Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why I Do Not Broadcast Anymore!

There have been many requests for me to return to broadcasting live again, especially with Everything About Reality TV as it is what I do to this day but there are many reasons behind why I do not cast anymore and one of them is I got banned from 3 sites, Vaughnlive, Ivlog, Justcastlive (Which is now Defunct) and Youlivenow. But a lot of you have mentioned to me, Chris why not Twitch well Twitch is basically gaming and I feel like Podcasting doesn't have a place on Twitch, unless it was a gaming podcast which I will be starting up eventually. Ustream, like many other casters mentioned you gotta really work for viewers there and I do not like their chat system at all as when you get banned it is only for 24 hours so anyone trolling and disrespecting me comes back then I gotta ban them for another 24 hours then another 24 hours which honestly does stinks if you ask me. I am not putting any platform down, just expressing how I feel and giving my reason why I do not cast anymore. 

Now you are going to probably ask me what about well I had a bit of a conflict with the owners 6 years ago almost and I just do not want to cause anymore damage then I have done 6 years ago and that is my choice to stick to Audio ONLY at this point of time. Plus it has proven to be a big hit on Audio ONLY, between,, & and I do not want to take that away from the Audio ONLY listeners. Only if I had Chance's chatroom I would of continued with the Ustream adventure but that isn't going to happen now unless I used the chatango chat but not highly liking that chat system much at this point of time. So as you can see the development of bringing podcasts live isnt looking too grim and I think at this moment I am not planning on video broadcasting for my Podcasts or as a pleasure thing, I am doing this for myself and my team and what is best for the future of, you never know it might change in the near future!

Thank you so much for reading today's blog and Have a great remainder of your Wednesday!


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