Friday, September 23, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-23-2022]

              Good Morning! This week has been full of problems and I am sure Chris is glad this week is finished. So here are the updates:

Website: Chris and I have been making some changes to the website and it has been unannounced the exact changes made to So CBOTW Studios Channel has been added to the On Demand section of his website as it is now part of this community and the go to place for updates, streams and behind the scenes look.

Power Rangers Collab: With the collab off air for a while, he will continue on to work on it and get seasons done at the same pace as before. Just the recording is currently on hold right now due to some creative differences which I know he will talk more about when he is good and ready but rest assure; the collab isn't going anywhere just on a bit of a hiatus for right now.  

              Chris has a bit extra time on his hands now with the collab on the side but it will be returning in the very nearby future but in the mean time he is focusing on the positive things coming for him the new channel and him growing the channel as he has been wanting to do streams since Facebook has muted the streams on him, he is moving over to YouTube. I want to thank Chris for this opportunity to taking over the blog, I may pop up for one more post tomorrow as I said Wednesday but we'll see but if not have a great weekend and I will see you guys around the community. 


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