Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Decision Has Been Made!

                 A decision for the collab has been reached. I have spoken to Larry and we have made a decison. If I get it done in time, we will record that one episode, if we do not then him and I will be hanging out with one another again and we will record it in the fall time when we will do it. I currently do not have a make up schedule and the schedule page has been updated accordily till I know for sure and this means no announcement till possible the day of recording this week (Thursday) as Monday night I had a funny feeling I was gonna get it done in time but I am jumping too far ahead as I am writing this way in advance. However I am trucking away and Entertainment Man Podcast is still active but this is the work I am currently working on as there is recording to do on top of the normal weekly podcast. 

                  With this decision made once we make a public announcement which more then likely Thursday or Friday, but more like Friday we will know that it was recorded because I don't even know if we will be recording Thursday. Again I am writing this way in advance but at the start of the week, I wrote 2 of the posts for the week as I needed to focus on notes this week. I am not sure what tomorrow or Thursday is planned at this moment. We'll say. However Friday, if you guys hear something at the end of the week, this means we have recorded it and we can announce things for the release of the podcast. I still gotta discuss a few things with Larry if we record and details will come as we have them. Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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