Monday, October 15, 2018

I Made The Impossible, Happen Yesterday!

           Yesterday the impossible happen! Larry and I worked on for a good hour and a bit on an Audio ONLY live stream with Radio Loyalty which The CBOTW Network still had the station info on there from when it shutdown in 2015 after a really rough ending to it all. Anyways all I had to is update the banner and add back the player to the station and we were cooking with gas finally and we had a working station live on the air. Now mind you it will not be an 24-7 station but it will be on the Air when there is an podcast to do live on the airwaves of The CBOTW Network. It was a long and stressful process as links had to be updated and it was giving me quite a hard time accepting the link titles to the main website link but finally got it then added the player back and then we tested for about 10 minutes. The sound was great and all we had it on the web cam mic at first but tested out the condenser mic which worked great as well. We did all the tests we needed for when it starts up which mind you it will not be long till we start and I will get into that shortly in this blog post. What I like about Radio Loyalty it is so simple and easy to set up minus the pickiness with the link names but I found out to fix it but it is all HMTL5 based and not to worry about that annoying flash, especially with Google Chrome where you have to tell it to allow so you do not have to keep on hitting allow every time you watch or listen to a stream both Audio and Video as well. 

                   Now when is this going to happen? Well if all goes well as I am now into Power Rangers Turbo now with Zeo being completed, I am moving on tomorrow to start the next phase of prepping for this collab. What do I mean by this? Not ONLY "Everything About Reality TV" but also the Collaboration podcasts will be live each and every week. There will be certain ones that will be live as I do have a life outside the podcasting world and here is my Live Broadcast Schedule looks like for Winter & Spring 2019:

Winter 2019 (Everything About Reality TV, Season 9):

Celebrity Big Brother (LIVE on the IceCast Airwaves)

Spring 2019 (Everything About Reality TV, Season 10):

Survivor 38

Big Brother Canada

                     Now as for the not live podcasts as follows, Amazing Race & Music City will not be Broadcasted on the IceCast or the Audio Stream I have set up as I said before, I am busy with life too and I cannot do everything on the airwaves, Now I have been thinking about bringing on a co host or someone to do some hosting during Celebrity Big Brother & Big Brother, now will they have access to the Audio Stream? Of course they will. They will 100% access of the feed to stream the podcast live. I will be making sure I can trust em with the information 100% But it is in the long plan down the road too! It is exciting news and hope you all are excited for the future of the podcast as I am ecstatic for the return to a live broadcast!


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