Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Back To Physio Again, For My Knee

            Let me say this was not the original topic for today's post but that got derailed once again, however that is OK, this is more important and I wanna be open and honest with you guys about my physical health and it's not good. All has been going really well for my right knee and I can say my knee is in really good shape as my family doctor even checked the original bad knee that dates back many years ago from a old softball injury I got thanks to a former staff member of mine bumping me with a ball but I won't bring that up its in the past. Just call me a human target at ball... LOL! Anyways now onto the left knee, he seen something that is out of the ordinary... However before I get into what is wrong, I started to worry before the doctor came in, I worried I would need an x-ray to see what's up. I worried I will end up seeing a surgeon and possible but that was not the case. My doctor found when bending my left knee there was crunching sound under my knee which mind you it's scary to hear that, knowing there is something wrong with my poor knee. My first thoughts was just freakin great first my blasted right knee all these years and now my left goes on the blink on me. I wish I told him to just cut my knees off and give me robotic limbs. I've been dealing with this crap since 2010, maybe 2009. This is what you get playing softball for 10 + years, the injuries add up, hence I am fully retired from ball.

             So the question of the hour is what am I suppose to do with the recent news I just got about my knee? Well I am required to take Tylenol if i get pain and also the heating rub which I haven't done quite yet as the pain hasn't been bad last night and I am able to deal with it right now but if it gets bad then I can take something for it and also do the heat rub on the knee. The other part is I have to go to Physio to get the track in my knee back into place before the knee cap slips out of place on me. I am glad I went to the doctor, even though I kept on putting it off till the last possible second which in my mind was a dumb move but it all worked out, I waited till it got worse. I hope this will not take till into the New Year, hopefully in 6 to 8 weeks I will be able to continue on with the exercises throughout the holiday but depends the extent of the damage on my knee, I mean how bad it is with the crunching of my knee cap. But least I am doing it now before anymore damage is done to a point surgery is required which is good.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Podcasts Are a Big Success!

              2 Years later with the Audio ONLY, podcasts are truly coming together very nicely. I have had so much fun recording episodes for you guys and I really, really would like to do video stream but it seems to be an issue to go live with video. Honestly I can say I enjoy pre-recording em as it is easier for me and plus I got more time on my hands but I can and I know it's possible that I can do recaps on Ice Cast which is like shoutcast, yes radio airwaves. I have been talking to Larry about it too and it's not really confirmed if it will happen but what I am trying to say if you guys want it to happen then let's make it happen, lets make it an official thing! I can honestly it has been fun but also a struggle to stay on schedule but in the last couple of weeks I have been on schedule even if I was an hour to an hour and a half late still came out on the same day.

              Even with The CBOTW Show which has just begun it's journey and over the next couple of days will be an interesting journey. I have learned how to adjust to change and I have learned so much about Audio ONLY, microphones, mixers and what not. Also the quality of the podcast has gotten so much better over time as when I first started it was distorted and crappy audio but now it is so much better and gotten better. I use to have the Audio Technica PRO 31 when I started this journey but now its changed, but mind you I still got that microphone and it still works and used within this studio but as a second mic and... Wait here is my setup:

Monitors: ACER

PC: ACER Computer Aspire- TC 605
       Windows 10

# of Boom Arms: 1 boom arm, planning to have a second boom down the road.

Microphones:  Main Mic: AT2020 (Audio Technica 2020), Second Mic: Audio Technica PRO 31

Mixer: Samson MDR624

Headphones: Sennheiser HD204

                That is the setup it isn't much but it gives you an idea and I made the decision to spend the money on more professional equipment like the condenser Microphone and the mixer and mind you you need a mixer for mics anyways as it makes the sound much better then just plugging it into your computer, trust me I've tried it. I will do a throwback Thursday story this week talking about my first mixer, don't worry.


Monday, October 29, 2018

Minecraft Space Mod World Is A Fail!

             I can officially say after rage quit, after rage quit, I have stopped with Minecraft for now as I felt like I struggled with the mod and just do not know where the heck to go to with it next and some of the items I need I am not sure where to go next with it. I know a majority of the items what I need but certain ones I got not a damn clue. I had a Twitch friend who was helping me and helped me beat the Ender Dragon, the Wither in Vanilla Minecraft but if I was to return and do the modded world how in the world do I get certain items? Maybe I need to Wikipedia it and fine out. I sure as heck need a game plan if I ever plan on trying to beat the Modded world and finish another different type of Minecraft. I should try Hexxit Minecraft but I would like to still go into space with the space mod. I do not even remember what mod I used actually, I have no clue where the heck I got it in the first place. I think it was the space age mod if I remember correctly but we will see. 

             I am always thinking ahead of myself if I want to play the game again but like a modded playthrough but I am really not sure at this point if I want to play again as I got other video games I could be doing at this point. So is this a complete fail? Yes I failed time and time again to a point I ended up rage quitting after I built such a really nice and fancy compound with a enclosed roof and all. I worked so hard on not just one compound but 3 compounds to have to delete the file as I died in the caves below because of my stupidity and I died more then once and I just completely fell apart and decided to just rage quit all together and it isn't like me at all to just rage quit and give up. I am very much very positive person now in my life compare to before when I was still a YouTuber back in the day. I shouldn't give up but never know, maybe in the nearby future I will look at Minecraft down the road, maybe now I can focus on other games in the meantime and like I said, I can come back to Minecraft later on. 


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Favorite TV Shows To Watch That Isn't Reality TV

             So on this double blog post for today which rare with my blog but I decided what the heck why not do another one for you guys. Today we are going to talk about my favorite TV Shows that I watch and it can be past shows and shows I watch show now which is sort of limited now to these days but do watch em and I have a bunch new and old so here is my list of my favorite TV Shows:

CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY- All my favorites from the original to the one in Miami, to the one in NY, I watched a good majority of the seasons from start to finish and i enjoyed it, minus the miniatures part in the original CSI but glad they eventually wrapped up that little series. Also love the storyline for CSI NY at certain parts of the series. 

McGyver- My mom introduced me to this series and I didn't start watching till mid season when Thorton was fired and arrested  and the entrance of Maddy but I do enjoy the show each and every week and it can be funny from time to time as well.

Hawaii 5-O- Another Reboot show on the list and once again my mom got me into the show and I actually really enjoy it each and every week. I find the bickering between McGarrett and Dano to be hilarious. Currently watching this season along with McGyver.

Magnum P.I- Another show my mom got me into and I wasn't sure how I was going to take it but I actually liked it and planning on continuing on the nearby future to continue to watch the series on TV. 

Family Feud-  One of my 2 favorite TV Shows to watch that I actually watch every single day. Steve Harvey is one of the best hosts of the show ever. He is so funny, especially when he's screaming like a little girl... LOL. Or also the comments Steve makes to the answers from time to time, ha-ha.

               There is a small fraction of my list as this post would take forever to write and it would take you guys a long time to read my post so I am listed some of the shows I do watch but in retrospective I watch a ton of other shows, like LivePD for example or Hells Kitchens, Reality TV Shows, etc but this post is definitely a regular TV shows that I do watch outside of Reality TV all together. 


The CBOTW Show & Power Ranger Talk Updates!

              Originally this post was suppose to be a notice that I wasn't planning on renewing the agreement with Larry but I just do not know what the future holds for those podcasts. Mind you they have been running great lately and you guys seem to be enjoying each and every episode Larry and I grind out. It is a ton of fun to collab with a good and old friend from college.  I am not going rule out that we are not going to renew the agreement to keep on doing, we haven't really sat down yet to discuss it and decide if it is worth to continue on or not. Larry's told me he's have having fun with it and so am I, despite it is a ton of work to prep for it but I enjoy re watching episodes and seasons I have yet to see but at this point I've seen all of the Zordon era, also Lost Galaxy & Dino Thunder but plan on watching more even if we do not continue on with the podcasts but you never really know what will happen as we both haven't had the time to talk it out what we wanna do or if we want to continue.

                We could and I have mentioned taking an hiatus as I wanna focus on Music City CMT and Last Man Standing and also the other podcast (Everything About Reality TV) as well. We still got plenty of time to talk and get things settled but I think we will renew our agreement. I think Larry will tell me Chris lets continue this is a ton of fun.  He is totally right it is! I have indeed enjoyed my time doing these podcasts as part of The CBOTW Show Podcast. I know It takes up more time but not much as I watch the show at night take notes and then podcast about it in the morning. This podcast and the other one is part of my routine now and I enjoy every moment of it and wouldn't look back at the true feelings I had when it first started. The views are incredible and in time I will be also gaining subscribers, even now I might of earned some as I do not look at the feed stats too often but I do from time to time when I get a chance. 

                  The CBOTW Show has a ton of potential and if I run out of Reality TV Show's The CBOTW Show can be the replacement podcast down the road in the long run. This is why I created this podcast just in case with the recent hiatus rumors from Big Brother Canada and now the controversy with Julie Chen's husband and no news of her contract with CBS expires as of in the Fall of 2019 so we can see that happening indefinitely and hopefully Big Brother 21 which is still up in the air as CBS hasn't renewed it for a 21st Season. Anyways I have derailed on this blog but anyways I am always planning for the future especially with The CBOTW Show Podcast in the picture now.


Friday, October 26, 2018

Chris B On The Web Updates....

             I think it is time for updates on Chris B On The Web as a whole. Because there has been tons of changes and stuff coming up for Chris B On The Web and I will explain everything to you guys and what is or has been happening in the past few weeks since I got back from Minnesota. It has been a crazy last few weeks from prepping for the Autism Celebration to prepping and getting the Media Pass for The Royal Winter which as you guys know by now, I got the media pass and I am on my way to the Royal a Week tomorrow which is really exciting honestly, I can hardly hold in the excitement and to get there and explore what the fair has to offer this year.

              So first thing I want to talk about is which is about to to be back in about 2 months from now by the start of 2019, the .com will be back into the picture very, very soon.  Why did it go down originally? Well if you did not read my post, it got reported and it was subsequently shut down on me when I never broke a single rule or anything as I was doing what I normally doing, blogging and posting up podcasts like usual. But I know and its the truth, the provider I had which I will not name as I am still very mad at em for the way they threw me out the door and hated me since day 1 but that is in the past, I am moving forward. I was planning on going pro with them later on but that is now thrown out the window as I plan to have my .com hooked up to my blogger page as of January 1st, 2019. I already know the timeline how things will go and that is the goal to have the .com back up by January 1st. I think the blogger page is the way to go with the list of the sites the podcast is on, interviews on another page, schedule and so forth.

                The next thing on my list is I am planning on having a second host help me out with Everything About Reality TV within Big Brother Recaps. As you know I have a busy schedule when it comes to Big Brother U.S & Big Brother Canada and I want to cut my schedule back a bit. What do I mean? I am planning to do 2 recaps a week and plan on having an audition process for a second host to help out with  the earlier in the week episodes which I will be explaining once I get someone on board to volunteer their time with CBOTW to help out with this podcast. If I cannot find someone, then I will be once again doing it once a week like usual. Celebrity Big Brother might be a difficult task as it is on like 4 or 5 times a week like last season so it may render harder to it all on my own but always up to the challenge. However with Celeb Big Brother I am unconfirmed to if I will be covering it this time around if I do not get help then possibly no coverage of the show but will be watching it and tweeting about it regardless! 

                  The studio will be eventually going under some major renovations of the wall, also I will be building a brand new desk in the studio which will be bigger and better then it was before so I am definitely planning for the future. Also will be buying a second boom arm for the studio to put the guest mic on as we still got the guest mic which has to be brought out everytime we have a guest in the studio and it seems to be quite often and I love having Larry in the studio. There is always laughter in this studio. I can hear his laughter echoing the studio even after he leaves from visiting the studio.  

                  That is what I have on my list for now, well the major things going on with CBOTW and it is only the start of the changes that are going to be happening and I am sure down the road there will be more changes being made or adding stuff on. Oh I almost forgot The CBOTW Show has made it's return and it is taking Audio ONLY by storm! I haven't had the chance to post up new episodes but will starting to active as of this weekend and I am sooo thrilled!  On Castbox alone, I have had 18 plays already and the Castbox feed just got updated yesterday, so the promotion of that platform has helped greatly! All the platforms have done well and welcomed me back with open arms. They have been a great help in getting things back on track and ready to go. 


Thursday, October 25, 2018

My Ferry Ride To Pelee Island... (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This was years and years ago since I went on the ferry to Pelee Island, I am talking about when I was still a kid at the time in the late 90's at the most. But my dad and I took a trip down to Leamington, Ontario for a vacation even though it was only a couple of days but that was OK with me and it's sort of hard to remember that far back as I was younger then and it was a long time ago, we're talking like 20 odd years ago when this all happened. Anyways we got down there and got a campsite and got setup. I remember there was a Detroit Red Wings player that is from that town actually, Darren McCarty whom grew up in Leamington. So yes I know a bit of history of Detroit even though I'm technically more of a Leaf fan then anything else during the Hockey Season. 

               Anyways, we got our ferry tickets and we were actually on 2 different ferries going there and the first ferry we got was the Pelee Islander and it was an interesting trip say to the least as my dad has his coffee on the boat on the floor and a we hit a wave to a point his coffee spilled all over the floor. So the rest of the boat ride, all you can see is coffee going from one side to another which was sort of funny in a way. However coming home we were on the bigger ferry the Jiimaan Ferry on our way back to the main land. I was fairly young and unable to do any of the wine taste testing but would now as I am now older and able to drink, I would definitely indulge in testing out different wines. We walked around the island a bit too and I know there are snakes on the island, nothing poisonous but I believe  it is the Blue Racer Snake which has been known to be a bit of a nuscience on the island. 

             However it was a fun trip, my dad almost got pulled over for speeding but the police warned us with his lights so we got away with it that time. I would definitely go back and we are planning to go back next year in the summer for a visit and maybe bring home some wine from Pelee Island in the process. Also forgot to say We even saw and Eastern Fox Snake while staying at the Wheatley Provincial Park and I got the picture off  Mind you the snake was massive and slow as a tortoise but really neat to see what it looks like in person. We all watched the snake slowly make it;s way across the road and back into the woods where it belongs. Overall it was a fun trip all together.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Binding of Isaac Progress Update

          I can say, it has been an interesting runs the last little while with playing The Binding of Isaac. i have found myself getting closer and closer to the end and achieving more accomplishments on the game. Right now I am in the 40's for completion to get Golden God status in the game. It is a very long process to get 100% but I am now at 47% so I am soooo close to the half way mark to the end. I need to follow the steam accomplishments list so I need to look at it and decide which one to complete. As for the challenges I am 5 from completion and mind you I have been close time and time again from finishing up these challenges and actually it's not that bad. I have gotten to Mom's Heart but ended up dead before I got to her actually. However I am getting closer to winning every time and one of these days I will come out with the big "W" and one step closer to finishing this game finally. I have player over 1000 hours of the game, which is insane! I have been trying so hard to finish this and get into The Binding of Isaac Rebirth which I have already bought already and waiting to be installed onto my computer. 

           It is about time I finish this and I am excited to get to the end game finally and ready to complete this game. I have had this game for a good 2 - 3 years now and it has taken me a long time, however, I have gotten the knack to playing some good nifty long and deep runs within the game. I have even tried brimstone and honestly I love brimstone but it is rare to get from time to time, I haven't had it for a while and never know when it will pop up whether it is in the item room or a devil deal. It does depend if I have enough hearts or don't wanna gamble then I won't, but I do gamble quite a lot in the game. You can say got gambling in my blood, game wise not money wise if you know what I mean. I am really excited to see and how long it will take, I am going to work hard on my extra time to finish and finally complete this game so I can move on to Rebirth and the next game. I know I can do it, I have faith in myself and I know I can definitely can do it.


Had My Wisdom Tooth Pulled Today & Update!

              Today I originally had a plan for a blog post but I need to hold off as things kind of ended up changing due to the fact I had Oral surgery or in English my Wisdom tooth was pulled out as it was kind of long gone with a cavity if they fixed the tooth again, it'll come back again so the best bet was to remove it and I ended up going there for no reason the first time around but came back there today and got the tooth removed why didn't even hurt as he froze my mouth properly so it was an easy time to get the tooth out. One less tooth I gotta deal with honestly. I am happy it's gone but the pain is on and off today and taken some Tylenol for the pain which has helped and only have taken it once today and once again tonight it is aching a bit but not as much as this afternoon so I am slowly on the mend but as I said on Twitter and Instagram, will not be too active with podcasts  this week and I will get into that part soon. I was very much happy with the dentist as it wasn't my usual dentist as he is now semi retired from practice which is fine with me. The dentist I had, he was very nice and really cool. I told my mom if he takes over, I am fine with staying with this dentist as it is closer to us to go to the appointments each and every 6 months.

                So with the news of me going through with the oral surgery, I need to take a couple of days off to re-cooperate and I feel like if I was to record The CBOTW Show Podcast episodes I would be straining my mouth as I got a tooth missing now and re opening the now hole in the mouth from where the tooth once use to be. I need to take care of this first and ensure it doesn't get infected whatsoever and I know you understand and it doesn't really affect the scheduling for both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts. It is just The CBOTW Show I need to catch up with and get back into as I have to catch up on Last Man Standing so I am ready for a week Friday when the show is back on the air once again and ready to go for another recap of the show. Give me the rest of this week to get caught up start recording, edited it then I will do a post of the schedule when it goes up and what not. Hope you all understand the position I'm in right now with this dental work I just got done and appreciate the continuing love and support of Chris B On The Web!


Sunday, October 21, 2018

I Am Starting To Understand The All In The Family Storylines

              I finally understand the story line later on in the series when both Meathead and Gloria's fighting started to get more and more towards the 6th, 7th 8th and finally the 9th season. It does build up throughout the seasons and I understand how things went during the latter half of the seasons. I know you can cut tensions with a butter knife as you can notice the bickering was building up and I think after they moved to California that is when all hell broke loose but we as fans will never know what the heck happened as it wasn't part of the story arch or timeline of the show. I say it all happens for a reason and I really liked the story line and the introduction of Stephanie after Gloria and Mike left the show as they put it they moved out west. Anyways. I now understand the story line especially what I said above and especially the timeline of the Jefferson's, George and Weasy (Louise) Jefferson.  Especially the start of the series as well when George isn't present for a couple of season then he shows up once Henry, his brother leaves then George comes in but not for not a very long time as for those who have seen the entire series like I have, the Jefferson's move on up and they end up with their own spin off series called The Jefferson's which also ran a very long time. Also it we saw the birth of little Joey as well.

               So you can see I made a bit of a point at some of the major events and it shows I know some of the major events that has gone on within the show and I truly understand the timeline of events during the series and least I know and understand everything going on, like for example, presidents of the United States changed from Nixon to Ford as one other primary example within the series so there is another example right there. No matter what I love this show and now that I have completed the series I need to finish collecting Archie Bunker's Place as I got season 1 and I believe it runs 4 seasons in total if I remember what I read online as well. Either way it is one of my favorite older shows and yes i am in my 30's and only reason I got into these was cause of my parents who introduced me to TV Land channel and Deja Vu as well so that is how I got into this show. 


Saturday, October 20, 2018

I Got A Media Pass For The Royal Winter Fair

          I just found out this week, I was accepted into getting a Media Pass so I can do my blogging around The Fair part of the Royal Winter Fair on November 3rd which gives me all the permission in the world to take as many pictures as I want. I have had the media pass before, 2014, 2017 & this year, 2018 so 3 times in almost 4 years since Chris B On The Web existed or began it's long journey to success as you now see it to this very day. I was worried when I got home from Minneapolis that I wouldn't be getting the pass at all as I was extremely late submitting my application for it, but it wasn't too late and hey I got the media pass and I worried over it for nothing, like honestly.  I seem to worry about the small things when it comes to these things and I'm sure if I was able to explain I would but I didn't have to, I guess applications can be in within October instead.

             However I am very excited to be going to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2018 and cannot wait to see both the show and the horse show and what amazing things are going to happen. I will be on and off Instagram and Twitter throughout the day and I will have my mobile battery charger for my phone with me in case of emergencies. I was suppose to have Dave come with me but that is all up in the air right now and I am feeling a bit nervous having him with me as he's not been through what I experienced so if he does come along for this adventure with me, then I will be giving him a crash course on this entire adventure and what to do and what pictures to take as for those who didn't know he was my camera man once upon a time so he has to learn what pictures I need so I guess direct him like I did when I was still on YouTube. Either way this will be a fun trip and day and looking forward to even sharing it with one of my former team members if he decides to come along for the trip, it will be once again another great year at The Royal Winter Fair!


I Got Big News To Tell You!

            Couple of things I need to tell you all and it is big news as you know Chris B On The Web is growing greatly and it is time to make the move. What do I mean by this? I am once again am growing my empire and what I mean by this two podcasts are now in play on the programming in the way of Podcasts. Here is the breakdown of what is going on for both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts in the shows the podcasts will be covering:

Everything About Reality TV:

- Survivor
- Amazing Race
- Amazing Race Canada
- Big Brother U.S. 
- Big Brother Canada
- Celebrity Big Brother U.S.

The CBOTW Show:

- Music City CMT
- Power Rangers
- Last Man Standing

               There you have the lineup, quite a lineup and very excited to start something new in the podcasting field and as I am typing this at 230 in the morning, I got a big smile on my face right now. I am just eager to get started on these podcasts too on top of Everything About Reality TV and start to build this podcast and grow this podcast up and never know The CBOTW Show can be the podcast of the future too if anything happened to Everything About Reality TV but let's not jump that too far but this is what the big picture is looking like for me right now.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Android Vs. IPhone.... Which One Do I Prefer?

              First of all crap hit the fan when my mouse stopped working and I had Larry over and had to go get another mouse for my computer at Canada Computers which I love the fact they are nearby and easy to get at. Anyways, we were looking at the protection cases for phones while we waited to check out my mouse and that is when I got this entire idea for Android vs IPhone which one is better? First of all, I have had both Android & IPhone, currently with IPhone at his current moment.. What the heck I said IPhone 3 times, dang it 4 now... smh. Anyways this blog post i getting so derailed now, but the question of the day is which one is better. Well I can say first of all Android it is easier to get a virus compare to IOS as I never got a virus warning sign whatsoever so Android I like but certain phones I didn't like, such as Samsung being one of them. The LG G3 wasn't bad either and I actually was hoping to get he LG G5 or the G6 which are more the latest as those phones which I really liked it. IPhone at the start I found it really hard to figure out how the heck to use it but however, I managed to figured it out how to use it minus Facetime which I still gotta figure out hopefully around my birthday I will get to do that with family if they wish to do so.

                Now the million dollar question is which one do I prefer, it is the IPhone. Why? Because I like the fact I got a lot other apps I can use, such as the podcasts app, which are hooked up to the ITunes Podcast and yes Mine is in there as well as I have subscribed to myself as sometimes I do tune into my own podcast from time to time but I will talk about it in a later time. Also ITunes are on there but I think you can get them onto a android but I could be wrong about it but you never really know as I never really tried downloading it onto my android when I had android. But I do prefer the IPhone as I said before it sure has a lot more features then android but that is only one man's opinion. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Autism Celebration 2018

              Last night I was at the Autism Celebration 2018. I found out that the event has been running for the past 7 years and I have been involved in 5 of the 7 as I missed 2015 (Due to work) & 2017, last year, due to, well err lack of funding for planning my booth. I went over my budget last year. LOL... However this year, I can say I budgeted for the event perfectly with no problems of being off budget like last year. As you know through social media I have been planning this for the past 4 months with blue printing what I wanna do and how I want to promote CBOTW. There was a few hiccups with the board but nobody noticed it whatsoever so that is good and I will not get into that. I left finish off the board till the last possible second which is the usual me but hey it got done. 

               I got at the event a little more perkier as I was moody like an hour and a half, but anyways, I ended setting up pretty quickly, was a bit all over the place trying to figure things out but managed to setup and got a chance to sit before the event started. We heard some singing and a story of a father and son biking trip which was very inspirational to me especially and inspired me with what I am doing and I got a planned blog post next week with the initial plan for CBOTW in 2019. Anyways, I got a slow down at my booth with people popping by my booth and I got to get up and wonder around and look at different booths around the floor which mind you, I never did that last year... err sorry I mean 2 years ago. It felt good to get up and mingle with other people. Now if Larry or Dave came with me, I could wonder around a lot more as I needed to keep an eye on it in case someone came by but that's OK, I can move quite quickly despite my ailing knee problem which I will talk about in a later post. One thing I loved about the event was all the questions and yes YouTube came up last night. Why? Well my podcast started on YouTube and then Audio as you now hear and see to this actual day.  After talking to my consultant at Kerry's Place I will be more involved with them as I have not been very active with them for the last several years minus the Autism Celebration each and every year. I saw familiar faces from last 2 years ago and always good to see new faces at the event each and every year. 

                Finally In want to once again thank the Kerry's Place Staff for having me and for everything they have done over the man years as I have been with em since 1996, so 22 years I have been with them and if it wasn't for the foundations program introducing me to this event, I do not know what I would of done with myself. It sure gets me out for the evening and I enjoyed myself like always and I sure as heck cannot wait for next year as I will be back bigger then ever at the next event. 


Monday, October 15, 2018

I Made The Impossible, Happen Yesterday!

           Yesterday the impossible happen! Larry and I worked on for a good hour and a bit on an Audio ONLY live stream with Radio Loyalty which The CBOTW Network still had the station info on there from when it shutdown in 2015 after a really rough ending to it all. Anyways all I had to is update the banner and add back the player to the station and we were cooking with gas finally and we had a working station live on the air. Now mind you it will not be an 24-7 station but it will be on the Air when there is an podcast to do live on the airwaves of The CBOTW Network. It was a long and stressful process as links had to be updated and it was giving me quite a hard time accepting the link titles to the main website link but finally got it then added the player back and then we tested for about 10 minutes. The sound was great and all we had it on the web cam mic at first but tested out the condenser mic which worked great as well. We did all the tests we needed for when it starts up which mind you it will not be long till we start and I will get into that shortly in this blog post. What I like about Radio Loyalty it is so simple and easy to set up minus the pickiness with the link names but I found out to fix it but it is all HMTL5 based and not to worry about that annoying flash, especially with Google Chrome where you have to tell it to allow so you do not have to keep on hitting allow every time you watch or listen to a stream both Audio and Video as well. 

                   Now when is this going to happen? Well if all goes well as I am now into Power Rangers Turbo now with Zeo being completed, I am moving on tomorrow to start the next phase of prepping for this collab. What do I mean by this? Not ONLY "Everything About Reality TV" but also the Collaboration podcasts will be live each and every week. There will be certain ones that will be live as I do have a life outside the podcasting world and here is my Live Broadcast Schedule looks like for Winter & Spring 2019:

Winter 2019 (Everything About Reality TV, Season 9):

Celebrity Big Brother (LIVE on the IceCast Airwaves)

Spring 2019 (Everything About Reality TV, Season 10):

Survivor 38

Big Brother Canada

                     Now as for the not live podcasts as follows, Amazing Race & Music City will not be Broadcasted on the IceCast or the Audio Stream I have set up as I said before, I am busy with life too and I cannot do everything on the airwaves, Now I have been thinking about bringing on a co host or someone to do some hosting during Celebrity Big Brother & Big Brother, now will they have access to the Audio Stream? Of course they will. They will 100% access of the feed to stream the podcast live. I will be making sure I can trust em with the information 100% But it is in the long plan down the road too! It is exciting news and hope you all are excited for the future of the podcast as I am ecstatic for the return to a live broadcast!


Saturday, October 13, 2018

When I Started Podcasting, I Had Horrible Audio...

               When I started this crazy adventure with no followers or listening whatsoever, my audio was terrible, horrible. My voice was very distorted as heck as I over modulated my voice because I had the volume on my mixer way high so that had a lot to do with the podcast and I think in 2015 I had the other mixer the older one that didn't help but obviously in 2016 I had this mixer I currently use to this current day and have been since Summer of 2016 when I made the purchase for this mixer. As time got further during the podcast things got better and I got followers for the podcast and I am talking YouTube days. Now Audio ONLY things got better as I started to always do an audio check or sound check or as they call it in the world of "Radio" Air check which I always do before I set off to do the recording of the podcast to ensure the quality is top notch each and every time an episode is being recorded every week to every few times a week depending on the recording schedule from season to season. 

                 The next thing I did was upgrade some of the gear in the studio, got a boom arm to hold the mic so I wouldn't be lifting up the stand with the microphone so it is much easier to maneuver in behind the screens as you probably seen it in pictures of me on my Instagram feed from time to time when I am between recording like currently at this moment as I am about 5 days from the next episode to be released for you guys. Now the AT Pro 31 hand held mic was good and what not but it was aging and I have had it since 2014 so 4 years now if you include it to today. It has seen broadcasts from YouTube to Twitch.TV to other platforms that I have been on that I rather not even mention at this point as I am banned from those platforms for certain reasons I will not state on here. In 2017, 1 year ago I invested in a more of a professional microphone. I bought the AT2020 Condenser Microphone, $200 bucks later but worth the money and the upgrade. Don't worry I still got the AT Pro 31 mic as a guest mic in the studio that will need a boom arm down the road!

                   So over the years, things got better and I am sure down the road it will become even a bigger podcast then it is now in the years to come as I make more and different ideas I can bring to the table and I have hinted on social media I wanna do something with the podcast which I will be talking about on another blog post on another day, down the road from now when the time gets closer but ideas are brewing for me and Chris B On The Web. I am proud how far I have come with the podcast and what is to come for it in the nearby future as well which I am excited to share with you very soon and I am nothing but proud of how far this podcast has done.


Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Story Time... (My Dentist Experience This Week)

               Wednesday morning, I had to go to the dentist due to a cavity that needed to be filled in. So I did the routine of getting up and going to the dentist knowing I was going to get a filling put into my tooth on my wisdom tooth. Anyways the wait was quite long as the dentist office was quite busy that day which is fine honestly with me and I wasn't due to be with my friends till 1230 pm that day anyways and I was in no rush whatsoever to actually get to the mall as I wanted to work on a couple of things before I even left for the afternoon to see friends and what not. Now don't get me wrong, I have had a not so good experience at the dentist before and I have now forgotten it even happened since it was years ago since that has happened and I am not worried about it now anyways, it is water under the bridge at this point. 

                 So I finally got into the chair finally and once again I had to wait for a good 10 - 15 minutes my dentist came in to do the filling in my mouth. So this was the patience test for me and I think I did quite well actually. I think I passed the test of being very patient during this experience which mind you was an experience and a half and trust me it was quite an experience and a half and it is good to have these experiences in my life as I live and learn from em all. Anyways it turns out that my wisdom tooth is dropping and if they fill it it will just come back in a year or two so he recommended that it gets yanked from my mouth so I obviously agreed there and I told him to just pull it out as it will be one less tooth to worry about down the road and no more problems.

                  As you have read this has been quite an interesting experience and I wasn't expecting to have nothing done but least my dentist was apologetic for having me go there for no time and wasting my time. He's a really good dentist and I have had him for 20 years now and had been a good dentist all these years and I do not plan on changing dentists at this point of time. I hope you all this little Friday story time as I enjoyed writing this post for you guys. 


Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Think I Am Getting Better At Handling Stress!

              It has been a whir wind of a last 2 years since coming off of YouTube and into the podcasting world, I admit I have shown my level of stress between then and towards the end of last year but recently I have seen change in my life, the way I deal with stress. I have been utilizing a lot of the tools that I have learned and I think things are starting to sink in now that I need to get things done and stop feeling down and sorry for myself and have to get down to the nitty gritty and I have been as you can see I have been quite busy lately and very much active on this here blog and also on social media not as much but getting into posting more often. Instagram goes up and down in the numbers but that's OK tho and I am use to it. Eventually I will have my break on Instagram to get more followers down the road.  The fact now I don't let it bother me even if I lose followers as it re builds up and there are people who are so dedicated to supporting me and the blog & podcast, I am ever forever grateful for having the fans. 

               I really am using a list of things I need to do, I just wrote down what needs to be printed off in the way of items for my board or to remind myself to record a podcast which mind you I am pretty good at remembering and I know my schedule a lot. I always write down what has to be done for events or whether its content related, I sure as heck know how to actually get things done on time. I know right now the scheduling is a tad off due to my very hectic schedule with events this fall as I have said many times in the past, this is my busy time of the year but it will be settling down in December and when things get quiet. I got a couple of things planned for my alumni and I getting back together for a possible Christmas get together to celebrate Christmas together. I will explain more next week in the mid week after the Autism Celebration event has concluded and things start to settle down a bit for me around the studio. 

              Finally, I like to go by a timetable, it gives me a bit more structure to my days or nights as I am writing this very, very late. Sometimes I do things off the cuff as I got nothing else to do and decide to write or just work on things and get a head start on things before they are due to be finished or ready for events for an example. Some of the content I can do off the cuff for example, these blog post ideas just come to my mined when I wake up in the morning and I just write. Sometimes my titles do not come till after I am done with the post so that is what I mean by off the cuff. I think I am getting better at the stress thing as I explained, I am just getting better at it and able to handle my work load a lot more and I always persevere through the thick and thin of things as well.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Autism Celebration 2018 Event Set!

                So I know you have been wondering and I will set all rumors to the side as it is true, I am planning to attend the autism celebration this year with Kerry's Place and I have known about this event date for the past week now and I just felt it wasn't the right time to talk about it and mention it but I am attending this year and I am excited to be returning again this year as I have been a regular to the event since the start minus 2015 and 2017 and yes I realize it is the odd years I didn't attend there. I have been planning and putting together my booth since end of June, early July and it has taken me major thinking and putting the ideas together. I have been working away for months on this project as as of last year I destroyed the board and the old board was falling apart after a while so I had to do it over from scratch again which is fine and it gives me the opportunity to actually re do it all and make it even better then it was.  I am ecstatic to be going into this event knowing that I have news to bring to everyone that I am going to be bringing a certain podcast live again down the road which I will talk about at a later time probably by the weekend at the most and it is thrilling news indefinitely! 

                   The Autism Celebration will take place on Monday, October 15th, 2018 between 6 and 8 pm EST and I will be definitely on Instagram taking pictures of my booth and show you guys what I have been doing over the last 3 - 4 months now. Of course I will be also doing a blog post on here about it and will talk about my experience now that I have had time to re build the brand and fix up things and get what I wanna promote out there. One thing I can say is since CBOTW has rapidly growing on a regular basis and unfortunately I had to take the CICE Program off of the board and I know I will get some sort of hate for it as I have been promoting the program since the year I graduated from the program but I needed to make more room for my content but the program will always be near and dear to my heart as it is an experience I will never forget and I learned so much about media and also radio side of things especially as I was a part of Riot Radio for a couple of months and i learned so much and I am still connected with the former Program Director who taught me so much and I got so much better in front of the microphone and on camera. So anyways I am getting way off track right now. It is unfortunate I am not promoting it but as I got further into the event, it was starting to not be as popular as I promoted it but I may just incorporated it in my bio side of things in the nearby future, for next year's event as the bio is already done but I nowhere mentioned school. I may or could just re do the bio and re do the main flyer. Again, I am rambling. This is the week for final touches to the event and I staying up late tonight so I can get this done this week and filled up so I can add the Velcro to it, so it would stick to it. But Oct 15th is the date and looking forward to it and hearing people's feedback on the new and improved booth!


Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

                 First of all I have to wish all you Canadians a very Happy Thanksgiving. I have been home all weekend myself and I am very thankful for my family and friends of course especially at this time of year. I am a family man outside of the Online Media gig and I am very much spending time with the family and also my friends hence why I gave up on YouTube as I felt I spent too much time on projects and planning out videos as well but that is not what this blog post is about. Friends are my other priority in life. Anyways this weekend I was home most of the weekend, I never got a chance to get out but minus a walk here and there but I had to focus on getting the podcast out and getting it back on track. I spent an hour with my mom watching Hell's Kitchen which was great and I will do a post end of the week talking about it but either then that I was busy catching up the podcast and blogging as well. Today is a day of rest for me finally and I will be slaving over the hot stove all day cooking up a storm for the family Thanksgiving dinner with my aunts Catherine, Francine, Uncles Claude, Uncle Chuck, my grandma, my parents and I are getting together for dinner here at the house and I am more then likely will not be active during the time but will get some pictures of me cooking onto Instagram so be sure to check that out.

                 Finally I hope you all are having a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and you are traveling safe to and from visiting family and be sure to think about what you are thankful for at this time of the year. I am very thankful for family and friends but also I am thankful for meeting all of you 3500 + and 91 followers on both Twitter and Instagram and non of this would be possible without you guys the fans that make CBOTW Possible.Without you guys I probably end up leaving CBOTW all together but cause of you guys this is all possible and it is still a huge success to this day. It has been quite the adventure but stressful but you guys make this stress worth it in the end. So have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and I will speak to you guys tomorrow on another blog post.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Was Going Bat Crazy At The End of September.

              I admit I went a bit crazy at the end of September but that is what happens when you end up with tons of things on your plate. If you know I have a blog to write everyday and on top of that a podcast record weekly as well which sure as heck makes me one busy person. Also it is that time of the year where I am preparing for The Autism Celebration which is a week tomorrow and I will talk more about and I have been busy prepping and no time to actually talk about it at the moment but it is coming in less then 2 days and I will talk more about the details about the event. But I admit it, I am not even done with the board for the Autism Celebration as there has been other projects on the go for me so it has been quite hard and I admit I am having doubts how the heck to do the actual board and I am questioning it all together as it doesn't look right but it will look great regardless what I think about it in the end. I have a week to finish this up or I will not get any of this done if I just let it sit there and not do a darn thing but tomorrow will be working it.

                I think I found it hard with the work load but I didn't really feel the motivation before I left for Minnesota but now since I have been back I have been working extra hard. I hope tonight to work on the Autism Celebration booth I have planned. I know I am not having it tonight as last night was once again really tough in the sleep department but I think I will sleep fine tonight for once. However, I struggle the next night still so I am not sure what is the problem. I think all of this has to do with the two things I said above at the end of September, sleep which I have gone back to my old ways with my dang sleep. The second part is the work load and how I handle it but I am getting defintiely better at handling my stress and there will be a post about that soon how I am able to handle my stress and how I am able to handle things much better. That is my post for today, it is not as long as the last couple of days but yea I was going a bit bat crazy towards the end of the month but we all do from time to time when we got a lot on our plate! 


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Minnesota Trip- Day 5 & 6

                First of all I gotta say, this has been a fun filled last 3 days talking about my trip and today's blog post, this will be my last post in this mini series of my trip but not the last blog post I ever make as I am planning to continue on blogging down the road. Anyways lets get onto the post today. On the 5th day of the trip, my dad, cousin and I went to church then we came back and had some downtime in the afternoon before we left to go for dinner with the family. We grabbed a small bite to eat at JJ's next door. I had a honey bread grilled cheese with different types of cheese mixed right in there. We then got picked up and went to Andrea's for a bit before if I remember correctly. From there we went to my cousin Marcia's for a get together and dinner and took a few pictures while I was there and it was a fun evening. 

                      The day we went home, I was sad to be leaving, but what can you do, I have to get home sometime or another. So we went to Perkins for our breakfast, I had the Eggs Benedict on an english muffin, which was soooo good! We went back to the hotel to get our suitcases and checked out of the hotel. We then traveled to the airport and went to our gate which actually not far to go but going through the security was a pain in the arse with security yelling at me when I had no clue what the hell to do as all of this is new to me and its changed so much in 26 years since I last flew so give me a damn break, like honestly! Anyways we got to our gate in plenty of time and I wondered about the area, looked at the departures, for those who follow me on Instagram there is a picture of me looking at the arrivals and departures. We finally got onto the plane and off we went and I got some pictures on the plane with both my parents and my own self. Now getting off the plane was stressful going through the customs and trying to figure out how the hell to work the machine but it wasn't easy.  I was in such a crabby mood getting off the plane and getting my baggage which my tag was taken off or fell off so it was hard to locate my bag. I started to panic but had to open the bag to check and soon as I saw my slippers I knew it was mine and it was easy to tell which one was mine anyways. Not sure whatever happened to the tag, we will never know but feel like I wasted money for nothing on a tag. Anyways I am happy to be home and back into the swing of things finally. 


Friday, October 5, 2018

Minnesota Trip 2018- Day 3 & 4

           So here is my 3rd and 4th day of my trip to Minnesota. Trust me I am just getting into the fun of the entire trip. So the morning of my cousin's wedding, we went shopping for my niece and nephew and for ourselves as well. I picked up PJ's with some dot design on it and also cartoon PJ's which I have worn every night since I got back on Monday night... lol. I saw them and I said i gotta get em. This is something I don't have in the way of PJ's and of course I am a big Spiderman, Ironman, The Hulk fan as I have seen one of the fantastic 4 movies. We then went back to the hotel to have some downtime and get showered and ready for the wedding. We went over to my cousin's for a while before we had to leave for the wedding. We got to the church for the wedding and I got to meet my Cousin Rob's girlfriend. We had a blast at the wedding and I danced so much that night I was aching a tad the next day but I hardly showed it.  They played Cotton Eyed Joe, the chicken Dance, YMCA, Land of 1000 Dances. My cousins sure kept me boogieing the night away and I didn't mind. I had my breaks between when I needed it. Also got in the photo booth with a crazy hat and glasses on which was really cool! You can tell we had a ton of fun at the wedding and I was tired when we got back to the hotel. 

             The 3rd day, I believe we went to the General Store in Minnetonka, Minnesota and looked around there. I got 2 things for later on in the year and in January which I cannot say on here what it is exactly but will revisit it at a later date in the new year! After that we went back to Andrea's for left overs from the other day, not the awesome breakfast we had but the meats and cheeses and banana, zucchini and Cranberry bread I had the cranberry and banana bread but did not get a chance to actually try the zucchini. Now we had some down time before we went to the Oktoberfest festivities and I just laid back and caught up with social media a bit with you guys. We then went to the Oktoberfest in Minneapolis and I had my first light German Beer which actually tasted good. Don't worry I only had one drink as I once had 2 beers and I felt woosey after 2 beers... LOL... I am a light weight I guess. For dinner I had a Oktoberfest sausage with sauerkraut which I tried sauerkraut for the very first time and it was really good! Also had apple strudel as well and that was really good, I was dancing once again and one of the songs I danced to was "She's Too Fat For Me" Polka which I have a throwback story for that at a later date. That is my next 2 days and tomorrow I will complete the last two days on my blog. Hope you guys enjoyed it as I enjoyed writing about my family trip.


My Minnesota Trip- Days 1 & 2

              So I realize that I have taken this long to actually write about my adventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota but been so super busy getting back to a normal routine compare to my busy schedule while down there. Now I got a ton of stuff to catch up on things since I am home now. Now I left around 130 in the afternoon, knowing we were on a strict schedule the day we had to be there for a few hours before as we couldn't miss the flight whatsoever. We got the 5:59 flight and boy let me tell you, it was stressful going through security and customs and I almost wanted to just go back home and stay on my own but don't worry you would of seen me online more often then I was during my time being away down in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So the flight in general, I was nervous at the start but once we got going, things ran very smoothly minus the occasional turbulence other then that, everything was just dandy. We got there earlier then we expected we were there around quarter to 7 central standard time. We got picked up by my cousin Andrea and got us to the hotel to get checked in. We were even surprised with a welcome basket from the family! We indulged in a snack of our treats when we got settled into the room.

          The second day, was one of the most fun I had. I got a tour of the Vikings football stadium and I thought it would be an hour tour at the most but nope it lasted an hour and 45 minutes which was so amazing and yes we got to actually go onto the field and I couldn't believe how the field felt walking on it and what not I got some pictures of the entire tour, now it wasn't much but enough for you guys to get the idea, but on the left is an image of me on the field but the uprights at the end zone which you can see the logos behind me on there. Overall it was a great tour! The rest of the afternoon we sat down and chatted with my cousin to catch up what we have been up to recently and what not, the trip into Minnesota. Mind you this was my first flight in 26 years! We went back to Bunnies by my request obviously and I had a chicken Caesar wrap which is very much healthy along with the coleslaw as a side dish. That is the first 2 days of my trip and look forward to talking about the next 2 days of my trip, Days 3 & 4!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I'm Home From Minnesota, USA!

              Hey everyone! Yes It's me back in the flesh! I am back actually writing this more closer to the actual day to it being posted. It has been a busy and whirlwind of a last 6 days out of Canada as most of you know I sort of did disappeared and I realize that I didn't post up as yesterday was a rough day and I still am feeling meh this morning. I fell asleep pretty early and slept right through till 2 - 230 this morning which I am quite tired still and it will take me a couple of days to re-cooperate but I had a good time and it was nice to be out of the country to visit family and attend my cousin's wedding. I will be talking about that over the next 3 days tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Then of course, I have been writing down ideas for the blog while I was away on vacation as that is probably the only time I get to actually go away on vacation but I am happy to be home, despite feeling a bit under the weather but I think the echinacea is actually helping me a lot. Now today, I have the missing Survivor David Vs. Goliath Podcast and tomorrow's regular Survivor RECAP which I will get to in a moment with the actual schedule for this week. But I had a few ideas of doing a EP 1 & 2 Recap together but that would be a little long for you guys and I know you rather that I separate them from the first week and this week as well. Now here is the timetable for those who do not follow me on social media here is what it will look like:

Tomorrow (Thursday):  12 PM EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 1 RECAP
                                          9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 2 RECAP

               There is the schedule for this week and next week, we will be getting back to normal and regular schedule for the podcast as you know, I was away on holidays and now I am back, so as the saying goes we are getting back to regular scheduled programming. Ha Ha!  Anyways in retrospective, I really enjoyed having the time off to relax and kind of de-stress after a very long summer season and trying to stay on the right track of mind, so to speak. Hopefully you guys are happy to see back in the swing of things and hope you enjoy my tails of my adventures to the state of Minnesota in the next couple of days.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Already Planning Ahead of Myself!

             I am way ahead of myself, I am already working on the collaboration podcasts for December which I still have 2 months and a bit to go until both Larry and I sit down to record another set of two podcasts. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy doing the collabs and I looked at the viewership and it has done very well for itself as a separate project on it's very own. The CBOTW Show is going into it's testing phases this week and I am quite nervous to see how it will do as a second podcast. I plan on continuing with Larry on the collaboration podcast in the nearby future with Everything About Reality TV Podcast being still my main focus of the podcast at this point.

               Now With Everything About Reality TV, I am already scheduling the podcast for not during this fall but when Big Brother Canada Season 7 comes out, I am looking at twice a week for the BBCAN7 Recaps to ease down some of the stress of the podcast as that is one of the two busiest schedule for me with summer being the second busiest schedule on the list. The schedule between now will kind of look like this for 2018 - 2019:

Fall 2018:

Thursdays: 9 pm EST: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Recap

Winter 2019 (Schedule TBA):

Big Brother Canada Season 7 RECAPS (Twice A Week)
Music City Season 2 Recaps (Weekly)
Survivor 38

Awaiting Scheduling:

Amazing Race 31 
Amazing Race 32 (If Comes Out during the spring season, hopefully)
Celebrity Big Brother (Not Sure if it is during the winter or early summer as I heard rumors about. Also the future of the Big Brother USA franchise. (Will Keep you all updated for sure!)

                 There is my schedule and some of the awaiting scheduling is in limbo with the recent news of the CEO of CBS resigning but I will be sure to keep you all informed if something does change and like I have said before you guys get the news right off the bat, I do not like to actually waiting on the news, I like to let you know right off the bat, unless I had other blog posts to post up but I try to slide things around as much as possible.