the weekend for recording whether I like it or not I am not going to let anything stand in my way of getting it done. Also the Happy Gilmore Podcast is recorded and awaiting being edited and I have dabbled on it a bit and will while watching the movies and what not. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: As for my podcast things are looking good just making a few adjustments to the podcast for this weekend as there was a bit of setting issue that I was experiencing as I just installed the editing software from my old computer on the main computer. Anyways done and ready to go Sunday afternoon. Also Kelsie, my assistant and resident Graphic Designer has made a new graphic for thumbnails and as for the background it is the same background minus the name of the podcast for YouTube. 

            Anyways that is the blog for today, have a great weekend and as always I will talk to you on Monday with the Halton County Radial Museum Christmas on the Rails post. 


Tyrone Parade of Lights 2023!


       I will explain everything at 11 am what the heck happened with the blog yesterday that will be the first basic part of the end of the week updates! Anyways Wednesday day and a half ago I was at the Tyrone Parade of Lights. We visited Tyrone Mills and got ourselves a nice Apple Cider and a Coconut tart which was very, very delicious. I love anything Coconut and it was very delicious and enjoyed it but we ate it after the parade as we were busy with enjoying the floats going by us. 

         So we got out, I got to finish up the Apple Cider the parade started and it was pretty quick like a few minutes after we got outside of the mill which was awesome. I loved a lot of the changes the floats had this year and this year I think one or two floats were the same and actually a lot of different ones as well. We actually got to go look at them very close up to the tractors and went crazy on Instagram and tried to take some pics. I need to work on the bigger camera for night shots it's work in progress. However I enjoyed the parade as this was for the first time in 4 years that we have attended and look forward to the next one next year because I can tell you all it is on the schedule. Anyways that is the post and I will speak to All in 2 hours or less depending when you read this post. 




Thursday, December 7, 2023

No More Minecraft?!

           For those who knew this we had a Server but apparently we cannot load nor re-install the game so right now the community server we built renders useless right now and I think I got banned from playing yet I didn't cheat, I used all the game modes in the game, creative, survival. I never once cheated the system nor used anything that I wasn't suppose to and I enjoyed playing the game and now my computer will not allow me to reinstall it whatsoever. 

            So I am going to try and get my nephew to try and get it up and running again next time he is over cause there is unfinished business and that is the two tunnel ways that haven't finished up so this way I can do other things in the process and my nephew and I have a building to blow up too that I built purposely for that reason too ha-ha so for right now I going to play my other games and any other new game reviews I will be sure to do a full review but I will talk to you all tomorrow for the "End of The Week Updates."


Wednesday, December 6, 2023

More Change?! Whaaat!

             I know I am getting wackier with the blog titles these days and it's proven to people clicking on the link to find out what I said. I think I have crafted the art of click-baiting like a lot of YouTubers do but I try and not to do that too so often.  Yes changes have been made to the site our team has been shifted but as you remember I had someone else do the "End of the Week Updates," however I am going to be returning to it unless I need time away or I am extremely busy my assistant, she can handle it as she knows the entire in's and out's of this company as much as Larry does too. I tell em everything that goes on around the studio in updates and what not. 

             So this change will be effective immediately as of the start of this week so two days from this post going live, I will be back from my very short hiatus of doing em. Really should be the CEO of the company to mention all the updates that we have done to the company. I will make sure to update you guys this week as it's a big week for us here at the studio as this studio is getting light up to the nine with lights. However that is the changes and it isn't much of an update, but I wanted to make you guys aware and not be surprised to hear from me on Friday which I really should of done that to just throw you guys off for the heck of it... LOL. Anyways I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Additional Events Coming Up!

             This week and next week will see 3 events, 2 this week, one in Tyrone Ontario for the Farmers Parade as you guys remember I last did that event back in 2019 before COVID started that went through 2.5 to 3 years and still even a thing now but besides the point. Anyways this Wednesday (tomorrow) I will be attending the parade for the first time in 4 years which will be another first for CBOTW Media. Then on Saturday, I will be attending Halton County Radial Museum's Christmas Streetcar event, sorry if I messed it up. 

              The following week I am back out and about again, this time to Toronto for the Toronto Christmas Market and this will indeed be the final event for 2023 as we wrap up what has been a crazy and busy year with a full year of events. Truly am blessed to have all these opportunities this year including going to Halton County Radial Museum 3 or 4 times. We got our money's worth out of our membership with em. This year even saw us with a one or two new events and also returning events that has been absent off our website for many years. With the events wrapping up next week, means more time for content which we really need to get back on the high horse with as we've fallen off. Anyways more will be coming in the way of updates for now I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, December 4, 2023

The Next Day or So Will Be Chaotic!

             This weekend was an testament to the crazy chaos this studio has endured. As you know my mission has to be get all The CBOTW Show episodes done so I can work on that other podcast Larry and I have been trying to get back up and running pretty much 6 months at the end of the year since it went off the air suddenly and I need to start rectifying all of this especially with 2024 around the corner. But first the podcasts that I need to record and edit comes first and what I am doing most of today for editing wise I will be active recording. At least 2 - 3 recorded maybe the full 4 actually. 

               It is very chaotic right now for all 3  of us, plus I need to finish up the one page that was left unfinished which was the schedule but that will be done at a later day for right now. It's not that hard to put a table in HTML.  There is one page missing and you can see on the 10th anniversary drop down there is a spot that's blanked out which will be on the schedule for 2024 and I do not currently know as there is some things I want to make sure it is what we want to do what is on our schedule but more coming by the end of the year when we released an idea of the schedule and events but I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post.


Saturday, December 2, 2023

Entertainment Man, The CBOTW Show & YouTube...

             I know there has been once again a lot of questions regarding both podcasts, Entertainment Man Podcast & The CBOTW Show. First Entertainment Man, that is going nowhere on any platform, the plan is to continue on with YouTube and Audio ONLY, I started on there and I by golly I am going to finish on there. Those on the private Facebook group which is a thing, I've spoken about that I was questioning the platform with the ads but I do not even have to worry about that as the YouTube channel is not even earning ads right now as we would need 500 subscribers to do so. But it's more frustrating watching other channels with ads but I'll have to get use to it.

              The CBOTW Show has been the talk about having a YouTube channel and I can be straight up with you, there isn't plans as of right now. Larry and I talked about it but nothing else since then has been stated that we'd go that route. We've been focusing on getting Power Rangers done finally after a very long 5.5 years of doing those podcasts together we are ready to move on with other TV Shows for 2024 so I have been working long hours to getting it done and finished plus Christmas content and what not. So I am swamped with work right now and the next several days will be hectic for me indeed plus editing the Happy Gilmore podcast next weekend as well. Anyways that is all I have to say on the subject.  Have a great rest of your weekend and talk on Monday.


Friday, December 1, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-01-2023]

              Welcome to the first "End of the Week Updates" for December 2023! Boy it's be a whirlwind of issues this week especially with the older PC to a point Chris has considered getting rid of the computer and completely scrapping it. However he's been trying to clean it out completely and using it for the paperwork side of things. He's been pretty quiet the last 12 + hours not said much, not sure what's going on but I think just swamped with the workload right now. 

              He is planning to work on the movies this weekend, tomorrow and Sunday.  least 5 of them and he will be recording 4 both on the same day and edit it and have it scheduled. He wants all the open time as much as possible. One of them on the 12th of this month is actually with Larry. Between that he's been trying to actually get the notes done and working on the next season and getting it completely finished. Those are the small updates, nothing too crazy just Chris fighting with his old computer as usual but seems to be working fine now and have a good weekend and I will talk to you all next Friday.

Mark L, Community Director