Sunday, July 29, 2018

False Flagging on YouTube....

                  I am appalled at the false flagging on YouTube... I mean really? Here is the short end of the story, a friend of mine, got suspended for 2 weeks and they have minded their own business on the platform making great quality content as usual as I have been a subscriber for nearly 2 years now. I mean they did nothing wrong. This makes no sense, why report them when they haven't commented inappropriately nor break the Terms of Service on the platform? We both have an idea who it is and it is not worth to mention their name whatsoever. However false flagging is not cool and I wish it would be against the terms of service to false flag, because it is against the TOS on which is a broadcasting platform but they have it on their terms of service false flagging will result in a ban from using the platform. YouTube sure needs to start cracking down on the false flagging soon, because it is ridiculous on this happening to not only my friend but I have been a victim of that once, when I never broke the terms of service, whatsoever. 

                   Honestly, I am now happy with me being off the platform and doing my own thing and my own content now to this day. I am very much happier where I am at right now and hopefully will work harder on it in the coming months. But honestly YouTube needs to get their act together and realize non of my friends content is against the terms or service. The person just wants them off the platform for certain reasons and I have already reached out to The YouTube Team to try help him out and get his suspension lifted because I know he's not broken terms of service or seen any video that is hateful whatsoever so YouTube needs to do something about this false flagging because people will not wanna be on the platform anymore if they keep being false flagged. I know the algorithm isn't great but something has to be done. This is why I am making my voice heard on today' blog post as I would like to see something done about this false flagging which isn't necessary and waste of YouTube's time to check the channel for a TOS violation.


Friday, July 27, 2018

Dynamic Microphone or Condenser? Which One Do I Prefer!

               With me being almost a year since having the condenser microphone since switching from Dynamic mic to a Condenser mic and I think today is suitable to talk about which one I actually prefer the most and it has been an interesting and learning experience in change of type of microphones. I didn't realize I could talk into it upright position till I started talking into it. Before I got the AT2020 condenser Microphone which the mic I own right now on top of the dynamic Mic I also have which is now acting like the guest microphone when I do have guests here in the studio with me like Larry for example. 

                I can tell the difference between the two microphones in the way of Audio Quality of the microphone. The dynamic was good but not as good as the condenser microphone that I currently use so there is  bit of a different in the audio quality but that's OK, both still get the job done and done right for. My Dynamic Mic has a lot more mileage used on it then the condenser but this mic will in time will have the mileage too. Either way having a second mic like I said above does help me with the guest situation as it was hard before with one mic only. LOL, we used Larry dead end headset which was a piece of junk honestly and crackly sound and what not... I am not putting down Larry's equipment. 

                  Now, which one do I prefer? Well either mic I prefer but honestly mic is a mic and it don't matter which one I  use as long at the end of the day it gets the job done and done right.  The studio is growing as I get further and further along with Chris B On The Web and  I am excited for the future of the podcast, yes I realize the .com website is now gone and I will be addressing it soon in the coming days, maybe tomorrow, maybe by Monday at the most when I get more news on why they blocked my site for no apparent reason when it was just a blank website at the time. 


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sweet Shoppe (Grand Bend) Review

               While my time in Grand Bend during my vacation, I got to experience the Sweet Shoppe in the town which had two different experiences on two different days as I wasn't sure what heck I was drinking actually. What was I drinking? I had a Vanilla Shake on the Thursday and a Chocolate Shake on the Friday, the day we were coming home from Grand Bend. I will break down both of the days and what my thoughts are and trust me I have my opinions on the Sweet Shoppe but I will be nice in the nicest way as I do not want to put them down in anyway shape or form.

               So first of all, I would like to break down Thursday. Both my dad and I had the Vanilla Milk Shake but it was nothing but liquid, it was more like like Milk frothed then shake. I gotta a suspicious feeling, they did just use Milk and frothed it instead? It was gone within minutes of us walking out of the sweet shoppe so I am not sure what was going on and mind you I did send them a little message to them. I knew it was not as thick or done up like a Milkshake. I felt like it was rushed and usually take a couple of minutes to put a shake together and it seemed to not take that long for some odd reason. 

                Now to the more positive side of things, my dad and I ended up back at the sweet shoppe again to pick up Fudge for my mom as a treat for her and my dad asked if I wanted a milkshake and I right away hesitated at first to decide if it is worth another let down once again but I am all for a second chance and gave the Sweet Shoppe another chance and this time I had a chocolate milkshake this time around and it was thick and the girl filled it to the top which was awesome to actually see this time around. I give Thursday's Milkshake a 1 out of 5 as I was sort of disappointed. But Friday, however I give it a 5 out of 5 this time around as I was more satisfied with the shake this time. Would I go back there for another Shake? It is hard to decide at the moment.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Aunt Gussie's Restaurant Food Review (Grand Bend, Ontario)

            Thanks to @ralyssa11 On Twitter, as she recommended this restaurant to my dad and I, my dad and I had the opportunity and chance to eat there on the day we left Grand Bend and it was a long wait but it was worth the entire wait and it wasn't really that long wait honestly, it didn't feel that long honestly. Once they cleared a table for us, we got seated and ordered juice and coffee for my dad obviously and we put in the order. I don't remember what he had but I had the Aunt Gussie classic breakfast which consist 2 eggs, bacon, potato small wedges and toast. 

               Now the eggs were done over easy to my liking and it was cooked to my liking. The bacon wasn't too crispy, I like it not too crispy but even I am able to chew the bacon without hurting my teeth in the process. The potatoes were nice and soft and tasted really well. I should of done ketchup but I don't think they had that condiment out yet as it was still the morning at the time.  The toast, well the bread was so soft and I actually like the bread diagonal and wanna do that from here on out.

                So this restaurant out of 5 gets a 5 all day as it is a nice hearty meal and great way to get your day started as Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But be patient when you go to Aunt Gussie's it is worth it. The staff (waitresses) work so hard and go back and forth and gives you great service which is great in a restaurant. If you are in the Grand Bend Ontario, do give it a shot by eating at Aunt Gussie's!


Monday, July 23, 2018

My Grand Bend Vacation 2018!

                As you all know, I took some time off and went away for the 4 days I was off. I went to Grand Bend for a holiday. I needed to soak up some suds on the beach, swimming and hiking. We had to wait one extra day due to a thunderstorm and we didn't wanna get struck by lighting by all means so we left on the Tuesday and the Monday I finished up all the work that I had to do before I started a 4 day vacation time from reality. So we left at quarter to 11 in the morning and we trekked all the way to Grand Bend with a stop to stretch our feet as we were getting stiff and it is a historic town called Stratford. We got there and we started to setup, had a mishap with the tent which mean taking a 20 km side trip to resolve our tent woes on this trip. In the evening we went down into Grand Bend, did some Mini Golf which I won. Also saw the sun set as well which was beautiful! 

            Day 2 came around, we did some hiking in Pinery Provincial Park to  do some hiking and also swam at the day beach which was nice. Also we did back to back swimming with another swim at the beach in Grand Bend. So it was refreshing and boy I was tired by the end of the day. We did more mini golf, saw the sunset with some Jazz entertainment. The 3rd and final full day in Grand Bend which we left the day later we went back to the Provincial Park for another hike which took about 40 minutes. Followed by looking at the opposite beach from the beach in Grand Bend. We also swam once again as well. We also did mini golf and we tied so we both one a game and tied the last so it was officially a tie between us. We saw the sunset for the last time and spent a good amount of time on the beach like Wednesday night and also had a milshake that wasn't too good and I will be doing a post on that as a review of the Sweet Shoppe down there on Wednesday's blog post.

             Friday we went home but has breakfast at Aunt Gussie's and I will be doing a food review on tomorrow's blog post for you guys if I recommend it or not. Followed by that we had one last swim, followed by a milkshake which better then the day before and again I will talk about it on my review on Wednesday. Followed by that we were finally on our way home. I slept a good 2.5 hours and up for dinner which we went to Pizza Hut which aren't many and I like Pizza hut as the dough is so soft when you bite into it. However the trip was great, had a great time and glad to be home and bringing out tons of podcast and blog content to you this week.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Back On My Diet....

                After a 4 day holiday away, I need to get back on my diet as my weight has gone up so I am currently working on fixing that right away as I need to get back on the right track with losing weight and my goal is get back to 222 pounds before this gets way out of control again and I plan on not letting it getting this out of control, I want to continue on with my weight loss journey as I plan to still get below 200 pounds again as I haven't been that for years now. I am only 3 pounds away from 230 again and trust me I don't want to be back at that point where I have to start my diet all over again from the start.

                We ate too good on the Grand Bend trip, I think the portion size was too much honestly, however I still got the food and I had smaller lunches. I guess vacations you eat like crazy but yet I swam a lot and I also hiked quite a lot too so that had a factor that I didn't go up by much in weight actually, I went up a pound but I am slowly going down. Now, I am not going to not eat, I have to eat but I need to portion size the amount I eat per meal and also eat the non fatty food and eating healthier is one of the bigger goals. My goal is to be above 1800 calories per day which has actually helped me lose the weight I need to lose. 

                 Finally I will continue on with my diet and I will work on continue on losing the weight and I want to get down below 200 and get a little smaller in my waist to fit some of my clothes that I cannot fit into now. This is a long winding journey but I am definitely on the way to losing the weight and I will not give up on it whatsoever. I will press forward with this but I should of not let it go this far up especially with eating out so often during the kitchen renovations but it is what it is and I will deal with it regardless!


Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Screwed Up, Royally & Changes....

           I screwed up. I admit I made a mistake with one of the shows I covered back in the spring and I it was thrown into the wrong podcast. I admit the mistake I made and I will fix it as the best I can. I got clarification yesterday while still on vacation that Music City is indeed Reality TV and can fit into Everything About Reality TV format, so over the next couple of days I will be adjusting the intro's to the podcast and re naming it to Everything About Reality TV Podcast as that is now the only podcast I am hosting at this point of time and the primary focus right now for me. Now as for Music City, it will be moved onto Everything About Reality TV 

              As for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers podcast will be moved to when the site is back up and running, that's right I am planning to start re-building the site even if it is on a free site if worse comes to worse, I am still getting content out to you guys regardless of the situation with the ailing website but would like the .com website to come back to normal. I rather have the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a special collaboration podcast with my good friend Larry as it is just something that is totally random then focus on two podcasts. It has become such a busy schedule, I just want to primarily focus on Everything About Reality TV.

               Over the holidays,   I really got thinking straight finally after having 2 full days off that I need to realize what is more important. What do I mean by that? Well Everything About Reality TV has been doing well, meanwhile it has been a bit of a struggle to get the views on a brand new podcast. As you know Everything About Reality TV is about to turn 3 since it's inception on YouTube and 2 years on Audio ONLY and it has been a struggle to get the views it needs to be successful and it has become a huge success and it's grown on various platforms. So this is the podcast I want to focus on primarily and try and stick to it for right now.


Friday, July 20, 2018

My Plans For Fixing Up My Studio?

                 My plans to fix up the studio, well, lets say I let things get way out of control with the holes in the wall here. That is the first step is fixing up all the walls down here so it doesn't look like swiss cheese... I know small joke but I want to improve things here in my studio especially and fix things up eventually. Once that is done, I am planning to get another desk as this one is not built very well and would like one that's more sturdy and durable. I plan on looking at the sales at Leon's to see what I can find in the way of getting a desk for right here in the studio. 

                   Now as most of you know with my current setup is to rotate the desk against the west wall of the room instead of the way it is right now currently. I want a change of pace and I don't like this small cluttered space right now, I want more of an open concept kind of space  and I have a good amount of wall I can use, I mean space I can use for a studio and I wanna utilize it a bit more then I had before. I also have plan to have a cork board to put up pictures from my niece and nephew. I also would like to put up posters as well up on my wall unit as I want to give it that full look and what not. 

                    Yes I am excited for the studio to be fixed up and look like an actual studio again as right now I am sick and tired of looking at the holes here in the studio but I have learned from this and look forward to the future of this studio and the amazing recordings I am going to do in the nearby future as well!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Day I Lost My Bus Pass (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This was a few years ago, I believe just at the start of the renovations or just before the Mall renovations happened but I believe I was coming off the bus from Whitby from an appointment so I could of left my bus pass on the bus there. So what did I have to do? I went to the bank machine took $20 bucks out and had to break the money in order to get my butt back home to figure out what I can do next. I felt like an idiot to lose my actual bus pass as now I could not get around at all but my mom came to my rescue like always when I do something stupid like losing my bus pass which costed me around 42 - 45 dollars a month but I was lucky the lady gave me one for nothing as she was lenient  which was a good thing and I managed to get my bus pass ordeal all figured out.

                  Now how did I feel? I felt like an idiot, I felt stupid that I lost my bus pass and unable to get home like I wanted to.... I was in completely in panic that I lost it, I didn't really have a clue what to do to be honest... It was not a good feeling whatsoever. I did text my mom and I already contacted the Transit system and they advised me what to do after I gave them the bus route number and also the bus number itself. But to get this new one I was a much happier person once the problem was resolved.

                    Did I learn to be more careful? I make sure and I always double and triple check for the bus pass to make sure it is in that same spot I put it in. I also even check my seat over to make sure nothing is being left behind so I am being very cautious when it comes to leaving anything on the bus now and making sure I do not make this same stupid mistake twice. I truly have learned to not make this happen again in the future as well too.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Would I Ever Broadcast Again?

                Would I broadcast ever again at anytime of my life? No. Not just because of the fact I am banned from every platform out there but there is tons of reasons why I don't want to broadcast anytime soon and it is nothing against the platforms but here are some of the reasons:

1) I am banned from majority of the broadcasting platforms for stupid things I have done or I have a vendetta against the owner(s) of the platform. 

2) I feel like social broadcasting has started to die down but that is only my opinion but it hasn't been the same since, days and I don't think will ever change anytime soon. I know is suppose to happen but once again, something happened between me and the owners of the new and I feel like if I return, I do not want to cause anymore problems as it is. 

3) The trolls, it got way out of control on a few occasions and I knew it was that time I need to leave broadcasting and just do Audio ONLY Podcasts and these wonderful blog posts I do for you guys on a regular basis. 

4) I've been casting since 2009 and just felt like I had enough of it. I felt like it wasn't fun to do anymore and like I said above, it is not the same since BlogTV & Stickam days as both platforms closed down not far apart from each other, a month to be exact.

                  So the answer to the question is No, I will not be planning on returning to broadcasting anytime soon as I am happy where I am at, this current time of day and very proud of the accomplishments I have made as well on this blogger/podcast journey and I wanna continue this uphill journey. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What Would I Do Different If I Was Still On YouTube?

              The question for today's blog is would I do something different if I were on YouTube still? Well yes and no. There is a few things I could of changed and here are what I could change if I remained on YouTube:

1) More then likely put The Entertainment Man Talk Show Off Air as the views went down at the end and the ideas went dead as I felt like they were stale so I think I could of ended the series. 

2) I would of done Everything About Reality TV on YouTube full time and probably keep on Vlogging on the main channel yes, I would do a separate channel for the podcast alone.  Or I could of kept on doing Vlogging and do the Podcast on Audio ONLY as it is to this very time of day.

3) Vlogs, I may of decided to downgrade it to Monday through Friday, not 7 days a week like I had it originally. With vlogging on Sundays if something good was happening.

4) Probably turn it into a Family Friendly content channel as I would of had to obey the new TOS and also the Advertiser friendly guidelines as it changed very, very quickly after I left the platform entirely as we know mass chaos endured! 

                      So yes I would change things as I left not in the best terms with the platform and no notice to you guys my fans but I gain a lot of respect and trust back after festering up on leaving YouTube and not letting you guys I was planning to leave the platform or what was going on. That I could of changed as well. I should let you know of the change and I think I am actually getting better at it too right now.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why I Don't To Do Podcasts On YouTube

             There are many reasons why I do not want to do the podcasts on YouTube. I'm not putting down the platform, I just have reasons why I do not want to do the podcasts on YouTube anymore. 

1) I felt like my time on YouTube it is time to leave YouTube as a whole and just primarily focus on the Podcast Audio ONLY for right now. I have been on the platform since Jan 31st, 2008 technically.

2) I just feel like if I returned with Everything About Reality TV in particular, it wouldn't be too popular like before. I struggled to get views when I did the podcast and I feel bringing it back to the platform, I would be struggling from the start again and building an audience.

3) I also feel like Podcasts do not feel like they belong, however there is tons of podcasts on YouTube so you can't say there isn't podcasts on the platform.

4) The adpocolypse and the family friendly content, it will be hard to earn revenue and also if you curse you could end up being age restricted in a video or removed all together, so that make me a little weary of things right now. 

5) It takes time to find and build up your subscribers and just do not think I have what it takes to re build from the ground up again, think this will be a tough challenge and road but maybe with persuasion by YOU guys the most amazing fans, then maybe I'd consider it then. 

6) I'm not sure if I can keep a schedule and how I would post up the Audio ONLY versions of the podcast or when it would go up after the live broadcast.

                 There are my reasons and it is unknown where I want to take the podcast next and not sure if I would wanna do it live again, I would like to but not sure how I would format it, like schedule to go live, when the Audio ONLY Post is up, those questions I'd have to figure out for myself and I know if you do persuade me into doing em live, I'd figure out the scheduling. Not everything probably wont be live, some live, some that are pre-recorded before it going up. 


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Audio ONLY Platforms You Can Find Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show On

            It is overwhelming to see how many platforms both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" are on. That is what this post is about is where you can find the podcasts to tune into it.

Everything About Reality TV Podcast:




Player FM:
Listen Notes:


The CBOTW Show Podcast:




                There you go that is where you find both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts. I am very proud of how far it is come along since it's inception on Audio ONLY in September 2016 which it will be in it's second year very soon but as most of you know it will be it's it's 3rd year of existence as it originally started as a YouTube podcast moved to Audio ONLY, which I will talk about on tomorrow blog, I just wanted to let you guys know where you can now find the podcast to listen to and tune in.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Was On A Good Roll With Losing The Weight Again....

          I realized that I gained a bunch of the weight back with eating at the Mandarin Restaurant yesterday, yes I WENT out for Chinese food with the family which mind you it was nice to go out for dinner with family, I am all about being with family when I get the right chance and it wasn't like I gained a full pound because I didn't it was like 0.4 pounds I gained from this meal which isn't much, so it is not a big, big deal. I think this is just water retention from the food but it was delicious regardless. I am not stressing it, just going to start working on it again today and today I decided to do a fruit smoothie for breakfast starting tomorrow as this morning I wasn't too hungry at all. It was originally part of the diet before and I wanted to get back into making them again. As you know I have spoken on here about doing smoothies and the kinds I have made in the past. 

               However, I will correct this and plan on getting back down where I was before it gets way out of control and I am back up to 239 pounds which was my start weight on this diet. I cannot be this careless, especially now that I have gone pretty far on this diet to now quit on myself? No I am not quitting this diet and I will get down in my weight and continue on this journey as my goal is to get to 175 - 180 pounds. It is a long journey from now but I know I can do it. My first goal is to get myself to 200 pounds first to start with. I will make an exception for birthdays and special occasions still but other then that I am going to follow it. 

                 One last thing I am making sure to keep my calories and fats lower then usual. As for the calories, I am keeping it below 1800 calories and wanna make sure of that as that is a major asset to losing the weight too. I had help from my family obviously when it came to what the calorie count I wanna aim at each and everyday I continue to grind on this weight loss. Would be nice to be at my goal at the end of the year but I rather lose the weight slowly then super fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast! 


Thursday, July 12, 2018

First Time, I Saw A Rattlesnake (Throwback Thursday Story)

             So this happened many years ago and I believe it was two years in a row where I saw a rattlesnake. To make the story short the first time I saw a snake, it was only a mere baby rattler and the rattle wasn't as loud when it shook the rattle to warn us it was nearby so this way we wouldn't step on it. I don't the baby rattlers had as much venom at that stage then an adult snake but I could be wrong though. That was actually out in the rocks a bit we happened to see the little baby snake but also cool. I believe within the two years in a row we also saw a good size Garner Snake as well which was really cool to see too. 

                Now as for the full grown snake I was the one that heard the rattling and knew there was a snake nearby and I saw it all coined up staring us down even though a snake cannot see while but can sense heat and movement on the ground so it knew we were present and near the snake and obviously we were careful to walk away from the where the snake was and it was slithering away anyways so it would feel safe so to speak.

                 Finally on this shorter blog post it was a fun to actually see a poisonous snake but would never wanna piss it off and end up getting bitten and end up in a hospital to be treated it would probably ruin the holiday or vacation all together. It was once in a life time opportunity and it is truly hard to actually see snakes as you have to be in the right place at the right time to actually see nature at it's best but we were quite lucky to see a snake! 


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Chris B On The Web Studios Closing For 4 Day Holiday!

               I was going to make this announcement soon as I knew I was planning to go away but not all the details of the trip was made up as my dad and I had a couple of Ideas, but we weren't fully confirmed till the end of last week, the start of this week. However I will be closing down the studio for 4 straight days while I am on Vacation, which means my social media will be quite quiet for the couple of days I am away. There will be pre-written content in the way of blog posts Tuesday right through Friday of next week with Saturday, being back to a more of a normal timetable for Chris B On The Web. Studio will Re-Open on the Saturday as I plan on catching up on Podcast on the weekend. I am still pinpointing the time for the podcast and I plan on having it up on Sunday. Schedule as follows.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018: Blog Post

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018: Blog Post

Thursday, July 19th, 2018: Throw Back Thursday Blog Post

Friday, July 20th, 2018: Blog Post

Saturday, July 21st, 2018: Studio Re-Opens 
                                             Blog Post
                                             Record Amazing Race Canada 6 Recap for Everything About Reality TV Podcast & Edit Podcast as well!

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018: Blog Post
                                            Everything About Reality TV Amazing Race Canada 6- EP # 3 Recap Podcast

                     That is the timetable for the week I am away. Now Monday it is business as usual here, everything will run like there is wasn't a break. For next week podcasts as I stated above will be off it's usual scheduling but it's only for the week and that is why I making this post for you guys today. This break will be good for me and it's only for a couple of days.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Is This Is The Permanent Site for Chris B On The Web?

          I hate to use the word hate and also to bring bad news to you guys and I had something more on the positive side to talk about but will wait till Friday as tomorrow I have an announcement to make as next week I will not be here 4 out of the 7 days. But today's post is not so happy news. As you know, the last 4 months has not been the easiest last 4 months for me as there has been non stop problems with running a website and I've tried, time and time again to re-build and repair the website and at this point, I am just tired of trying to fix a website which one issue becomes a new problem. 

             The one problem that really ticks me off is the web builder works half the time and when it doesn't work it gives me that false virus message from my anti virus. Hostinger is connected with 000webhost and started thinking twice about renewing for another 2 years  and I think my mind is now made up at this point of time, I will be letting the domain expire and move on and just use this blogger page as my main page with the links on the podcasts pages will do for now and never know, I may explore the option of a website in the nearby future but right now, I have decided, I have had enough of websites at this moment and this is what I need to do what is best for me in the long run.

              Chris B On The Web is not dead, just end of an era with the .com website as the last 4 months has been hell and back and is done at this point. Don't think just because the website is not operation everything goes on hold. No secret I am still looking and trying to resolve any unresolved issues I may have with the website and I will not give up, I will trumiph this blasted website issue. There is no secret, I was going to be a bit more negative but held this off most of the day but glad I did as I have time to think things through before bad mouthing 000webhost and I finally learned I gotta keep my mouth shut sometimes, it does get me in trouble sometimes... LOL... 


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Did I Enjoy Filming The Entertainment Man Talk Show?

              Did I enjoy filming or taping The Entertainment Man Talk Show???? Well this is quite a tough answer to give as you know, I had my up's and downs with the series, however that is not the right answer to give you guys. Yes I did enjoy filming the show and I know what you guys will say, weren't you mentally exhausted from the series with the planning? Yes of course, however I enjoy the actual filming end of the production, that is the more fun part of taping an episode, but planning and editing that has a stressful aspect of it, not so much. 

               The reason I loved to tape episodes was because of the craziness, the comments made, tons of cursing going on, we were always laughing on set and things that my staff and crew did that I never expected to see or said on the set. I admit season 2 the cursing was completely out of control but the viewership went up with the amount of cursing and with me bleeping it out. The moment Eric or myself cursing, it sure brought up the views on YouTube and the subscribers, it grew. There were moments where we kept on taping, capturing the moments of mistakes made on set. I admit the time I was tripping over and falling that was staged obviously as it was for mere entertainment.

                Being on set was so much fun with my team, expect the unexpected with being on set... Always not expecting what my team would say or do, so that was also fun to expect the unexpected on set. I will never forget any of the fun experiences on set and it truly has taught me what set life is like and the process I go through each and every time we shot an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show!


Friday, July 6, 2018

You Need Patience With Podcasting

             I had a moment last week, where I was ready to give up on podcasting, I had no views on my podcast whatsoever and I was ready to just close up shop but come the next day the views came in and I was like whoa. I even checked it out this and I had more and I have to realize, I need to be patient with podcasts as it is indeed summer time and people are going to be outside till almost dusk basking in the sun and enjoying the nice weather, well hot weather here in Ontario technically but you guys know what I mean by that anyways. I need to realize not everyone will see my tweet or message out to everyone that an new episode is up as again, people have lives too. 

                I know I get the good viewership each and every episode that goes up and Amazing Race Canada  Heroes Edition did well yet again. You guys again this season have graced my presence with nothing but positive feedback and listening to polls. I know sometimes I am not a very patient person but I am working harder to be more patient and I shown it not only with podcasting but with the re-build of which this is probably the only time you will hear me mention that problematic website. 

                 Anyways the other thing and last things I want to mention in today's blog post is the fact you need to be patient, especially when you are having Audio or Video issues, you need to remain patient, calm and cool and trouble shoot the problem at hand and you will get through the problem or problems. Also with editing the Audio ONLY side of things, you sure as heck need to remain patient with editing, it is a very long process with editing, especially the Big Brother Recaps which tend to run a bit longer then any of the other podcasts I do on Everything About Reality TV so remember, patience is key or patience is a virtue, because it will get you through all the stress. 


Thursday, July 5, 2018

(Throwback Thursday Story) The Night I Left My Church Book In Church

             I have to start today's blog post with I do not usually talk about my religion on here much as I keep that aspect of my life but I am not afraid to say that I am a proud Catholic and I got to church every week and during the week here and there. Now this was during Holy Week, which for those who aren't catholic, it is the week that is lead up to Easter Sunday. I was at the Holy Thursday mass and I left my church book in church. Clumsy? Forgetful? I think I was just forgetful as I had a lot on my mind with Chris B On The Web and in a very busy season for my podcast and my mind was just wondering that's all, I think I just didn't look at the pew before I left and usually I do, once again I had a lot on my mind. 

                Was I mad with myself, yes, as I had prayer cards in the book itself, but it was a blessing in disguise as I got a newer book with a better cover so you see it all worked out in the end, I had to just be a little patient and I just didn't have a book for the rest of March till the May book came in so I just used the book in church. Another factor was my mind was on my back, as I was dealing with back spasms at the time and I was in a lot of pain at the time. I have learned from my mistakes and I am making sure to look that I have the book or have my book in my pocket or in my hand.

                  The book could be in one of my pockets of my jackets I had one at the time so you never know and I will have to look when winter hits again but I am not worries about it right now, I have a new book and it is in the past but if I find it in my coat pocket, I will feel quite silly if that is the cast but time will tell down the road. That is my small Throwback Thursday and hope you enjoyed this little story I have told you guys.


What Do I Do If I Get Writer's Block?

             Writing can be tough from time to time and tonight's blog post speaks to it's own words as I found it hard to write on this subject tonight but I will try as hard on this subject as best as I can. Know for those who do not know, I love to write and I don't care if I got 5 or 6 views or 200 views, I just enjoy writing for you guys, my thoughts on what is going on in my life, adventures, topics, rants which mind you there hasn't been any recently but writing gets my inner thoughts going, gets out my ideas and thoughts. 

                Now have I had writer's block? of course I have with writing something in general and also in blogging. I can tell you a little story about the time, I was still was an YouTuber back in the good old days of my early years of online media. Anyways I was always writing when I was a YouTuber, as you know there is a ton of planning when it came to YouTube, especially for me who had his own web series that ran for 6 long seasons and you can probably tell by the end of the series, I was wiped out, hence the reason I took the break from content during the summer between the switch from YouTube to Podcasting. Now blogging wise, yes I do tend to have problems coming up with ideas for posts but it is you guys that inspire me to come up with ideas that is one way I seem to come out of the writer's block side of things. Sometimes I will go out for a walk and the fresh air does seem to get those creative juices once again flowing once again and it does help. Also sometimes I write down my ideas and go with the ones that seem to suit whatever I am writing.

                  You can get past through the writer's block as I have in the past and takes a little time and if you cannot think just walk away for a hour and come back to it or take my advice I said above and hopefully this helps you guys in your journey in writing, whether it is writing stories, a book, blog posts or writing a web series, just remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to it. I have sure come a long way on this blog!


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Update)

             First of all, I haven't had any updates on how the podcast is doing but it is doing very well in the way of viewers but sometimes the views are slow but I will addressing something else that has to do with that later on on a separate post but once the views comes in then it makes it all worth the wait.  Today however, I wanna talk about the rumors I've heard about Survivor. Now as you know Everything About Reality TV is not just only about Survivor but adding into future years and it is expanding the lifespan of the podcast much longer then I was actually expecting but that's OK! I enjoy making the content for you guys regardless as it is a ton of fun to do, a lot of work.

            Now in the what do I mean by all of this? According to my friend Eric, he said that Survivor is being planned up to Season 42. Now I do not know the source he got it from and if this is true, I will be continuing on to be a very busy person over the next 3 - 4 years up to the year 2020 at the most which is incredible it would continue on this far but hey I will be a very busy body with the Everything About Reality TV Podcast over the next several years from Survivor to Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US, no matter what there will always be a Reality TV show that will come out for me to RECAP. Currently I confirmed recapping Reality TV for 10 seasons but over the next couple of years, the numbers will increase greatly over the next many years to come!

                 I am very proud how far the podcast(s) have gone and there will be no stopping me now as the podcasts have become quite the popular and I will continue in the nearby future improving and get podcasts out in a fashionable order each and every week. Finally thank you guys for the non stop support on the podcast, I appreciate the love and support for Chris B On The Web!


Monday, July 2, 2018

Canada Day 2018

              So yesterday was a down low kind of day for me, I did not go anywhere, I stayed in the cool studio for the day which was probably the best move as we are currently in a heatwave here in Ontario, plus I didn't want to deal with 2 individuals as I have had my share of problems with them so I thought it was the best move for me to just stay and hang back and plus I was tired from a long day on Saturday after my trip to Toronto with my dad so it was nice to sit back and just take it easy. Mainly I played video games, write yesterday's blog post and that's it. Had a couple of runs at The Binding of Isaac, played some Grand Theft Auto 5 as well. I played some Minecraft but ended up quitting due to getting lost entirely in the game but that's OK, but I need a long break from Minecraft actually for now. It was a quiet afternoon for me and I got out for a small walk even though it was quite hot outside I still couldn't stay inside and do nothing and I just had to deal with the heat and mind you we are having this heat wave for the entire week long which will not be fun whatsoever but it is what it is honestly.

                  In the evening, my dad and I went up to Port Perry for the fireworks. Mind you we have done Port Perry before in the past and quite enjoyed it actually. They also had entertainment and playing so oldies but goodies as well while we were sitting there and just enjoying all the entertainment was going on. We got some drinks from the vendor there so we wouldn't get thirsty! As for the fireworks it started at 10 pm EDT, it wasn't as long as it has been in the past, I believe it was about 20 - 30 minutes long 2 years ago when we were there the last time around. But overall, it was still a great fireworks display regardless of the length, it didn't matter how long it was, what matters it was a very nice fireworks and makes it to my top 3 list of my favorite fireworks display that I have been to and you never know I may do a list in the nearby future.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Toronto Trip (June 30th, 2018)

                This was only planned a few days in advance and I was actually expecting to be in my studio working on Chris B On The Web and I knew with this being the long weekend, I made the executive decision to take the long weekend off from Saturday (yesterday) till tomorrow (Monday) so I will be only active on this blog ONLY for the next 24 hours or so while things here at the studio are very quiet and not much going on here till first thing on Tuesday morning. So I got to go into Toronto yesterday for the later half of the day into the evening in Toronto, with my dad obviously and I wasn't sure what we were going to do. 

                So we left around 2 pm EDT, we first stopped at the Catholic Book Store so I could actually get a new book cover for my church book as I lost which probably can be a throwback Thursday story for another day to tell you guys as it was an ridiculous story and totally my fault for not realizing to pick it up but I will tell you guys this on another day, another time. After that we went to Yorkdale mall to park and they told us no TTC parking like WTF... Where in the heck do we park? Like seriously! So we ended up driving up Allen Road North all the way to Finch Station and down. We got there, got on the subway and went down to North York Station and got off and visited Mel Lastman Square for a bit. Saw the fountain there and also they were also setting up for Canada Day Celebrations today as well.

Then we went to church via the 97 Young Street Bus down to Lawrence Avenue area. After mass we went down to the lake, had dinner, I had a polish sausage and a Gatorade  as well. While eating dinner, we actually heard a whistle, well I did and I knew it was the Trillium Ferry and it happened to run to the Islands and back but my dad thought it was only on a cruise but we decided to do the Ongaria ferry to Hanlans Point and back and they had 5 ferries, 1 on Wards, 2 on Center Island and 2 on Hanlan's Point as it was very busy at the island. We know next time to try and get the Trillium Ferry if we happen to hear it's 108 whistle go off again in the nearby future. Finally to end the day we had Gelato which is a less fattening version of ice cream but hey it was very tasty to have and I enjoy it. 

Happy Canada Day To All The Canadian's out there!