Saturday, January 18, 2020

Riley's Montreal Ruben and Fries Food Review

           So yesterday you noticed I was very quiet on social media in the evening as I was at a Ontario Hockey League hockey game with my family to support my niece and nephew's hockey team. However before we went out for dinner at a pub which I have a history with them, not in a bad way but I went to play pool down there which is not far at all to walk where the high school I went to. This was before the renovations which now I really, really love it honestly the way they have it now compare to back then. So what did I eat at Riley's? Well honestly the choices behind it wasn't easy honestly. They were quite difficult to chose and I had several one being chicken sandwich of some sort to the Philly Cheesesteak which I never ever tried which honestly I should of tried, probably really enjoy it and it was either on bread or a wrap, I would of done a wrap honestly. However I went with something safe and I admit it was different from anything else. So I had a Montreal Ruben which is like Montreal Smoked Meat with cheese, probably Swiss cheese and fries. I think it was suppose to come with Pickle on the side but there were no pickle whatsoever but I will overlook that and not worry about it and it was fine honestly. Also had fries on the side. Sandwich was delicious and gooey but worth it in the end. Fries were not too over salty and I added on the Vinegar as I do not have Vinegar on my fries too but also were crispy and really good. Sandwich I would give a 10 out of 10, fries 10 out of 10.

              The service was a 10 out of 10 and really was great with us and we almost didn't get a seat as downstairs it was tough to sit 7 people but my sister law managed for us to get a seat upstairs as there was some seating upstairs. I will definitely be back in the very nearby future and definitely wanna try something different and never know I may revisit this on another blog post as I enjoy making these food reviews and you guys seem to enjoy them and whenever I am out somewhere especially new I tend to do a food review on here. Speaking of which February both Larry and I will be heading to Pop Eyes locally here so we're both excited and will be doing a food review so yes this means Larry will be active member of the blog here on so I promised you guys I'd be doing a post and he will be probably right from here in the studio actually so be sure to stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.


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