Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Autism Celebration 2018

              Last night I was at the Autism Celebration 2018. I found out that the event has been running for the past 7 years and I have been involved in 5 of the 7 as I missed 2015 (Due to work) & 2017, last year, due to, well err lack of funding for planning my booth. I went over my budget last year. LOL... However this year, I can say I budgeted for the event perfectly with no problems of being off budget like last year. As you know through social media I have been planning this for the past 4 months with blue printing what I wanna do and how I want to promote CBOTW. There was a few hiccups with the board but nobody noticed it whatsoever so that is good and I will not get into that. I left finish off the board till the last possible second which is the usual me but hey it got done. 

               I got at the event a little more perkier as I was moody like an hour and a half, but anyways, I ended setting up pretty quickly, was a bit all over the place trying to figure things out but managed to setup and got a chance to sit before the event started. We heard some singing and a story of a father and son biking trip which was very inspirational to me especially and inspired me with what I am doing and I got a planned blog post next week with the initial plan for CBOTW in 2019. Anyways, I got a slow down at my booth with people popping by my booth and I got to get up and wonder around and look at different booths around the floor which mind you, I never did that last year... err sorry I mean 2 years ago. It felt good to get up and mingle with other people. Now if Larry or Dave came with me, I could wonder around a lot more as I needed to keep an eye on it in case someone came by but that's OK, I can move quite quickly despite my ailing knee problem which I will talk about in a later post. One thing I loved about the event was all the questions and yes YouTube came up last night. Why? Well my podcast started on YouTube and then Audio as you now hear and see to this actual day.  After talking to my consultant at Kerry's Place I will be more involved with them as I have not been very active with them for the last several years minus the Autism Celebration each and every year. I saw familiar faces from last 2 years ago and always good to see new faces at the event each and every year. 

                Finally In want to once again thank the Kerry's Place Staff for having me and for everything they have done over the man years as I have been with em since 1996, so 22 years I have been with them and if it wasn't for the foundations program introducing me to this event, I do not know what I would of done with myself. It sure gets me out for the evening and I enjoyed myself like always and I sure as heck cannot wait for next year as I will be back bigger then ever at the next event. 


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