Thursday, September 22, 2022

Will There Be Somewhere To Hang Out Eventually?

                 Good Morning!

            I know with the chatroom on now not happening will Chris being doing some kind of community where you can hang out and chat eventually however not at this moment. He is waiting till things grow especially on the YouTube side of things. He figured that is the best move at this moment is the actually waiting to add that into the mix of things for this community. We are realizing we need to take smaller steps and grow this slowly not fast. It is the best way to grow and especially him bouncing back from all the recent drama right now. 

           This is why he is taking time away from some social medias but this will definitely come in time just be patient with us. We advise you to keep up on social media at the moment up to date on things and we will eventually add in the Discord. We are working on blueprints and ideas for the server the channels we want to add to the list and some include the podcast, gamers corner, promotion of streams (including YouTube, Twitch and what not) those kind of channels on the Discord server, I can say that it'll be amazing I'm sure when we implement the server later. Thanks for reading talk tomorrow.


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