Sunday, June 16, 2019

Weight Loss Has De-railed On Me...

          At one point I was at 219 pounds but currently standing at 222.4 pounds as I gained some weight but despite that I have now slowly went down even by a few ounces but it is a start and I I was at one point at 224 but 2 pounds are now gone. I do not know where I really went wrong on this diet, maybe we have eaten out a little too much perhaps? I know every week we seem to be eating out somewhere but I have told them time and time again that I am trying to get my weight down. Now the plans to get down to 210 pounds by summer is not going to happen since Summer is just days away I do not think I can lose 12 pounds by then but the goal is to lose the weight by September then December down to 195 pounds by then. I should of stayed focus and now I am more focused on losing this weight more then ever. I plan on getting the weight down faster then you know it. I plan on walking a ton this week and I know this week will be a busy week so I will be out and about tomorrow right through to Friday with appointments and being with friends and also looking at some more bed sheets but we will see about that. The more I walk the better honestly for me and kind of why I have my fitbit on my wrist majority of the time ever step I make even at home does count for me.

           I have cut back on the sugar and portion size and I am losing ounces at a time but it is indeed a start for me honestly. I never been this serious about the weight loss and I am going to succeed and my ultimate goal is to be at 200 pounds or less by the end of this year, 2019. I know what you will be thinking that is a bit of too much of a goal but if I work hard I can get down there by end of the year. Again, my goal is to get to 175 pounds but that is way off the chart for right now as I need to focus on the 210 then the 200 pounds but one step at a time and I am so serious now that I need to lose the weight and drinking tons of water in a day which is so healthy and once and a while I add in that lemon to give it flavor to the water but I am all healthy most of the time now. I have to just stay positive and know I can do this.


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