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Friday, December 1, 2017

Net Neutrality And What My Thoughts On This....

                  I have seen YouTube Video about Net Neutrality and I figured I should address this in the blog today. It is very important issue with the FCC wanting to vote for Net Neutrality and to raise awareness on this. 

                 So the FCC want to pass Net Neutrality in the United States and if it is passed a lot of websites in the States will be throttled and yes this includes my podcast, as it is on an American website, so it may affect me too even though were neutral for Net and our ISP's (Internet Service Providers) & CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications) want to keep Neutral, but I believe I will still affected in some way with the American Websites out there and mass majority of the sites my podcast is on is on sites from the states, so I am still be affected as the FCC, I am sure when they throttle the sites and then my podcast is pretty much in trouble. Not only me other sites too.

                    Also sites like YouTube, also streaming sites like Stream Me, Camup, Vaughnlive, IVlog will be throttle, which means the streaming platforms are going to suffer dearly, but not just suffer but streaming site owners will lose their casters and money from their ads, pro or VIP users and pretty much the site will pretty much die down which is not a good thing, casting has become huge online. Also internet radio will not exist, especially with stations that broadcast on video platforms it will be throttled.

                    So with what I said, I encourage you to go to your member of congress and tell them, you don't want to see Net Neutrality passed as the online world will be coming crashing down very quickly on Dec 14th. As for us Canadians, we will not be affected it is up to our Internet Service Providers are the ones to deal with the activity I guess and hand out our prices for internet use but please down in the states talk to your member of congress and tell them you don't want the net neutrality passed. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Social Broadcasting Won't Last Forever!

                     I've read a lot of other blogs, mostly having to do with social casting, but sites like Vaughnlive, UStream, IVlog to name a few that are out there, it wouldn't make a difference as ever since Stickam, & closed down, social casting hasn't been the same since and at this point I think social casting is dead at this point, it wont be around forever. Nobody has much interest in social broadcasting is pretty well dead on those kind of sites meanwhile Twitch and YouTube and YouTube Live are doing well, minus the boycott on the YouTube Ad Revenue but I am not talking about YouTube, YouTube Live or Twitch, those are either making videos, podcasts which are awesome, or gaming videos, original web series like once mine The Entertainment Man Talk Show, I am talking about the sites I mentioned above but please do not take this as insulting broadcasting, I am just stating the truth, ever since all this doxing, swatting and trolls on Social broadcast sites like Vaughnlive being a primary example of tons of trolling going on, I think a lot people have left broadcasting due to too many trolls and my theory is you can handle the trolls then get off the internet! For one I cannot handle the trolls it got too much or too much drama got to me and you know it sucked the fun out of it to be honest. Another point I'd like to make is Guest chat, no casting website should have a guest chat Like Vaughnlive or IVlog, that is probably what 99% of who the trolls are and why you think when I was with VL I always had guest chat off cause they always seemed to get out of control, so I said screw it they gotta login if they wanna chat with me but be mindful I sometimes decided to turn it on for the heck of it. Sites I enjoyed and had great security with the way of trolls were & Stickam, on Blog, you get kicked you would be sent to troll Rehab and you couldn't return for 15 minutes which is a great thing. Stickam, you get kicked I believe it's an hour if I remember or could of been 24 hour kick if I remember correctly.  But the one featured I loved was on Stickam having the mini cams on there on the side and I know a good friend of mine that I still talk to, 2 actually, one being Santiago aka Wolfdude272 and WatchDogOne who I still talk to from time to time cam'd up almost everytime I casted! I remember once I was featured and it was nuts in the viewer department, same when I got featured on BlogTV was a great feature to be discovered to your amazing talents.  That is what I think about Social Broadcasting and what it is to be but it is ONLY my opinion. 


P.S. Tomorrow's blog will about the Ad Boycott and Ads being Pulled from Videos. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why I Do Not Broadcast Anymore!

There have been many requests for me to return to broadcasting live again, especially with Everything About Reality TV as it is what I do to this day but there are many reasons behind why I do not cast anymore and one of them is I got banned from 3 sites, Vaughnlive, Ivlog, Justcastlive (Which is now Defunct) and Youlivenow. But a lot of you have mentioned to me, Chris why not Twitch well Twitch is basically gaming and I feel like Podcasting doesn't have a place on Twitch, unless it was a gaming podcast which I will be starting up eventually. Ustream, like many other casters mentioned you gotta really work for viewers there and I do not like their chat system at all as when you get banned it is only for 24 hours so anyone trolling and disrespecting me comes back then I gotta ban them for another 24 hours then another 24 hours which honestly does stinks if you ask me. I am not putting any platform down, just expressing how I feel and giving my reason why I do not cast anymore. 

Now you are going to probably ask me what about well I had a bit of a conflict with the owners 6 years ago almost and I just do not want to cause anymore damage then I have done 6 years ago and that is my choice to stick to Audio ONLY at this point of time. Plus it has proven to be a big hit on Audio ONLY, between,, & and I do not want to take that away from the Audio ONLY listeners. Only if I had Chance's chatroom I would of continued with the Ustream adventure but that isn't going to happen now unless I used the chatango chat but not highly liking that chat system much at this point of time. So as you can see the development of bringing podcasts live isnt looking too grim and I think at this moment I am not planning on video broadcasting for my Podcasts or as a pleasure thing, I am doing this for myself and my team and what is best for the future of, you never know it might change in the near future!

Thank you so much for reading today's blog and Have a great remainder of your Wednesday!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Officially Done With Casting!

I have casted on so many different various video and audio only platforms, making me realize, I think my days in casting is now done. The video platforms seem to come and go very very fast and the constant drama with platforms and the recent account ban, I received from, for no apparent reason, but I have decided to leave casting for good. Vaughnlive didn't work out, I got banned and my friend Jackielee turned on me and doesn't want to hear my side of the story when a guest was pissing me off and i did the right thing, I could care less. IVlog I haven't been happy with IVlog since it opened and never really wanted to cast there, however it is a nice platform and the layout is very very nice. There are not very many platforms that seem to catch my interest right now.  Twitch I had 13 year old drama, not Darkostridjer a former mod, hes been nothing but a good true friend to me, even after I got banned under my chrisbontheweb Twitch account, I tried however it wasn't for me and people were not being nice and the trolls being a pain in the butt. 

So in retrospective, I am happier now doing what I do best is the Podcasts on Audio ONLY and of course these blog posts for you guys almost on a regular basis. I know what about Well I was going to give it a try, however I think in my best interest I think I will keep to what I am doing now, plus I got tons of time on my hands on my spare time to where I can spend it with the family or play video games, or even watch movies or TV for once, but when I was doing YouTube, I was casting EAR TV several times a week and it got exhausting after a while. Would I even consider going back to even Twitch in the future, maybe, depends on the time I got in the future and time will only tell. Please note I am not putting any platform down I am just stating the facts and the truth behind why I am done with casting all together, for now at least...

Have a great rest of your Saturday,


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Favorite Broadcasting Platforms Both Gaming & Normal Casting....

            So it has been a year since my last normal cast and almost 3 months since my last gaming cast and I think this is appropriate as I already told you guys what platforms I have been on over the many many years I am no longer currently casting anywhere at this moment of time and will not be LIVE anymore. As I have said this in the past I am retired from casting and this time it is for good, just like YouTube I am fully retired. Just like casting, I got tired of it, I was on YouTube for 10 + years and was a caster for 5.5 Years. Now I thought this would be an interesting post for a lot of you, even thought I've spoken about my casting history this one will hilight some of the sites I did enjoy:

        First Gaming Site: Twitch.TV as I've met a lot of people there over my short time I castedon there but that's beside the point. Also I'm semi still connected to two of my listeners, Dark and my Co-Host of the new and upcoming CBOTW Gamers Podcast.

       Finally Normal Casting Sites Besides Gaming:, where I really got things moving on there in my casting dasys and of course my return as well and was home to the notable Shwa Nation, a Talk Radio Show my friend Joel and I did. Also met 1o1Adam and been friends with him for 4 years now. Finally which actually started to cast in 2008 but it short lived it was revisited in 2011 and also 2012 as well for a short few months.

      Well there you have it those are my 3 favourite casting websites I enjoyed on. As you can tell I decided to keep out my negative thoughts about some of the other platforms such as Justcast, Vaughnlive, Stream.Me, and Hitbox. Yes I casted there but I shouldn't and will not put it down. It was good while it lasted and I enjoyed it but I left for certain reasons.

     Until The Next Post Everyone, hope you have a fantastic Sunday.