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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Officially Done With Broadcasting On Video Broadcasting Platforms

             I have decided to not broadcast ever again. When I said I was done with video broadcasting, I meant it and I broke my own word apparently as recently in the last 2 - 3 months I decided to start broadcasting again which was bad mistake honestly and honestly I should of not gone back as it would of kept my stress levels down. Honestly I need to stay true to my word and stick to it. To be honest, I have been doing so well on Audio ONLY to the blog here on the website. The numbers itself does show a lot and how well it has done and I periodically will look at the stats and in the last month I got 1800 + views here on the website alone and no wonder some days it is bit slow it is cause of the traffic but seems to be fine these days. But it is stupid where I keep on trying to do video broadcasting. Honestly my PC cannot handle it and yet it is not an old computer even tho I have had it for only a few years with it now being reformatted once. Honestly it was also a trolls thing that really bothered me and now apparently I am banned on a site I was helping one of my staff with their gaming stream honestly and only thing I can do at this point is lurk on his streams at this point and run the streamlabs bot I setup for them. 

             Either way, I have made the decision to just stop streaming all together as right now I do have  ton of stuff on my plate right now with Everything About Reality TV and also Power Rangers Podcast too, I just do simply have the time to stream video games or even regular streams at this point of time and I am always go go with podcasts and it never does seem to stop and right now I am still going strong on the podcasts longest seasons yet aiming for 40 - 50 episodes in a season which is the longest. So you can see right now I just do not have any time for streaming and I need to continue to be focused on CBOTW but to help moderate a stream for a podcast can be in the cards for down the road for me honestly but more information later. Finally I am currently banned on 6 or 7 video platforms right now so podcasts going live probably not in the future but however I am not banned on YouTube yet so anything can really happen but right now my focus is Audio ONLY.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Origin of Gamers Talk Show (Throwback Thursday)

             Obviously I am right now on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry enjoying myself while you guys are reading today's post and I will talk about the entire trip tomorrow mornings post but today I want to talk about is the origin of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which was briefly mentioned but will not be mentioned much for a while at least until I am ready to start recording them down the road monthly. Anyways way back before I started podcasting which was Pre Chris B On The Web, which was before this website existed before the CBOTW Era began November 14th, 2014. I was still under the old Video Projects Team name whatever numerous names I gave it honestly. However as most of you who have followed me from even the original team I had, well we use to broadcast on BlogTV, Stickam and so on and we had a gaming talk show. This gaming talk show which is now could be a CBOTW Gamers Podcast didn't last long as the host didn't wanna follow the format of the show which was talk not play freaking videos about gaming. This is a talk show not play videos, so obviously they were removed off the timetable and life went on.

              So I had a second chance to resurrect the gaming talk into an legitimate podcast but that never took flight same co host wasn't cooperating with me so I ended up shelving the podcast which now brings to this current day. Now if I can get my Twitch channel back I will be doing em live for the first time in months I will be streaming again and yes the occasional gaming stream. However, that is the story how this podcast became to be what it is to this very day. It started small and now it's permanently on the shelf as of right now since Twitch doesn't want to reactivate my account so I have decided to permanently cancel any plans to bring this podcast back and focus on Everything About Reality TV and the Power Rangers but I had to mention where CBOTW Gamers Podcast started. It isn't much of a story but there is a back story how it all began. There are plans for it and like I said yesterday, there isn't a start date yet but hopefully soon I can get the ball rolling on this project, get guests on and so on. Hope you enjoyed today's throwback story on how this podcast was founded and I will talk to you guys tomorrow on a special post about my trip today up North.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

My First Ever Mixer and Mics I Ever Owned!

              This is going way back to the time I use to broadcast on video platforms, before I got my Samson Mixer that I currently own to this day. I do not remember what kind of mixer it was but I think it was a Radio Shack mixer and that company does not have those stores, not up here in Canada at the moment. This mixer did not allow me to connect a condenser Microphone at the time it had a 3/4 inch piece to hook up into it and this mixer had faders, meanwhile this one I got now has the knobs but I honestly prefer faders in my opinion. Trust me my next one is going to have faders as they are sure as heck easier to use. However this mixer was used which meant someone else used it before I got it as a donation to The Video Projects Team. I know that is a long way back now since this happened. I never really talked about it at all but hey it got me more into being more professional with broadcasting and now what you see, the podcasting universe which I am currently to this day. It was always a learning curve at the start, I learned about the color lights on a mixer, orange levels means you are going to distort and I learned that very, very quickly as a broadcaster what the levels mean. Also with the mixer I got two microphones. One wasn't working well but the other worked for a while. I did replace it with a cheap mic but then got the Audio Technica PRO 31 which still is in the studio to this day.

              As it went to the end of it's run it started to struggle where the voice wasn't being picked up and mind you it was an old mixer and it was ready to be retired and scrapped in the garbage and that was the fate of it. It was a good mixer at the start, but then it got old and just ready to be thrown away and make way for my second mixer which now is used to this very day and working so great for me now too! It will always be my first mixer and will always remember this as my first ever mixer I ever had. I had to start somewhere and I will always remember my first mixer.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Twitch Problems Continue!

                As most of you know, you have seen me go live a couple of times to test run on Twitch for Everything About Reality TV Podcast to actually return to video but chat decided to not load for me for no apparent reason and yet I never broke any rules whatsoever. I think I ended up getting chat banned but how when I never once spammed or broke a rule. I even asked my moderator presently in the chat at the time and they said they see the chat so I got my suspicions I got chat banned and I never broke any of the TOS which makes me quite furious honestly as I was actually looking forward to my podcast returning to video on top of the Audio ONLY as well. I don't know how long but Twitch better fix this fast or I will not be returning to Twitch and might just return to YouTube after all even tho I said I was retired from the platform but at this point I may have no choice now with the recent actions by Twitch to come out of retirement and go back to YouTube. 

                I have had issues with Twitch since the day 1 and being constantly harassed and insulted for no reason which honestly questions me even doing podcasts live down the road in the long run at this point. I even was on Twitch today watching streams and the stupid chat there no messages showing up nor the chatters list is appearing so now I have to start rethink things and figure out if I am or am I not returning to video as I would like to actually grow the podcast further but it seems I am just not welcome to the platform and plus I really hated the fact I was trolled and called an effin autistic for no reason and I banned the people for that but yet they came back so I am definitely at this point scratching Twitch off my list for even thinking about returning, even if people beg me to come back, I am officially saying this and I am retired from Broadcasting along with YouTube. I just do not see going live is a fit for the podcasts I do both the collaboration Podcasts and Everything About Reality TV Podcast. It was fun while it lasted and I will have nothing but tons of memories to remember the rest of my life.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Would I Ever Broadcast Again?

                Would I broadcast ever again at anytime of my life? No. Not just because of the fact I am banned from every platform out there but there is tons of reasons why I don't want to broadcast anytime soon and it is nothing against the platforms but here are some of the reasons:

1) I am banned from majority of the broadcasting platforms for stupid things I have done or I have a vendetta against the owner(s) of the platform. 

2) I feel like social broadcasting has started to die down but that is only my opinion but it hasn't been the same since, days and I don't think will ever change anytime soon. I know is suppose to happen but once again, something happened between me and the owners of the new and I feel like if I return, I do not want to cause anymore problems as it is. 

3) The trolls, it got way out of control on a few occasions and I knew it was that time I need to leave broadcasting and just do Audio ONLY Podcasts and these wonderful blog posts I do for you guys on a regular basis. 

4) I've been casting since 2009 and just felt like I had enough of it. I felt like it wasn't fun to do anymore and like I said above, it is not the same since BlogTV & Stickam days as both platforms closed down not far apart from each other, a month to be exact.

                  So the answer to the question is No, I will not be planning on returning to broadcasting anytime soon as I am happy where I am at, this current time of day and very proud of the accomplishments I have made as well on this blogger/podcast journey and I wanna continue this uphill journey. 


Friday, December 1, 2017

Net Neutrality And What My Thoughts On This....

                  I have seen YouTube Video about Net Neutrality and I figured I should address this in the blog today. It is very important issue with the FCC wanting to vote for Net Neutrality and to raise awareness on this. 

                 So the FCC want to pass Net Neutrality in the United States and if it is passed a lot of websites in the States will be throttled and yes this includes my podcast, as it is on an American website, so it may affect me too even though were neutral for Net and our ISP's (Internet Service Providers) & CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications) want to keep Neutral, but I believe I will still affected in some way with the American Websites out there and mass majority of the sites my podcast is on is on sites from the states, so I am still be affected as the FCC, I am sure when they throttle the sites and then my podcast is pretty much in trouble. Not only me other sites too.

                    Also sites like YouTube, also streaming sites like Stream Me, Camup, Vaughnlive, IVlog will be throttle, which means the streaming platforms are going to suffer dearly, but not just suffer but streaming site owners will lose their casters and money from their ads, pro or VIP users and pretty much the site will pretty much die down which is not a good thing, casting has become huge online. Also internet radio will not exist, especially with stations that broadcast on video platforms it will be throttled.

                    So with what I said, I encourage you to go to your member of congress and tell them, you don't want to see Net Neutrality passed as the online world will be coming crashing down very quickly on Dec 14th. As for us Canadians, we will not be affected it is up to our Internet Service Providers are the ones to deal with the activity I guess and hand out our prices for internet use but please down in the states talk to your member of congress and tell them you don't want the net neutrality passed. 


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Plans For Chris B On The Web &!

              I know it's been a week since i posted up a blog post and its because I have been extremely busy with thing and this is why I am writing this bit of an update after I took the post of the announcement here on the blog I now wanna make it clear the plans I have for the website:

- The next big plan is to involve for right now at least one one of my Alumni, also known as my Former Staff blog for the website and someone was picked after a great consideration I chose Larry Rieck a long time friend since College. Why you may ask? Well he like to write and hes got a passion of talking about video games and also Reality TV so he will give you insight with those and it can be anything he wants to talk about as long as it is 300 words or more so. It will be nice to have someone write about Reality TV too he will give you guys his insight on what is going on in the world of Reality TV and I am already guessing Hell's Kitchen will be having a place on this blog as I am not planning on recapping Hell's Kitchen, I thought about it but kind of changed my mind at the last minute to do the coverage but he more then likely will be talking about it and I can see him blogging about it every week. 

- Final thing I would like to mention on today's blog and I apologize profusely for such a lengthy blog post but this has to be announced sooner then later. Anyways the last update I have is I will be doing several collab podcasts with a few of my friends. I got 2 in the back of my mind right now and an interview setup. 1) Interview with Jeff Livingstone 2) CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Talk with hopefully Larry which will be recorded in one full day in 3 parts, one for each season.  3) A collab on Everything About Reality TV with Justin which I am second guessing as BBCan6 is now happening, I had something completely different in mind about it but I will figure out a revise on it someway, somehow. 

Those are my updates and again I am sorry for the long post but so much to announce, so much happening and exciting news to share with you all and Chris B On The Web & are growing so fast and rapidly and the site itself has reached 14.5k (14,500) website views in the last year and it is just crazy but I am one proud owner! 

Have a great day!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Reasons Why I Do Not Broadcast Everything About Reality TV On A Video Platform!

              I have had fun broadcasting or casting since 2009 but it is time to move and do what I am doing currently which is Podcasts, "Everything About Reality TV" I have had nothing but fun with these podcasts and got to be myself more and yes I have been a goof on Everything About Reality TV especially but that is what my character is like is a goofball and I like to make jokes a lot too! It is a running joke on the podcast that I ramble on about things or one specific things like that Hanging With Bob Bridge Detour On The Amazing Race Canada. I am very out spoken kind of person and I say what is on my mind. 

              Now to the part of why I do not broadcast "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts, well I haven't really done a regular broadcast outside the gaming streams since end of March of 2015 and I got no plans to broadcast anytime in the near future. I am very content doing my own thing and like Larry told me, least I do not have to deal with the trolls anymore. Only trolls would be through the power of Twitter which is the only current Social Media I have at the time. The trolls kind of ran me off the broadcasting site and it was a wake up call to what I really wanted to focus on which was YouTube at the time till the end of my YouTube career. Now my primary focus is Audio ONLY Podcasts with both "Everything About Reality TV" and I have gotten more a response when I have posted up Everything About Reality TV and I mean really a great response. Not only on the Audio ONLY platforms but on Social Media, aka Twitter has been an outstanding amount of response from my followers on my podcast posts and a lot of encouragements when times get tough, so there is a big reason to stay on Audio ONLY I can say I am happy where I am at this point of time. I am too content right now to make anymore changes right now. I need to stop making too many changes too quickly and leaving Stitcher just came suddenly even tho it started to excel in viewership but viewership does not matter, what matters to me is the fact I am having fun recording each and every episode 2 - 3 times a week. Plus planning on collabing with a few people on a podcast in the near future with some personal friends of mine and also an old friend from back in 2010 - 2011 on the former broadcasting website so it will keep me busy planning other smaller projects but two projects right now is not what I want to do. 

Have a great rest of your Monday!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promoting Yourself, Getting Yourself Out There!

First of all let me say, I been putting this post on hold for about 2 months now... LOL... But finally getting into writing this post. When you are doing YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website you always gotta promote it, I always post up updates if I did some changes to the website, this way you guys can pop over to my website. Another way I promote the heck out of my podcasts, blog & website is by hash tagging in my tweets for example #EverythingAboutRealityTV #CBOTWGamersPodcast are two prime examples, also #podcasts, #podcast, #blog, #blogger #blogging #blogpost. 

Let's break this up. Let's start with YouTube as the first example in this blog post. Now connecting your YouTube account to your Twitter is the best idea this way when your video goes up on your channel it auto tweets and you do not have to find the link to post it out! Another thing, the more social media the better but I rather use Twitter I am close to 2.1K in followers and it is a growing so Twitter is the best way to promote yourself. Now for Podcasts, connecting with your social media, this way it posts or you can do it similar like mine like the example below: 

#EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast is Now Up!!…… & Stitcher! #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX 

Now for your radio show or live broadcasts, you can setup Twitter to Auto Tweet from Tweetdeck on your browser so it posts at a certain time lets say 8 pm EST and it will post it without you have to type it out each and every time, same if you just record podcasts you can do the same for that as well. Hope this helps anyone getting into YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website.

Have a great Thursday! 


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Officially Done With Casting!

I have casted on so many different various video and audio only platforms, making me realize, I think my days in casting is now done. The video platforms seem to come and go very very fast and the constant drama with platforms and the recent account ban, I received from, for no apparent reason, but I have decided to leave casting for good. Vaughnlive didn't work out, I got banned and my friend Jackielee turned on me and doesn't want to hear my side of the story when a guest was pissing me off and i did the right thing, I could care less. IVlog I haven't been happy with IVlog since it opened and never really wanted to cast there, however it is a nice platform and the layout is very very nice. There are not very many platforms that seem to catch my interest right now.  Twitch I had 13 year old drama, not Darkostridjer a former mod, hes been nothing but a good true friend to me, even after I got banned under my chrisbontheweb Twitch account, I tried however it wasn't for me and people were not being nice and the trolls being a pain in the butt. 

So in retrospective, I am happier now doing what I do best is the Podcasts on Audio ONLY and of course these blog posts for you guys almost on a regular basis. I know what about Well I was going to give it a try, however I think in my best interest I think I will keep to what I am doing now, plus I got tons of time on my hands on my spare time to where I can spend it with the family or play video games, or even watch movies or TV for once, but when I was doing YouTube, I was casting EAR TV several times a week and it got exhausting after a while. Would I even consider going back to even Twitch in the future, maybe, depends on the time I got in the future and time will only tell. Please note I am not putting any platform down I am just stating the facts and the truth behind why I am done with casting all together, for now at least...

Have a great rest of your Saturday,


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Favorite Broadcasting Platforms Both Gaming & Normal Casting....

            So it has been a year since my last normal cast and almost 3 months since my last gaming cast and I think this is appropriate as I already told you guys what platforms I have been on over the many many years I am no longer currently casting anywhere at this moment of time and will not be LIVE anymore. As I have said this in the past I am retired from casting and this time it is for good, just like YouTube I am fully retired. Just like casting, I got tired of it, I was on YouTube for 10 + years and was a caster for 5.5 Years. Now I thought this would be an interesting post for a lot of you, even thought I've spoken about my casting history this one will hilight some of the sites I did enjoy:

        First Gaming Site: Twitch.TV as I've met a lot of people there over my short time I castedon there but that's beside the point. Also I'm semi still connected to two of my listeners, Dark and my Co-Host of the new and upcoming CBOTW Gamers Podcast.

       Finally Normal Casting Sites Besides Gaming:, where I really got things moving on there in my casting dasys and of course my return as well and was home to the notable Shwa Nation, a Talk Radio Show my friend Joel and I did. Also met 1o1Adam and been friends with him for 4 years now. Finally which actually started to cast in 2008 but it short lived it was revisited in 2011 and also 2012 as well for a short few months.

      Well there you have it those are my 3 favourite casting websites I enjoyed on. As you can tell I decided to keep out my negative thoughts about some of the other platforms such as Justcast, Vaughnlive, Stream.Me, and Hitbox. Yes I casted there but I shouldn't and will not put it down. It was good while it lasted and I enjoyed it but I left for certain reasons.

     Until The Next Post Everyone, hope you have a fantastic Sunday.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Broadcasting Platforms I Have Been On

I really never thought about this for a blog post really... In all the years I have casted on various video broadcasting websites trust me this is quite a list so this will be a nice long list and I have given an explanation of why I left too. (2009 - 2010) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to (2010 - 2011; 2012) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to BlogTV but returned in 2012 briefly (2008, Tested Briefly; 2012) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to (2012 - 2014) until IP Banned then was off for a while, then moved over to (2014) For the time being till Moved to (2014) Casted there then left end of November due to way to many trolls and they ran me off the site fast. Was IP Banned for the stupidest reason and do not care that I was banned from the site. (2014 - 2016) On and off till the site closed down (2014 - 2015) Casted there until I got into an argument with the Staff there.

Beam.Pro (2014 - 2015) Left because of lack of interactive users. (2015) Casted there between February and March of 2015 until IP banned due to a situation that happened which I will not disclose what it was. (2015 - 2016) Casted on and off and recently ended my association with the site, just got tired of being disrespected and trolled. Hangouts (2014 - 2016)  When I was still an YouTuber, Everything About Reality TV use to be live, now an AUDIO Only Podcast within (2014 - 2015; 2016) Curently on the Site, Casting on and off and watching streams as well.

There you guys have it! A list of the places I have casted and the movement over the years. Never really found a home or was able to settle, so walking away from casts was my decision and I am proud of the decision to walk away when I needed to and it was fun while it lasted!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Miss Broadcasting....

I sure as hell miss broadcasting and haven't casted in over a year since me being banned at JustcastLive.TV. Just lost interest and plus banned on Vaughnlive, IVlog and YouLiveNow, I got nowhere to go at this point of time. Except Hangouts which I do not wanna go live much due to the fact it goes over to my YouTube channel so I am not live as much as I wanna be with my spare time... Facebook Live has sprung up so maybe a few smaller casts via my cell here and there but other then that its only me recording on Hangouts when scheduled. Right now I am on the Off Peak Season and awaiting for the next season. So I am extremely bored. 

Now all of you guys are going to ask me what about gaming? Hitbox? Twitch? Well Twitch I got Strike 3 with them, so I am now banned from the site, well my account but I will not be making a new account and a few people I do not like and were extremely rude., well according to a few on Twitter a lot of drama and thats not what I am about, I am about having fun., I was hacked again and again, so I have given up on them. Finally hitbox, I am having troubled staying on air no matter how I change the resolution, bitrate, frame rate it will knock me off the air so Hitbox is pretty well shitbox... 

I'd like to cast again but like I said I am banned from pretty well every site, I do not like UStream/LiveStream at all, Ustream's chat sucks and a banned user doesn't stay banned which sucks! It is only 24 hours. Livestream you gotta apply which is for free for more viewers but been denied it many many times and to get listed which is utter crap!