Saturday, October 20, 2018

I Got Big News To Tell You!

            Couple of things I need to tell you all and it is big news as you know Chris B On The Web is growing greatly and it is time to make the move. What do I mean by this? I am once again am growing my empire and what I mean by this two podcasts are now in play on the programming in the way of Podcasts. Here is the breakdown of what is going on for both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts in the shows the podcasts will be covering:

Everything About Reality TV:

- Survivor
- Amazing Race
- Amazing Race Canada
- Big Brother U.S. 
- Big Brother Canada
- Celebrity Big Brother U.S.

The CBOTW Show:

- Music City CMT
- Power Rangers
- Last Man Standing

               There you have the lineup, quite a lineup and very excited to start something new in the podcasting field and as I am typing this at 230 in the morning, I got a big smile on my face right now. I am just eager to get started on these podcasts too on top of Everything About Reality TV and start to build this podcast and grow this podcast up and never know The CBOTW Show can be the podcast of the future too if anything happened to Everything About Reality TV but let's not jump that too far but this is what the big picture is looking like for me right now.


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