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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Weight Loss Update

                 I have been bad with actually keeping up with weighing myself every few days and I should be weighing myself every couple of days to be honest and I haven't been recently. Last time I weighed I was 228 pounds, a little too much to be honest for my like. I want to lose the weight this summer and this week I am going to be working on this. I need to try and lose 3 pounds or even 1 or two pounds a week take it very slow. I am not making any goals for right now however if you were to ask me what would I want for a first goal well the answer is 220 is the first goal for right now is my first over goal. However I do not wanna go over that point as time and time again I failed to get to that point. Right now I wanna slow down my goals for right now and I have a couple of ideas for my next goal honestly. However I do not wanna push myself too hard, too fast. 

                However I wanna do things right this time and I am cutting back on Sugar and what not this time and not having too much Sugar. I will have the one fat day once a week but I may skip out on the one fat days actually and just try and lose the weight then I can add that on later on but the most part I need to lose the weight first and get back down to where I was before. I just am sick and tired of being fat and honestly its against takin effect to my knees again. I need to keep track of my weight every 2nd day and keep tabs on the weight loss from here on out. I need to work on this and this week coming up I plan on really working hard on this and cutting back on things and I am sure it will happen and hopefully another update in 2 weeks. I think 2 weeks apart is the better plan for right now. 


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weight Loss Update-- I Failed To Keep Losing Weight....

                  I have been again struggling once again with losing weight and it is my own fault.  However I haven't really weighed in and haven't been eating much lately as I haven't been hungry or I have been in bed between 11 am and 1 pm EST everyday since I am up during the night majority of the last week or so. So it is hard to report on the progress of me losing weight right now and I need to first fix my sleep then I can work on the weight stuff. The one thing we have been bad with is the fattier foods and that hasn't really helped at all either. That is one other thing that needs to be fixed first. I'm sorry this isn't much of an weight loss update. I'm still fat as of right now and I'm not really afraid to say it either! LOL!!! Yes I know I am making fun of myself and I do that quite a lot and use to it.... ha-ha!

                 Moving forward if there isn't an update then I will not do any update and do a post on the Fan Page that there is going to be a different post. Honestly it is better then wasting your time reading a boring post, haha. Remember I have to remain positive with the weight loss as it won't be easy to lose it all and to be honest I haven't been walking much lately and it's my own fault but the problem is it is raining a bunch here in Ontario so walking is a bit of a problem and why the weight has recently fluctuated up and down so it really has shown especially in my belly sticking out and not many shirts fit so they remain on the bottom on the shirt pile. 


Saturday, May 9, 2020

Weight Loss Update [05-09-2020]

                           This will not be a long post as there is a lot of things that have to be done as we wanna continue on with the website stuff and I actually got this post and the podcast edited and posted up during the night as it should be up on the platforms by now. All I can say, I stayed up late working on it and getting it done and up. Anyways that is besides the point as technically and this is about my weight. Honestly I haven't been keeping an eye on it really, I haven't paid any attention to it to be honest and I know last time I weighed like Thursday morning I weighed at 227 pounds which I wanna get it down and I am going to. Just gotta really work on it. I wanna make myself more smoothies for breakfast and I just need to get my butt out for walks really and probably will do that today and take an hour of my time from coding the website which went on hold but I can take an hour of my time to walk and get fresh air. I admit to walking to the park and back but that's not really far to go and won't do anything for my weight seriously and my fitbit the wrist bands are broken and need to get them fixed so I do not know how to get the wrist bands off to begin with but I need my fitbit back up and running. At this point I cannot keep track of my steps which I was currently working 7000 steps or was it 8000 steps a day? I don't remember but it was long the line of that numbers.

                            Either way I have to get back into a healthy pattern and we have been having way too much fatty foods lately and it isn't healthy. I wanna first aim for 220 pounds first then I will be a lot happier. I have to lose 7 pounds to get there then onto my next goal but one thing at a time.  I almost didn't even wanna bother with a weight loss update and I could of had my team post up the post that went up almost at midnight last night. I know the timing isn't great but I try to get content out on time for you guys. I am almost tempted to do weight loss updates every 2nd week at this point but I will keep you up to date on things as I continue to try lose this weight. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post as I have a bit of an announcement to make. 

- Chris

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Weight Loss Has De-railed On Me...

          At one point I was at 219 pounds but currently standing at 222.4 pounds as I gained some weight but despite that I have now slowly went down even by a few ounces but it is a start and I I was at one point at 224 but 2 pounds are now gone. I do not know where I really went wrong on this diet, maybe we have eaten out a little too much perhaps? I know every week we seem to be eating out somewhere but I have told them time and time again that I am trying to get my weight down. Now the plans to get down to 210 pounds by summer is not going to happen since Summer is just days away I do not think I can lose 12 pounds by then but the goal is to lose the weight by September then December down to 195 pounds by then. I should of stayed focus and now I am more focused on losing this weight more then ever. I plan on getting the weight down faster then you know it. I plan on walking a ton this week and I know this week will be a busy week so I will be out and about tomorrow right through to Friday with appointments and being with friends and also looking at some more bed sheets but we will see about that. The more I walk the better honestly for me and kind of why I have my fitbit on my wrist majority of the time ever step I make even at home does count for me.

           I have cut back on the sugar and portion size and I am losing ounces at a time but it is indeed a start for me honestly. I never been this serious about the weight loss and I am going to succeed and my ultimate goal is to be at 200 pounds or less by the end of this year, 2019. I know what you will be thinking that is a bit of too much of a goal but if I work hard I can get down there by end of the year. Again, my goal is to get to 175 pounds but that is way off the chart for right now as I need to focus on the 210 then the 200 pounds but one step at a time and I am so serious now that I need to lose the weight and drinking tons of water in a day which is so healthy and once and a while I add in that lemon to give it flavor to the water but I am all healthy most of the time now. I have to just stay positive and know I can do this.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Back On My Diet....

                After a 4 day holiday away, I need to get back on my diet as my weight has gone up so I am currently working on fixing that right away as I need to get back on the right track with losing weight and my goal is get back to 222 pounds before this gets way out of control again and I plan on not letting it getting this out of control, I want to continue on with my weight loss journey as I plan to still get below 200 pounds again as I haven't been that for years now. I am only 3 pounds away from 230 again and trust me I don't want to be back at that point where I have to start my diet all over again from the start.

                We ate too good on the Grand Bend trip, I think the portion size was too much honestly, however I still got the food and I had smaller lunches. I guess vacations you eat like crazy but yet I swam a lot and I also hiked quite a lot too so that had a factor that I didn't go up by much in weight actually, I went up a pound but I am slowly going down. Now, I am not going to not eat, I have to eat but I need to portion size the amount I eat per meal and also eat the non fatty food and eating healthier is one of the bigger goals. My goal is to be above 1800 calories per day which has actually helped me lose the weight I need to lose. 

                 Finally I will continue on with my diet and I will work on continue on losing the weight and I want to get down below 200 and get a little smaller in my waist to fit some of my clothes that I cannot fit into now. This is a long winding journey but I am definitely on the way to losing the weight and I will not give up on it whatsoever. I will press forward with this but I should of not let it go this far up especially with eating out so often during the kitchen renovations but it is what it is and I will deal with it regardless!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Was On A Good Roll With Losing The Weight Again....

          I realized that I gained a bunch of the weight back with eating at the Mandarin Restaurant yesterday, yes I WENT out for Chinese food with the family which mind you it was nice to go out for dinner with family, I am all about being with family when I get the right chance and it wasn't like I gained a full pound because I didn't it was like 0.4 pounds I gained from this meal which isn't much, so it is not a big, big deal. I think this is just water retention from the food but it was delicious regardless. I am not stressing it, just going to start working on it again today and today I decided to do a fruit smoothie for breakfast starting tomorrow as this morning I wasn't too hungry at all. It was originally part of the diet before and I wanted to get back into making them again. As you know I have spoken on here about doing smoothies and the kinds I have made in the past. 

               However, I will correct this and plan on getting back down where I was before it gets way out of control and I am back up to 239 pounds which was my start weight on this diet. I cannot be this careless, especially now that I have gone pretty far on this diet to now quit on myself? No I am not quitting this diet and I will get down in my weight and continue on this journey as my goal is to get to 175 - 180 pounds. It is a long journey from now but I know I can do it. My first goal is to get myself to 200 pounds first to start with. I will make an exception for birthdays and special occasions still but other then that I am going to follow it. 

                 One last thing I am making sure to keep my calories and fats lower then usual. As for the calories, I am keeping it below 1800 calories and wanna make sure of that as that is a major asset to losing the weight too. I had help from my family obviously when it came to what the calorie count I wanna aim at each and everyday I continue to grind on this weight loss. Would be nice to be at my goal at the end of the year but I rather lose the weight slowly then super fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast!