Wednesday, September 21, 2022

CBOTW Studios is on Hold!

                          Good Morning!

                   I wanted to let you all know that Chris has made a decision to hold back on the idea of CBOTW Studios. His computer is now 8 years old and it's slower then normal and usual life span he's had with a computer is about 10 - 11 years at the most. He will be keeping his  old computer at some point for just desk work nothing to do with recording a podcast or gaming but the desk work for typing up notes, social media posts and what not. However when he gets his new PC, he plans on streaming on a second channel at some point but whenever he gets that new PC.

                 He apologizes for the hype and now not going through with the channel. He will be serious when he wants to do streams and behind the scenes look in the studio but for right now he is focusing on the one YouTube Channel and when the time comes to expand his horizon he will. He will be doing weekly videos and he's got it on his board and will be leaving it up to Tuesdays and streams on Fridays and Saturdays. That schedule he will be leaving on his whiteboard in the studio.  Nothing wrong with him planning for the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb and he should just not worry about re-uploading old videos unless there is one he needs to re-upload. Yesterday his external hard drive possible died on him so big shoutout to his neighbor for trying to recover it and maybe I'll do a post Saturday if anything was recovered. I will talk to you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. 


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