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Monday, June 3, 2024

Firing on All Cylinders Recently

            Things may have gone wonky with our schedules for content, missing episode of Entertainment Man Podcast last Wednesday to the YouTube Shorts not going out on time and we actually or I posted a bunch of stuff in the last 24 hours to catch up on the channel content. Now you see why I do not want to put The CBOTW Show up on YouTube as of yet, maybe not at all. I haven't determined what the plan with that is right at this moment. 

            However the last 24 hours I have been firing on all cylinders catching up, determined to get all the editing done so I can work on podcast interviews for this week and the next 2 weeks for the podcast.  Then the next plan is to work on writing new episodes of both podcasts. Anyways that is the post, I wanted to make this a quick blog post and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Monday, May 20, 2024

Quick updates on Victoria Day

                      Hello everyone, Chris is taking one last day off before he gets back into work and I believe late in the afternoon today he will be doing a gaming stream probably around 4 pm till 7 pm EST. He will be spending time with the family  but he will pop up around then and look forward to watching his streams today. 

              We feel bad that we didn't do a lot of updates but the one good thing is Chris announced the renewal of both podcasts for 2025 which is fantastic to hear he's bringing em all back for next year. A lot surprising announcements that has been given out while away is astonishing! It was so obvious with his schedule changes for 2025 both podcasts were coming back for a respected 6th & 3rd season of the podcast and excited with what he's planning to bring to the podcasts. I know Larry is moving what the team and I have talked about, especially Chris who has actually started to prepare for podcasts online in 2025 as Larry is moving north. Chris mentioned to me to actually he will be recording Sunday's & Wednesday's episodes mid week and excited to what he has planned out.  Anyways that is where we are at, I will be back Saturday for an end of the week updates on the normal day and time.


Saturday, April 13, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-13-2024]

                    This week has been very chaotic for us from editing the Power Rangers Podcast to struggles which is where I am going to start this blog off. Because Chris has ran into trouble when it came to uploading the video but he has since then has rectified the issue and it is now working now and is scheduled to be uploaded at the start of May, I believe he has it scheduled for May the 8th, 2024. 

                    With episodes edited he has shifted over to planning other podcasts like Entertainment Man Podcast which he has a few extra for wiggle room. He does need to record episodes while he's away that is 2 extra episodes and he's going to this weekend record 4 episodes if he can so it is ready to go as this month is going fast and quickly so he will be getting that done this weekend too. The CBOTW Show he's getting ready to do some podcasts on The Simpsons and not very many are on his list but he keeps coming up with new episodes he wants to watch and write notes down. Any who that is today's blog post updates have a great rest of your weekend and I will speak to you all next week!

Kelsie, COO (Chief Operating Officer of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media)

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

10th Anniversary Updates!

             I know 10th anniversary has been ramping up as Kelsie would say and I have some updates. We should be releasing the schedule January 1st, 2024. On November 14th, 2023, we will will have pictures up on the website and excited to share a walk down memory lane. Right now Kelsie and I are organizing some pictures from the past and it is ridiculously a lot of pictures and we are trying to strategize how we will put it up on the website and we do have an idea how to put it maybe by eras perhaps. However we are working on the entire project. 

           I plan on not going too overboard with the pages and right now have 2 pages at this point. We may add a 3rd page to the list with a list of activities and events going on throughout the year which we can say March we are starting with events for 10th anniversary but we do not wanna overdo it but I plan on events online every 2 weeks at the most actually but I have a plan don't worry! Anyways that is the post for today, have a great rest of your Wednesday and I will talk to you guys tomorrow! 



Saturday, July 29, 2023

End of The Week Updates [07-28-2023]

            Another week has gone by and time for some updates: 

 Power Rangers Movies: It has been long wait but I finished up at 2 out of 3 power rangers movies with Larry. He had no clue till 2 days prior, I was really going to keep it a secret till the day of but I couldn't contain the excitement honestly.  

Blogs: I have all blogs done for this week and tomorrow and Monday's blog. Pretty much I am on a role for blogs and don't wanna stop as long as ideas are there I may as well try and blog everyday if I can if not then stick to the normal schedule.

Entertainment Man Podcast: So I have not wasted time and already have been setting up interviews and already have one booked for the upcoming week so I am back to the interviews again. 

Power Rangers Seasons: So the season have been put on hold for now and the upcoming week I will be working on the seasons again next week as things start to settle down for me as it is massively chaotic right now at the moment. I will get to it this week at some point. 

          Anyways that is the updates for the week, I will talk to you all tomorrow with the food review, so stay tuned for that and will be up at the normal time @ 11 am EDT and who knows maybe this is the return of daily blogs? Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, October 21, 2022

End of The Week Updates [10-21-2022]

             Another week has gone by and time for some updates. As most of you know, we have lost Alexandra recently and been quiet about her passing away, just wanted to deal with the loss on my own personal time. Sophie has joined the team prior to Alexandra passing away as Lead Moderator and Jeff has become a part of the Management Staff helping me and advising me through everything moving forward and so far has done an amazing job. I will always remember Alexandra's hard work she put into CBOTW. R.I.P. Alexandra. Now to the updates:

Website: Obviously the team page had to be updated with everyone's role on the team changing or re-adjusted. Also the event page has been updated and I have ruled out that I will not be comfortable going to Toronto for The Royal Winter Fair and have removed it completely off the page. Any event beyond November 9th is up in the air as my mom is going in for Surgery on November 10th. 

Power Rangers Collab: After a very long struggle with the podcast, Larry and I will be returning to recording as of Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 for Megaforce and Super Megaforce and this should help get us back on the right track with it finally. December's final recording session for 2022, may be in the studio but it may end up via Skype, depending how my mom is doing a month into recovery from knee surgery.

8th Anniversary: Now this has been weighing on my mind lately with COVID-19 cases have been up and down like no tomorrow and threats of a mask mandate returning but we are planning a small gathering with Larry and I. I do not feel comfortable trying to get Eric, Justin and Larry, not yet. Maybe for the 10th anniversary in 2024 perhaps.

              Anyways that is the post for today and the week, have a great weekend and as always I will be talking to you guys on Monday and hopefully I will have a full update on the progress on the collab as I plan on working on it this weekend so I can get to the next phase but talk to you all Monday.


Monday, August 8, 2022

A New Week Is Here!

                A New week is here and with me on the mend, I am going to start working a tad more then usual. I know last week wasn't as productive as I normally am and the lack of updates have been lacklustre.  This week I have two big things on the list to get done, one of them is the collab that you guys have no clue what I have been up to with this collab and I have been very quiet in the last week and a half since the day I saw Larry in person but an update is coming next week about that as I need time to think about it first. Also the other thing is recording a new episode of the podcast for this weekend and also the following weekend as supposedly will be away as of Monday for my holiday officially but really does depend how we actually feel but we have a week to get better and stronger but I do understand if we need to just cancel all together this year as we cannot keep cancelling. 

               Maybe we should of waited to decide on the vacation and I will be writing a post this week about it tomorrow perhaps and what will happen if that is the case if I do not go on vacation. However I am still going to be recording that extra episode just in case. I will explain why the interviews are on hold this week as well that will be by Wednesday. So plenty of blog content this week and I may do a couple of Facebook pop up streams with updates especially when I finish up the collab so Larry has in case we need to shift to Skype for the time being. I will also be talking about that this week by Thursday. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Decision Has Been Made!

                 A decision for the collab has been reached. I have spoken to Larry and we have made a decison. If I get it done in time, we will record that one episode, if we do not then him and I will be hanging out with one another again and we will record it in the fall time when we will do it. I currently do not have a make up schedule and the schedule page has been updated accordily till I know for sure and this means no announcement till possible the day of recording this week (Thursday) as Monday night I had a funny feeling I was gonna get it done in time but I am jumping too far ahead as I am writing this way in advance. However I am trucking away and Entertainment Man Podcast is still active but this is the work I am currently working on as there is recording to do on top of the normal weekly podcast. 

                  With this decision made once we make a public announcement which more then likely Thursday or Friday, but more like Friday we will know that it was recorded because I don't even know if we will be recording Thursday. Again I am writing this way in advance but at the start of the week, I wrote 2 of the posts for the week as I needed to focus on notes this week. I am not sure what tomorrow or Thursday is planned at this moment. We'll say. However Friday, if you guys hear something at the end of the week, this means we have recorded it and we can announce things for the release of the podcast. I still gotta discuss a few things with Larry if we record and details will come as we have them. Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Schedule Updates!

             So I know there are questions with the collab and the Power Rangers Movies and I have come up with a make up schedule in case I do not finish up with Super Megaforce in time but here is the schedule moving forward for the rest of this year and next year:

Thursday, July 28th, 2022: Power Rangers Megaforce

Mid October 2022: Power Rangers Super Megaforce

November 2022: Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Super Dino Charge

February 2023: Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

April 2023: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 1995 & Power Rangers Turbo Movie 1997.

June 2023: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Seasons 1 & 2.

October 2023: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Seasons 1 & 2 (Depends when they finish airing season 2)

November 2023:
Power Rangers Movie (2017)

              I know this is quite a long post with the schedule but that is the plan moving forward so I will have an update with the movie tomorrow on the end of the week updates so this way you guys know what is up with that as it was listed up to yesterday morning but has been removed once again. However that is the updates for today and I will talk to you all for the end of the week updates for you guys.


Friday, July 8, 2022

End of The Week Updates [07-08-2022]

                 Not much to really report. It is just me working on both podcasts right now and spending time with family when I see my aunt. I hate to say this but this post is going to be a shorter one this week as I have no real updates for you guys right now. It is just for me to get this workload unloaded and free time to myself. As I said my workload and schedule right now is so packed up, I have had to have some time off and I will be in August for about a week it will be a lightload week for me. Also vacation is sometime in August, possibly in the middle of the month I will be away for 5 days with my dad up north and riding the ferry boat across and also a boat cruise is in the plans. So I will have some actual time off, non of this light load of work.

               I do not know what else I can say but I feel bad for the first time in years or maybe ever, I have no updates. Everything is very quiet, even for Entertainment Man Podcast, things have gone quiet as episodes are already scheduled to go out to you guys either way minus the 17th that has to be done ahead of time. Oh one thing I can mention is I know last weekend there was suppose to be an interview but there was a miscommunication so it is being rescheduled so stay tuned! I am not going to say when just in case, I do not wanna promise you guys anything then something happens but once it is done then I will be able to actually mention it and talk about it. Let's just say I got my own verbal NDA with myself to not and spoil a lot that I've got planned. Also you probably noticed the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is out months ahead of schedule and if I need to update it I will. Anyways that is really all I can say, again there was an update afterall as I started to type then it all came to me what I needed but hey least it's in a different format this week and maybe if you guys liked this format, maybe I will do this once and a while for you guys. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday! 


Friday, April 29, 2022

End of The Week Updates! [04-29-2022]

               Well another week of struggles and drama continues. I was having a lot of doubts with ChrisBOnTheWeb but somehow made it through this week of dramaticness. Anyways here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have recorded two episodes one for Sunday and one for next Thursday as I will be busy with Power Rangers Collab preparing the next collab and editing the Samurai season that is recorded but hasn't been edited so I am ahead of schedule. 

Chaoticness of ChrisBOnTheWeb: With Entertainment Man Podcast quieter now I have been able to try and get things back under control, including getting things back on track with content and working on Entertainment Man Podcast episodes. I think I got things back under control and got two Mods that are helping watching over things for us. 

Website: With the Survivor Podcast out of the picture now week and a half later almost, I had to remove things off the website, Team Page is removed, Partners Page has been removed off the site and the 3rd podcast we had is now completely removed as I said before. So any audio only has been deleted all together. Support chat has been added back and removed days later and turned into a normal everyday chat as it was used but also abused so it is a normal chat and our Moderators continue to monitor it but it is launching soon!

Power Rangers Collab: Will be working on Super Samurai as of Sunday and hoping to get it done by mid week then typing it for the next 5 days and sent out by May 13th to Larry for the last time which this may be the last one via Skype hopefully ever as we return to Studio still aiming for June of this year. More coming on that later. 

               Anyways that is the updates for the week, I will be back tomorrow with a post about my time with Larry and will be posting up pictures tomorrow as I posted enough this morning with updates and this afternoon at 12:15 pm EST I will be posting some pics up of the craziness of the studio late last night so stay tuned for that updates as well and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, March 7, 2022

Blog Viewership and Updates

                 I know the blogs were popping at one time and now I feel like their starting to slip in the viewership and as you know Amy popped on to the blog to announce a couple things with the schedule changes. I practically pushed this post and swamped out a few other things this week so it can fit. The viewership I am not happy with the viewership and I promote the blog and sometimes I wonder who reads it and I have a statcounter that's actually hidden from you guys and I can see the traffic to site and it isn't too good and it is frustrating to be honest. I had some thoughts of just stopping regular posts and going to sporadic posts from time to time when I have something to update and that day will end up coming eventually but right now I am focusing on the 5 days a week. I know I will be a burst of inspiration will come eventually. 

                  Now one thing she didn't mention is she is more a temporary host for Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US unless we cannot find anyone but for right now she is there for both this season of Big Brother Canada and the US season. Will be working by mid May to find a permanent host for both the US and Canada moving forward so this isn't overwhelming for her as I know Survivor is more her thing and I understand that and someone will wanna host I know it'll happen and she doesn't know this but I plan on starting to find someone the week after Big Brother Canada ends and it will be out there. Yes she mentioned Amazing Race as I am planning to bring it back to the podcast, but still minor detail as I am working on the form and getting the next step ready. Also I will be popping up on older Seasons that Amy covers as she will be picking and choosing what she wants to do and already has my list so stay tuned you may see me pop up on the channel randomly. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, February 18, 2022

End of The Week Updates [02-18-2022]

              Well another week has come and gone and it is time for another end of the week update. It has been another crazy week and emotional as we lost a dear member this week as she passed away.

The CBOTW Show: Also some great news as you know Big Brother is returning lets get right into it. Big Brother Canada has been thrown into the mix of things and excited to be doing this podcast and yes I said I'm excited to be doing this podcast cause yours truly is actually doing this podcast and excited to be back and yes I am doing this solo this time as last time it was a disaster and Season 9 was technically not completed all the way as I ended up stopping those recaps for foreseen circumstances. I am staying solo no matter what.

Power Rangers Podcast: I do have an update with my crazy schedule I have broken how I am going to get it done. By end of next week I am aiming to get it all done before the Friday the 4th of March and sent out to him that is Samurai just the first of 2 podcasts. Then the next step after that is to have Super Samurai done by March 18th for the following week schedule which I will get into next week on the blog.

Website: Website is doing well, almost at 350K (350,000 views) on the website and it is incredible to see the amount of growth the website has gotten over the years and the fact I continuous work on it and improve the website on a regular bases and it has truly been an amazing how people have loved the updates that has been made.
                 Anyways that is the updates for this week, not much just podcast stuff and craziness this week and I will speak to you all on Monday morning for another blog post which I do have some ideas already but have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday.


Monday, December 20, 2021

Updates & The Show Must Go On!

        Hearing the news of the cases rising here in Ontario, I have decided to postpone any plans of having guests or my team here in the studio for now. I was working on getting things ready but those plans are now definitely on hold at this moment. However all podcasts or all shows must go on. Both myself and Larry will continue to record our Collaboration Podcast through the power of Skype and we know we are doing a fine job recording through online and one day soon we will be getting back together eventually. We just gotta continue to be patient with this pandemic and that day will happen eventually but when is the question so either way The Show Must Go On! We continue to pump out shows no matter what whether we're in studio with one another or Skype we continue to work on new podcasts on both.

                As you know Entertainment Man Podcast has wrapped for 2021 for the most part but I will be releasing a new episode this weekend on Christmas Day at 1 pm EST. Not going to mention the missing collabs as I wrote this post yesterday and still working on editing at this moment. However it's coming out this week and hopefully I'll be at  a once a week basis for you guys. Now back to what I was saying about the pandemic, events was suppose to be back next year but with things rising again, I am putting that back on hold for right now. We have changed the schedule to reflect now and will update it as things and I'm sure my site admin, she's already on the job to updating it for you guys. So those are the updates I have and stay tuned for ongoing updates and news on social media and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

All Eyes Are On The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Coming Out This Week!

                   I know it's been a month almost since Larry and I have recorded the Mystic Force and yes I have been holding onto the episode for weeks now and been promising to get it done. I have been working on it the last 2 - 3 days and moving quite quickly with the podcast and wanting to get it up this week. The criteria is not posting two episodes on the same day and I pre wrote this post so things could be different by the time this gets out, this could be done but again it will depend. I do not plan to sprung it today on you guys so if anything it will be up by Friday or Saturday and I will be announce this a day or so in advance depending how quickly I get it done and finished to upload. I promise it will not be on a Thursday as it is a bonus podcast day for me and I think 1 podcast a day is enough. 

                     I have ran scenarios in the back of my head that I could wait and I may have no other choice as if I post it Friday it's a day after the normal podcast goes up, if I post it Saturday it's so close to Sundays normal episode. You see my dilemma there, either way it cuts it so darn close and wish I had time Saturday, I would of edited it first and have it posted on Tuesday (yesterday) and it would of been 2 days apart but I am going to take the hit and if this means jeopardizing views on the other then so be it. All episodes gotta go up either way and if this affects the other shows I do then that's fine. However I do not think it will affect it whatsoever yet Sundays episode was a little slower in listens but still early and only mid week. It is hard to get listens on that podcast when it's twice a week. However all eyes on Mystic Force Collab Podcast right now and it has been all about the collab recently. That has been my main focus and shift to ensure we get to RPM and complete it by end of this year. We are close to caught right up with the podcast and we are very aware of our situation trying to be ready for February. I will have another update next week what Larry and I discussed in our meeting for right now I will talk to you all tomorrow and be on the lookout on social media for an announcement when the collab goes up!


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Another Power Rangers SPD Update!

                 I am now finished SPD was up all night practically Tuesday night into Wednesday morning so I was very busy finishing up so I can spend part of Wednesday to typing up notes so I can send it to Larry hopefully by Monday and hoping he gets it on Thursday at some point so we can record ahead but we will see I still have a long next few days to try and get a good dent in Power Rangers SPD to type up notes for him. Aiming high for next Thursday, a week from now but nothing is totally guaranteed at this point. We will definitely see how far into typing I get but aiming for Monday to get it sent out to Mr. Larry Rieck finally. Typing does take some time to get done but I am up to the challenge at any point and the way I  have been with watching the series, I know notes will be done in no time I'm sure. I hit a road block while writing this post and I misplaced, probably thrown out Larry's info for sending the podcast notes so this now puts a dent in my plans to record early. 

            However I think I jumped too fast on planning to have the notes done by end of this week and to send it to him and have it to him before a week from now. So I screwed up, I really wanted to and was excited I was going to be very ahead of schedule with the collab but I know the way I am going with the collabs, this fall, it will be bam, bam, bam with recording. I can sense I probably have a ton done by end of September and I will be shipping off a ton of things his way so he has it and his mom will wonder what the heck I'm mailing him hahaha.... Well it's the only way we can record right now till he's actually allowed back into the studio to start recording again in person but that day will come. After the mess I caused last night with myself, I need to slooow down. I know Savannah gave me a mouthful and I know she's looking out for my best interest and she's totally right. So I got time to get them out to Larry and I first have to get info from him again before I send em out. However, we might do a tech test to ensure we are good to go for that week at the end of the month. Probably end up having Mystic Force by the 29th hahahahaha... Kidding! I joke, I joke! Anyways I will talk you guys tomorrow morning for another post!


Friday, June 25, 2021

End of The Week Updates!

                In this update, I will be talking about some of the things I completed and are working on. Also will give you guys an Minecraft update as well at the end of the update. First, gotta get to ChrisBOnTheWeb related:

- Weight Loss Updates Resume Next Week: I have started to get more serious on losing weight and will be providing you guys with an update next week on my weight loss journey. 

- 3 Entertainment Man Podcast Podcast Episodes Being Edited: I have officially finished up editing all 3 episodes and range between 18 and 19 minutes on each of the episodes and I have it ready to go when it's time to upload the episodes to the website.

- Entertainment Man Podcast Notes: I couldn't sleep so I was in my studio writing notes as I still have a long way till the 27th and final episode of 2021. I do have ideas and with episodes already edited and prepped I got more time to work on this and get them all finished for this year.

- Power Rangers SPD: I am aiming to start working on this season again soon, hopefully by start of next week so I can finally get typing the notes and send them out to Larry so he has them for when it is time to record at the end of July. Also with a new NDA he has to sign and send back and I will photocopy it and he will get his copy sent to him when he gets the Mystic Force/Operation Overdrive/Jungle Fury/RPM Notes which will be quite a delivery of notes for him and he doesn't know that I am sending him a slew of notes in one package, LOL. He will also get a copy of the NDA up to the end of Ninja Steel as we haven't had one since the end of the Roundtable and Zordon Era.... ha-ha!

                 Now to the Minecraft updates: My nephew and I OFFICIALLY made the field bright enough the monsters won't spawn. The bad news is I haven't put lights in for the main floor of the stadium as I have been busy laying down the dirt for the next stadium build which is a baseball stadium which will be a massive project to build so been setting the forest on fire to clear a path for this but should get back to the football stadium completion soon. Also I tinkered with the arena and put lights under the ice hoping it'd light up but no luck whatsoever it just gotten darker again so I have to put everything back the way it is and let my nephew fix that issue.  Those are the updates for this week and I will be back Monday with a brand new week of posts. So have a great weekend everyone and I will talk to you all Monday!



Friday, April 30, 2021

Motivating Myself and Updates!

                 I am fighting through all these changes and fighting with my mental health on a daily basis and it will be a week tomorrow since The CBOTW Show ended and just gotta keep fighting and get into this role of solo projects. This week in general has been hard and I have to get a good rhythm with the notes as I am giving myself about a week to a week and half to finish up the notes then I have to email them to Larry and then get right ahead with the SPD and Mystic Force.  Getting motivated to get the notes done and watch the show and the beauty of it all we are getting down lower amount as we continue on down the long winding road of Samurai which is not as long as you guys think really. It's coming this year, end of this year to be exact. I also have to motivate myself to work on notes for the rebooted Entertainment Man Podcast which is awaiting it's return in a month tomorrow to be exact as I said June 1st is the re-launch and we're moving to a Monday instead of a Sunday.  

              Just gotta keep grinding and when I feel tired to take a break and play video games which I did Wednesday night. because its a long haul still to go as I still gotta watch SPD and Mystic Force which you all know by now I dreading to watch as it doesn't seem to interest me in a season and probably isn't going to be in this batch but we'll have to wait and see. Enough of Power Rangers Podcast, I have some great ideas and brought them up to my management team and friends, especially alum that I wanna open up more about The Video Projects Team aka TVPT which for those who know did not end well on good terms with the staff as they got up and quit and not made myself or anyone on the team aware of them quitting. I know I hid the fact that team ever did exist and it is time to come out with the honest truth with why and I wanna dedicate a bunch of episodes to it on and off during the 3rd season of the podcast. I think you guys deserve the truth why I have hidden it for almost 7 years now why I have buried the fact that it did exist. That will be coming near the start of the 3rd season and may be an extended episode. Between both podcasts I am busy and trying to motivate myself and that is what matters and going to keep trying if I do not succeed the first time. Have a great weekend!


Monday, April 19, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-19-2021]

 Another week has begun which means it is time for another Weekly Update and I have a ton of updates to give you all. We have indeed been busy with getting more content out for you guys and adding stuff and updating the entire website to make sure it is up to date but here are the updates to the website:

Website: Friday morning during the night before Friday morning hit, I updated the Schedule Page with the schedule changes with Podcast content so to speak and we have added a Podcast to the list which I will get into below. Also we rearranged the Team Page and had to move someone around which again I will get down below. 

The CBOTW Show: Big Brother Canada is now in it's home stretch and Chris and Jasmine continue with 2 shows a week up to the end of Week # 9 of BBCAN9 then they head into Week # 10 with an Wednesday Podcast Recording session with it going up Thursday at some point of the day and Thursday night Episode recording session which could more then likely be live on Facebook depending if Larry is present and if they can stay live without an issue with it. Also Big Brother Australia is coming up fast and Boss Man Chris and Jasmine are working on getting Chris S ready for his debut episode with his Cast Assessment Podcast and scheduling for Big Brother Australia Recaps in the scheduling for the next 9 weeks which probably will still be up and running during the Big Brother US 23 airing. Also be on the lookout for the 3 year Anniversary Podcast with Larry, Boss Man Chris and Jasmine coming as they will be recording it on the Anniversary and more then likely live on our Facebook Fan Page. We are looking for hosts for The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Canada, Survivor and The Simpsons Recaps on our Network so if interested to fill out the form here: 

Sports Hour W/ Billy: Yes this is a name that is familiar with ChrisBOnTheWeb and we tried bringing this into production and after much debate where to place Billy on the team, Chris has greenlit this project once again and will be up on the platforms on Wednesdays @ 6 pm EST and this is the permanent time and day it will be going up for you. It will be Audio ONLY, will be found here on and other Audio ONLY Platforms the podcast is being distributed to. 

Power Rangers Podcast (Within The CBOTW Show): It has been a long debate for Executive Producer, Chris B, Larry and Senior Producer Jasmine to bringing this podcast back onto the Network and he has been hinting it returning and it so obviously the podcast that has been on Hiatus for almost 5 months now. Also the fact the 05.20.2021 date he posted in that cryptic message he posted it is so obvious that is what he is hinting is the return of that podcast finally. We will have to wait and see if that is what he has planned when he's ready to announce the return of the Podcast. 

                 Those are the updates I have for you guys today and I appreciate you all reading this post and the boss man will be back tomorrow and he has some great posts this week as he is going on almost one day since being vaccinated fully and I am sure he will be talking about it tomorrow but I will catch you all next week!

Matt, Site Admin

Monday, March 1, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-01-2021]

             Well happy 1st of March! Another month has arrived in 2021 and I have a bunch of updates and return of favorite features! This is what makes this website unique all the different things to do around our website and our views seem to be consistent on a day to day to basis  and honestly Chris informed me we are close to the 200K mark on this website. With what is about to be added to the website but however here are the updates:

Website: Website has been given a bit of an overhaul. For those who didn't know Chris's 3 Twitch accounts, ChrisEM15, CBOTW_Network and CBOTWNetworkBot someone got into it and got it banned so we have abandoned Twitch all together all together so under Podcasts tab we removed Twitch and only has YouTube at this point. Also you have probably seen a "Chats" Tab pop up. The tab is yet to be active as I have to work on the Staff accounts still and we hope to launch one of two chats this week! What chats you may ask? We will have a chatroom for Big Brother so you can talk about what is going on the show and on the Live Feeds as well. As well as our Normal Community Lounge is returning on a more permanent basis and hope to launch that a week Monday.

The CBOTW Show: Chris, Jasmine, Billy, Chris S and Larry have done such an amazing job with the podcasts with fixing the technical issues they have experienced recently with streaming but everything seems flawless and last night's 1 hour stream proved to be a very successful for them both. Audio ONLY will be up today or tomorrow when he finishes editing it. Regular Streams can be seen Thursdays @ 9:10 pm EST.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Podcast has proved to done well with YouTube and now Audio ONLY. The Podcast is all booked for end of the month podcasts up to start of June at this moment. Boss Man Chris will start looking into more interviews and if interested to email at 

               Those are the updates for the week and stay tuned for the chat release for the Big Brother Lobby which should be up during the day and chat will be opening after the Premiere episode of Big Brother Canada but the page will be live during the day but stay tuned for details this week. I will be talking to you all next Monday, have a great week!

Charlotte, Site Admin