Saturday, October 20, 2018

I Got A Media Pass For The Royal Winter Fair

          I just found out this week, I was accepted into getting a Media Pass so I can do my blogging around The Fair part of the Royal Winter Fair on November 3rd which gives me all the permission in the world to take as many pictures as I want. I have had the media pass before, 2014, 2017 & this year, 2018 so 3 times in almost 4 years since Chris B On The Web existed or began it's long journey to success as you now see it to this very day. I was worried when I got home from Minneapolis that I wouldn't be getting the pass at all as I was extremely late submitting my application for it, but it wasn't too late and hey I got the media pass and I worried over it for nothing, like honestly.  I seem to worry about the small things when it comes to these things and I'm sure if I was able to explain I would but I didn't have to, I guess applications can be in within October instead.

             However I am very excited to be going to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2018 and cannot wait to see both the show and the horse show and what amazing things are going to happen. I will be on and off Instagram and Twitter throughout the day and I will have my mobile battery charger for my phone with me in case of emergencies. I was suppose to have Dave come with me but that is all up in the air right now and I am feeling a bit nervous having him with me as he's not been through what I experienced so if he does come along for this adventure with me, then I will be giving him a crash course on this entire adventure and what to do and what pictures to take as for those who didn't know he was my camera man once upon a time so he has to learn what pictures I need so I guess direct him like I did when I was still on YouTube. Either way this will be a fun trip and day and looking forward to even sharing it with one of my former team members if he decides to come along for the trip, it will be once again another great year at The Royal Winter Fair!


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