Friday, June 14, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Win

               Spent most of the day thinking about this post and trying to soak in the win as a fan of the Toronto Raptors. I can say I haven't been following the Raptors all of the 24 years it was only few years ago when the Raptors really got my attention when they started to have a winning record honestly. However the odd time I would look at the score and yes I can officially say I have been to a Raptors game when I was younger and I remember it was Vince Carter's winning shot to win over the Philadelphia 76ers at the last second. Anyways I feel like it was a well deserved win and I know we could of won it on Game 5 and on the home court but honestly I give credit when credit is due to the Golden State Warriors to winning 2 of the 6 games and they wanted to give a fight. I really think injuries was a major factor for them with losing Durant and Lebron James and other injuries did not really help. Either way we won and this was a great final and both teams played well.  We can officially say the trophy is officially coming north of the border finally and a Canadian, the only Canadian Basketball team to win an NBA championship and yes I know we had the Vancouver Grizzlies here at one point but have since moved.

             Also I can imagine how crazy Toronto will be but that's OK, we have every right as Canadians to celebrate. This is the first championship we have had in Toronto since the Argos football team won the Grey Cup in 2017 and yes I know my history of championships here Toronto. So anyways I am happy one way or another that the Raptors are the champions and it was a long coming for this to happen now another team in Toronto has won on top of the FC Soccer which was a few years ago they won which I forgot to even mention but I mean it is nice to have Canadian teams win. Next up for the Jays to win but definitely wont be this year but it will happen. I can officially knock this off my list in Canadian teams winning the championship Jays (World Series), Toronto FC (Soccer Champs), Toronto Argos (Grey Cup Champs, numerous times) and now the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. Next up i the Leafs but they are not ready for it. Finally I guess who was going to be the MVP and it was Kawhi Leonard who won it. It was because it was of that amazing jump shot at the buzzer that brought them to the finals and the win in the end.


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