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Monday, March 25, 2024

What's My Role as COO (Chief Operating Officer?)

                  My job as Chief Operating Officer is the day to day operations online which means answering the emails, social media messages. I am also in charge of setting up the online events for the community whether it is on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube. I am in charge of the Discord server community so this way Chris doesn't have to stress out about running the Discord server on a day to day basis. 

          These are the basic jobs that I do as the first COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media but I also forgot to mention is that I will continue to do weekly end of the week updates as normally. Which I'd like to mention is moving to Saturdays according to our CEO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and he told me to mention that he will talk about it tomorrow on the blog but this change is effective immediately. I will talk to you guys on Saturday for the "End of The Week Updates" and thank you to Chris for the promotion and elevating me to COO, I love this community and being involved with such a wonderful community.

Kelsie, COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Added A Podcast To The List & Updates!

            I am so thrilled to be bringing two things on the the website today and it has already been implemented to the website under the Podcasts tab. The first one I want to talk about is Punk Rock Cheeseburger as you know I am a re-occurring guest at least every 2nd week that is one of the reasons behind putting it up so you guys are able to see the links and where to actually tune into the podcast but not with just be but with other guests Rocky has on his podcast as well. I already had the OK from him and he thinks its great I wanna promote it since I am currently involved. There is an opportunity for it to grow but we need to start small then grow bigger so I am not going to rush his podcast in growth. Now there is another individual who wants to do a wrestling Podcast which is in the pre-production stages and he knows I need to wait till Billy's is officially running through it. I have mentioned I would like to do a couple of collabs one being a radio station I use to be involved with on BlogTV and Stickam as well. However that is not an option at this point and decided it will not be happening at this moment as I have lost connection with the former owner as their station isn't running anymore so I have decided to put it on the shelf for right now. However the good news is I am still planning to collab with Charlie who was a co-host with me for The Chris B Podcast and I think 5 years later I think it is long overdue to actually have a reunion Podcast but I have thought about waiting but I am 100% sure it is an opportunity knocking that I can do this finally. Now the final thing I want to talk about finally is I do have some information about The Power Ranger Collaboration Podcast. As you know it has been on hiatus for the last 3 months and there has been a bit of a communication issue between my Co-Host and I over the last 2 months to a point I was just about at a point I was done with this collab. However it is not over whatsoever and both Larry and I can officially say it is indeed coming back and I have already half way through the 7th season of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and soon as that finishes I am going to be moving right into Lightspeed Rescue so I am not sure if we will be waiting till January as you know there is going to be Renovations done here in the studio so I am thinking about waiting till then to get it recorded. So next year could be look at a 3 recording sessions next year which is fine with me but they are really spread far apart from each other by 4 - 6 months so it isn't that bad really but I am going to make sure they are spread apart from each other.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Promotion Is Key As a Content Creator!

             Not sure if I ever talked about this here on the blog but I am going to in case I didn't. Promotion is key especially when it comes to being a content creator. I have been told this back when I was still streaming and honestly I didn't have much in the way of social media when I was a regular broadcaster back in the day in 2011 which is a long time ago honestly. However it is very, very important to keep your fans up to date especially when it comes to technical issues which I experienced yesterday and the day before which seems to been ironed out. Anyways I let you guys know what was going on but mind you I didn't say anything Thursday as I was live somewhere and there was mic issues even then. However to always be in contact with you guys in the up most important thing for me so this way you guys know what the heck is going on with me especially and usually I am good at telling you guys these things and I do not hold back if something is on my mind especially tech issues is the biggest thing. Now moving on from tech issues to post up the podcast, I give as many links as I can. Normally 3 or 4 then where else you can find the podcast. Same with the blog I will post up the links everyday if the posts are everyday compare to me missing yesterdays but, yes but, I told you guys the truth why I wasn't going to post but what I should of done was told you guys in the morning but how the heck did I know that I was going to happen so that's way I made the late announcement as I got busy fixing the tech issues.

                 Now I even schedule the tweets out for promotion, from the blog post to the podcasts and it helps but other then that my tweets are genuinely me talking. Only things that are set to schedule is the blog posts and podcasts. The more you promote the better chance your podcast will be noticed and it took a long time over a year to start being noticed as a podcaster. I usually use these hashtags for my podcast #EverythingAboutRealityTV, #Podcast, #Podcasts, #Podcaster,#contentcreator, #blogger, #blog. I think you guys get the idea but hashtags helps a lot with content and helps you build your community and following and when I first started out as a podcaster and blogger full time I had very little so that is why I am saying hashtags really do help as a content creator in general, it helps you grow pretty quick. Another point when I first started I had about only 1200 and now over 3400 however lost a bunch thanks to the Twitter purge and hope to grow again and get to the 4k mark finally. My final advice just keep promoting, promoting and promoting, it will help you and if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me via email here on the website, Twitter or Instagram and I will be more then happy to help you guys out. I am happy to help podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers out to grow their content, their channel. 


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Will Be Back On The Road Late June!

              It is no secret that both Larry and I are planning a trip to Etobicoke and we will be at the Sherway Garden then on the best over to Kipling and across. I do not know the route from there honestly, either Streetcar across China Town down past the harbor front then to Union then Go Train home that is the question I am starting to wonder about but that is to be discussed but I will more then likely wearing my Chris B On The Web shirt and of course both of us will have our tags on as this is an official tour for CBOTW, the Founder/Owner and a member of what is left of the Alumni... I will have flyers for us to hand out if you need information and yes I will love to chat with you guys as well. I am looking forward to going out and actually being able to promote the website a bit in the public eye finally as I have been very, very quiet publicly as I have been hidden but with the nicer weather I can wear my shirt finally and able to show off everything we have worked hard for on CBOTW. Larry and I have really discussed and discussed this idea of going out and about and maybe this is something him and I need to do every year is going out promote Chris B On The Web especially in the City of Toronto I think this could be an idea to do every year. Or I could always have flyers with me when I do hit Toronto every year. 

              Anyways I am looking forward to the next Toronto trip with Larry this time around and able to be out of my smaller city here and away from all the drama I have had to deal with so it will be an nice break for me and it is always an excuse to go out to Toronto and it hasn't been the first trip I have been on lately as you know I was in Toronto 1 week ago Monday and I am ready to do this all over again from the start but this time going a longer distance but it will be an adventure of a life time honestly! I am looking forward to this and ready for another trip. I am sure I will be doing a few other trips from time to time to Toronto and plenty more blogs and yes I will be blogging this trip not next week but the week after I will have my pad of paper with me as usual and I know I will be out more as there will indeed more trips and events this summer as I will be one busy person. 


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promoting Yourself, Getting Yourself Out There!

First of all let me say, I been putting this post on hold for about 2 months now... LOL... But finally getting into writing this post. When you are doing YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website you always gotta promote it, I always post up updates if I did some changes to the website, this way you guys can pop over to my website. Another way I promote the heck out of my podcasts, blog & website is by hash tagging in my tweets for example #EverythingAboutRealityTV #CBOTWGamersPodcast are two prime examples, also #podcasts, #podcast, #blog, #blogger #blogging #blogpost. 

Let's break this up. Let's start with YouTube as the first example in this blog post. Now connecting your YouTube account to your Twitter is the best idea this way when your video goes up on your channel it auto tweets and you do not have to find the link to post it out! Another thing, the more social media the better but I rather use Twitter I am close to 2.1K in followers and it is a growing so Twitter is the best way to promote yourself. Now for Podcasts, connecting with your social media, this way it posts or you can do it similar like mine like the example below: 

#EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast is Now Up!!…… & Stitcher! #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX 

Now for your radio show or live broadcasts, you can setup Twitter to Auto Tweet from Tweetdeck on your browser so it posts at a certain time lets say 8 pm EST and it will post it without you have to type it out each and every time, same if you just record podcasts you can do the same for that as well. Hope this helps anyone getting into YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website.

Have a great Thursday! 


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Autism Celebration 2016

So last night I attended the Autism Celebration 2016, not my first, I've probably attended it 3 years in a row minus last year due to my commitment to my job that I got and yes I wanted to be there for it once again but couldn't but was there in spirit, I could of gone from work as a  guest not displaying my site but it is good to be back. When I arrived I was in very crummy mood and didn't really want to be there. But once I got things started and everyone visiting my booth. I started to open up to a lot of people, my past, why I left YouTube, even trying on my own from February to June which didn't work out very well. It was an suggestion made but if I've tried on my own and it didn't work out it didn't work out. 

Had a whole bunch of visits to my booth, some familiar faces and got to see my friends Mel and Lisa whom I've known for many years now and was great to see them both! Saw some familiar faces who have been to my booth in the past and always great to see them again! Connected with someone that knows a lot about website and can be an asset to my site in the future as well, so never know they might connect with me! Also connected with two current CICE students that is taking the program I was in for 2 years from 2010 - 2012 and was great to talk to current students. This told me promoting the program was an great idea and I am planning on continuing to promote the CICE Program again at next years Autism Celebration 2017! Also connected with someone who likes to play video games so a lot of ideas came up in my mind. Also it started to make me think what is more important to my website now & it makes me think maybe I should make my RETURN to and maybe my friend Brew can help me get the OBS Studio down pat to no Lag and never know I could be streaming on Twitch again as of Nov 1st, 2016 the day after Halloween! So a lot of visitors to my booth have given me ideas even not writing anything into my suggestion box! Just talking to people is helping me realize I need to follow my newly found passions which is Blogging on my Site, Podcasting and Gaming! 3 things I highly enjoy in my life right now! I also got to reconnect to Lisa Binns whom I have known for 20 years, yes I have been a part of Kerrys Place for 20 years! I've known Lisa and Nicole the longest I believe out of all the Staff at KPAS. 

Finally I want to say thank-you to the Kerry's Place Staff and a very special thanks to Ann for helping me finalize the board. I will be back in 2017 for the next Autism Celebration and bigger and better then this year and more confident then I have been this year with this really not so good year, because 2017 will be my year and I will be over this really bad year! Below is a picture of where I have put my Thank You Card from the Kerrys Place Staff which is on my white board at the bottom so I can look at it everyday!

Have a Great Tuesday Everyone! 


P.S. Next event for me is Nov 8th, 2016: I will be at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.