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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

2007 I Had Two Different Types of Pies!

            In 2007, my parents and I went to Halifax and we visted family, my Cousin, Uncle and Aunt. We had a visit there and on the way there my aunt and uncle and a visit on the way back along with my cousin as well. Anyways on the way there I got to try Blueberry pie which was to die for, was the best blueberry pie I ever had, actually the only time I had it as my aunt made the best. 

             Not only that I tried something that is a French delicatessen for the Province of Quebec and that is Sugar Pie which I did a review recently on the French-Canadian Pavilion that also reminded me of my Aunt Ja Mas' pie she made as it was exactly the same taste as hers and why I wanted to do this post to talk about it. Was a fun trip and was nice to visit family and the last time I saw family till this year so always appreciate my time with the family, it is the upmost importance to me and yes I am a big family man as it is very important to me. That is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019!

           First all Merry Christmas and I know I am a day late but between me trying to sleep properly to traveling. One of the real reasons I have been away from social media recently is because I have been spending a ton of time with the family and was my entire intention during the holidays. My holidays so far since I have today off which I know there will be a ton of TV, YouTube and gaming today so I do not plan to do anything. Right now I am enjoying what I have left of my final day before holidays are up and I am back to work tomorrow and I know what I need to do tomorrow and that is typing up the notes for Power Rangers Podcast and I hope to get it all done before Jan 1st so there will be a ton of long nights for me and lots of YouTube videos, Big Brother Canada and what not but worth it as I hope to end up recording sometime in January/Hopefully. So with Christmas we celebrated my sister in law's birthday then we came back over the next day for Christmas Eve dinner and we had perogies with onions. Also had Smoked Salmon but I had breaded fish as I am not a big fan of Salmon but I tried it one way or another and it was really good! 

            Now Christmas Day, yesterday which I should of still written a post for you guys but I did not due to me feeling tired but yet I wrote this at 4 am this morning, never a dull moment around here even when I am off. Anyways my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, aunt and uncle my parents and I had dinner. Had turkey, mash taters as I always call it, Corn, stuffing, buns, all good stuff honestly. Gift wise I got the missing Star Wars movies I got, pair of pants, more socks (meh). Also I got Futurama which is a cartoon series but hope to collect every volume from the start to finish. Also a gift card for Best Buy for 40 dollars which is really cool and plan on going after the New Year to see what I can get with it! It was another amazing Christmas and I really enjoyed my time with my family and look forward to getting back to sort of a normal schedule but remember with the New Years coming the studio will be empty once again for December 31st, 2019 & January 1st, 2020 for the New Years Eve and Day,


Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lion King Movie Review

              This isn't the original Lion King, I am reviewing but the real life version of The Lion King. Anyways same story line as the cartoon back in 1994 which I remember very well. Anyways the difference tho it was real life footage but like I said the lines were the same and you will recognize one voice who did the voice of Darth Vader, he reprised his role as Musfasa the dad to Simba. The rest of the cast was pretty much new voices technically but it was so easy to actually pinpoint and I did whisper to my mom that I swear I heard James Earl Jone's voice as he has that distinctive voice that is so easy to know it's him. I did some research on the voices and the cast and I think I only saw one that was revised their role but I could of been wrong and you guys can correct me in the comments if I am totally wrong on what I said and I can fix it. I can say the movie it was very nice to see again as I haven't seen it in at least 20 years since I was in early in my elementary years like Grade 4 or something like that so I was really excited to see the movie. Also when they played Circle of Life, I got those same chills the first time I said the movie when I was in my childhood so it gave me a ton of excitement.  The one voice I didn't know was Beyonce as I didn't know she voice Nala in the movie.

              Now the movie I'd give a 5 out of 5 obviously as I know the plot and the story line to the movie and enjoyed the movie and it sure brought back memories of my childhood. I highly recommend the movie especially for the kids. I think it is great that they did a real life version of this and the other real life movie I would like to see since we are on the topic of movies they re did in real life versions is Aladdin which is another movie I remember and would also like to see as well down the road. I am now getting into these movies since they are bringing em back into real life version of the movies. If I have to I will indeed will wait till it comes out onto DVD as it has been out for quite sometime now in the theaters so I am going to wait as this week in 2 days from now will be going to see Spider-Man: Homecoming which is now out in theaters and yes I will do a non spoiler post eventually this week at some point. It was hard to write this as most of you remember the original movie from 1994 and I promise to give you more in depth review on the next movie I see which will be on Tuesday and a Wednesday review!


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coming Home Tomorrow!

             As you all know I pre-written posts for over my holiday so I am not leaving you guys hanging for nearly a week but tomorrow things we will be coming to a full swing as we are going to be back home from holidays and which means I will have a bunch of content to write as I will be blogging my ears off for you guys to what I have been up to for the last 6 days while on vaca from being in this studio for such a long time now.  I am however excited to be back home and getting back into the swing of things again and continue to podcast for you guys. I know I probably worrying about losing subscribers but I put a notice on the last episode that I am away but if I lose a couple of subs then it is what it is. But I know you guys are very understanding if something goes all to heck especially technically but again I cannot make a damn excuse as I got the other microphone I can use by switching seats temporarily while I try and fix it. However the tech issues now are very mimimal at this point. I am looking forward to getting back behind the microphone and recording again but it was a nice break for me but always nice to get back to normal.

              Anyways I will make sure to have a safe journey home as we drove out instead of flying and looking forward to catching up with you guys and the way the blog posts to catch up on what I was up to at the East Coast is Days 1 & 2 will be in one post, then Days 3 & 4 on another and finally Days 5 & 6, so 3 posts it will take to get covered then we will be back into normal everyday topics on the blog so it will be span 3 days that is it. It has been a fun filled trip and I have so much to talk about and excited to write the posts once I start writing again after catching up on things being back in the studio over the next couple of days. Speaking of which the next couple of days will consist of me recording podcasts and getting back on track. As for Twitch as you know I streamed on the weekend before I left and I am not sure when I will be back to it as I made the switch to do the podcast which will be explained eventually as it is only in the testing phases right now. Either way I feel energized to continue on with the podcast for the rest of the summer and excited to what is coming next for the podcast, blog and the website!


Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter 2019!

                 First of all I have to say, Happy Easter to you all! I love this time of the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today I am spending time with my family, my brother, sister in law my niece and nephew and of course my parents and I will be having dinner this afternoon not long after this post goes live here on Yes I am taking 2 days off from the podcast right now as I need a tiny break as I have been going non stop since January and need to take a break from it all but mind you I am still watching the live feeds and reminder I did remove live feed stuff as you guys did not like the idea as I lost mad amount of subscribers. Anyways I got some things the kids and I can do as I will be the entertainer for the kids especially. My friends call me Entertainment Man for a reason and why a certain web series which is no longer active as a series no more is running but another story and could just be a Throwback story for this week actually. This will be a nice break for me and gets my mind off of all this craziness and preparing for the future of CBOTW.

                  So with saying what I had to say and I know this is not the longest post in the world but I wanted to take the time and wish you all a very Happy Easter and there will be a post tomorrow but in the way of work nothing else is being worked on and I will be back in Studio working on podcasts and that darn menu bar trying to make it work better. I think I do know the issue but I have to find it in the CSS Code to where it will make it work. Anyways I hope you all have a great Easter with your family and I will be back back tomorrow with another post which will be an amazing post that is coming out to you guys tomorrow.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Looking Forward To Easter and 2 Days I Will Have Off!

             After this week being even more chaotic then last week, I am just looking forward to sitting down with the family and enjoying everyone's company at Easter dinner and of course my is to entertain my niece and nephew we will either be in my room, or playing hide and go seek or video games which they haven't seen me play for the longest time since I have been busy taking care of my mom and her full knee replacement. So you can see my dilemma but I get through. I honestly I thought that we weren't going to have Easter with my parents, brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew and my grandma but my mom is progressing very well in her recovery that we are able to have Easter as my dad and my brother got the dinner covered but I offered to help but like I said I will be with my niece and nephew keeping them entertained during their visit. I know were are planning on a more simple dinner since we are limited on the help this year as my mom will be sidelined to helping and I will be making sure she is not helping. This will be definitely be looking forward to relaxing for once as I need to relax and like I said on the blog post that yes I said last week was a very stressful week for me and this week will be a busy week for me so it will be to sit back let loose and just do nothing for the day. Monday as well I am planning to take the time off Monday too. I just need that break and even if it is a day or 2 here and there that is a good thing and I know I will have 2 extra days the week Easter Sunday is on that Thursday, the 25th as I may actually be out of town but I will know this week. Also the 2nd of May I am out of town again. I am out of town quite a bit leading up to the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale.

                I love the Easter holiday or any holiday so to speak as it is a time for me to rest and get my juices in my head but any holidays I do enjoy any holiday honestly because I like to spend the time with the family and it really gets my mind off of things as my mind is always on CBOTW 24-7 pretty much. My world seems to always revolve running this website and making sure you guys are happy. However, it is a good idea to actually unplug from the online life I live on a regular basis. Sometimes to unplug for a while here and there is really good idea as you cannot keep going on and on stressing yourself out. Sometimes you have to say what the heck and unplug from social media. However I sometimes take a day or two to myself and not worry about it whatsoever. I can look forward to the 2 days off and the odd day off over the next couple of weeks which help me prepare for shows ending their season runs and moving into the off season transition very smoothly.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I'm Home From Minnesota, USA!

              Hey everyone! Yes It's me back in the flesh! I am back actually writing this more closer to the actual day to it being posted. It has been a busy and whirlwind of a last 6 days out of Canada as most of you know I sort of did disappeared and I realize that I didn't post up as yesterday was a rough day and I still am feeling meh this morning. I fell asleep pretty early and slept right through till 2 - 230 this morning which I am quite tired still and it will take me a couple of days to re-cooperate but I had a good time and it was nice to be out of the country to visit family and attend my cousin's wedding. I will be talking about that over the next 3 days tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Then of course, I have been writing down ideas for the blog while I was away on vacation as that is probably the only time I get to actually go away on vacation but I am happy to be home, despite feeling a bit under the weather but I think the echinacea is actually helping me a lot. Now today, I have the missing Survivor David Vs. Goliath Podcast and tomorrow's regular Survivor RECAP which I will get to in a moment with the actual schedule for this week. But I had a few ideas of doing a EP 1 & 2 Recap together but that would be a little long for you guys and I know you rather that I separate them from the first week and this week as well. Now here is the timetable for those who do not follow me on social media here is what it will look like:

Tomorrow (Thursday):  12 PM EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 1 RECAP
                                          9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 2 RECAP

               There is the schedule for this week and next week, we will be getting back to normal and regular schedule for the podcast as you know, I was away on holidays and now I am back, so as the saying goes we are getting back to regular scheduled programming. Ha Ha!  Anyways in retrospective, I really enjoyed having the time off to relax and kind of de-stress after a very long summer season and trying to stay on the right track of mind, so to speak. Hopefully you guys are happy to see back in the swing of things and hope you enjoy my tails of my adventures to the state of Minnesota in the next couple of days.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Thoughts About Mission Impossible 6

                 I know and I realize this was weeks ago since my parents and I went to see the movie but I totally forgot to do an actual review of the money and I hope I can remember how the movie went as it has been about a month since we went to see the movie but I will try my best to explain some favorite parts of the movie as much as possible. So my mom and dad and I decided to go to a movie and chose to go see Mission Impossible 4 which mind you it was a great movie to see. I didn't think Tom Cruise still had it in him for an old timer, well he's in his 50's now but I couldn't believe how great he looked for being in his 50's.

                  First thing I want to talk about without giving tons of spoilers as I am not that kind of person to do that to you guys but I really like the locations they were in, France being one of them which I couldn't believe how small the size of the streets were there, it was very, very small! Also a country I never heard of but it was a cute little country. There is nothing wrong with that, going to an country that we do not hear about, but hey it is a location they wanted to go and they went to. Now the scenery United Arab Emirates which was beautiful scenery with the mountains and what not it was one of my favorite locations in the movie. Also I really liked France and England if I got the location right but I believe it was England mostly as I recognized London England as well. Also the story line behind the movie was amazing and I actually do not remember Ethan which is played by Tom Cruise had a wife in the movie and my parents mentioned to me that it could of been in the 1st or 2nd movie but I need to go back and watch em all as I have seen only 1 and 3 in the way of the movies and yes I know I am missing out on a lot of things!

                   Finally I highly recommend the movie as it was a great movie, the story line, the plot, the action, the locations it was all great! I know more then likely now it will be out of theaters but once it comes out on DVD, I am definitely planning to get the movie on DVD along with all the other movies. I believe there are 6 movies in the franchise and if I am wrong please leave me a comment so I can make a correction in the post. 


Friday, June 22, 2018

First Time I Saw A Bear! (Flashback Friday)

             So years ago, as I do not actually remember the year, probably something like 2011, 2012 or 2013 at the most we were on our way back from the neighbors cottage back to camp as it was about 45 minutes to another hour to my neighbors cottage.  But anyways we were on our way back to camp and I saw something at the corner of my right eye. It was black and what I saw was the back (the ass) of an end of a black bear. I knew they were around in Northern Ontario but hey this is a first to see an actual Bear in person. I think it was a mother bear and her cubs crossing. Least we weren't stupid enough to feed it chocolate like John Candy did in the Great Outdoors. LOL. 

              It is quite hard to see bears, they come out when you least expect them, you don't bug them, they wont bug you. Unless like I specifically said above then you are quite fine. However I know the mother bears are very protective of their youngin's. It was a neat experience to actually see a bear in person and I know Silent Lake was known for the bears in the last couple of years we camped there. Camping always entailed with us going to the cottage and it was quite the nice surprise to see nature at it's best especially late at night and we are talking about 8 pm EDT to be exact as we usually got back around 10 pm at night as we stay there quite a very long time. 

                  Finally I can say it is off my bucket list to see nature come out at the best and next week's Throwback Thursday will be as good as this one, because I got a similar post to do next week on the Throwback Thursday Story and it will be another good post as it kind of similar to this post as it was another vacation story. 


Monday, June 18, 2018

Spent Time With My Dad on Father's Day

                On Saturday, I spent some time with my dad for Father's day and I spent time with him his afternoon too by watching some of the golf with him again hence I have hardly been on today but I enjoyed the father's day weekend with my dad. Watched the US Open Golf Tournament and it was good. I was getting over excited as the golf was all over the place and one person was in the lead, then someone else was in the lead an hour later it was quite exciting as nobody stayed in the lead at all in the US Open this year. Also the fact that the greens were fast when the golfers hit the actual ball. It can easily roll off the green in a heart beat! 

                Food wise, yes watching the US Open we had food, we were there for dinner. We had Hot Italian, Macedonia and Oktoberfest Sausages, Meat on a stick, and stuffed potato. It was a great dinner, so filling, so fattening but I could care less as I am now officially back on my diet now and want to get below 200 pounds and I plan on it and that will be a blog post for another day. But I ate everything on my plate and trust me it was piled up good enough but I was full by the end of the meal. Was enough to fill me up as now I have lost a little over 10 pounds.

               Finally, if you are wondering, yes I got to see my Niece and Nephew on and off, which was nice and they came over to give me a hug and talk to me about things but for the most part they knew I was there to watch the golf but during dinner I talk to them short time in between and just before I left to come home after a fun time. So yes it was nice to be there and got to see my brother friend after almost 2 years of not seeing him last. I just relaxed and prepped this blog. As for yesterday I watched the golf a bit with my dad yesterday and once again it was all over the place but as it came to the final stretch Koepa stayed at + 1 to win the tournament. 


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How My Easter Day 2018 Went!

           So I promised you guys I would talk about how my Easter went with my family and I know my life is pretty boring to you guys but hey I don't mind sharing certain things about my personal life especially when I am spending time with my family! I know you guys enjoy the pictures I post of my family and I on Instagram. 

            Anyways, it was a great dinner and get together with my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew and of course my parents and I. Soon as they arrived to the house here, I ran the Easter Egg hunt with the kids which I do pretty much every year or the years they are down here for Easter but for the most part they are here every Easter to celebrate Easter with us. Of course after the kids wanted to play Minecraft down here in the studio so I came down we played Minecraft and created something called the Snow Gollum & Iron Snow Gollum which still I got no clue what the heck it is 2 days later but it's cool, I was on my file recently (last night) and made a bunch of em. I need to make more snow Gollums, they will protect me from the enemies. Anyways they taught me something new, that I never knew this actually existed on the game till my own niece and nephew taught me this. Also I showed em what I was up to with Farming Simulator 17 after dinner as well.

              Dinner wise we had Ham, Mashed Potatoes, carrots, broccoli (yuck!),  Pork kebabs, Chicken Fingers. It was really delicious! I usually have wine and I said I was but ended up drinking Milk... SMH. Don't know where my head was at, so much going on. I was to distracted entertaining my niece and nephew I guess! We also got some pictures taken and I got a new picture taken with the kids and boy they are growing up so fast! Overall a great time with the fam and enjoyed every moment of being with my family and it was a nice break from working on Chris B On The Web on Sunday. I was going to record Sunday but then thought, nah, I am going to take the day off and have a day of rest instead and I have been working too hard and needed this break.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

             First thing I would like to say on this blog post for today is Happy Easter! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family. I love this holiday just like Thanksgiving & Christmas because I love being with my family and spending time with them during the holiday season and being around with the people I love. I admit I am excited to be taking a break from this chaos and like I said this morning at 215 am EST, I have been busy leading up to Easter Sunday which is today. I want to talk about it today briefly. 

              Tuesday I went to the Chrism Mass with my dad as that is our tradition each and every year and we consider it father/son time with each other. On our walk from Union we stopped at the St. Stephan's Chapel where our former Pastor Fr. Guenter is in charge of running the chapel during the weekdays and we got to see him and chat with him for a little bit before we continued on our way. We stopped at the Eaton Center for a quick drink then we went on to St. Micheal's Cathedral Basilica for the Chrism Mass which our Cardinal, Cardinal Collins presided at the mass. We saw a few of our former seminarians and pastors of parishes we visit here and there as well. We then went to St. Lawrence Market for Fish and chips for me Clam Chowder & Chips. 

                 Now Thursday, had the Holy Thursday Mass locally with our Auxiliary Bishop for our area so we remained in Oshawa for Holy Thursday Mass and Adoration that night. Good Friday, we once again traveled back into Toronto for the Good Friday Service for 3 pm EST which this is one of the traditions my dad and I do every year. Usually Good Friday's we at at St Paul's Basilica and Easter Vigil we are back at St. Micheal's Cathedral.

                  So The Easter Vigil I dressed up nice, shirt, tie and sweater and we headed to St. Micheal's Cathedral. Now you probably wonder with my back is so so right now, how I managed with the sore back but I managed, don't worry I managed. The mass was beautiful, the music was beautiful they really decorated the parish really nice for the Easter celebration. He is truly risen! Hallelujah! 

               Lastly once again, I really hope you all have a very happy and safe Easter and enjoy your Easter with your family. I sure will! I will do a blog post about it tomorrow about my time with my family. 


Monday, July 3, 2017

Canada Celebrations 2017 & Canada 150th Birthday

              Wow what a great day to celebrate Canada Day and this nation's 150th birthday! This will be a day I will remember the rest of my life. First spending time with my niece and nephew even though I didn't go down to the lake did spend time with my niece and nephew and the family that came over and it was fun, I was suppose to cook but my brother and father took over like I figured out so that had a bit of family drama that has gone on. The dinner however was great, tons of food and a great conversation went on. Spent tons of time with my niece and nephew, we played The Binding of Isaac and they got to witness another achievement reached which I am now almost at 50% to being at the full 100% Platinum God which means I will be ready to go to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth which if you ask me I am very very excited and I am sure my niece and nephew are excited to see the next installment and they know a mass majority of the items on the game as I have gone through each challenge or character on the game whether it is Isaac, Samson, Judas, Eve or Maggy, they know almost every item that I have gotten and the new items and we have even looked it up on Canada Day what that specific item does within the game and we, I also mean myself love the lucky toe item.

               The final part of the day would be the spectacular fireworks display that I saw and it wasn't by the lake it was out in Bowmanville which is one town East of me so wasn't far from home so it would do. The downfall of going down to Lakeview is you have to take a city bus shuttle down as you are not allowed to park down there during the Canada Day events so after the fireworks of course it would be quite the crowd and a wait to get onto the bus and go back to the main terminal which I believe was the Oshawa Center if I am correct for this year. But anyways the fireworks so really awesome, it was a very entertaining fireworks and lasted a little over 30 minutes which is amazing, what a great way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. I thought it was going to stop after 20 minutes as it looked like it was ending but it didn't another fireworks and more which made the fireworks display. It was an amazing fireworks and would go back to the Garnet B Rickard Arena.


P.S. here are a few pics from the other night.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016!

I know I am a couple of days late but I wanted to write this blog post anyways... First of all it was a good Christmas, was a busy 2 days. The 24th (Christmas Eve) I went to my cousin Jason and cousin to be Karen's place for Christmas Eve and had a great time and re-connected with two of my cousin Corey and Chad. Last time I saw Corey was at my Grandma's 90th birthday party and Chad I haven't seen in 6 - 8 years! Got to talk to me Cousin Katherine which she married Corey this year so it was nice to talk with her, which I didn't get to at my Grandma's 90th so that was really nice. I got to see my pain in the butt Uncle Mike, got to pick on him a bit hahahaha, when don't I? I always pick on Mike and my Uncle Chuck all the time! I am glad I do not do YouTube anymore I  get more time to spend time with the family and look for a job which I got a job interview tomorrow which I am very excited about! 

Now on Christmas day, I got a new business ish bag for appointments, Dumb and Dumber To and Dumb and Dumber, some things for the shower, scratch tickets which I didn't win anything at all... SMH....  Anyways I got Grand Theft Auto 5 which I have been playing non stop recently so you can say it, I haven't been around online the last few days as I have been a hardcore gamer the last few days... hahaha, however i am getting use to the game and the controls of the game, let me tell you it is completely different from Grand Theft Auto IV. So also on Christmas Day, I started to cook Christmas Dinner what needed to be cooked, and everyone enjoyed it even though they said it sucked in a joke. But it felt good and if my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew come here for dinner, I will plan on cooking once again, I sure enjoyed it.

I will talk to you guys on the next blog post, until then have a great night!