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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Podcasts-- Fall 2020-- What's New and What's Returning?

              This post was suppose to be up the other day but due to the issues of the interface with the blog this got delayed. There is a new podcast coming and there is projects that are going to be returning to the lineup and this is to announce what Chris and the rest of the team has in stored for 2020 - 2021 season.

Entertainment Man Podcast: It is finally returning after almost a 5 month Hiatus, Chris's personal podcast which will be recorded and posted up each and every week on the Audio ONLY Platforms. He already did an episode or mini episode since it was only 14 mins long not the full 20 - 30 min episode he usually produces and puts up. He has already confirmed that Sunday, September 6th, 2020 @ 1 pm EST the first episode will be put up.

Sports Talk With Bulldog: A New Podcast that is joining the lineup of the 3 podcasts and will be also starting towards the middle of September. What I know of it will be both Video (YouTube) and Audio ONLY Platforms. Chris will also be active as Senior Advisor for Billy's podcast and if Billy cannot make it one week then Chris has been willing to step in if worse comes to worse but you will see Chris behind the scenes for the most part.

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: The Podcast you all know and Love will be returning this fall with a bit of a make up schedule for the podcasts. At the end of September he will be making up the Wild Force season then they two guys will be back in December for Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder as well then the two of them will decide what the next timetable is for the next set of podcasts that are gonna be done if Chris decides to continue as he's already put no interest in continuing but we will see how he feels in December.

                 There is our amazing lineup. Not all schedules are confirmed as we are just in the month of August but in time we will be announcing schedule wise soon hopefully. Some platforms still need to be created and put together and soon as Chris is finished with Time Force, it is on his priority list while he watches Wild Force and gets ready to record in September for his next collab and that also goes for the Video side of some of the projects but not all of them.

Sophie, Community Manager

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The CBOTW Show & Entertainment Man Podcast Tentative Dates

                     As I said in a post yesterday, I got some information about the two podcasts that is going to be happening on and all other platforms out there. Now this isn't happening till this fall and we have to change the calendar here on but that will be fixed in due time, we got enough on our plate with current projects going on. Here are the dates for Podcasts:

The CBOTW Show:

September 8th, 2020: Power Rangers Time Force Podcast- As long as the recording goes according to schedule, we will definitely see it on this date. This date for right now is tentative at this moment but again a date we hope to make a confirmation that this is the actual date that we wanna do in the very near future.

September 15th, 2020: Power Rangers Wild Force- Again this depends if he is ready to go but we hope as heck to be aiming for this dates for release. Remember he will have had these episodes on hand for about a month by the time it goes up.

Entertainment Man Podcast:

September 7th, 2020: He wants to re-launch his personal podcast and excited to bring it back into the lineup of podcasts each and every week for you guys on top of Chris and Larry's The CBOTW Show which the two of them created in 2018, 2 years ago.

                     Now I specifically did not say what shows but as I said on the CBOTW Social, he's so excited to announce what shows he will be covering this fall and he has ideas in the back of his mind. This may sound confusing at the start, but you guys will see in time what is in stored. He is even planning to cover older shows between the regular seasons but that is all I am going to say for now. He will be behind the mic twice this summer then off the rest of the summer and preparing for the next huge project as we role out our 3rd Season for The CBOTW Show and continue on with his 1st season with Entertainment Man Podcast.

-CBOTW Staff

Sunday, May 3, 2020

What Will I Do After Everything About Reality TV Podcast Finishes This Season?

                        First of all getting use to the new version of blogger as they changed the layout and honestly liked the older version but what can you do? Anyways that is besides the point but I was asked what am I going to do between the seasons. First thing I want to say is this is just a hiatus, it is not cancelled. We will be between seasons and until we know the status of shows, we're on a break. I wouldn't even call it a hiatus but more like a break from things really. Well as you know, Larry and I are scheduled for July to record and I have to continue to watch the series and more then likely what I will be doing while I am working on the website today but besides the point.  Watch the series will take a few weeks to watch and finish but even after that start working on Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder for the Fall so I can make sure were on track and even beyond that! What do I mean by this? I also wanna make sure January's podcast is ready and I want to get a bit ahead of myself so I can keep the schedule as it is. I have to also finish the website up and it may take a few weeks more to complete the entire project. So that is another thing is I will be working on the site and watching Power Rangers so I will be multi tasking to get it done. There is a lot of different things I can do but Power Rangers and Website has the priority right now to be finished and I know I will get it done. Also I have to remember it takes a lot of time to watch the show and episodes and I am actually now at Episode # 8 so I am making progress but sure I will make a ton of progress today and so on. Also I can say this as well that I will be once the website is done and working, I will be working on Off Season Podcasts in case I want to do some before the next season starts but again we do not know when shows will be airing again right now but always good to be prepared ahead of time and I know there is episodes that I did I could do on an off Season again but I have to locate it in my archives box where I keep past notes so there's another task for me to do is locate the notes and I already put it on my list of many things to do. There is plenty of different longer tasks and shorter tasks that I can do honestly and keep me busy over the time we're off from the main podcast series.

                           Yes, I will miss podcasting but don't forget that in July, we will be recording the next Power Rangers Podcast and we're 2 short months away honestly and excited to be sitting down but we do not know if he's going to be coming to the studio as we're still in lockdown and we honestly do not know the outcome yet and they hope to start opening things up but they will not be lifting the social distancing and I think it will be the last thing they do but is OK with me. I got things I can do and plus like I said in an update I have been playing games with my parents on and off, watching TV shows and so forth so I am busy and will continue to be busy. Also now that I have figured out the issues, I think the pages will be done even quicker as we know how to fix the website and will continue to work on it. Work is still being done and with the extra time with Amazing Race now postponed till later this year we have extra time on our hands and we get more time to actually plan and get things rolling with new content and excited for what is next for the podcast. So in my final words is to stay tuned for more content, keep following us on social media for more information and I think this is the best decision to put the podcast on hold after Survivor till we know what is next and we will get through this together.

-  Chris

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kept Questioning Am I Sure of My Decision?

            The last few weeks since the end of the 12th Season of Everything About Reality TV if I was sure I really wanted to continue this if that passion for the podcast is still there after 4 years now. Hearing any of the Reality TV Show themes just gives me that strength to continue on and gets me extremely hyped for the next season coming up. Not just the fact this is Season 40 of Survivor but the fact we have a new team member joining us, Jasmine and my goal of bringing a team for this podcast on it has completed what I wanted to accomplished especially after a year of planning this it has come to a full circle and we are close to almost a complete schedule for the podcast. Not only Jasmine will be covering Big Brother Canada but also Big Brother 22 in the States so that is indeed exciting to do and I will not have a repeat of last year where I quit almost at the end of the season. This takes off the pressure off of me and as well helps the podcast grow even more and we are all about growth on this podcast in the end and that is exactly what we are doing with the podcast. So was my decision the right decision? Yes this was the right decision and proud of this decision too.

             Where did this come out of? Well when I was at the open auditions for Big Brother Canada and after I was done that is when I looked at my phone to realize that I had pile of emails with the title "Re: Everything About Reality TV" when I got home from Toronto from a very long day with Eric and I did look in the morning that there was some emails too and I told him it was overwhelming response to the "This is my final season" and made me realize this was a mistake ending it on a high note when I believe I found out that IHeartRadio picked us up out of nowhere so we must have an unique podcast that interested them so that is definitely a bonus for us and it isn't easy to get onto IHeartRadio. So to leave the podcast when we are on big time platforms probably not the right time so that definitely has a big impact on the decision but in the end I am doing this for you guys the fans and you guys come first and since the decision was made everything seems to have come into place weeks later so everything is coming together and with 2 weeks till the start of our 13th Season begins we're excited to what is to come on Feb 5th @ 9 pm EST.


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019!

           First all Merry Christmas and I know I am a day late but between me trying to sleep properly to traveling. One of the real reasons I have been away from social media recently is because I have been spending a ton of time with the family and was my entire intention during the holidays. My holidays so far since I have today off which I know there will be a ton of TV, YouTube and gaming today so I do not plan to do anything. Right now I am enjoying what I have left of my final day before holidays are up and I am back to work tomorrow and I know what I need to do tomorrow and that is typing up the notes for Power Rangers Podcast and I hope to get it all done before Jan 1st so there will be a ton of long nights for me and lots of YouTube videos, Big Brother Canada and what not but worth it as I hope to end up recording sometime in January/Hopefully. So with Christmas we celebrated my sister in law's birthday then we came back over the next day for Christmas Eve dinner and we had perogies with onions. Also had Smoked Salmon but I had breaded fish as I am not a big fan of Salmon but I tried it one way or another and it was really good! 

            Now Christmas Day, yesterday which I should of still written a post for you guys but I did not due to me feeling tired but yet I wrote this at 4 am this morning, never a dull moment around here even when I am off. Anyways my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, aunt and uncle my parents and I had dinner. Had turkey, mash taters as I always call it, Corn, stuffing, buns, all good stuff honestly. Gift wise I got the missing Star Wars movies I got, pair of pants, more socks (meh). Also I got Futurama which is a cartoon series but hope to collect every volume from the start to finish. Also a gift card for Best Buy for 40 dollars which is really cool and plan on going after the New Year to see what I can get with it! It was another amazing Christmas and I really enjoyed my time with my family and look forward to getting back to sort of a normal schedule but remember with the New Years coming the studio will be empty once again for December 31st, 2019 & January 1st, 2020 for the New Years Eve and Day,


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Updates! [11-19-2019]

           I wanted to take the time to make this announcement post and to give you guys heads up you will now hear a 15 - 30 spot before the intro roles as it normal does and the reason is the podcast is an affiliate and that is all I really want to say but this is a great opportunity and I am sure it will take some time before things pick up. However I can say on the Stitcher side of the platforms that the podcast is with well the views are up which is great and means it is starting to pick up. That isn't the only good thing as you probably noticed Castbox is back and yes I got it back up and it's gaining subscribers pretty quick which is incredible. Also I noticed this a few weeks back but Everything About Reality TV Podcast is also on IHeartRadio which a friend of mine said it is very hard to get on which is true but hey Everything About Reality TV got picked and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Now back to the 15 - 30 spot, it is hard to explain but you will hear it 2 days from tonight what it is sounds like and I can say it is awesome to add a 15 - 30 second spot promoting Stitcher Premium that I can say. Hopefully that does help explain but like I said you will hear it 2 days from this evening as I will be add it in before the intro.

          I am excited to be an affiliate with Stitcher and have the opportunity to promote their product. Going to Stitcher was the best thing I ever did for the podcast 3 years ago and I was there even when they were still growing as a platform and having issues but I stuck by them even when I took a break I still came back and their platform and staff have been nothing but great to me. This also includes TuneIn, ITunes, Player FM, Castbox and all the platforms my podcast as they have been amazing especially when I had a question or concern with my feed they would help me out with the problem so I am forever grateful for the help when I struggle with things.  Either way it has been a very productive journey and it is now no secret as I said in the post 2 days ago that I have decided to continue or move forward with future seasons of the podcast. I cannot wait for you guys to hear this week's episode as I am changing things around and it will sound different for sure and a lot better this week then it has in the past! 


Friday, October 25, 2019

What Is The Real Plan After Everything About Reality TV Ends?

            I know I have spoken about this before I was part of PRCB (Punk Rock Cheeseburger) Podcast that I would be taking a break from running my own Podcast and yes that is indeed the plan to take a break from running my own Podcast but there is now more to it now then there was 4 months ago when I made the first initial post about this way back and here is the plan:

  • To take a break from running my own podcast as it has taken a lot out of me honestly and I am quite exhausted from it still as I have been going non stop all the way up to September when I had a week to a week and half off which wasn't enough as you know I am planning to take a bit of a extended break unless Amazing Race 32 comes on in the New Year but I highly doubt it but we will have to wait and see
  • I will be continuing on with the Power Rangers Podcast as I or Larry have no plans on stopping that podcast right now as it has become a very popular podcast on my website only and has done extremely well over the course of the last year. 
  • The next point I would like to make is I am going to continue to be involved with Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast each week so I am still podcasting but I am involved both Behind The Scenes, Co-Owner role and also as the Co-Host as the podcast so you can still expect to hear me on the podcast every week with the odd week off from to time.
  • Also I want to continue on going to events with my dad and blogging about it. I also want to do a food reviews as they come as I have really enjoyed doing them and there is some coming up in January with Larry and I.
  • Finally, I would like to say this, you probably can start seeing me stream a bit more on Twitch but PRCB, Collab Podcasts and the website/blog will still be a priority to me but I hope to eventually start streaming and hopefully gaining some new listeners and start re-building my fan base once again for you guys.

                   So there is the plan on what I want to do with myself after my podcast is finished it's what has become an amazing run and there will be other projects that I am sure I am going to involved with and I got more plans then you know it as I have spoken to individuals about stuff and we will be working on that but that will be definitely in the very nearby future.