Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Accomplishments and Not Giving Up!

Today, I did something I didn't think I would of done after a few months of trying and trying. You are wondering what I am saying well today I finally beat The Doctors Revenge Challenge on the Binding of Isaac and boy it felt great, it pumped me right up and wanting to continue on the journey to beating the game so I can finally get to Re Birth game as I am very behind the times for updated video games but thats ok, I am starting to get through them quite quickly now these days which is a good thing. When I usually play video games I use a lot of strategy to how I want to do things and with The Binding of Isaac I have finally  learned a majority of the items that are in the game and I also know what they do which is a good thing if you ask me or I would be completely clueless in the game, ha ha. To accomplish something like I did today really put a smile on my face and really made me happy. I have been trying to beat this challenge for the last 3 - 4 months now and I finally did it. How did I do it? Not just strategy but patience and if I died in the level, I would keep on trying to I succeeded and I did finally. Did I give up? No! I kept on going and if I got way over frustrated with the game, I would turn it off and play a different game in the meantime and come back to it tomorrow or another day when I felt like giving it another shot. Like the saying goes if you first succeed, try , try, try again and that is what exactly I did. Yes I may be behind in The Binding of Isaac but I will eventually get Rebirth then finally Afterbirth and play other video games afterwards. I think once I got on a roll and a certain card that gave me more hearts,did help quite a lot so that made quite the difference during the entire run of the game. But today was indeed an accomplishment in itself and I very proud of myself. Wish I recorded it for my niece and nephew but they will be happy it has finally been beaten. Finally sorry this blog post is shorter then normal but I have nothing much else to say except thank you so much for reading today's blog and have a great night!


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