Thursday, June 13, 2019

Took Me 1.5 To Really Start Rebuild Chris B On The Web!

               Never really thought about this since I am now fast approaching 3 years ago but it honestly took me 1.5 years to rebuild CBOTW from the ground up since 2016 as pretty much at the time of me leaving YouTube, I had nothing, had to start from scratch with a website that has nothing on it whatsoever! I pretty much had wipe the website completely with a clean slate and pretty much rebuild it from scratch with removing pages and buttons from the website... So it was a tough first 1.5 - 2 years to start from scratch and get new fans and grow my fan base but look at me now at 3400 followers on twitter and near 150 on Instagram, I have really proved myself that I can be a big success both behind the mic and also off the mic. I really have in the last 3 years grasp the term PR Work which means Public relations, promoting my content regularly and I do and I have since gotten a lot more likes on the podcast and some blog posts but getting better but it has taken time for people to get use to my website format and now it has really proved to be popular as at times I end up getting 100 views or more a day on the site alone. Pretty much since my podcast moved from YouTube to Audio ONLY, I had to end up rebuild my entire subscriber from scratch again but that's OK, I managed to do that in a very short time with expanding on other TV Shows as well.

               Year and a half really did feel like a very long time but it went so quick honestly and now I can say that success has come back with the number of followers on social and also on the podcast and to those who read this blog on a regular basis I thank you for your continuous support of the content and hope you all will continue to support me and the other podcasts around the website as were officially now out of Beta Testing and out of the rebuilding stages and are a full pledge website 24-7, no more website going down or site going down to false reports of abuse, were here to stay and I should of changed website providers sooner as the blogger staff and community been so great in helping me with questions towards starting up this website and getting it running again under the .com once again back in January. So anything is possible honestly and I just had to keep the faith honestly and I know I went through depression with the transition but I am a fighter and very strong willed and got through all the bumps in the road and look at me to this day now. 


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