Tuesday, December 26, 2023

We Need To Talk About YouTube!

            As you guys know Entertainment Man Podcast is on YouTube and I have made a channel for The CBOTW Show on Rumble to see the amount of views I get on there to compare the numbers between YouTube and Rumble. However that is not the post for today. After Entertainment Man Podcast, that will be the last channel ChrisBOnTheWeb Media will have on YouTube. I know we've been through that song and dance before and things could change between now where The CBOTW Show goes on but 100% sure that Rumble is the plan moving forward. 

           Reason why is I am tired of the ads, I am tired of the stupid trolls I seem to drag in the process. It is just time for me to stop creating content on that platform. Plus the views are way up on Rumble then YouTube and seems to be doing a bit better. Plus the ads on YouTube has become more troublesome for us and I just don't like the ads every couple of minutes. Also with Rumble, I have an opportunity to earn money actually so this is a big opportunity but keeping Entertainment Man Podcast on YouTube and building up The CBOTW Show on Rumble. Still trying to earn money off this website but failing royally with it. However Entertainment Man Podcast will be the last channel CBOTW Media will ever own and it is what it is. However if something ever happened to Rumble then we may end up having to go back to YouTube but we will cross that path if it ever happens but let's hope not. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for yet another blog post.


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