Friday, January 17, 2020

Survivor Will Be On For 10 More Years?!

            My friend said that he's heard that Survivor which is one of the shows that is covered on Everything About Reality TV will be around for at least another 10 years?! I looked and nothing at all and honestly I need him to show me where he found this information but if this is true this is good news for the podcast for being around for many more years to come. Some how I just cannot find anything so something seems fishy but I will ask Eric he knows where to find the source of the article. However you know I would like to keep this podcast going for many more years to come and honestly as you know I have been feeling down a lot more last year worrying about the future of the podcast and what would I do afterwards but that is all figured out and not to worry about it till the time comes. Honestly this does make me happy to know the show is going to be around longer so this means the podcast will definitely around but again I just do not know what to expect if it will be back but for crying out loud we haven't even start Season 40 yet and we do not know if they will go beyond Season 40 years we just do not know! 

             It is all about the network if they want to renew it and also of course it is about the viewership if they are getting the views which they have been around the 8 - 10 million views as I did check so I can definitely see it coming back but I just do not want to get too ahead of ourselves right now. The thing we need focus on is Survivor: Winners At War, Big Brother Canada 8 and Amazing Race 32, followed by Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada so we have to focus on now not later and him telling me this did get me excited and at the same time overwhelmed and anything gets me overwhelmed very easily but I will be keeping this in the back of my mind but I am currently focusing on the present and you never know this could happen as the show hasn't really gone dry yet and it's always exciting every single season and it really makes me think hey they are coming up with new and exciting ideas and definitely makes worth watching the show each week that it is. There is a bit of what I have heard but do not know if it's true and if you hear or find the article please put it in the comments below as I want to see something stating this.


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