Friday, July 13, 2018

Was On A Good Roll With Losing The Weight Again....

          I realized that I gained a bunch of the weight back with eating at the Mandarin Restaurant yesterday, yes I WENT out for Chinese food with the family which mind you it was nice to go out for dinner with family, I am all about being with family when I get the right chance and it wasn't like I gained a full pound because I didn't it was like 0.4 pounds I gained from this meal which isn't much, so it is not a big, big deal. I think this is just water retention from the food but it was delicious regardless. I am not stressing it, just going to start working on it again today and today I decided to do a fruit smoothie for breakfast starting tomorrow as this morning I wasn't too hungry at all. It was originally part of the diet before and I wanted to get back into making them again. As you know I have spoken on here about doing smoothies and the kinds I have made in the past. 

               However, I will correct this and plan on getting back down where I was before it gets way out of control and I am back up to 239 pounds which was my start weight on this diet. I cannot be this careless, especially now that I have gone pretty far on this diet to now quit on myself? No I am not quitting this diet and I will get down in my weight and continue on this journey as my goal is to get to 175 - 180 pounds. It is a long journey from now but I know I can do it. My first goal is to get myself to 200 pounds first to start with. I will make an exception for birthdays and special occasions still but other then that I am going to follow it. 

                 One last thing I am making sure to keep my calories and fats lower then usual. As for the calories, I am keeping it below 1800 calories and wanna make sure of that as that is a major asset to losing the weight too. I had help from my family obviously when it came to what the calorie count I wanna aim at each and everyday I continue to grind on this weight loss. Would be nice to be at my goal at the end of the year but I rather lose the weight slowly then super fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast! 


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