Saturday, June 15, 2019

Next Week, Heading Out To Etobicoke With Larry!

               I am heading out to Etobicoke next Wednesday and already 40% chance of rain which isn't too good but we're going anyways as the chance is at 40% so it is not that bad honestly and I do not think it will happen at that percentage. So we probably have a cloudy day I am predicting and it will be a fun day ahead of us. In Etobicoke, we are first heading to Sherway Gardens to start the day off with Lunch at the mall there. From there we are heading over to Kipling Station and across to Spadina and from Spadina, we are heading down into China Town all the way to the harborfront and back to Union with no stops, then Union Station back home. However, you guys see us both Larry and I, which we will have our CBOTW Tags on, be sure to stop us and say hey! Love chatting with you guys! So we are excited to be going out there and on the bus and touring from the west end of Toronto to the Central side of Toronto and hopefully promoting CBOTW on our way across the city. If the weather is nice I will be wearing my CBOTW shirt so you will definitely recognize me one way or another. It is going to be a fun day and the fact I am getting out of Durham will be indeed nice and away from the drama I have had to deal with in the past month, it will just be nice to be away from here and in the bigger city with my co-founder of Everything About Reality TV and Co-Founder/Host Power Rangers Podcast as well. 

            I wish Wednesday would come quickly as I need to get away cause I am once again still going bat crazy around my studio and this week, the only time I left the studio for a few hours was back on Monday as I have been stuck inside and since the weather has been nice minus the rainy days we have had recently I should be getting out and about for the day, even a bus ride would be nice honestly but least next week I will be out and about and in July him and I are heading to Starr Burger to try their burger or the other option could be Five Guys Burger place which is nearby the Walmart and down the road from our local mall but either way we are definitely going to be out and have a great day in General. It does seem like a lot that is going on but honestly it isn't if you think of it as it is pretty much a direct route out to Union from where we will be. We have 2 - 3 different options we could do honestly but soon as we get to Long Branch, the fun will indeed begin! Oh don't worry there will be pictures on Instagram and I will be doing a blog post about the day out in Toronto as well!


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