Monday, July 25, 2022

CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel Is No More...

                 As you guys noticed, this morning, I tried to take down the CBOTW Studios YouTube channel but failed and someone decided to get into my account and delete it as I wasnt home all day long but I am going to be focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast. I will explain the reason why behind this: The channel is dead, nobody has popped by on my streams, Entertainment Man Podcast is more lively with listeners and it has done extremely well. I rather focus on that then trying to revive a dead channel that is far gone from being repaired as a YouTube Channel. To be honest, I had no ideas outside of the live streams and nobody came to live streams, was just me so it was better off to delete it and focus on the other channel as it seems to be growing quite rapidly and stayoutube-work for ChrisBOnTheWeb. 

              The CBOTW Studios Channel is no longer listed on this very website and it has been deleted from YouTube which still seems to be accessible at the moment as I supposedly deleted it all together so I do not know what is up with that channel honestly. I am disappointed the second channel didn't do as well but maybe my heart wasn't in it anymore. Maybe I was doing too much all at once so maybe it is time for me to just take a step back from two channels and go down to one channel for now. I've noticed streams aren't as popular as they use to be on YouTube, it's more people uploading videos then anything else and unless you have a few thousand to 100's of thousand to Millions of subscribers which I only had 8, now 7 since I lost a sub randomly but it's in the past now, I am focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast and it's success. If I ever re-opened a new channel it'd been gaming uploads only but we'll see down the road but that is today's post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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