Friday, January 31, 2020

Power Rangers Updates and Announcement!

               I can say this after working so hard on notes and trying to make up some ground on the podcast, I am near finished typing and by now you never know I could be finished up with the notes as they are getting very paper thin right now. Anyways I am close to finished and Larry and I were originally planning this weekend however it isn't about the notes being finished it is more then less we cannot mount the other boom arm and microphone on the desk I am currently using and the desk does not have the lip to hold the boom so that is not an option right now. Space is very limited at the moment and it is not entirely my fault as you guys know the studio is still under renovations at the moment however the desk is almost ready as we have to install a part at the back of the desk so we can mount the monitors on the mount for both screens. So we could be back at the desk this weekend or next week but that is why I am making this post this week to tell and update you guys what is going on. Even if we are on the restored desk, there will not be any shelves put back up for quite sometime until the ceiling in completed which has yet to be finished. So I plan on putting shelves when the ceiling is complete and we are ready to put shelves up. Again I will always keep you guys up to speed on things on when I have updates. I will be doing a formal blog post with a schedule at what it will look like.

             Now to the announcement part I am proud to officially say 2 weeks Sunday, both Larry and I are happy to say that Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is coming back with talking about Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue! Now the official posting of the episodes will come once I edit the podcast and post it up. I will probably, more then likely I will be doing another blog post to announce the release schedule for the podcast. We are both excited to be returning after an 8 month hiatus which was honestly too long of a wait for the podcast to return and I know I messed up with not recording in October but that is officially behind us and now we are returning and excited to sit down and talk about these two seasons. Guess "best to those who wait" which is a great quote. Either or, we cannot wait and hope you guys will enjoy it when it comes out later in February.


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Was Involved In A Small Bus Accident This Week (Throwback Thursday)

              I know this isn't truly a throwback Thursday Story as it just happened but it is in the past but just happened and I know this makes no sense but I want to talk about this as it was a ridiculous situation. Anyways I did make it public I was in a minor bus accident on my travels in the city while on the bus. Now mind you I am fine, we were all fine from the little accident. It was a minor bump on the backside of the bus. What the kicker to all of this is the driver in the truck ran on the bus driver and left the scene of the accident which honestly is stupid to flee an accident scene. We knew the color of the truck that's all as we did  not get a license plate number nothing so that person got off scott free which is entirely dumb and I am sure the transit service wasn't happy the truck ran. Honestly yes it is a hit and run and they are stupid enough to do such a thing and lucky they aren't gonna get charged with a hit and run as there is no real evidence who the driver is. Anyways we're all fine and I took at the bus and hardly saw the bump but it was a minor bump nothing that the bus cannot finish it's run on the route. The kicker behind all of this it was at a stop by a Tim Horton's which is one of the busiest Timmie's in town honestly...

             I think this was the second incident that has happened when I have been on the bus and hope this is the last time. The first time I think we hit a sign on the backside of the bus. However I consider myself and the other passengers are safe and nobody has been hurt in any of the incidents that has happened in the past. Either way it's an experience that I really do not want to have. So that is my sort of more recent Throwback Thursday Story which really happened 2 days ago and I ensure you I am fine and I was a little shooken up for a while but shook it off. Anyways tomorrow's post I have a very special announcement coming out for you guys and I can say it is an announcement that you guys have been waiting for almost 8 months now and I can say while I typing this I got a smile on my face as I have been waiting to make this announcement for a very long time now. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Taco Bell Double Layered Tacos Food Review [01-29-2020]

               I realize I am having tacos again this week on Friday with my niece and nephew but that's OK it is homemade on Friday technically. Anyways I had the 2 double Layered Tacos with Fries and a Drink combo. Now the fries were nice and crispy and get a 5 as I like my fries a little crispy Now the taco at first I was wondering where the doubled layer was but actually it was inside which was a hard taco shell then the soft taco shell on the outside. It had the beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Now the tacos get a 5 all day as is so so juicy and gooey but still good in the end. I'd like to say also that this was my first time having this and it was new on the menu actually and really did enjoy it. I would have it again in the very near future. I was in the mid Whitby Taco location which was an older of any of the locations here in the region but that's OK. Now the service was fantastic and got our orders to us within minutes and the girl who served us was  really good and friendly and she happened to be eyeing me while Eric and I were eating.

               Either way I'd come back to this location in the nearby future as I said everything was nothing but a positive experience for us. In total I'd give the entire experience a 10 out of 10. Oh I may as well mention this the Pepsi was not watered down this time around, it was actually tasted like Pepsi so I was quite please compare to last week's not as happier food review that I did. Honestly you cannot go wrong with Taco Bell and have had it 2 - 4 times a year whenever whether it's with Larry, Eric or if my niece and nephew are over and we decide to go there to get some food. I enjoy it more now then I was when I was a kid as I never liked spicy food as a kid but that is another story for another blog for another day and time that I can talk to you guys about this. What is your favorite thing at Taco Bell? Let me know in the comments or if you do not like Taco Bell let me know. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and also please let me know if you would like to see another food review in the very nearby future.


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Subway Food Review [01-20-2020]

              The last 2 weeks I have been out eating once a week which is fine but gained weight so yesterday's post sure as heck went to waste but hey makes me wanna work even harder. Anyways last week I was up in the north end and Eric and I had Subway and trust me it wasn't the best experience and this is my food review for North end of Whitby for Subway at Garden and Rossland. Anyways the Pepsi was watered down a bit and didn't taste overly great and the sandwich had way too much Honey Mustard on it. So for the food and drink I will be giving it a definitely 1 as I wasn't too pleased with it whatsoever and I should of said something about the drink being watered down that was my own fault and I could of mentioned but they should be checking it but that is besides the point honestly. However this is the first bad review since last summer honestly so I have good rep or and have been on a good role with a positive reviews since. Last year wasn't a good year but hoping this year will be a good.

               However in the end the service was a 5 all day as they were nice and very helpful to the both of us so it wasn't a complete failure honestly but it is what it is and I am unsure that I am going to be back anytime soon but we will see. I hope to maybe one day go back and revisit this location. That is today's post and boy I wasn't happy at all. Sandwich wasn't that bad just little too much honey mustard but what can you do. These things happen and honestly you cannot control it. Look I had 3 bad ones I hope to get a lower amount on the bad reviews but never know you could see me rant this year a few times but again we will honestly will see. I would like to go back to a couple of them honestly and that is for another time and another blog post. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the next food review tomorrow at 12 pm EST.


Monday, January 27, 2020

Weight Loss Upate [01-27-2020]

         I know that I have not done an Weight Loss Update for a very long time now. The last one was 3 Months ago on October 12th of last year. Yeah, that is a long time and I promise you guys to try and update you all weekly on the regular old time slot on Saturdays starting next week here on the blog. You probably think why now Chris? The weight loss has become a loss cause well no not now. It is now 2020 and my New Years resolution is to really get back on the healthy track and that is what I'm going to do. I have started to have my smoothies and my goal is to get down below 222 pounds sometime in February and beyond that. I am still reiterating that I want to get below 220 and way below 200 pounds. I think I am now very much focused at the task at hand. I am also am allowing myself to have a fat day once a a week which is fine but I was at a fine line of 226 - 227 pounds again but I can officially say I am down to 224.2 pounds which is amazing! I want to continue to lose the weight and I will keep you guys in the loop on how things are going. 

         Either way I am back on the right track with things and excited for the next step and losing even more weight and I have definitely started cutting back on things which really does help. I plan on having more smoothies at least every second day at the most which are easy to make and very healthy if you ask me. However baby steps that is the actual plan right now and if I gain a pound no big deal, I will just have to work a little harder then I guess but I am sure I will lose it but I have to remember I cannot lose the weight very fast honestly and it is not healthy to lose the weight too fast and again it is honestly one step at time. So that is where I'm at with the weight loss and I am now under way with losing the weight and let's see if I can finally get back on the right track and start losing the weight as I want to lose it really bad and this is about me really wanting for this change.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Struggling With The Collaboration Podcast Page....

            The collaboration page, well let's just say the views aren't there anymore with the player. Now I know you guys have been to the collaboration page as the site views on it has been up and I think there is an issue with the player collecting the viewership as I know a people have been to the page to listen to it and people are hyped up were trying to get more collabs done between Everything About Reality TV. I have already contacted the site that we are with and honestly I am trying to find an alternate or another way so nothing really as of yet but we are looking and hope to find something since there is an issue with it if we cannot find it. I know I sound a lot calmer then yesterday morning around midnight when I was going off and complaining but I am glad I emailed and mentioned there is an issue with it and why the listens are not counting whatsoever. It has to be them for some reason I just feel that way right now. As for the Power Rangers Podcast, I have told Larry I am done for right now. This could change but right now I am just not feeling it right now with the issues but I am sure Larry and I will have a conversation on Wednesday night. We are suppose to be together but it is frustrating to not know that there is people listening to the podcast after the hard work Larry and I or even Steven and I put into the episodes we produce exclusively for here for the website.

            Do not worry we, I mean I will be continuing to work on episodes and it will be on standby and I promise you guys that we will record soon but it has gone from a studio that is in disarray still which as you know is starting to get back to normal to now having issues with the player counting listeners. I will monitor it and see but I have contacted the site so it is good to communicate with the site and after all I cannot complain as it is after all a free site and amazing website to upload audio or video archives. If worse comes to worse I will announce late week this week if Larry and I are recording or not. Maybe we have dried up and no interest but there was  an issue back in September so it is not the first time to have an issue really and it is really frustrating to be dealing with some issue and honestly I should of emailed them about the issue sooner because something isn't right honestly and I know you guys for a fact see my messages and listen in when they go up its just the player that's not registering the viewership and I wish I knew why this a problem because as of June last year we got between 20 and 50 views on the last Power Rangers Podcast. So honestly it makes absoutetly no sense whatsoever. That is 10 cents what is going on and hopefully Larry and I can finalize recording even if the views are low. Like he said in the end it is all about the views which is true. Why do it if the views are down but I got my own solution that could be the issue but we will see once I get an reply and Larry and I discuss but in the meantime, I want to focus on finishing up the notes to be prepared for the next weekend coming up.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Studio Updates for Saturday, January 26th, 2020

          Well the studio is looking really amazing and excited that the baseboards is now installed and the desk being worked on in the last week it is time for some more updates as I do have some updates I can make for you guys. As I said baseboards are in and you can see it on the bottom of the picture. Also you can noticed as well that the carpet is missing and yes we removed the old outdated carpet finally and it was pretty wear and tear and from me rolling back and forth so I have worn the carpet to nothing and the wheels got stuck and for those who didn't know one of the wheels snapped as stuff from the carpet was jamming into wheels so I actually changed all the wheels. However in that corner I will be adding in a carpet not the entire room but under my desk so it's not entirely cold on the feet of myself or guests that visit the studio for episodes of either podcasts that are running currently. Trust me a cold concrete floor is cold as heck and been there since all the carpet minus what is under the desk I am still using which will have to be removed once we clear what is on the desk and I am back at the old desk.

         The next  part of the desk which I mentioned before but as you can see the top is done, it has the polyurethane paint which gives it that nice look as you can see and I am getting more and more excited to move back and have to attach some extra wood to help support the very heavy duty Monitor stands that will be holding both of my monitors up and able to move around the area.  Either way I can imagine how this space is going to be looking when its done. Finally thing I want to say is it will be sometime until I put shelving back up on there and also the green screen or the other side will not be up until the ceiling is complete and right now it is not finished right yet but I am moving back so my dad can finish the other side. Now as for Power Rangers and other Collaboration Podcast a week tomorrow well I am going to make a post about that tomorrow addressing some things that is frustrating me right now. Oh one last think to mention trim around the door and windows will have to be done as well but that is minor detail and some baseboards at the bottom at the back of the studio as well but it will be done in due time. However in time we will be back to normal and I have been patient with this and the eagerness is getting higher and higher.


Friday, January 24, 2020

Everything About Reality TV (Mistakes I Have Made)

             In today's blog post, I want to fess up to some things that I made a mistake on in the last 4 years. I know I cannot dwell in the past but I wanna fess up some of my mistakes I have made. Anyways here is the list and it's not too many mistakes but stuff I have learned from in the past:

1) Sticking to a schedule- That was a problem and a half from the get go which has been on going since we went to Audio ONLY either being an hour or two late or a day or a couple of days late. However recently I managed to stay on the right track and this issue has finally subsided and I am really right into it. Even find myself recording the night before at times but that is OK least I am ahead of schedule that way.

2) Walking Away From Big Brother US Seasons- Honestly I have either not been feeling like doing Big Brother Recaps for the US Seasons or leaving in the middle of the season which I did that for Season 21 and I was a few weeks short of it ending the season so that was a biggest mistake and I paid for it too in the end with losing a couple of subscribers and I understand why.

3) Audio Issues- I have had a few technical issues with the side of the microphone where the microphone went in and out but honestly I think it came down to the levels on the mixer which honestly it has been fixed and sounding a lot better now and getting better each and every episode and it will just get better from here on out.

4)  Doing Too Much All At Once- Covering Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Celebrity Big Brother and Music City all at once and it wasn't easy and it was doubtly the cause of my major burnout and another reason I will state below in my closing statement to this post.

                Those are the 4 biggest mistakes that I have made but with Jasmine now on board on the podcast, it will definitely help me and I will not feel that entire pressure on me. That is probably the reason I wanted out for the longest time honestly and November I said this was it the 12th season was it but nope CBOTW and Everything About Reality TV is continuing on and the podcast lives on and the road to the 250th Episode which will be recorded this weekend. Anyways I have learned from the mistakes and I shouldn't give up so easily like I did and the longer I am a podcaster, the more I get the experience and don't forget I have been in Online Media for 14 years now. 


Thursday, January 23, 2020

What A Typical Day In The Studio Is Like

             A Typical day has at least 3 different scenarios depending on the day and my sleep patterns which honestly stink right now but there is 3 different typical days for me and here they are:

Scenario 1: Up around 3 - 4 am EST, and start with a blog post unless they are pre-written. Then usually working on other things such as planning out podcasts and recording, editing. Also a typical Podcast day where it has to go up that is a high pressure day to getting it recorded and edited. 

Scenario 2: Up half the night like the other night, in bed at 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 am EST working on things around the studio as I said in the first one but I would be up sometimes at 11 am to even 2 pm which gives me a late start of the day which honestly are my least favorite of the shifts but somehow I seem to manage.

Scenario 3: The final scenario is in bed at 6 pm all the way to 12 am, sometimes 1 or 2 am EST. Only reason I have been doing that to get work done and night time seems to be the most productive time for me in my honesty opinion.

               However I want to get back to going back to bed at 845 - 930 pm EST as this is getting ridiculous going to bed and being up early in the day so honestly I am going to make the change where I am going to be following Scenario 1 more then anything as that has worked in the past and it was a steady sleep schedule. Honestly tho my sleep has been a ton better but I think my sleep is the upmost importance actually. This is my 3 different scenarios but they vary from a  day to day basis depending how I feel as well so that is why our Facebook Page the private messaging to the Fan Page is set to away between Midnight and 9 am EST is because Staff here are most likely in bed and we will get back to you so that is what a typical that looks like.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The 2020 Staff List

             Things have been involving and decided that both Chris B On The Web, Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast are different and decided that CBOTW is the apparent Company that produces and posts up the episodes. So the list looks like this: 

Chris B On The Web Staff:

Chris (Me)- Founder/Owner of CBOTW: Oversees the operation of the website, blogs and podcasts to ensure a steady flow in content.

Larry- Alumni/Advisor: Advisor for CBOTW and always in my ear on problems and issues that I have been having, he is my go to person on top of Eric who is a former staff but has been there with my struggle running things. 

Billy- FB Fan Page Moderation/Advisor: Billy has two roles and one of them for now is to ensure the page is a happy and safe space to be on with all the members of the Fan Page. Also he advises Chris on things within Chris B On The Web and is the only non Alum that has this role on CBOTW.

Everything About Reality TV:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Created the podcast and Produces each and every episode and is in charge of the Staff behind the Podcast.

Larry- Co-Founder:Helped Co-Found the Podcast and isn't involved with all the decision making with the podcast but knows with the changes and additions to the podcast that are made so he knows what is going on.

Jasmine- Host: The newest member of the Podcast and covers Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US when it airs on TV. Helps out with the Off Season between but glad to have them aboard the team. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Plans, writes the notes edits the podcast so does everything within the podcast recorded twice a year with 4 episodes within a year.

Larry- Host: The Co-Host of the podcast and Chris's other part of the dynamic duo and is on the podcast 4 times within the year which I said before that's 2 sessions a year with 4 episodes up for grabs.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Head Is Going A Mile A Minute Right Now!

               Right now I got like 4 different things going on in my head and this is why I have been quiet overall on social media but I do update when I can and honestly this is what has been going on around the CBOTW Studios:

1) The first thing is the recent CBOTW Studio renovations I have been busy with helping my parents with the repairs to the studio which has honestly has become a full pledge reno to the space down here and we've been delaying things on and off so that is why we've been on hiatus on some of the things going on around the studio.

2) Everything About Reality TV- From recording Off Season and premiere of the upcoming new season of the podcast to editing episodes so this way you guys got episodes to listen to and today being an new episode coming out.

3) Power Rangers Podcast- The third thing on my list is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as you know it's been on a very long hiatus and recently with completing watching a season it all comes down to typing up the notes, but also in the end it is not just not that but the studio as i said above ^ and yes I used the arrow on the keyboard for it but right now we are not currently setup for a dual mic setup and right now we will be finishing up the desk, sanding it and putting the clear coat that gives it nice shine look. Also the minor things to be done, carpet removed, baseboard back up and trim installed so all of that has to be done but once the trim and baseboards I will be definitely back to normal with tons more content but right now were limited what we can and cannot do so that is the reason why.

4) Blogs- Bringing out new posts to the website on a regular basis and it has been nothing but go, go go for me with new posts and I have ideas and updates that I can bring to you guy, studio wise, podcast wise and of course website wise.

                 There are the 4 things that have kept my mind that has been going a mile a minute and obviously there is a ton of stuff going on and there is something even in the works and let's just say the past is going to come back as this has been thought of for the past while and I think now is the best time for this to happen and excited to be doing this on a weekly basis. More details to come soon to this new exciting adventure on top of what is become a  huge success. 


Monday, January 20, 2020

Bullying Is Not OK!

            This was inspired by a friend of mine and I cannot go into full detail what made me talk about this. Obviously I am not cool with bullying and it is not definitely not OK to do especially with people with a disability or on the Autistic Spectrum and I can say I have been bullied in the past and it is definitely not OK. Yes words do hurt and we got feelings and it isn't right. Yes you have an opinion but you do not have to be hurtful or malicious in a way and yes there is a reason behind this entire post. Bullying makes people feel bad and puts some of us into a depression. How do you think I felt being called names last year when I was ignoring the person which I had every right to in the end and it is your choice. Yes ignoring works but if you are being bullied constantly then it is definitely hard to ignore. However this day in age with social media there is that thing called a report button and block button but easy to get around with making a new account. Obviously I am a big advocate for people with Autism and as you know I have Autism but also an advocate against bullying and it is unacceptable honestly! It really upsets me to see anyone with Autism and a normal everyday person get bullied and the reason I wanted to spread my message. 

              I am open to talking about it and I just want to get my message across that I am NOT cool with people especially any of my friends that is when they cross the line and yea I do stick up for my friends, family and even the Staff here at Chris B On The Web, Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Collab Podcast, Honestly I will not tolerate it with anyone as I have said in this post it is not OK  to do. I sure as heck will stick up for anyone and I am now probably a very big advocate of people getting bullied.  In the end it is not OK and you are not alone and if you have to talk to someone then talk to someone you trust like a trusted friend, family member or someone with authority. They are there to listen and help you and I have done this in the past and truly recommend it. Remember ignoring or blocking the person is probably one of the best way but in the end also talking to someone talks. That is what is on my mind right and thank you for reading what I have to say and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kept Questioning Am I Sure of My Decision?

            The last few weeks since the end of the 12th Season of Everything About Reality TV if I was sure I really wanted to continue this if that passion for the podcast is still there after 4 years now. Hearing any of the Reality TV Show themes just gives me that strength to continue on and gets me extremely hyped for the next season coming up. Not just the fact this is Season 40 of Survivor but the fact we have a new team member joining us, Jasmine and my goal of bringing a team for this podcast on it has completed what I wanted to accomplished especially after a year of planning this it has come to a full circle and we are close to almost a complete schedule for the podcast. Not only Jasmine will be covering Big Brother Canada but also Big Brother 22 in the States so that is indeed exciting to do and I will not have a repeat of last year where I quit almost at the end of the season. This takes off the pressure off of me and as well helps the podcast grow even more and we are all about growth on this podcast in the end and that is exactly what we are doing with the podcast. So was my decision the right decision? Yes this was the right decision and proud of this decision too.

             Where did this come out of? Well when I was at the open auditions for Big Brother Canada and after I was done that is when I looked at my phone to realize that I had pile of emails with the title "Re: Everything About Reality TV" when I got home from Toronto from a very long day with Eric and I did look in the morning that there was some emails too and I told him it was overwhelming response to the "This is my final season" and made me realize this was a mistake ending it on a high note when I believe I found out that IHeartRadio picked us up out of nowhere so we must have an unique podcast that interested them so that is definitely a bonus for us and it isn't easy to get onto IHeartRadio. So to leave the podcast when we are on big time platforms probably not the right time so that definitely has a big impact on the decision but in the end I am doing this for you guys the fans and you guys come first and since the decision was made everything seems to have come into place weeks later so everything is coming together and with 2 weeks till the start of our 13th Season begins we're excited to what is to come on Feb 5th @ 9 pm EST.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Riley's Montreal Ruben and Fries Food Review

           So yesterday you noticed I was very quiet on social media in the evening as I was at a Ontario Hockey League hockey game with my family to support my niece and nephew's hockey team. However before we went out for dinner at a pub which I have a history with them, not in a bad way but I went to play pool down there which is not far at all to walk where the high school I went to. This was before the renovations which now I really, really love it honestly the way they have it now compare to back then. So what did I eat at Riley's? Well honestly the choices behind it wasn't easy honestly. They were quite difficult to chose and I had several one being chicken sandwich of some sort to the Philly Cheesesteak which I never ever tried which honestly I should of tried, probably really enjoy it and it was either on bread or a wrap, I would of done a wrap honestly. However I went with something safe and I admit it was different from anything else. So I had a Montreal Ruben which is like Montreal Smoked Meat with cheese, probably Swiss cheese and fries. I think it was suppose to come with Pickle on the side but there were no pickle whatsoever but I will overlook that and not worry about it and it was fine honestly. Also had fries on the side. Sandwich was delicious and gooey but worth it in the end. Fries were not too over salty and I added on the Vinegar as I do not have Vinegar on my fries too but also were crispy and really good. Sandwich I would give a 10 out of 10, fries 10 out of 10.

              The service was a 10 out of 10 and really was great with us and we almost didn't get a seat as downstairs it was tough to sit 7 people but my sister law managed for us to get a seat upstairs as there was some seating upstairs. I will definitely be back in the very nearby future and definitely wanna try something different and never know I may revisit this on another blog post as I enjoy making these food reviews and you guys seem to enjoy them and whenever I am out somewhere especially new I tend to do a food review on here. Speaking of which February both Larry and I will be heading to Pop Eyes locally here so we're both excited and will be doing a food review so yes this means Larry will be active member of the blog here on so I promised you guys I'd be doing a post and he will be probably right from here in the studio actually so be sure to stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.


Friday, January 17, 2020

Survivor Will Be On For 10 More Years?!

            My friend said that he's heard that Survivor which is one of the shows that is covered on Everything About Reality TV will be around for at least another 10 years?! I looked and nothing at all and honestly I need him to show me where he found this information but if this is true this is good news for the podcast for being around for many more years to come. Some how I just cannot find anything so something seems fishy but I will ask Eric he knows where to find the source of the article. However you know I would like to keep this podcast going for many more years to come and honestly as you know I have been feeling down a lot more last year worrying about the future of the podcast and what would I do afterwards but that is all figured out and not to worry about it till the time comes. Honestly this does make me happy to know the show is going to be around longer so this means the podcast will definitely around but again I just do not know what to expect if it will be back but for crying out loud we haven't even start Season 40 yet and we do not know if they will go beyond Season 40 years we just do not know! 

             It is all about the network if they want to renew it and also of course it is about the viewership if they are getting the views which they have been around the 8 - 10 million views as I did check so I can definitely see it coming back but I just do not want to get too ahead of ourselves right now. The thing we need focus on is Survivor: Winners At War, Big Brother Canada 8 and Amazing Race 32, followed by Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada so we have to focus on now not later and him telling me this did get me excited and at the same time overwhelmed and anything gets me overwhelmed very easily but I will be keeping this in the back of my mind but I am currently focusing on the present and you never know this could happen as the show hasn't really gone dry yet and it's always exciting every single season and it really makes me think hey they are coming up with new and exciting ideas and definitely makes worth watching the show each week that it is. There is a bit of what I have heard but do not know if it's true and if you hear or find the article please put it in the comments below as I want to see something stating this.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Was Excited To Be Recording This Morning!

          This morning I took to recording 2 more episodes as I wanna start typing up the Power Rangers Podcast as time is definitely to work on it this weekend and will be taking the time and effort to get it done. I am currently got one day in the back of my mind right now to the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast when we wanna record and trust me it isn't long from now and we are close to it. However that is not what this post is about, this post is about me recording again this morning which by the time you see this they will have been recorded and ready for the next phase which is the editing phase of this all. Either way we will have a podcast out the next two weeks on a Tuesday @ 9 pm EST but then we shift to Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 when we post up a week in advance to the premiere and sets the ton for our 13th season of the Podcast. Either way we are gearing up for this season and excited to have recorded this morning as we need to keep the ball rolling and that is honestly what we are doing. I know I had a good pace with the collaboration podcast but its again stopped but all I need to do is type. 

           I am looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about the upcoming podcasts that are coming out and working on some new ideas constantly to add on to the list of Off Season stuff and things have been evolving constantly and we are not going off the air anytime soon and Yes I know I said that in the past to the point I was gonna cancel the podcast from any newer episodes but hey we're still here and were still on the air. Also Eric and Jasmine have given me ideas that I wanna do so I am planning on going with them this off season and we got a bunch of stuff planned in the next week or so and excited for you guys to hear it and let's just say one of em will include a revisit to a podcast I did a year ago. That is only a hint and you will see when the time is right you will hear it but were at least a week and a half away from it going up. Honestly it feels good to be back in the saddle so to speak and excited the fact I'm recording stuff again and hope you enjoy what is coming out in the weeks coming!


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Studio Update for 01-13-2020

            This is probably a massive update to CBOTW Studios & HQ. The walls are now complete with being put up and painted entirely. The next stage is to get the ceiling finished and covered with tiles and also the entire carpet removed as there are stains some of them thanks to my stupidity recently and let's say looks like a blood stain but it isn't just sauce I used for my burgers the other night but it doesn't matter the fate of the carpet is pretty much sealed and we are removing the old carpet is going. However today, we will be working on repairing my desk today so that is the primary goal and I am going to try and place things if possible but will not be moving back to the desk until it is actually painted on the top right now. I plan on painting the desktop so could be waiting a few more days but we need to get the trim in before anything goes back so we have to wait for that to be also be painted as well.. Also any trim that is going to be covering the wire where the WIFI is going to be so we also have that to be finished so next week at sometime I probably will be back in my old spot but again we will see what next week brings too but aiming to get things back to normal by the end of next week at the most. I was going to put up sound proofing but not sure right now but I think I will do it as I got ideas brewing in my head.

              There is the update and were getting sooo close to being finished and excited to make use of the fab space and will be so much better then we had before and yes since I do not use the green screen anymore the other side of the curtain will be facing the desktop side of things with the Green screen facing the doorway. Yes the lights I will be using as it to brighten up the space for the podcasts especially so I will still be using that for the space. I may not be broadcasting anymore but the equipment in the studio I will be using one way or another and I am planning to use the foot clicker to turn the lights on and off but will need another one when I setup Christmas lights and such a sort but that is down the road and I know Walmart will have them and that will be on the bucket light for Late Fall 2020 when Larry and I decorate the place and my parents are giving me lights which I can really deck out the place for Christmas 2020 but again that is 11 months from now so I am not going to worry about it but we will setup majority of it then we can make changes if we need to. Either way we're getting excited for the return to the space and getting things back to normal around here. Yes a formal announcement regarding a podcast is coming soon too.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review (With Spoilers)

         Now that it has been a few weeks since the Rise of Skywalker came out, I think it is time for me to write a spoiler version of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Now if you haven't seen the movie, please do not read further as this post does contain spoilers.  You cannot say I warned you guys on this because I did. Anyways to the post:

          As you know I did do a non spoiler version of the post but this contains things from the movie. There is a few neat things I wanna talk about and the first one is the voice of Vader popped up there when you heard the voice of the Emperor you also hear the voice of Darth Vader which is voiced by the one and only James Earl Jones. Also an appearance of Harrison Ford as Han Solo which my thoughts was how can get come back? But he could of been one with the force or something like that. Also the bickering between Threepio and R2-D2 that brought back a ton of nostalgia in the original movies and nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Also I may as say this as well when they started playing the "Imperial March" I had that chill down my spine as it honestly brought back a ton of memories from the original trilogy not the prequels but Episode 4, 5 & 6 that is from 1977 up to 1983. I still to this day question how on earth the Emperor came back as he fell down that shaft and surprised but what I found out is he created a wormhole to Hexigal where he hiding. Also the machine he was hooked up was used to keep his form together. If he wasn't hooked up to that machine he'd disintegrate to nothing. Now the way the Princess was written out of the series was obviously she died in the movie sorry but this is indeed a spoiler post today. Now the whole Chewbacca dying in the shuttle I was like heck no this isn't happening especially later on Leia passes away that would be 2 but do not forget Kylo also dies so that would of made 3 in total but was only 2 as Chewie was fine and honestly I am a big Chewbacca fan to be honest.

            So the movie as I said in my original post that I did still has a 10 out of 10 and was worth almost 3 hours worth of a movie as people said it was almost an 3 hour movie which that's OK as I enjoyed every moment of the movie. Now the end of the movie with Rey burying the two lightsabres, one being Princess Leia's light saber which I didn't realize she had one which I am sure there is more to that story and maybe something they can do is a side thing between Episode 6 and 7 they could definitely do something but again it would of been difficult as Carrie Fisher has passed away and Mark Hamill is now older so that can be a bit more difficult but with CGI anything is possible. However back to what I was saying that Rey took something out in a cloth which was a new lightsaber which I think she probably built at some point. Either way that is my spoiler post, I hope you enjoyed me bantering on about the movie and this probably was more interesting then the non spoiler post. I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow!


Monday, January 13, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Updates!

             I do have some updates with the Podcast; First thing I would like to say the links page here on have been updated as you know we were working on the players on the site so you could listen in but that proved to lag the heck out of the website however that could of my PC lagging but I do not want people having a laggy website so I have decided to go back to the links list which has proved to work here on the site so you can pick where you wanna go to tune into the podcast. I wasted the time when I could of been recording episodes for the 14th and also I could of been typing up the notes for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which will be needing to be recorded soon as we are going to be recorded. So there was time well wasted and it is nothing but my fault when I should of tested it as I went on and if I seen the fact that it was lagging I would of stopped sooner and could of been working on other things like the ones I mentioned above, I could of been working on it sooner but nooooo. I messed up and I admit it entirely... I fess up my mistake and now I gotta work extra hard.  I know the schedule with this studio reno but I will have more information later on that but that also makes things difficult to get things done but been trying hard lately.

            Now schedule wise I do know the next 3 - 4 weeks schedule for the podcast and what is planned for the next 3 - 4 weeks so here is what is going to go on schedule wise for the podcast:

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 (Tomorrow): 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Back To Basics Podcast

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020: 9 pm EST: Survivor All-Stars 2 Podcast

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020: 9 pm EST: Big Brother Canada Related Podcast (Topic within the podcast to be determined)

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020: 9 pm EST: (Season 13 Starts) Survivor Winners At War Preview Podcast

Thursday, February 13th, 2020: 9 pm EST: Survivor Winners At War RECAP (Starts)

             One last little side note to put in this, I have been looking up Big Brother Canada so looks like a possibility of a March 4th so which means February 29th Jasmine will have a Preview Podcast will be out to you guys, however this isn't an official announcement from Big Brother Canada themselves so this is just speculation that we could see a March 4th premiere. Announcement will come once we know exactly, I will make the official podcast post for the podcast.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Another Studio Update [01-12-2020]

             So it is time for an update on the studio. I have been posting updates and you need to hear it from word of mouth from moi! So as you know we have 3 panels left but as you see on the right hand side that all 3 panels have been put in and I helped a tad on the first of the 3 but I was busy the last day of putting up the wall my dad finished it without my help and he ensured that he was fine without me and if he wasn't OK with it I most certainly would of cancelled my errands to help him out to finish this out. We actually got this finished before the New Year which we were only planning to finish it in the New Year so we got ahead of schedule and since January 1st we have definitely been full speed ahead since and you will see in the second part of this post today. Yes I realize my chair is in the way and during this construction I ended up having to replaced wheels on my chair cause they broke as the wheels got jammed so those got replaced. Anyways that is definitely besides the point but you can see that we moved things about and I will address one more thing towards the end of this post today.

             The second picture to the left is a picture of the walls primed with the primer and now awaits the actual coat of paint which will be happening today as you guys see and read this post, we will be working on painting and when I wrote this I noticed the wall theres a line so something isn't right and we may end up on a small road block as some of it wasn't sanded properly and there is a bump in it so I will or have told my mom on that issue. Anyways it will be all fine in the end I am just picky person I guess. Once the painting is done probably the ceiling above the space where I am going to be recording will be finishing up the ceiling then we will be removing the carpet in the room entirely with the bare floor and I will be getting a area rug at Walmart so we won't have cold feet recording. Once that is done I am going to start placing things around the room and I am probably going to move the desk to the corner even without it's top which is now off as you can see which needs repairs which my Uncle and I are going to be working that once the ceiling and rug is removed and we have things a lot more organized which Larry and I will move my stuff upstairs on Thursday and pack up my dad's records as I already destroyed one or two records so it is better safe in a box which I told him to originally but it was stuffed behind my desk but again I think I will ask for an hour of Larry's time to pack up and move things about and I am sure he won't mind hes been helping when I need it with packing up or moving things around and he did help move the ailing desk that is sitting here no top which is a throwback Thursday Story for this week. Anyways that is my update and I know it's long but hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next post.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Google Adsense-- Not Pleased Whatsoever...

             I originally had planned an update on the studio and honestly I am not happy one blasted bit with Google. As you know I have ads on my website which I will address the future of that later on in today's blog post. Anyways the ads is with Adsense obviously and it was a mistake to sign up with them. However at least I know we did earn a bit but nothing that we were able to pocket but least we know we were earning stuff with Adsense. Now we are only able to earn money with the podcast currently due to the fact we are affiliate with one of the platforms. So were back to being tight on money but still able to earn some kind of revenue with CBOTW, the podcast just not the website itself right now as of effective this afternoon I have deleted our adsense account and moving on from that as I fixed the issue twice and still have the same issue despite I fixed it so I am done with Google all together minus this site.

              What do I mean by this, obviously am not part of the Google Adsense and honestly moving forward we are looking into other options that we can do but as for Adsense we are no longer with them moving forward with the rest. Do not forget like I said I an affiliate with one of the platforms so there is that. As you guys know that.... actually you didn't know about this but we have renewed the domain for this site for another 4 years so I am ensuring you guys were are not going anywhere with this website, it is here to stay and I do not plan on closing down shop anytime soon. This is just a minor setback and this opens the doors for new and exciting opportunities for us and we are definitely excited for what is to come next for us as there is stuff I haven't spoken about yet until I know further but soon something will be added to the list but that is for later on for us to tell you guys what is on tap. Everything seem to go wrong this weekend from all of this happening to me with the site and some other stuff to the weather not cooperating to a point I had to cancel on Larry due to the incline of weather aka Freezing rain so him and I had to cancel till Thursday when we are meeting up. So tomorrow I hope to have an update on the studio from the filling in screw holes to the primer on the wall units unless something else I need to complain or mention let's hope nothing else happens but we gotta remain positive as there is a ton of positive things going on for us currently.


Friday, January 10, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Page Work Gone Wrong! [What's The Plan Now?]

               As you guys know, I have been working on putting episodes on the website which is a ton of work honestly. However in the end the website page just lagged the heck out of my browser and I think it just overloaded it. So this morning I spent hours removing the episodes from the website and we have went back to the links which I think is better as you can choose what link you wanna listen from and this way it is not bogging down the website at all either and I think this is the better of the decisions. I honestly can say this was one of the stupidest ideas I had this year and I could of kept it as it is and been working on the Off Season stuff for the podcast which is coming out next week so I have wasted a very valuable time with my time and honestly I could of been typing up Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue which has been on standby recently and I need to get back to this as we're gunning hard for a February 2020 recording session for both Larry and I. Which I will have an update for you guys on the studio itself and hopefully there will be two within a  few or several days apart. Anyways back to the podcast the links are the best and it doesn't lag the entire site and actually loads a lot quicker.

             Anyways, I apologize why the page has been down for such a very long time now but it is accessible by going to and it has every all 14 links and that is right 2 of the links, Podtail and Podchaser has once again picked us back up with the podcast which is so awesome to hear! I am proud to be getting the podcast back on some of the platforms that the podcast was on despite that we were on our way out the door and I am just happy that we are now staying on the Airwaves and aiming towards 300 episodes and the 5th Year on the air. We are trying new things but in the end it is an trial and error and we made a honest mistake and all we can do is learn from our mistake and move forward. One note that tomorrow I will be recording 3 podcasts, 2 Off Season Podcasts and the Survivor: Winners At War Preview Podcast. So the page is running and if you guys see any issues please use the contact page to contact us or even try and contact us through FB, Twitter or Instagram if you find an issue. We appreciate you feedback at all times and we improve things as we see fits. I will see you in tomorrow's blog post.


Thursday, January 9, 2020

What Is Different This Year For Podcasts on Everything About Reality TV Podcast

              Well as you know this year being a new decade and all and being the roaring 20's once again but 2020 technically comes change to Everything About Reality TV Podcast and I am not just talking about the expansion of the team for the podcast which I have been working out on for the past year. That is right, I am been ironing out details for an entire year so there has been a ton of thought process that came into 2020 many months before Jan 1st, 2020 hit and here are the things that are different that I haven't mentioned before:

1) Celebrity Big Brother USA Season 3: No plans at this current time as we know Julie's contract is just for Big Brother US Season 22 which we know Jasmine will be covering both Canada and the USA seasons this year so this is now off our schedule for this year but they said it could not be done but we do not know what CBS has in-stored for us.

2) Music City CMT Season 3: Absolutely no news on a 3rd season at this moment and I am not sure if there is plans for a 3rd season or not so there isn't any news of confirmation so right now this is the second of 2 of the shows not put into the podcasts

3) Me Stepping Down From Big Brother Canada/Big Brother USA Recaps: Like I said before above, I stepped down to bring in Jasmine who is taking over for me which is amazing to have them part of the team. However I will still be recapping 3 of the 5 shows currently on the podcast, Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada.

                I am hoping to cover some other shows such as and I will be covering for the very first time Amazing Race Australia which will be right out there in shows. What I have been looking up it sounds like a fall premiere so I will be covering 3 Amazing Races unless Amazing Race US returns in the fall then the answer will be different but they said mid season for the US version so sometime in the next few months there will be a new season and it is the matter of time when it will be announced but again I only have Survivor as I said above. This year is about taking this podcast to the next level and that is exactly what we are doing with the podcast and I am honestly excited for it too and what this year brings for the 3 of us on the podcast.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Not Too Happy and Confused About The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack!

              This game seems to get more and more complicated and this is what I am going to be talking about in today's post. Now yes I consider this a "Rant" post and honestly I haven't done one of these in ages! So it does feel good to be doing this post indeed. Anyways I do not know where to start honestly so here it goes:

1) Sims starting fires:   Makes no sense I turn my back for one second and the damn Sims 4 house is on fire and the death of one or more. After all the hard work I put into the file all hell breaks loose but those are the breaks I guess.

2) Drowning of Sims: I was watching the back of the house and the poor kids drowned so easily and not sure why this is happening and starting to think this video game is just glitched all together.

3) Sims University: This is a big one for the list which is when applying to University you can only do it via  a computer and on The Sims 3, you can do it via phone too if I remember correctly. The next point I would like to make is the fact that it takes a long time for them to accept a sim into university and you also have to have the skills for certain scholarships which I don't have with one of my Sims, Katherine. However I am sure Larry will be able to help me with the game one way or another but I got her into university but failed at a step so I might have to retrace my steps again.

              Either way, I have having a hard time with the game but I am sure I will figure it out eventually. I just got this game and it is a learning curve for me still and like I said Larry is the expert at these games compare to I am. Anyways this expansion pack comes a ton more fun for me and also the game and when I get time which will be very soon I am sure it will be soon but I will have the opportunity to play a bit and this Sunday is definitely going to be a prime example as Larry is coming over. Now to replace the Sims who have passed, I probably will replace them with a new set of sims down the road but I am currently running 11 households so I sure as heck have a lot on my plate still. Hope you enjoyed my ramble or rant and I think Steven is posting or has posted up something this morning or this afternoon recapping Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back.


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Last Few Days Hasn't Been Easy!

             Yesterday and today, hasn't been easy for me, from dealing with drama which I certainly do not need the extra stress on me to this morning working most of the night and fixing the feed for the podcast I have seen it all. All I was doing was getting a drink when some drama which I will not talk about but the day I had 16,100 + steps as well which is probably one of my all time bests since getting the fitbit. Anyways that was not the only thing that went on was seeing my ex staff in long time. On top of that bus driver being miserable and trust me I had some comments I made and of course Eric, being Eric laughing at my remarks I was making and this year I have noticed I am or have become more of a clown in person and I have noticed even despite the moods been up and down so far this year I still seem to make remarks and I seem to be more sarcastic at times as well. Yesterday I wasn't having it and maybe I just gotta get back into the swing of things with being out and about as over the holidays I was at home most of the time and rarely got out and about minus walks around in my area.

               Now this morning, well one of the episodes had the new intro that I changed in September but I wanted to make sure it was back to before the 12th season of the podcast with my voice. It wouldn't let me change so I had to re-upload the last 3 episodes on the feed which by the time you see this post it should be updated and up to date. Speaking of up to date or updates; we're getting further in the Everything About Reality TV Page and yesterday or the day before that, we ran into issues with the code on the page so I started to tinker with it change the code around and I figured out and now we are on a good pace at this point and hope to get it done by the weekend hence the off schedule of posts recently where I go very quiet on Social well between 6 pm and Midnight EST, I am more then likely in bed early and up during the night so you can see the pattern of my sleeping habits right now are different and hopefully soon I will get back to a normal pattern but that may not be for a few weeks now as there is a ton of work to be done. Today may have been a rocky start but it will pick up I am sure.


Monday, January 6, 2020

Games I Wanna Get Most Definitely!

               Today, I am getting myself The Sims 4: University expansion and I was waiting honestly but with the recent sale going on with Origin, I am getting the gift card today for Origin and I left early today before meeting Eric today for the first time in 2020 since before Christmas holidays. I am honestly excited to get this since finding out that they have come out with this version of the game since The Sims 3 and honestly I was really hoping that they would do a version of this game and I am going to try and play a bit of it later on in the evening before bed and excited to send the kids on the Sims 4 to University but maybe even my sim should. However I need to re do majority of the households I am currently and there will be a ton of fires or what I will probably end up doing is erasing all the households that I made and start over from the start again but again I haven't been on the game in quite some time since I have been busy working on things for the website right now and trust me when all is said and done, I do plan on playing a bit once some of the podcasts are done for off season and I have officially started typing up the Power Rangers Podcast but right now things are a bit busy but I am sure Sunday, when Larry is here we will be playing it a ton as he will be excited I got the expansion Pack.

                 This is probably the best time to get the game as I said it is currently on sale but I may just  saved over 60 bucks for a video game which is good and I am glad it was on sale and came at the right time when I wanted to get the game. I always wait to see if there is a very special price I will definitely look into getting it. Also I may as well say this as well, I am looking into getting NHL 12 for the PC so I can play with my niece and/or Nephew but I looked at it and Amazon and it costs almost 140 bucks Canadian, however, I looked further and I messaged a gaming store locally see if they had it and the price so I hope I will be in luck and when you are reading this I haven't gotten a new message yet and hopefully I will by the late afternoon but again these posts are done early mornings or ahead of time depending on our schedule. Anyways these are the games I wanna get and in time I will definitely have both of the games but for right now I am primarily focusing on The Sims 4 at the moment.


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Did I Accomplish Everything In 2019?

             I forgot to mention this in my year end year in review and the question I am posing to myself is did I accomplish everything I wanted this year? Yes of course I did! I will list them in this post today.

1) Everything About Reality TV- I successfully covered the second season of Music City on CMT and it was clearly in the plan soon as I heard about it returning for the second season of the series which now we do not know what the plan is for the series at this moment as we are waiting on a renewal from CMT and I can honestly tell you I really do not know what to expect as I haven't been in touch with them in almost a year but have that grim hope it will come back but again I still was able to manage to cover both season 1 and season 2. Also covered the second season of Celebrity Big Brother which was a huge success for being the first and only time that we covered the show before they decided to not renew it this season. The podcast we set out on everything we wanted to minus one thing which I will mention after at the end of this post.

2) Website Growth- Successfully reached the 50k mark on the website which is entirely amazing and ever since we got the growth we have seen a massive growth and currently at the 62k mark and this year we could see the 100k mark this year within or past the 1 year mark so it is so astonishing honestly and excited to see what is next for CBOTW this year moving forward.

3) Power Rangers Collaboration- Might of not gotten 2 of them done but still the viewership was up and you guys know it is twice a year as my schedule is busy between February and end of May with Everything About Reality TV but in the end as long as the numbers are steady that is what really matters. It is indeed a numbers game for us here at CBOTW and the views stay up then we will continue on as Larry has told me and I haven't given him the numbers but should next time hes here a week tomorrow.

4) Being Self-Employed- Finally get to do this as a job as I have started to earn money with the website

           In the end  I believe I achieved all the goals I set out and last year was amazing but the only thing that I failed to achieve with CBOTW is the Big Brother 21 Recaps, I mean I did do it but then gave up near the end of the season as things got out of control. However this year I know it will be a great year with a new "podcast" joining the ranks at some point this year which no confirmation as of yet and also the addition of Jasmine for Everything About Reality TV there are more goals set for this year and even Steven has joined the team so this team is becoming bigger and honestly I think we have all the team that we need at this moment.


Friday, January 3, 2020

Plans & Changes For CBOTW...

            With 2020 here, I am making changes to CBOTW that will impact the future of the website. Not easy to say this but since I pre-written the content post but there has been more to it all and here is my thought process:

1) CBOTW Gamers Podcast: It was talked about and honestly with the way we are going through hosts so much recently, I think at this time it is best for myself and the CBOTW Staff to just move on and continue on with the 3 podcasts that we have going on Everything About Reality TV, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and The Sports Hour W/ Billy. Honestly we have been through the thick and thin and I think it is just time we put this podcast on the shelf once and for all as I just feel like it is not going to work and we have tried too many times to revive after the first host so I think this is just not going to work out honestly and it has been tried too many times and failed time and time again and it has been a turning endless wheel for this podcast and I can be honest, I have given up with trying on this podcast and honestly it is just time to give up on it and work with what is working for us which is the 3 I mentioned.

2) Everything About Reality TV: With the additional host, Jasmine added on we here in the Main Studio or CBOTW HQ have been working on a side projects where you will once again have the ability to listen to the podcast also on the website as well. This goes for any other podcasts that is currently on the rotation here on the website. This will take us some time to get done but it will be all done in due time and were excited to be bringing this feature back to the website after about a year of it not being physically on the website and only the links that you seen for the last almost year.

              There is what is on my mind right now and a ton of new stuff coming and I told you guys 2020 was going to be crazy with new stuff and features to the website even old features that have made it's return to and this is only the start for us and I cannot wait for you what is in-stored. Also as you can tell Steven has finally started with the blog and will be covering the Gordon Ramsey shows from Masterchef, Masterchef Junior to Gordon Ramsey 24 Hours To Hell and Back to Hell's Kitchen. It is very exciting news to be adding him to the blogging team.That is a few bits of what is coming but I will explain more as the year goes on and announcements as they see to fit. Cannot wait to keep telling you guys what is going as there is a couple of things still yet to be announced but in time you guys will know. You know a bit but not all the details but like I said you will know more very, very soon! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!


Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Addition To Everything About Reality TV and Winter/Spring Schedule 2020!

                It is with my great pleasure and honor to introduce Jasmine to the team as they will be covering Big Brother Canada Season 8 in the Winter/Spring season in February or March of 2020. I am for once excited for this new opportunity to come and both of us are excite to what is coming. Now I know last year when I covered it I did it twice a week but this week we both agreed Jasmine will be covering it once a week on a new day. Anyways here is the time table for the Winter/Spring 2020:

Thursdays, 9 pm EST: Survivor 40- Winners At War RECAP (With Me, Chris, Starting Thursday, February 13th, 2020)

Saturdays, 9 pm EST: Big Brother Canada Season 8 RECAP (With Jasmine, Date to be Announced Soon)

Amazing Race 32: I am awaiting on the news for this coming season and I just do not know when to expect it. It could be in the Spring time or it could be in the Fall on top of Survivor 41 if Survivor is confirmed for a 41st season but right now I am keeping the show off the timetable for now and I am more then likely putting it on the waiting to be scheduled but they said it will be out mid season in 2020 so I am guessing either the winter or the spring sometime but again this can change and never know I could of changed this but if not then what you see here is the schedule as this was written on Decmebrr 15th 2019.

                I am excited for all these changes and additions to the podcast and if all goes well I will be offering Big Brother 22 come summer time as well to our newest member. With saying that I want to say welcome Jasmine to the team, we're all excited to have you aboard the Chris B On The Web Family. We cannot wait to hear you on the podcast and let's get this podcast up to 300 episodes this year!