Sunday, October 21, 2018

I Am Starting To Understand The All In The Family Storylines

              I finally understand the story line later on in the series when both Meathead and Gloria's fighting started to get more and more towards the 6th, 7th 8th and finally the 9th season. It does build up throughout the seasons and I understand how things went during the latter half of the seasons. I know you can cut tensions with a butter knife as you can notice the bickering was building up and I think after they moved to California that is when all hell broke loose but we as fans will never know what the heck happened as it wasn't part of the story arch or timeline of the show. I say it all happens for a reason and I really liked the story line and the introduction of Stephanie after Gloria and Mike left the show as they put it they moved out west. Anyways. I now understand the story line especially what I said above and especially the timeline of the Jefferson's, George and Weasy (Louise) Jefferson.  Especially the start of the series as well when George isn't present for a couple of season then he shows up once Henry, his brother leaves then George comes in but not for not a very long time as for those who have seen the entire series like I have, the Jefferson's move on up and they end up with their own spin off series called The Jefferson's which also ran a very long time. Also it we saw the birth of little Joey as well.

               So you can see I made a bit of a point at some of the major events and it shows I know some of the major events that has gone on within the show and I truly understand the timeline of events during the series and least I know and understand everything going on, like for example, presidents of the United States changed from Nixon to Ford as one other primary example within the series so there is another example right there. No matter what I love this show and now that I have completed the series I need to finish collecting Archie Bunker's Place as I got season 1 and I believe it runs 4 seasons in total if I remember what I read online as well. Either way it is one of my favorite older shows and yes i am in my 30's and only reason I got into these was cause of my parents who introduced me to TV Land channel and Deja Vu as well so that is how I got into this show. 


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