Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Chris B On The Web Future Plans....

                Originally I had something else planned for today's blog post, however, I had to do this post to let you guys what the plan is moving forward since I am now not looking for work anymore as I kind of wanna do the online thing and like I said before I do not think work is meant for me honestly. So yes I took yesterday off from CBOTW and just did not do anything and I ended up sleeping till 2 pm EST as my sleep was thrown off and 1 day ago my other screen blew on me night before so I actually ordered another one so I have 2 screens so yes I've gotten 2 new screens in the last 4 - 5 days since both so I should be good for a while. Anyways not the point of this blog, the point I wanna make is what is the plan? Well here is what I am thinking right now and what my thought process on things at this point:

1) Everything About Reality TV- Closing in on Big Brother US Season 21 and Amazing Race Canada Season 7 on top of the current season of Amazing Race 31. Like I said in the announcement post for the podcast I will be working around my holiday schedule too so do not worry. The podcast isn't going anywhere as it is renewed for Season 11 and 12 currently as the recent news of Big Brother Canada Season 8 is confirmed so were nowhere near done with this podcast yet!

2) Blog Posts- With me now doing online stuff since the job search didn't work out, I am planning to do more events and I think I am suppose to do the food truck but we will see how things go honestly, this year it could be a different scenario this year so the next event probably be in September in the fall but I am planning on the Polish and Ukrainian Festival. Followed by Apple Festival, Royal Winter Fair and more on the list for the remainder of the year but it is all on the post I did earlier this year.

3) Power Rangers Podcast- As I mentioned on Twitter late last night or during the night since I was most of the night, I want to push this podcast harder as both Larry and I have fun recording these and I think there will be time between January and February to actual record another one of these so we could be looking at every 4 - 5 months depending on my schedule with Everything About Reality TV which is a priority still no matter what. However, Larry knows this for the longest time, like 6 months now he knows I'd like to do more of these sooner then waiting but then it all comes down to the prep. What do I mean? Watching the series, taking notes then typing em up and then printing them off. Finally scheduling the recording session which is always a last minute thing as it comes down to am I ready for the Power Rangers Podcast? I am going to be adding in more interaction with Larry asking him some questions more as I have been adding in more as we progress into these.

4) Traveling- I will be out in the City of Toronto With Larry and able to promote CBOTW and chat with some of you that pull me aside to chat. I will be chatting about in the next couple of days on a separate blog post.

5) Network-  I have had a interesting proposal and it is not completely clear when it will happen but when it does, CBOTW will be becoming not just my website but a network with more then 1 podcast running so it will definitely be exciting to see when it does happen down the road.

               That is the plan I got moving forward and majority of the things I said you already knew but I did make a couple of tweaks to some of the upcoming things but it cannot be helped as I just cannot do everything things are tight with vacation time coming up fast but I am trying to get through with it but hope you guys like this plan and excited to be more involved, not wait I mean I am excited to be more active and ready to go with plans. 


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