Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promoting Yourself, Getting Yourself Out There!

First of all let me say, I been putting this post on hold for about 2 months now... LOL... But finally getting into writing this post. When you are doing YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website you always gotta promote it, I always post up updates if I did some changes to the website, this way you guys can pop over to my website. Another way I promote the heck out of my podcasts, blog & website is by hash tagging in my tweets for example #EverythingAboutRealityTV #CBOTWGamersPodcast are two prime examples, also #podcasts, #podcast, #blog, #blogger #blogging #blogpost. 

Let's break this up. Let's start with YouTube as the first example in this blog post. Now connecting your YouTube account to your Twitter is the best idea this way when your video goes up on your channel it auto tweets and you do not have to find the link to post it out! Another thing, the more social media the better but I rather use Twitter I am close to 2.1K in followers and it is a growing so Twitter is the best way to promote yourself. Now for Podcasts, connecting with your social media, this way it posts or you can do it similar like mine like the example below: 

#EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast is Now Up!!…… & Stitcher! #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX 

Now for your radio show or live broadcasts, you can setup Twitter to Auto Tweet from Tweetdeck on your browser so it posts at a certain time lets say 8 pm EST and it will post it without you have to type it out each and every time, same if you just record podcasts you can do the same for that as well. Hope this helps anyone getting into YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website.

Have a great Thursday! 


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