Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kept Questioning Am I Sure of My Decision?

            The last few weeks since the end of the 12th Season of Everything About Reality TV if I was sure I really wanted to continue this if that passion for the podcast is still there after 4 years now. Hearing any of the Reality TV Show themes just gives me that strength to continue on and gets me extremely hyped for the next season coming up. Not just the fact this is Season 40 of Survivor but the fact we have a new team member joining us, Jasmine and my goal of bringing a team for this podcast on it has completed what I wanted to accomplished especially after a year of planning this it has come to a full circle and we are close to almost a complete schedule for the podcast. Not only Jasmine will be covering Big Brother Canada but also Big Brother 22 in the States so that is indeed exciting to do and I will not have a repeat of last year where I quit almost at the end of the season. This takes off the pressure off of me and as well helps the podcast grow even more and we are all about growth on this podcast in the end and that is exactly what we are doing with the podcast. So was my decision the right decision? Yes this was the right decision and proud of this decision too.

             Where did this come out of? Well when I was at the open auditions for Big Brother Canada and after I was done that is when I looked at my phone to realize that I had pile of emails with the title "Re: Everything About Reality TV" when I got home from Toronto from a very long day with Eric and I did look in the morning that there was some emails too and I told him it was overwhelming response to the "This is my final season" and made me realize this was a mistake ending it on a high note when I believe I found out that IHeartRadio picked us up out of nowhere so we must have an unique podcast that interested them so that is definitely a bonus for us and it isn't easy to get onto IHeartRadio. So to leave the podcast when we are on big time platforms probably not the right time so that definitely has a big impact on the decision but in the end I am doing this for you guys the fans and you guys come first and since the decision was made everything seems to have come into place weeks later so everything is coming together and with 2 weeks till the start of our 13th Season begins we're excited to what is to come on Feb 5th @ 9 pm EST.


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