Thursday, October 18, 2018

Android Vs. IPhone.... Which One Do I Prefer?

              First of all crap hit the fan when my mouse stopped working and I had Larry over and had to go get another mouse for my computer at Canada Computers which I love the fact they are nearby and easy to get at. Anyways, we were looking at the protection cases for phones while we waited to check out my mouse and that is when I got this entire idea for Android vs IPhone which one is better? First of all, I have had both Android & IPhone, currently with IPhone at his current moment.. What the heck I said IPhone 3 times, dang it 4 now... smh. Anyways this blog post i getting so derailed now, but the question of the day is which one is better. Well I can say first of all Android it is easier to get a virus compare to IOS as I never got a virus warning sign whatsoever so Android I like but certain phones I didn't like, such as Samsung being one of them. The LG G3 wasn't bad either and I actually was hoping to get he LG G5 or the G6 which are more the latest as those phones which I really liked it. IPhone at the start I found it really hard to figure out how the heck to use it but however, I managed to figured it out how to use it minus Facetime which I still gotta figure out hopefully around my birthday I will get to do that with family if they wish to do so.

                Now the million dollar question is which one do I prefer, it is the IPhone. Why? Because I like the fact I got a lot other apps I can use, such as the podcasts app, which are hooked up to the ITunes Podcast and yes Mine is in there as well as I have subscribed to myself as sometimes I do tune into my own podcast from time to time but I will talk about it in a later time. Also ITunes are on there but I think you can get them onto a android but I could be wrong about it but you never really know as I never really tried downloading it onto my android when I had android. But I do prefer the IPhone as I said before it sure has a lot more features then android but that is only one man's opinion. 


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