Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promoting Yourself, Getting Yourself Out There!

First of all let me say, I been putting this post on hold for about 2 months now... LOL... But finally getting into writing this post. When you are doing YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website you always gotta promote it, I always post up updates if I did some changes to the website, this way you guys can pop over to my website. Another way I promote the heck out of my podcasts, blog & website is by hash tagging in my tweets for example #EverythingAboutRealityTV #CBOTWGamersPodcast are two prime examples, also #podcasts, #podcast, #blog, #blogger #blogging #blogpost. 

Let's break this up. Let's start with YouTube as the first example in this blog post. Now connecting your YouTube account to your Twitter is the best idea this way when your video goes up on your channel it auto tweets and you do not have to find the link to post it out! Another thing, the more social media the better but I rather use Twitter I am close to 2.1K in followers and it is a growing so Twitter is the best way to promote yourself. Now for Podcasts, connecting with your social media, this way it posts or you can do it similar like mine like the example below: 

#EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast is Now Up!!…… & Stitcher! #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX 

Now for your radio show or live broadcasts, you can setup Twitter to Auto Tweet from Tweetdeck on your browser so it posts at a certain time lets say 8 pm EST and it will post it without you have to type it out each and every time, same if you just record podcasts you can do the same for that as well. Hope this helps anyone getting into YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website.

Have a great Thursday! 


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016!

I know I am a couple of days late but I wanted to write this blog post anyways... First of all it was a good Christmas, was a busy 2 days. The 24th (Christmas Eve) I went to my cousin Jason and cousin to be Karen's place for Christmas Eve and had a great time and re-connected with two of my cousin Corey and Chad. Last time I saw Corey was at my Grandma's 90th birthday party and Chad I haven't seen in 6 - 8 years! Got to talk to me Cousin Katherine which she married Corey this year so it was nice to talk with her, which I didn't get to at my Grandma's 90th so that was really nice. I got to see my pain in the butt Uncle Mike, got to pick on him a bit hahahaha, when don't I? I always pick on Mike and my Uncle Chuck all the time! I am glad I do not do YouTube anymore I  get more time to spend time with the family and look for a job which I got a job interview tomorrow which I am very excited about! 

Now on Christmas day, I got a new business ish bag for appointments, Dumb and Dumber To and Dumb and Dumber, some things for the shower, scratch tickets which I didn't win anything at all... SMH....  Anyways I got Grand Theft Auto 5 which I have been playing non stop recently so you can say it, I haven't been around online the last few days as I have been a hardcore gamer the last few days... hahaha, however i am getting use to the game and the controls of the game, let me tell you it is completely different from Grand Theft Auto IV. So also on Christmas Day, I started to cook Christmas Dinner what needed to be cooked, and everyone enjoyed it even though they said it sucked in a joke. But it felt good and if my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew come here for dinner, I will plan on cooking once again, I sure enjoyed it.

I will talk to you guys on the next blog post, until then have a great night!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Mistakes Made With The Entertainment Man Talk Show and YouTube Channel...

Now being almost 6 months since I've retired from YouTube, I have had quite sometime to reflect over the mistakes that myself, Justin and Larry made with the now former YouTube Channel and I'd like to in this blog post, share my thoughts on what I think happened over the course of Late 2015 into 2016 and to the point of Staff quitting on me, so here goes nothing.

1) First mistake was continuing The Entertainment Man Talk Show beyond 6 Seasons, due to the facts of the failure of coming out with new ideas which was my own fault and I think Larry and Justin were out of ideas as well. 

2) Hiring Eric was the biggest mistake as he didn't really come into the series until January 2016 but was short lived as he quit for the 1st time out of 2 times. Plus him assaulting me back in December 2010 which was almost 6 years ago. He is banned from being in my studio in the near future anyways.

3) Yes we had the right idea with Everything About Reality TV, however we made a mistake, yes I said we as it was a team mistake to bring it in too soon as we were trying to get The Entertainment Man back on track but that wasn't the case. To add on to the 3rd point we should of waited till The Entertainment Man was done or back to what I said on the first point that series should of just ended opening the door for Everything About Reality TV and things could of been better. Yeah, the transition was not easy getting out of an yes Justin, Larry and I been talking about what could of been done smoother. However this change has really gotten me into a good frame of mind and I think yea I learned my lesson from the mistakes made back on the YouTube platform and I do not want to make the same ones as I did there on here.

Have a great Night!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Lately, I have been feeling really depressed with people accusing me of starting drama when they are the one's messaging me and starting the conversation. Then losing 4 friends over that situation, so I think I am staying with the people who care about me, because every time something like this or a friend turns their back on me like the one person did recently and I tell you, when I get depressed it lingers for 4 - 5 days sometimes more... Sometimes I can go out of it where I don't smile anymore... I haven't smiled much lately with the recent drama in my life... Also friends turning on me for no apparent reason as well that is making me a bit on the depressed side. 

That is not the only thing that I am depressed about is the fact I have not been in a relationship with anyone since my EX Girlfriend down in Ohio. I have found it hard and a struggle to find someone I can share with and has the same passions as I do. But someday soon I hope to find a girlfriend and never know where that will take me, I could end up married and maybe even find myself being a dad in the near future. But honestly I just gotta remain being myself and try to laugh a bit more and I have in the last 24 hours now watching the Meathead, Arrrrchie, Little Gorl and The Dingbat aka All In The Family from the 70's. For those who don't me that well yet and who read my blog didn't know I love the old TV comedy shows. So that is my positive get away from the life drama being thrown at me watching a few or in my case almost an entire season of All In The Family. And it lifts up my spirits quickly. Other thing that helps is me listening to T Swift (Taylor Swift)- Shake It Off or Avicci- Wake me up!  Hope this helps you with depression if you got it and feeling depressed, take a listen to it. 

Have a great Tuesday!


Saturday, December 17, 2016

What If I Did Things Differently with The Entertainment Man Talk Show....

Been thinking about this the last few months and decided to do a blog post anyways. Please note I am not putting any of my ex staff I mention in the blog down, I just stating the truth that I could of done things differently.

# 1: I could of not brought on Eric, due to the fact he screwed me over and the behavior towards the other staff back when Durham Entertainment Today still existed. Also him assaulting in 2010, so he shouldn't have come back in 2015 whatsoever. Technically I should of never brought him back after Durham Entertainment Today ended as well.

# 2: I should of never trusted Brent with a The Video Projects Team Staff Badge at all due to the fact, he ditched the team and not giving myself, Larry or Justin any notice and running off with his Staff Badge, when he should of handed it back. 

Those are the 2 people I should of never brought on The Entertainment Man Talk Show, Larry, Justin and I could of handle the seasons on our own and we could potentially end up going into 9 or 10 seasons. Another thing I should of not done until The Entertainment Man was done, was not try and bring Everything About Reality TV until one project was done and over with, that was my major fatal flaw I think losing Larry, but I am happier where I am at with both EAR TV, I am doing what I feel passionate about and going to interview Jeff, one of my personal friends, going to interview Justin and Diana as well from The Amazing Race 27. So I got a few plans with my website planned and I am in a happier place now. 

Have a great rest of your Saturday!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Officially Done With Casting!

I have casted on so many different various video and audio only platforms, making me realize, I think my days in casting is now done. The video platforms seem to come and go very very fast and the constant drama with platforms and the recent account ban, I received from, for no apparent reason, but I have decided to leave casting for good. Vaughnlive didn't work out, I got banned and my friend Jackielee turned on me and doesn't want to hear my side of the story when a guest was pissing me off and i did the right thing, I could care less. IVlog I haven't been happy with IVlog since it opened and never really wanted to cast there, however it is a nice platform and the layout is very very nice. There are not very many platforms that seem to catch my interest right now.  Twitch I had 13 year old drama, not Darkostridjer a former mod, hes been nothing but a good true friend to me, even after I got banned under my chrisbontheweb Twitch account, I tried however it wasn't for me and people were not being nice and the trolls being a pain in the butt. 

So in retrospective, I am happier now doing what I do best is the Podcasts on Audio ONLY and of course these blog posts for you guys almost on a regular basis. I know what about Well I was going to give it a try, however I think in my best interest I think I will keep to what I am doing now, plus I got tons of time on my hands on my spare time to where I can spend it with the family or play video games, or even watch movies or TV for once, but when I was doing YouTube, I was casting EAR TV several times a week and it got exhausting after a while. Would I even consider going back to even Twitch in the future, maybe, depends on the time I got in the future and time will only tell. Please note I am not putting any platform down I am just stating the facts and the truth behind why I am done with casting all together, for now at least...

Have a great rest of your Saturday,


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tyrone Parade of Lights & 70th Blog Post!

First of all this is my 70th Blog Post, cannot believe it has been this many blog posts already and time has flown by very very fast and I am only 30 posts away from 100 and trust me it will be a special one indeed. I cannot believe I keep on writing these blogs for you guys and I am sure you guys are enjoying my blog posts each and everyone that comes out on a almost regular basis. Trying to keep on a daily basis, however at the most it is every second day at the most if worse comes to worse.

Anyways the main focus of this blog post is the Tyrone Parade of Lights up in Tyrone. Obviously I went with my dad and my 5 year old niece and nephew and was neat in a way to share this experience with them and what I do as a blogger, going to local events and taking pictures and writing a blog post about it. This is what I enjoy on top of the podcasts I do on the website. So we arrived we got cookies and hot chocolate for the kids, always for the kids as Dan Gheesling says on his playthroughs. I didn't indulge due to me still on my diet and I am on my diet till i lose the weight I want. So the wait started, I was cuddling with my niece which before we went, she was being dramatic, typical 5 year old... yes... I played around with her we were playing around with the snow that was on the ground and what not. We then eventually moved down the road a bit and it began. I recognized the first tractor, the white one with the stars sticking out so we knew that was always in the first or second tractor. Some tractors or truck in the farming community we didn't recognize so was nice to see some new entries as well as entries from past parades. In conclusion the parade was once again amazing and loved every moment of it. Below is a few pics.

Have a great night everyone!


Late Birthday Blog!

I know I am very very late, well 4 days late I know and my birthday was back on Monday, but however that is beyond the facts. Yes I had a good birthday it was a very productive day for me out of any birthday I have had in any of my birthdays over the 31 years I have been on this earth...  First thing I did was go out to Staples to get my Staff and Alumni's tags done as it had to be done an I decided out of all the days of the week to actually go and get this done before I forget to do it later in the week. So after that I came home and had a smoothie for lunch and a oatmeal bar. Then I went off to my 1 pm appointment as I normally do every 2 weeks on a Monday, then I went to see my grandma briefly for my birthday, came back went down to the pub with my dad for a drink, I went light as you guys that follow me on Twitter and know I am currently on a diet, so I ended up drinking a white wine instead. When I got back, I had my dinner which was home made pizza, which was soooo delicious and tasty! After dinner, I managed to have some downtime before my niece and nephew, brother and sister in law came by for a visit for my birthday and I got a Toronto Maple Leafs Picture of the top 100 Toronto Maple Leafs, also an external hard drive which I loved both. Still gotta put up that picture still. From my parents I got cotton shirts and a PJ Bottoms which I really do need and my grandma obviously gave me money so I can use it for what I want to use it for. 

Yea I am a year older and I feel older, my knees are giving me trouble but I am a bit wiser know and how to deal with peoples bull crap they try to cause or them trying to stir the pot on me, I am much wiser how to deal with people causing problems now and I have that privilege to block IP's on and block people on social media as well! So be careful what you say as I have grown as a person and fixed my website to my liking.

I will talk to you on the next blog, which will be up in a few minutes.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Survivor 34 Predictions...

I have been thinking about it and I will not put out another post about last week, I am over last week and I will just not hang at the mall with friends. So with that in this blog post I would like to talk about my Predictions for Survivor 34 and what I think it will be. I've heard that it is all returning players and I think it is an all returnee season, which I am sure a lot of you Survivor Fans out there are speculating some ideas what this up coming season will be on March 8th, 2017, so here are my thoughts exactly what I think it could be: 

1) An All-Stars 2: Why you may ask, well we are long overdue for one since the last All-Stars was Season 8 and I think it due time for an All-Stars Season and I do not think it will happen anytime soon, but we all can be hopeful for another All-Stars soon!

2) Heroes Vs Villains 2: Yes it has been 13 seasons since the last Heroes Vs Villains and would love to see another one out there as the first one was one amazing and wicked season. The battle between Russell Hantz and Boston Rob Mariano within the Villains Tribe, I'd more then happily see another season like this! I can even name a few villains off my head... RC & Abi Maria are two I can off the top of my head as of right now... 

3) Finally, a Survivor Second Chances 2: I think this is probably going to be the top choice of having is a Second Chances 2 but we would of been voting already for who we would like on, so this has to be out of the question, but however can be a season in the near future. 

Which of these 3 could it be? Guess time will tell when finale hits and we find out who wins Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X and we also find out what is going to happen in Survivor 34! Cannot wait to see the finale and fine out who wins and also what is in stored for Survivor Season 3. Could be something for all we know too! You never know!

Have a great night everyone!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tentative Schedule for Winter 2017- Everything About Reality T.V. & CBOTW Gamers Podcast

This is a different post from the recent posts of negative things I posted up on this blog recently,but that is why I got this blog to rant, thoughts and happenings around Chris B On The Web. As you guys may have heard and if you have been keeping up with my Twitter posts I have been recently talking about Amazing Race 29 and with the announcement of Season 29 of The Amazing Race I sort of got an idea of when the podcasts will come out so here is a tentative two different schedule ideas for Everything About Reality TV- Winter 2017:

Plan A:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 


Plan B:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 

It is still unknown when Big Brother Canada is coming out but Amazing Race 29 is confirmed and CBOTW Gamers Podcast as well. It is sounding like I will have some time off between the end of Hell's Kitchen and the start of Survivor and Big Brother Canada so looks like CBOTW Gamers Podcast will be the only thing on the schedule. I hope by January to know what the timetable is for sure by sometime in January and I will write an update when I have a chance.

Until the next post, have a great Thursday!