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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Plans In August!

              As my parents will be away, I get the house to myself and more time to stream. So I plan on streaming everyday their gone and look forward to it. The days and times are yet to be determined but as I get closer to then I will announce it publicly. Once Power Rangers Collab is finished up I am off for an entire week before going back on a binge to work on the next season for October/November. That should be the end of this chaotic schedule. There is other projects and tasks I wanna do like for example the Power Rangers Movies as it has been officially noted between my partner in Podcast crime, Larry that we should start it this year. Anyways During the week off between Megaforce two seasons and Dino Charge, I plan a week to myself before planning on the next two. I was up very late last night working on the collab and pretty much done the first of the two seasons. 

          However, the point I haven't gotten too; as I said before, I will be live a bit while I am home, not during the day time, more evenings streams here in the studio. Some will be just chatting streams and some will be gaming and just chill streams. If I can figure out a way to stream without having 1000 subs as that is what your required, I'd definitely do a cooking stream but that is most definitely not doable right now but eventually yeah I could do a cooking stream down the road. What I may need to do is use prism then the mobile device and run the stream from down here in the studio and going to try it and see how it works despite i despise Prism Studio cause of the lag issues on the stream. My computer seems to not like it whatsoever. However that is the plan for August and I will be talking to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019!

           First all Merry Christmas and I know I am a day late but between me trying to sleep properly to traveling. One of the real reasons I have been away from social media recently is because I have been spending a ton of time with the family and was my entire intention during the holidays. My holidays so far since I have today off which I know there will be a ton of TV, YouTube and gaming today so I do not plan to do anything. Right now I am enjoying what I have left of my final day before holidays are up and I am back to work tomorrow and I know what I need to do tomorrow and that is typing up the notes for Power Rangers Podcast and I hope to get it all done before Jan 1st so there will be a ton of long nights for me and lots of YouTube videos, Big Brother Canada and what not but worth it as I hope to end up recording sometime in January/Hopefully. So with Christmas we celebrated my sister in law's birthday then we came back over the next day for Christmas Eve dinner and we had perogies with onions. Also had Smoked Salmon but I had breaded fish as I am not a big fan of Salmon but I tried it one way or another and it was really good! 

            Now Christmas Day, yesterday which I should of still written a post for you guys but I did not due to me feeling tired but yet I wrote this at 4 am this morning, never a dull moment around here even when I am off. Anyways my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, aunt and uncle my parents and I had dinner. Had turkey, mash taters as I always call it, Corn, stuffing, buns, all good stuff honestly. Gift wise I got the missing Star Wars movies I got, pair of pants, more socks (meh). Also I got Futurama which is a cartoon series but hope to collect every volume from the start to finish. Also a gift card for Best Buy for 40 dollars which is really cool and plan on going after the New Year to see what I can get with it! It was another amazing Christmas and I really enjoyed my time with my family and look forward to getting back to sort of a normal schedule but remember with the New Years coming the studio will be empty once again for December 31st, 2019 & January 1st, 2020 for the New Years Eve and Day,


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Will Be On A Break After Season 12 Till End of January!

               No I am not joking around with the title of this post... No I am not quitting yet again, I am more putting my podcast on a break at the end of December into January and towards the end of the month of January. Why you may ask? I just have made a decison to take a break from this podcast but it will be short lived as by the time the last week of January hits I should be back to normal with an off season podcast and I honestly hope to have at least 2 of them out at the most during the break before the preview podcast for Survivor 40 comes out for you guys. So the Everything About Reality TV Podcast feed will be quiet but that doesn't mean anything I will be still on Punk Rock Cheeseburger and I am sure there will be a collaboration podcast sometime there as long as I am back in my regular studio setting. I think I have been burnt out as I have been going non stop all year long but there is plenty of podcasts to do still. As of next year I will have covered 10 seasons of Survivor, 8 seasons of Big Brother Canada and 1 - 2 seasons of Big Brother US which that will change come summer 2020. Also it will be 6 seasons for Amazing Race US and 5 seasons of Amazing Race Canada that I have covered. So this podcast isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

               This break will be good for me to get my energy back up and raring to go but with this break will come with me getting off season plans ready to go for the off season phase of the podcast as I still like to have it on the air between all the seasons but yes it is not as often as you guys would like but at least it is definitely great that you guys are going to be getting an episode at least a week at a time. However with the break there is still a ton of work to be done in the way of re doing the off season podcasts notes which as you know when I announced the end of the podcast, I destroyed all the information and boy that was not the smartest move I ever made really. But with re-doing them all, I might end up coming up with new ideas so that will definitely be a bonus. When the studio is back in order and everything is back in place I will have to check the off season Podcast file to see what I have and not have and brain storm ideas as of right now I cannot access the blue container that has past season notes right now which is pretty much buried at the moment so there is no way I can grab that blue container but maybe Larry can help me grab it and bring it up to my room so I can start working on some off season stuff but right now I am only going to be doing up to 2 before the start of Season 13. So I am taking a break and if you need to contact me during the time off, you can always hit me up on social media between December 20th, 2019 and around January 20th, 2020.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Boston Trip- Days 1 & 2

              Here it is the official blog posts about the vacation. I know I did a post this morning announcing the podcast but decided to keep this post scheduled. Anyways every second day I will have a post about the trip with Food Reviews every other day till I have covered everything. So we left around 1040 am in the morning and on our way to Kingston with a stop for lunch, which I did a review on Arby's Crispy Chicken sandwich which will be coming up in the coming days, which is no particular order really as I was going to originally going to do that but either way you guys will get all the food reviews one way or another. So after lunch, we headed to the border which we had to go over the bridge which was the 1000 Islands which is beautiful. We finally arrived in the States and on our way throughout the State of New York. We actually stopped in a town called Little Falls, NY for the night. Room wasn't the greatest, the Air conditioning was loud and didn't sleep overly well that first night but it is what it is and the vacation finally started up. Not much more on the first day but traveling and being in the car all day long.

             Now onto Day 2, we were once again in the car again traveling into the state of Massachusetts an Boston which was our final destination for several days that we were staying in the State of Boston as we were there for 3 - 4 days before we headed back north of the border home. We pretty much were in the State of NY till we got to Massachusetts. Now we got to the hotel and we actually got Valet which  was the cheaper option and all we had to do really was call for the car and they would bring it around. Now the hotel, AC Hotels in Boston was a 5 star hotel and one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at honestly. I do not apparently have the images of the hotel unless it is on my phone or Instagram I'd have to check. Anyways the bathroom had a walk in shower which I have never used one in my life time and honestly the only time I probably will ever will the rest of my life so I sure got the luxury experience of a life time.  We had a heck of a time finding food but found this little Italian and Deli restaurant and I ordered a Ham sandwich which was good as that was one food review I did not do on the trip and I honestly got enough of em to cover anyways. The next trip post I do will be on Thursday here on the blog and cannot wait to continue it as tomorrow will be officially a food review from the trip.


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Big Brother Canada Finale and What's Next For Me?

               Well with Big Brother Canada 7 finished for the season and it was one heck of a season and I know my picks were evicted but in the end I kind of figured it would be Dane and Anthony in the end and wasn't surprised that it was a 7 - 0 vote which is the 3rd unanimous vote in Big Brother here in North America. Who. First of all Dan from season 10 of Big Brother U.S 7 - 0 vote, Kevin from Big Brother Canada 3 and won the 5th season 9 - 0 and now Dane who won 7 - 0 vote this season. I was looking forward to this finale for the past few weeks and what an amazing night! I just didn't get to watch it with Larry but Dave joined us to watch the finale and then do the finale recap live on YouTube which I do have an announcement which is coming over the next couple of days. I made it clear with Dave if he doesn't go to the finale next year as I think more then likely there will be an 8th season of Big Brother Canada, he is more then welcome to actually come back for that next year as next year will be the 6th annual Finale Party... haha. Anyways, it was one of the best finales yet and I really enjoyed myself and I got something else to look forward to this week as well. 

                 What is that you may ask? Survivor Edge of Extinction Finale is this week and this one I am on my own for that one but for right now I am decompressing from the last 10 weeks as I have been so busy with the podcasts non stop I am taking some time off this weekend from any work but hopefully by Tuesday, I am going to be back working on things for Chris B On The Web in time but for right now I am decompressing hence why the social is a bit more quiet but I am still around and posting here and there with updates but I think over the next couple of days, I will be probably doing some gaming over the next couple of days and decompressing from a busy 10 weeks but don't worry I am still thinking about what is next on the list for the Podcast and Chris B On The Web and I know what is next but like I said I need some time off right now and that is my # 1 priority right now but not far off from returning to normal work schedule.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Looking Forward To Easter and 2 Days I Will Have Off!

             After this week being even more chaotic then last week, I am just looking forward to sitting down with the family and enjoying everyone's company at Easter dinner and of course my is to entertain my niece and nephew we will either be in my room, or playing hide and go seek or video games which they haven't seen me play for the longest time since I have been busy taking care of my mom and her full knee replacement. So you can see my dilemma but I get through. I honestly I thought that we weren't going to have Easter with my parents, brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew and my grandma but my mom is progressing very well in her recovery that we are able to have Easter as my dad and my brother got the dinner covered but I offered to help but like I said I will be with my niece and nephew keeping them entertained during their visit. I know were are planning on a more simple dinner since we are limited on the help this year as my mom will be sidelined to helping and I will be making sure she is not helping. This will be definitely be looking forward to relaxing for once as I need to relax and like I said on the blog post that yes I said last week was a very stressful week for me and this week will be a busy week for me so it will be to sit back let loose and just do nothing for the day. Monday as well I am planning to take the time off Monday too. I just need that break and even if it is a day or 2 here and there that is a good thing and I know I will have 2 extra days the week Easter Sunday is on that Thursday, the 25th as I may actually be out of town but I will know this week. Also the 2nd of May I am out of town again. I am out of town quite a bit leading up to the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale.

                I love the Easter holiday or any holiday so to speak as it is a time for me to rest and get my juices in my head but any holidays I do enjoy any holiday honestly because I like to spend the time with the family and it really gets my mind off of things as my mind is always on CBOTW 24-7 pretty much. My world seems to always revolve running this website and making sure you guys are happy. However, it is a good idea to actually unplug from the online life I live on a regular basis. Sometimes to unplug for a while here and there is really good idea as you cannot keep going on and on stressing yourself out. Sometimes you have to say what the heck and unplug from social media. However I sometimes take a day or two to myself and not worry about it whatsoever. I can look forward to the 2 days off and the odd day off over the next couple of weeks which help me prepare for shows ending their season runs and moving into the off season transition very smoothly.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Had My Wisdom Tooth Pulled Today & Update!

              Today I originally had a plan for a blog post but I need to hold off as things kind of ended up changing due to the fact I had Oral surgery or in English my Wisdom tooth was pulled out as it was kind of long gone with a cavity if they fixed the tooth again, it'll come back again so the best bet was to remove it and I ended up going there for no reason the first time around but came back there today and got the tooth removed why didn't even hurt as he froze my mouth properly so it was an easy time to get the tooth out. One less tooth I gotta deal with honestly. I am happy it's gone but the pain is on and off today and taken some Tylenol for the pain which has helped and only have taken it once today and once again tonight it is aching a bit but not as much as this afternoon so I am slowly on the mend but as I said on Twitter and Instagram, will not be too active with podcasts  this week and I will get into that part soon. I was very much happy with the dentist as it wasn't my usual dentist as he is now semi retired from practice which is fine with me. The dentist I had, he was very nice and really cool. I told my mom if he takes over, I am fine with staying with this dentist as it is closer to us to go to the appointments each and every 6 months.

                So with the news of me going through with the oral surgery, I need to take a couple of days off to re-cooperate and I feel like if I was to record The CBOTW Show Podcast episodes I would be straining my mouth as I got a tooth missing now and re opening the now hole in the mouth from where the tooth once use to be. I need to take care of this first and ensure it doesn't get infected whatsoever and I know you understand and it doesn't really affect the scheduling for both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts. It is just The CBOTW Show I need to catch up with and get back into as I have to catch up on Last Man Standing so I am ready for a week Friday when the show is back on the air once again and ready to go for another recap of the show. Give me the rest of this week to get caught up start recording, edited it then I will do a post of the schedule when it goes up and what not. Hope you all understand the position I'm in right now with this dental work I just got done and appreciate the continuing love and support of Chris B On The Web!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

What I Did On My Day Off Yesterday!

              As you all know I was off yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, the stress with all the work load being piled up on me. So my dad, my niece and nephew which I approved them coming along, I wouldn't say no to them coming along with us any day of the week, so they came along as they had the day off of school due to a P.A. Day and we went to Toronto for the day. We took the GO Train into Toronto so it was easier to get home quite quickly and I will get into that shortly as something did happen on the way home. We got into Toronto, had a quick lunch at Subway, saw the Rogers Center dome opening for the baseball game little later on for the Blue Jays Vs The Orioles. 

We got onto the Island we went to Centreville and went on a few rides, The Antique Cars which as you can see on the right side I wasn't driving, that was my nephew who was the driver as he was driving a little erratically but with me coaching him, he got better very quickly and is a great listener when I try to help him improve on things. But he did extremely well with the driving of an old antique car like this one. Also it was quite difficult to get my fat rear end into the seat of this car as it was a tight squeeze and hard also with my bad back as well. Also we went onto the Swan Ride and I steered the swam around with my niece. We then had ice cream and headed back to the ferry and we were on our way back home to Durham Region, Ontario and the next part of my day continues.

                We got back home just for a minute for a pit stop break and we were back out the door to go to my brother and sister in Law's for dinner. We had veal Parmesan, Fucilli noodles with red or white sauce, also stuffed Portabello Mushrooms which I tried it even though I am not a big Mushroom fan but I loved it and I would eat it in the nearby future. I played Minecraft on the PS3 and I still totally do not like it on PS3 whatsoever because of the very slow moment in the game and my nephew Nathan's chest wasn't opening when I had it open before so something must of happened. I felt bad I lost my niece's horse she had and my nephews one fire aspect sword which I was ready to walk out the door but I didn't. I stayed and built my nephew a ice berg for his model Lego Titanic which mind you it took me a while to try and figure out the actual dynamics of building it out of Lego for him but he very much appreciated me doing that for him as well. That was my day, it was a busy day and I really enjoyed it but time to get back to work today and tomorrow, then planning one last day off then getting down to the nitty gritty of things! 


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How My Easter Day 2018 Went!

           So I promised you guys I would talk about how my Easter went with my family and I know my life is pretty boring to you guys but hey I don't mind sharing certain things about my personal life especially when I am spending time with my family! I know you guys enjoy the pictures I post of my family and I on Instagram. 

            Anyways, it was a great dinner and get together with my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew and of course my parents and I. Soon as they arrived to the house here, I ran the Easter Egg hunt with the kids which I do pretty much every year or the years they are down here for Easter but for the most part they are here every Easter to celebrate Easter with us. Of course after the kids wanted to play Minecraft down here in the studio so I came down we played Minecraft and created something called the Snow Gollum & Iron Snow Gollum which still I got no clue what the heck it is 2 days later but it's cool, I was on my file recently (last night) and made a bunch of em. I need to make more snow Gollums, they will protect me from the enemies. Anyways they taught me something new, that I never knew this actually existed on the game till my own niece and nephew taught me this. Also I showed em what I was up to with Farming Simulator 17 after dinner as well.

              Dinner wise we had Ham, Mashed Potatoes, carrots, broccoli (yuck!),  Pork kebabs, Chicken Fingers. It was really delicious! I usually have wine and I said I was but ended up drinking Milk... SMH. Don't know where my head was at, so much going on. I was to distracted entertaining my niece and nephew I guess! We also got some pictures taken and I got a new picture taken with the kids and boy they are growing up so fast! Overall a great time with the fam and enjoyed every moment of being with my family and it was a nice break from working on Chris B On The Web on Sunday. I was going to record Sunday but then thought, nah, I am going to take the day off and have a day of rest instead and I have been working too hard and needed this break.


Monday, June 26, 2017

Taking Time Off, Resting Your Mind

                I really needed that break from Everything About Reality TV, my mind was all over the place since Big Brother Canada 5, Survivor: Game Changers and Amazing Race 29 Finale's, but don't get me wrong I love doing the recaps, I have a lot of fun doing but taking tons of notes for the shows, plus watching feeds for Big Brother Canada and late night or in my case a lot of all niter's or being up till 3 or 4 am and sleeping afterwards did take a lot out of me and this why I needed the 2 and a half weeks to DE-compress from the busy podcast season and it has helped. Took time to play video games, blog on a regular basis or every second day and spend time with the family. 

                You can see where I am going with this post, when you work really hard on content like YouTube series or my podcast or a project you are doing in your home, you do deserve a break from all the work and to relax from all the stress of your daily grind in the working world. What I do on my spare time, I find myself putting on a video game that I wanna beat or a TV show for example I am watching Degrassi The Next Generation right now and it is nice to just sit back and watch the show and not worry about anymore work for the rest of the day. I do that quite a lot and recently with my work load has once again piling up on my desk with the Archive Project on However you do need to take breaks or you will end up like I did many times in the past with my YouTube career and also now Podcast career in mental breakdowns like I have had over the last year of trying to make my website work. 

                   It don't have to be video games, you can read your book, do puzzles, watch TV or a movie, whatever the heck that relaxes you from the stress that you get on a daily basis. I have my techniques and I am sure you guys have yours as well. Some days if you are just plain out stress, just not worry about it and do it on a day that you are not stressed out and able to focus on the task at hand. For me personally, doing a podcast on a day I am complete tensed and stressed out I mess up royally and tonight was one of those nights I made a few screw ups but laughed through my screw ups and moved on through so even laughing through helps but sometimes a break is what you need. I know I needed that break after Survivor Game Changers, Amazing Race 29 & Big Brother Canada 5.

Have a Great Night!


Monday, March 27, 2017

Not Been The Greatest...

This is the hardest blog I have ever written, so much rushing through my mind right now to what to say.... Since more friends wanna turn their backs on me, it has put me into a complete tail spin of a downward spiral, I had one heck of a meltdown and hurt myself pretty bad. Today my mood is kind of somber, I am very quiet, haven't had much to eat just toast and peanut butter and probably wont be eating anything else today. I threw my Contigo cup against the old TV and I'm surprised it didn't crack the freakin screen. I doubt it'd work over the abuse its had recently... Ha ha. I am trying to smile a lot more today but its hard to crack a smile with the recent situation. I've pretty well turned on a group of people who care so much about me and my well being, but at this point I feel like I can't trust certain people, feel like I am unable to trust anyone who is my friend because they will turn on me in a dime. Had that happened this year with 3 people and 2 last year being 2 long friendships that have it's best times and it's worst times. I've been avoiding Facebook this week so far but minimal communication with people, such as people who have IM'd me back to make sure I am ok and also my Staff (My Team) I am keeping direct contact with so I can make sure everything is still going to plan. YES! I am trying to keep things as normal as possible when it comes to the operating of Chris B On The Web. I may be dealing with my Mental Health right now but I still want to get stuff out too as well ON Time and not fall behind like last year. Even if I ended up in the hospital, I probably be behind a few podcasts if I stayed over night or a few days but glad I am home and resting and trying to deal with this on my own terms which I should give props for as I am giving it my will power to try and deal with this on my own and I know I do have the option to walk into the Emergency to the crisis unit to talk to someone if I felt like I am still out of control and I feel out of control in my head still, my head is all over the place right now dealing with this, just not sure where my head is at these days with all the friendships falling apart and I just do not know who my friends are anymore in my real life, I just don't feel like I am wanted on Facebook and close to 100% wanting to delete my Facebook account and give certain friends and family my email to keep in touch, that's it.  I got till Sunday as I am taking the week off from the site to decided whether I am returning to Facebook or not. Now mind you I got family on there and high school and college friends, however maybe I need to be careful who I add and trust around my email and Facebook friends list at this point. Yes this is real life friends too I am talking about. Anyways that is the update what is going on with me and why I have been a bit quiet on Twitter and behind the podcasts especially.

Have a great night!