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Saturday, October 1, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-30-2022] (Updated)

                Another week has come to an end and time for another end of the week updates. I am going to get straight into it as there is a few things to update you guys on:

Website: Power Rangers Collab was on it's way back to Archives but more on a longer length of time with all the drama last week, I wasn't even sure what was going on. I ended up removing Larry from the Team Page, readding Jeff, then adding Larry back to the list again. I was back and forth on that page and unsure. Nothing has really changed when it comes to the website, still getting views and Tuesday reached 1300 views which is crazy. Things been slow in views as I said here on the blog on Wednesday.I have removed Power Rangers Collab from the drop down menu and put into the depths of the archives here on the website which is currently public still and you guys can access em under Podcast Archives at anytime you wanna catch up with. Also as you know the team page has been updated as we lost a member of the team today and I am leaving it at that for now.

CBOTW Studios now ChrisBOnTheWeb Channel YouTube: A lot has been going on for ChrisBOnTheWeb recently and right now isn't the right time nor place to start a new channel like this. However it will happen, I am currently planning for Launch on January 1st, 2023. That will be definitely a better time to re-launch CBOTW Studios channel. 

              Anyways those are the updates, I will talk to you all on Monday, it is what it is now and I just do not honestly feel like Power Rangers Collab will return at this point but all I can say is, it's now kind of put to the sidelines for right now. I will talk to you on Monday, have a great rest of the weekend.


Saturday, September 24, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb Content Schedule Updates

            Well Chris's external hard drive is dead. He got his neighbor to try it out and same results as the CBOTW Studios computer. Big shoutout to his neighbor for helping him out with this issue. Now Chris thought he lost a lot of the videos that he had but he actually has the behind the scenes from recent but no channel at this moment but that will be changing as he has made a decision officially what he wants to do. What he lost was the old videos from The Video Projects Team (thedirector015 YouTube Channel) is what was lost and with him and I, we could actually redownload all the videos eventually but he needs to get a new external hard drive and something he plans on asking for for his birthday.

              Now CBOTW Studios YouTube channel was put on hold but he is planning to launch it on October 1st, 2022 with behind the scenes look, live streams and what not.  Now he has give me a timeline for All Content updates to release for you guys: 

Sundays: 1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast (Entertainment Man Podcast YouTube & Audio ONLY)

Mondays - Fridays: 11 am EST- Daily Blogs

Tuesdays: 4 pm EST- Video (CBOTW Studios YouTube) Starting Tues. October 4th, 2022

Thursdays: (Every Second Thursday) Entertainment Man Podcast (Audio ONLY)

Saturdays:   11 am EST- Blog Post (Randomly)
                               2 pm EST- Live Stream (Just Chatting, Gaming, etc)  Starting Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

              Not a lot is changing and he has mentioned he has to change the board to update with the schedule so he remembers what has to go up and what not. He has made a promise to go through with this plan and grow this even bigger and better then it is. Excited to see the next step to ChrisBOnTheWeb, I give him a ton of credit he wants to grow this community and excited to see what is to come.  I will see you all around the community and thanks again Chris for this opportunity to take over the blog.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

CBOTW Studios is on Hold!

                          Good Morning!

                   I wanted to let you all know that Chris has made a decision to hold back on the idea of CBOTW Studios. His computer is now 8 years old and it's slower then normal and usual life span he's had with a computer is about 10 - 11 years at the most. He will be keeping his  old computer at some point for just desk work nothing to do with recording a podcast or gaming but the desk work for typing up notes, social media posts and what not. However when he gets his new PC, he plans on streaming on a second channel at some point but whenever he gets that new PC.

                 He apologizes for the hype and now not going through with the channel. He will be serious when he wants to do streams and behind the scenes look in the studio but for right now he is focusing on the one YouTube Channel and when the time comes to expand his horizon he will. He will be doing weekly videos and he's got it on his board and will be leaving it up to Tuesdays and streams on Fridays and Saturdays. That schedule he will be leaving on his whiteboard in the studio.  Nothing wrong with him planning for the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb and he should just not worry about re-uploading old videos unless there is one he needs to re-upload. Yesterday his external hard drive possible died on him so big shoutout to his neighbor for trying to recover it and maybe I'll do a post Saturday if anything was recovered. I will talk to you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. 


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel Is Returning?

                Yes there has been rumours CBOTW Studios is returning and I dispelled those rumours over the weekend with an Image which you can see to the right side of this post today and also this message: "Preparing for CBOTW Studios #YouTube Channel return on 01.01.2023" and I know I made a cryptic message hinting the return but not what exactly will be on this channel and what to really expect. This is why I am making this exact post to explain what the exact plan is with this new channel and to when you can see content and other amazing things on this channel. However I wanna say this I am super excited and stoked to be returning with this channel and it was long wait for it to return to this channel. I know my computer isn't the best computer in the world till I get the new computer in 2023 hopefully but I am making the best of the situation.

              Now what can you expect on this channel, well you can expect this:

- Live Streams (Which will be sporadic streams till I find the time to have regular schedule for the streams) Will be a variety of gaming streams and just chatting streams, it'll change from time to time.

- Past Streams (I have 2 past streams to post up on the channel that I have waiting in a folder here on my computer and will be the first of few things I do post.)

- Behind The Scenes Look (Behind the scenes look what goes on in the studio and I have some things to post up for you guys first before any new content so I will be posting those before I start anything else.)

- Minecraft: Aftermath (Video my niece and nephew did few months ago that I edited together and posted. Also I will be posted the bloopers that went on with the creation.)

             Streams will not be happening for a while, I have a ton of older content to post and I will let you guys know when the streams start in the New Year. Right now there is a ton of stuff to post up and get this channel growing and I will have more information as we reach towards the end of the year. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.



Friday, July 29, 2022

End of The Week Updates [07-29-2022]

             For the last time this month, it is time for the end of the week updates! Yes July is slowly ending this weekend and we enter the last month of the summer as the fall is on the horizon. So without further ado, here is the end of the week updates:

CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel: Former member of The CBOTW Team had access to the channel and has deleted it completely on me. So moving forward now, I am actually now not giving anyone access as a manager to any of the channels, just moderator status where they can delete comments both in the channel comments and in the chatroom as well.

Website: Channel as I mentioned above has been removed but something is clearly in the works again for a new channel but that is all I am going to say for right now as I am not sure when it will be launched and made public right now. I am going to promote it when the time is right. 

Power Rangers Collab: As you know, I said I wasn't going to say anything and I didn't yesterday nor posted up pictures of Larry and I and that is because there was no recording session yesterday, we've postponed the recording till the fall because I wasn't finished whatsoever. So moving forward in the coming weeks and next 2 months, you will not be hearing anything till we are certain that we are ready to go and to go public with the episodes. 

              Anyways that are the updates, reminder that on August 12th which is a Friday, there will be no end of the week update but I have a special blog post. However you guys still get me for one more week as I am in the studio all of next week before I am gone for 5 days with my dad and I am on vacation up north for 5 days from August 8th - 12th, 2022. Also small note the week after that I am in the studio all week from the 14th - 21st of August as I will not be going out to see Friends on the Monday as their away so that week I will be going full speed ahead on content. Anyways I will talk to you all Monday, have a a great weekend!


Monday, July 25, 2022

CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel Is No More...

                 As you guys noticed, this morning, I tried to take down the CBOTW Studios YouTube channel but failed and someone decided to get into my account and delete it as I wasnt home all day long but I am going to be focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast. I will explain the reason why behind this: The channel is dead, nobody has popped by on my streams, Entertainment Man Podcast is more lively with listeners and it has done extremely well. I rather focus on that then trying to revive a dead channel that is far gone from being repaired as a YouTube Channel. To be honest, I had no ideas outside of the live streams and nobody came to live streams, was just me so it was better off to delete it and focus on the other channel as it seems to be growing quite rapidly and stayoutube-work for ChrisBOnTheWeb. 

              The CBOTW Studios Channel is no longer listed on this very website and it has been deleted from YouTube which still seems to be accessible at the moment as I supposedly deleted it all together so I do not know what is up with that channel honestly. I am disappointed the second channel didn't do as well but maybe my heart wasn't in it anymore. Maybe I was doing too much all at once so maybe it is time for me to just take a step back from two channels and go down to one channel for now. I've noticed streams aren't as popular as they use to be on YouTube, it's more people uploading videos then anything else and unless you have a few thousand to 100's of thousand to Millions of subscribers which I only had 8, now 7 since I lost a sub randomly but it's in the past now, I am focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast and it's success. If I ever re-opened a new channel it'd been gaming uploads only but we'll see down the road but that is today's post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.