Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Had My Wisdom Tooth Pulled Today & Update!

              Today I originally had a plan for a blog post but I need to hold off as things kind of ended up changing due to the fact I had Oral surgery or in English my Wisdom tooth was pulled out as it was kind of long gone with a cavity if they fixed the tooth again, it'll come back again so the best bet was to remove it and I ended up going there for no reason the first time around but came back there today and got the tooth removed why didn't even hurt as he froze my mouth properly so it was an easy time to get the tooth out. One less tooth I gotta deal with honestly. I am happy it's gone but the pain is on and off today and taken some Tylenol for the pain which has helped and only have taken it once today and once again tonight it is aching a bit but not as much as this afternoon so I am slowly on the mend but as I said on Twitter and Instagram, will not be too active with podcasts  this week and I will get into that part soon. I was very much happy with the dentist as it wasn't my usual dentist as he is now semi retired from practice which is fine with me. The dentist I had, he was very nice and really cool. I told my mom if he takes over, I am fine with staying with this dentist as it is closer to us to go to the appointments each and every 6 months.

                So with the news of me going through with the oral surgery, I need to take a couple of days off to re-cooperate and I feel like if I was to record The CBOTW Show Podcast episodes I would be straining my mouth as I got a tooth missing now and re opening the now hole in the mouth from where the tooth once use to be. I need to take care of this first and ensure it doesn't get infected whatsoever and I know you understand and it doesn't really affect the scheduling for both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts. It is just The CBOTW Show I need to catch up with and get back into as I have to catch up on Last Man Standing so I am ready for a week Friday when the show is back on the air once again and ready to go for another recap of the show. Give me the rest of this week to get caught up start recording, edited it then I will do a post of the schedule when it goes up and what not. Hope you all understand the position I'm in right now with this dental work I just got done and appreciate the continuing love and support of Chris B On The Web!


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